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  1. gregtpal

    Favorite Fluke Bait or Lure

    Dragging a dead stick with just a big chunk bait on a plain hook has produced some big fluke as well as bonus catches. Make the chunk pennant shaped to minimize spinning
  2. gregtpal

    Cougar Sighting In PA ??!!

    Over the years, people have disappeared in the big north woods, never to be found. Most likely all got lost, had a medical issue or planned a disappearance, but it is entirely possible that one or two of them were taken by a bear or possibly even a catamount.....something to spook yourself with next time you're walking out in the dark in the Adirondacks or Maine or Quebec. I especially liked the quote by a bio after the recent cougar fatality in Washington state. The guy basically said if a cougar decides to eat you you will never hear or see him if you see a cougar that means he's trying to decide whether he should eat you.... He is showing himself to determine if you react like prey...
  3. gregtpal

    Cougar Sighting In PA ??!!

    There are plenty of painter & catamount stories about east coast cougars centuries ago. They are native on the east coast & will likely be here sooner or later...there is likely at least one somewhere in the Northeast USA right now....
  4. gregtpal

    Island Beach State Park

    Heh heh....thought you were talking about the illegal type of migrants at first....
  5. gregtpal

    Who is still turkey hunting?

    Still out there. Had a gobbler going crazy late last week in eve. Came from 200 yds away & hung up at 20 yds behind heavy brush. Couldn't get a shot off. Next day was silence. Out again in pm today.
  6. gregtpal

    Punish all for Racism!

    i'm completely disgusted by this asshole decision even if the incident was proven to have happened as claimed...think the whole season would have been cancelled based on a rumor a black student said "move, honkey" to white student? i sure don't.
  7. gregtpal

    Bear In Teaneck

    Buddy saw a dead one in saddle river yesterday
  8. This is a beartard fb post I copied. I want to use it to get us also call. Can u trim it to get our people attention ? Thanks.
  9. Can a mod fix the title?
  10. I called yesterday. Do it. Only takes a minute!
  11. gregtpal

    “C” week success

    Yep, it's usually best to get out in front of those henned up or late season wary birds so you are where they want to go, but that risks getting spotted on the move. Other times, staying put & trying to call the hens over works....you never know which approach will work on any given day & that's what keeps it interesting
  12. gregtpal

    18' Alumaline cc,50hp Johnson

    All welded, high sides, very seaworthy boat on an almost new aluminum bunk trailer. This boat weighs about 1,200 lbs & can easily be towed by smaller vehicles, even a 4 cylinder pickup. Fish finder, vhf, stereo, dual batt, gps, plumbed livewell, auto bilge. Motor is '95, dealer rebuiled powerhead in 2005, compression test last fall shows excellent compression in all 3 cyl, new impeller. $3,700 or bo
  13. gregtpal

    Turkey Check in Stations

    Not surprised....
  14. gregtpal

    Turkey Check in Stations

    Checking turkeys is an idiot rule by an ahole f&g Dept....one more obstacle for those who want to hunt before work....all you have to do is drive 45 minutes each way to check your bird. Of course the bio data is useful but the kill data would be more accurate with online checking. I think the real purpose dfg clings to checking is to make sure you buy multiple permits.....