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  1. gregtpal


    Pretend yr deer hunting & u will c a million squirrels...
  2. gregtpal

    Legal in nj?

    I thought the 26.37"overall legnth would b a problem in nj if the 14" barrel length wasnt
  3. gregtpal

    Legal in nj?

    Any idea if they require a pistol permit to purchase?
  4. gregtpal

    2/16 Final Sit

    So i see nothing untol about 5:45, i notice a lone deer 80 yds away on the trail im posted on, flicked it tail. I glass & a decent 6 steps out too. I look for a while & notice a 3rd deer in back. I glass him & can tell its a defite shooter. They appear , disappear into woodline, come back out & the big boy is rushing the med y 6 & the flat, head down slinking like its november. They dip back into woodline last seen headed my way. Waitwd to the end but they Never came by. I thought the flat was a shed buck because it was big but later wondered if it was a doe back in estrus..saw it flicking its tail a couple of times. little excitement to end things on a good note....
  5. gregtpal

    2/16 Final Sit

    Lot of that today.
  6. gregtpal

    2/16 Final Sit

    Im out in 50 looking for a cinderella story late buck...undecided on flat for meat...will decide if/when opportunity presented. Good luck all. Bring on turkey season!
  7. gregtpal

    Legal in nj?

    https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/mossberg-590-shockwave-pump-12-gauge-14-barrel-51-rounds?a=2172169 Anyone know if this is legal in nj. Might go alaska & it would be very comforting to have this with me on the salmon rivers
  8. gregtpal

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Scary shit...wall wont keep it all out but certainly wont hurt
  9. gregtpal

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

  10. gregtpal

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

    I think he's making some highly exagerated marketing claims as far as complete pass thru's & armor piercing birdshot....
  11. gregtpal

    2012 tacoma for sale

  12. gregtpal

    2/10 Check in

    Heading out now. Good luck.
  13. gregtpal

    So who is hunting the last day tomorrow?

    Ill b out in 15 in the am.
  14. gregtpal

    2/4/19 Check in

    Saw 22 flat this eve, no horns
  15. There isnt even a consensus to allow sunday hunting ..throw in a couple more controversial issues at the same time is the best way to make sure nothing gets changed imo