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  1. Hold on...Im calling bullshit. So you told a judge to fuck off? How exactly did you communicate that to his honor?
  2. Little bit more on topic. I use a real gobbler fan on my decoy. Anybody ever been hassled by a co over producing a tag for the fan? I never brought it with me but now I'm all paranoid I'll have an issue on something like that.
  3. This thread is a sure sign deer season is over. I recall reading some pretty specific & restrictive regs about spotlighting in pa but dont care enough to bother to look them up...
  4. Just Had 2 bb underneath me, I c 1 go on alert looking at trail, turn my head & a nice half rack 8 pt coming down trail full bore behind a flat deer. Ran by so quick I couldn't have shot even if I wanted to. Possibly chasing a doe. Didnt c any sign of what would have spooked them.
  5. You do realize it generally isnt a good idea to challenge Leo's on technicalities, right? You might be right but now they will have an attitude & end up getting you on some technicality.
  6. My buddies in nys allot tickets for not having ID. They said they left cabin, started walking down road & 2 co's pulled up & started checking them out was good until they asked for ID, which was in their wallets in the cabin. They said we got it right there. co's wrote em all up for not having on their person. They said they were respectfull & all but didnt help. I've done the same almost every hunt, including today's pm hunt.
  7. I almost could have had a story. Ran into a Friend who been asking me to hunt his property in z16 last night, mentioned I'd b out for last day today & told him I'd b by in pm t ok try it. Started prepping & I decided to check reg sets. Winter bow is closed in z16.
  8. My cousin said they jumped on the hood of his son's BMW & scratched the hell out of it...
  9. I always wonder how some can justify unsafe gun handling by saying the famous last words...it isnt loaded....
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