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  1. gregtpal

    10/13/18 AM check in

    Went fishing instead. Out in pm.
  2. gregtpal

    Bachelor Party Hog Hunt

    Don't most bacheloy parties turn into hog hunts?
  3. gregtpal


    Not dropping at all in my zone 15 oaks. Haven't glassed but think they are there in decent numbers. Buzzard landed in tree & a good amount fell
  4. gregtpal

    This Year Is No Different Then Past Years

    Is it early yet for the acorns to drop? Been getting concerned crop is weak this year as none are dropping in spot that's usually loaded
  5. gregtpal

    For all you Rage fans!!!

    I know I've not recovered in the past & always blamed myself not the broadhead. Sometimes 1" makes a huge difference. I do know that using rage, I had more what looked like good hits but not recovered than I ever did using fixed & I've only been using rage for 5 or 6 years. I've also had some incredible blood trails &. killed several times on extreme angle shots so I'm not saying it's an issue all the time. Maybe it's a run of bad luck on those 3. All I'm saying is it seems to happen a little more with rage is my observation. I'm thinking it could be a combined not opening & slight deflection on deployment? The last time, on a a going away angle, I aimed a hair low just behind the shoulder , I saw it hit right where I aimed, heard a nice thwack, but noticed right away there was very little penetration. I'm thinking hitting multiple ribs from the side along with energy used to deploy caused it. I've blown through shoulders at that distance. Still using rage for now....
  6. gregtpal

    For all you Rage fans!!!

    They worked great on broadside shots but I had 3 instances where a nice buck was wounded & not recovered, all on extreme angle shots. One was 8 yds from base of tree. Deer was hit but arrow likely deflected on opening just enough so that the hit was a hair too low. Last time was quartering away. Saw the hit clearly just behind the shoulder low. I thought perfect but then noticed arrow barely penetrated. Blood trail died out. I'm not the best shot I know & one or even too of those could have been operator error but that last one convinced me they don't perform as well on extreme angle shots.
  7. gregtpal

    For all you Rage fans!!!

    Rage is great when entry angle isn't too extreme ...not so great when it is
  8. gregtpal

    9-29 morning checkin.

    2 scrub bucks & couple of flats. Saw shooter heading other way from stand at parking area. Noticed no acorns falling & there's a lot of oaks in here. Think they still holding
  9. Kit worked out well for me ..
  10. gregtpal

    9/15/18 check in

    Eab down zone 50.5 scrub & utton bucks finally small doe presented a shot. Always try for mt lamb this early. Pink meat. Question now is climb down & process or buck hunt. Pretty sure ok to take 2 in this zone but think I'll go get the meat plenty of time to buck hunt now.
  11. gregtpal

    Lost the largest bull of my life

    I was thinking the same
  12. gregtpal

    Camera stolen. Montville/Kinnelon area

    Critter got em more likely than stolen...
  13. gregtpal

    Camera stolen. Montville/Kinnelon area

    Believe it or not. I've never had a camera stolen in 30+ years... Very possibly because I never hung one ...I also never pressured any of my spots checking cams...
  14. Once had a bat crash into my leg while in my stand waiting for first light. Another time, was solo bushwacking up a mountain in the Catskills at night in order to camp up top for opening day & had at least two bobcats screeching at me from a Rocky area I needed to walk through....it was only bobcats but still was kinda spooky walking through there
  15. gregtpal

    Bears in my garage - Video

    Four Cubs? I guess mom never got the beartards memo to self-regulate the population...