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  1. Past hour
  2. JerseyJaysTaxidermy

    Would you shoot?

  3. Hunter24

    Smoked Backstraps

  4. Today
  5. hvnj

    Successful Maine hunt .

  6. 1957Buck

    Problem Solved

  7. JHbowhunter

    Union County fella checking in!

  8. tjfslaughter

    Got some rigs out together

  9. Joeybeets

    FYI ladderstands

  10. Joeybeets

    Leupold fans!

  11. Cousin Brown

    Buck taken by my son tonight..Awesome hunt!

  12. Haskell_Hunter

    Something you wish you had in the stand

  13. Haskell_Hunter

    Any Updates On The Bear Hunt Lawsuit?

  14. Bucksnbows

    For 1957Buck

  15. LPJR

    One of my best hunts ever...

  16. mikejd


  17. _X7

    11/20 check in

  18. _X7

    Delaware hunt this year

  19. Roon

    Make Sure the Deer is Dead

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