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  1. It gets quieter every year. The old days of opening day being a semi-holiday for many are mostly done. In addition, one reason less shooting is a lot more hunters are holding out for a rack & not shooting spikes lately...
  2. Busy weekend for me. Drove to Cooperstown , NY after work friday,hunted Sat., all day sit & took a forkhorn just before dark. Back to camp for dinner, everybody not tagged hit the hay by 9 so I left & drove back to nj, hung my deer, & got to sleep about 2am. Set the alarm for 5:20 & back out in z50 for another all day sit. Saw 4 shooters & took this guy around 3pm. Little tired today but ready for muzzle next.
  3. I scrubbed out...only had the weekend up there so when a forkhorn stepped out, I took him. Drove home last night, asleep by 2am alarm was 5:20 & now out in 50 w xbow looking for something with some beam.
  4. Yep. It can all change in 1 turn of your head...all day sit....couple of flats so far...all bucks seen by others in our group were patrolling so be ready for a quick shot
  5. Very little shooting in otsego cty
  6. Out in 50 before work. Quiet so far.
  7. Otsego county for me too....downtown Garratsville is hopping!
  8. No I didnt know...that's good news...I was worried about you...us snow flakes do that...
  9. All day sit for me in pa
  10. Out in pa...nice sunrise...no cervids spotted so far. Buddies said lot of movement yesterday...
  11. So he should kill the guy over a couple hundred bucks? Or start an armed confrontation that could easily escalate? Scammers have guns too.
  12. I know several people who say the knockoffs are just as good and cheap enough to just throw away after a shot. $1 each
  13. Lost 1 using rage last sat. Broadside but extreme angle. Shot entry was a little high, 2-3" my side of spine but keep in mind shot has to be high when deer is 15' from base of tree. saw blood midway on opposite side & blood on both sides where he laid down but Didnt get enough penetration for an exit. Arrow was 2/3 penetration & remember being surprised no pass though or at least an exit. Hindquarters were paralyzed for about 5 minutes but he did get up & walk away so couldnt have hit spine direct. I saw arrow in deer & it hit base of ribs, not spine
  14. Oh they're tolerant...as long as you believe what they believe that is....
  15. I once hunted a nys ridge top I had never hunted before with a buddy of mine on an opening day with a light dusting of snow. I had purchased a scent pad for my boot to lay down a scent line to my stand & tied it on & scented it up after we got to where he hung a right to his fixed stand & I was to follow the ridge line a couple hundred yds & go up a tree with my climber. so I trudged onward & didnt find that perfect tree so went a little further & still didnt see one I liked so went further still but didnt like that area either & it was getting a little late so I
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