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  1. Similar thing happened to me on a real nice buck...rage, sterp angle, hard quartering... hit was pretty much where I was aiming but almost no penetratoon
  2. Dehydrated fruit & Starbucks dbl shot espresso in those little cans. During firearm, I'll buy a small soppressata or dry sausage stick & carve away on that
  3. I see those markings often...seem to mostly be on younger deer
  4. Definitely agree...I been saying same for a couple of yrs now...its more like may showers bring may flowers not april
  5. I would go online & read the install literature for exact dimensions before buying. Almost all appliances supply that info. Small hassle now could prevent big hassle returning later
  6. Just the 7 keeper fluke is a solid trip right there...a lot a tuna & offshore species been in close this year and I'm thinking that's because the bait is. gets me thinking is it water temp related or would this be the norm if the bait boats didn't wipe the bait out in close...
  7. Nipple...topless..heh heh.. Anyway, want to buy some & was wondering what kind you use. Are they metal or mesh? I've seen one with metal rings & mesh, very compact but not sure if what u use.
  8. They might possibly have fit me about 45 years ago . ..i bought them for my son a couple years back...
  9. I have a brand new pair of unused mossy oak 6 pocket bdu pants size 32 waist if anyone wants. Also have some used camo items fleece jacket, etc. Heavily used mostly but if you are here for the pants & need any in large, they're free & can hold a hunter starting out over until they buy new, a couple of gun cases too. Wall twp. PM me if u want
  10. Off topic but can't help wondering if the use of dicks & pulling out was intentional....
  11. Wait till the people learn more about powassan disease...they'll favor keeping the deer population down...
  12. After watching that video, all of a sudden, my summit climber is lighter & more convenient than ever before...
  13. Toyota dealer near me has bunch of frames stored behind the dealership
  14. Long or short shaft motor? Lopking for a merc long shaft, 5-10 hp range
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