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  1. Past hour
  2. Farmshine

    Sometimes an arrow needs to fly

  3. kenny10177

    Manly man stuff

  4. Joeybeets

    Venison Snack Sticks

  5. Shootstraight

    Son's Target Buck Down

  6. Today
  7. JHbowhunter

    Youth Day....game on in the am!

  8. IthacaDS3

    How often do you gamble on marginal winds?

  9. LPJR

    Back from the Adirondacks.....

  10. Merkel

    Question on sighting in

  11. yoda4x4

    Today is the day

  12. megavites

    11/16 - Afternoon Check In. Waiting on you Bill

  13. mattne421

    South Zone Season 2

  14. username

    Muzzleloader problems

  15. birdshotnj

    Muzzy Opener on Monday

  16. LPJR

    Illinois shotgun opener

  17. BowhunterNJ


  18. Njlungbuster

    Custom Glock 19

  19. Buzzard II

    OPPOSE SCR-134/ACR85

  20. NorthNJHunter

    Shotgun Choice For 6 Day ?

  21. BHC

    CVA Hunter Slug Gun??

  22. mike033089

    need a tire shop near blairstown

  23. jgripp292

    "Dry Aging" Your Venison

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