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  1. Cabin firearms in Howell has the lowest overall price around. Just used him for gunbroker handgun purchase. He a participating ffl or whatever they call it on gb
  2. Fyi...the balistic charts for 12 & 20 gauge are almost identical.
  3. Getting divorced 23 years go was both the worst & best thing that ever happened to me. Keep yourself together for your kids & whoever you meet down the road & avoid impulse purchases & marriages. Everyone will tell you it takes time to adjust except that voice in your head saying you never will. Ignore it because you will eventually.
  4. I dont think they came from the turkey. I have defintely seen lice type bugs on turkeys but not beetles.
  5. Have to wear orange when moving when turkey hunting in pa.. ..its probably a good reg
  6. Al Ristori now does a blog called Tight lines. He still tells it like it is. u can sign up for a daily email.
  7. Looking for something in the 5-10 hp range, prefer remote tank.
  8. I'm wondering how much of the person is left after the wood burns away....I'm sure good wood is had to come by in India but it doesn't look like they are using quite enough.....last time I burned a corpse, I used way more than that & there were still pieces left....
  9. Just think how often you see a cat hunting while you are hunting....most are there doing that 24/7/365...
  10. These colonies are everywhere. They should not be allowed. The feral cats should be put down.
  11. I just read that Seychelles is the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world & they are shutting things down again because the virus is coming back. The vaccine is likely not as effective as they said it is. I've always felt the effectiveness was overstated because drug companies have a vested interest, they didn't have to do the full CDC approval routine & there likely was some pressure to inflate the effectiveness to encourage people to get the vaccine. I go my 1st Moderna shot & tested positive 4 weeks later. I couldn't get the second because I had tested p
  12. Biggest hooks i ever saw. Congrats to hunter!
  13. Sat am was 32 degrees & snowed all am up in burlington, ny. Was colder than most deer openors. No birds talking on the roost early
  14. Might be time to switch from Accutips with these prices. I seriously doubt they are all that much better than other manufacturer's premium slug & I also have some doubts about their terminal performance. I do know I shot a deer with a Remington Barnes Expander (probably also $30/box now) last year & was surprised how big the exit wound was but that is only 1 shot. Anyone do any extensive comparison of accuracy with Accutips vs.Hornandy, etc.?
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