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  1. That is solid advice for 99% of bear encounters....I've always wondered if Darsh Patel & friends had done the right thing in staying together, not running, etc,would that encounter have been like the 99% or was it going to be the 1% no matter what they did or didn't do. The usual answer is it probably would have but the couple that warned them about the bear did say it was being unusually aggressive in following them....
  2. Definitely a thrill catching a big tarpon. They fight so hard for so long, I dont think I would do much tarpon fishing if I was a local. Never thought I would say it but getting them in takes too long. Pretty sure I would still be thrilled with any incidental hookup & small tarpon in the mangroves on the fly.
  3. Google 'pics of carbon arrow injuries' or similar. Your mind will be made up on returning them.....
  4. The luny/bowguide fued is entertaining at times but maybe someone should block someone.....
  5. One last qustion....Exactly how big was that can of hair spray?
  6. I've been hunting a suburban spot for about 7 years & very luckily only once did have a deer die on a neighbors front lawn. The neighbor called police. I was legal & the cop told the neighbor they didnt have to let me retrieve it but pointed out the wasted meat & they might not want a dead deer on their front lawn. They let me get it. They're both nice people, not pro hunting but I now say hi when i see them. Some idiot did shoot an arrow on their lawn so I dont blame them for being upset about that.
  7. Congrats! I am jealous...2 more years & counting....
  8. 2017 Crestliner Commander 2050. I keep it on the trailer & it's an easy tow with my Taco pickup
  9. Most of them GD flower queens have seen better days...going to philly show
  10. I'm all signed up & paid my first year dues!! I didn't see any info on how much land they lease, what type of birds & how often they release birds.
  11. Also a health issue eating shellfish from polluted water....
  12. Any sign of emerald ash borers? Personally dont think it would matter much at this point if there was...
  13. I was hinting right there since sunrise & saw & heard nothing so I took a quick walk in nearby woods for about 20 minutes & she was right in front of my blind when I slunk back. She must have thought I hadnt seen her because she hunkered down & I knew she was covering up her poults since I've seen this a couple of times before. I usually avoid but Had to walk right by her to get to truck. She was gathering her poults right behind me once I went by. One of them kept running away in front of me & was little worried he go too far. He eventually circled back. So the video finally posted but the strange thing is I still cant see it on my phone. Says it failed. I gave up trying.
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