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  1. I wear only my base layer on top & what I'm gonna hunt in on bottom because too much PIA to take off boots & pants at spot. No hat. Down inner layer goes in backpack & outer layer strapped to backpack for walk in.
  2. Not shooting them any more or decided to cash out on your investment?
  3. Nys now requires blaze hat or 200" ? of blaze starting this year.
  4. Has anybody killed any bucks so far? Very slow by me for last 1 1/2 days. Not even dinks patrolling.
  5. All I saw today on an all day sit in z16 was a barren, lifeless plain....
  6. Yeah. I dont think the rope would ordinarily spook. I leave mine down at times & had deer under my tree. He either winded u or the rope possibly had scent on it
  7. Think they banned you because of bias that your selling gun or hunting related items?
  8. She should consider what happened to the bear lady in ridgeway, co, Tim treadwell, etc. These people always ignore those outcomes believing they somehow share a unique bond with wild animals that protects them....
  9. She doesnt care that she is endangering the bear & her neighbors by training this bear to do that....
  10. Surprised it didn't happen for you yet...it's certainly not due to lack of effort
  11. You're a good man to have around when things go astray...good job!
  12. Happened to me couple weeks ago at the range. 220 & accutips
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