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  1. Pretty sure njdfg posted the range construcion is delayed & now projecting finished late march
  2. They're eating for 2 1/2.....
  3. Solid advice is never click any email link to access your PayPal or any other account...especiallya PayPal email...
  4. Legalization in nj & a lot of other states is over taxed & over regulated bs. it's just a plant & should just be legal if you choose to use it. No reason to require dispensary sales except taxes & you should defintely be able to grow your own if you choose. The black market is a good thing & will keep the price down. The politicians will squander most of the tax money in the end.
  5. I was just at skips outdoors in stockton weds & a guy asks if the have any 16 ga. They're picked pretty clean on ammo so I was pretty surprised when he said they do. Guy says I'll take a box. I say I cant believe they have any 16 ga. Guy asks how many boxes they have, guy says 10, buyer says I'll take all of them. I say good move..get them while you can.
  6. Decades ago, I was headed to africa & decided to get all my shots at once, typhoid, cholera, dysentery. Felt like I contracted all of those diseases. I had the worst 24 hrs of my entire life...not counting my introduction to tequila in my teens...spent the night in the woods, hugging a tree trunk trying to stop the spinning...talk about the harsh light of dawn..came out of the woods feeling & looking like the lone survivor of a nuclear attack...
  7. Just like they support 2a? The new regime only pretends to support the Constitution...if anything they decide to do conflicts, they will either change it or come up with a new interpretation....
  8. Search s&w 629 problems before you buy. A lot of chatter about the 44 mag models developing ccylinder timing issues with use. The uneven weight of the unfired rounds retards the cylinder from advancing to the next shot. Not sure how common it really is.
  9. PM me if you have one you're willing to part with. Have permit ready to go.
  10. I prefer the woodchipper....
  11. I just ordered 9mm on ammomart.com.
  12. true even more so when comparing fall to spring. The big flocks also break up in the spring.
  13. I'm looking for a compact or sub compact 9 mm or 45acp.
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