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  1. gregtpal

    Scary moment on opening day of six week

    Also be very careful using hang on stands that have been up for a while. Many have steel cables holding up the platform with crimped collars that can rust & let loose. Manufacturer usually says replace every 3 yrs but hardly anyone ever does...can never be too careful..I broke my neck & got scalped in a fall off a huge boulder hunting alone in the adirondacks when my cheapo stool broke...i remember teetering on the edge & falling head first...got my gun out in front on the way down...next thing I remember is coming to on my feet walking around with dirt in my mouth (it was actually pieces of broken teeth) very lucky to have survived & not be paralyzed...
  2. gregtpal


    Lack of sleep is the primary cause of most blunders. I've done most of those listed over the years. Haven't lost my gun...yet...
  3. gregtpal


    I'm glad I'm not the guy having to go in there to pick that up... Go be wondering if maybe you're not responsible enough to have guns...
  4. Stainless can be a slight issue as far as concealment. Barrel can be fairly visible in the wrong light.. not a big deal but a small reason why I'm ok with blues barrels. Nitrite treat is best but dont think available in 220
  5. Very quiet in z15 so far...maybe 2 shots heard
  6. gregtpal

    All day sit

    Almost all of my big bucks were taken midday ..
  7. gregtpal

    7 Pointer found dead and gutted

    Somebody is high grading...not cool
  8. gregtpal

    Where Are The Acorns ?

    Nothing in the Monmouth cty oak Grove I hunt...ground is usually covered
  9. gregtpal

    Saskatchewan Bound!

    My dream hunt....keep us posted & good luck
  10. gregtpal


    This guy came patrolling by at 11:30....cold sit but lot of movement today. Have a great holiday everyone!
  11. gregtpal


    Seen 4 bucks so far... Waiting for a big guy to take a late morning stroll... That's when I've gotten most of my big bucks
  12. gregtpal


    Out in 50 in full winter gear....nice am, wind was way overstated...just passed on decent 6, looking for some beam
  13. gregtpal

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    That's a nice buck for this area. Congrats. All I've seen so far is turkey s. No cervids yet
  14. gregtpal

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    I'm driving a gray Toyota Tacoma Crew with a cap probably sitting all day unless I score but will likely be out at some point in garrettsville stop and say hello if you see my car outside the General store
  15. gregtpal

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    I just spoke to my buddy and Cooperstown a couple minutes ago he said it's 4 to 6 in and not bad at all very huntable