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  1. Time to dump turkey checking...what a pia...
  2. Had a jake gobbler & 6 hens 6 ft in front of me ...he wasnt a long beard, so i passed but couldnt beleive they didnt make me, even though i was in a well concealed natural blind...they left & another gobbler came in silent behind me. Managed a spin around & saw his head but couldnt tell if he was a long beard, so held off & he must have seen something he didnt like & putted away...
  3. Looked like he was working that doe in first clip...
  4. Disgusted you were treated this way...you ran into a crazy bitch who was most likely anti hunting & it snowballed out of control because of overzealous school admins. You're civil rights were clearly violated & I'm sure you still suffer from the emotional trama to this day, possibly enough for an attorney to do something still...
  5. I saw that &wondered if the money wssnt mentioned or if they arent asking for any. Attorney costs must be covered but aclu may be covering them.
  6. I was hoping these kids or their parents would sue. Their suspension was truly a violation of their civil liberties & a lawsuit is the only way to shut this kind of thing down. Hope they get enough to cover college & then some to make sure this doesnt happen again... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.app.com/amp/3427480002
  7. gregtpal

    New Scam !

    Your email pw should be unique & not used anywhere else. That way, you can always stop most of the damage if they cant take over yr email account
  8. I beleive these programs are inevitable in the future as its not realistic to expect job growth to match population growth as the effects of automation, efficiency, etc increase. I also believe implementing one of these programs now is a big mistake.
  9. Cut cord. Plenty of good free stream sites, youtube has tons of hunt fish shows. Netflix is cheap or share someone's account for free. Get a hd antenna to free stream local networks in hd if you close to broadcast antennas, which are roughly in secaucus. Depending on distance, they have different types that work up to 60 miles out. There are free sites that will predict your reception at your house. If too far, hulu with tv for $55/mo if wife & kids cant handle losing network tv. Stream devices are cheap & u only pay once so big savings there if u have a lot of TVs. I installed a cheap switch & got 7 TVs streaming for $39/mo. Plus $55 for hilu to keep gf happy...
  10. Money..paper & cardboard used to fetch a good price...aluminum still does
  11. Just noticed yr screen name...gd inspired or coincidence? I couldnt make it as i was having another bad flashback...jk...i had nosebleeds but as i approached thatre, we ran into a friend who handed us a pair of orchestra tics. Paid it forward by giving my tics to 2 young stoners looking for a miracle. Good show. I liked it more than i thought i would...i like the rockabilly stuff & they surprised me with me & my uncle....
  12. I assumed the bone in yr screen name was an antler reference...not so sure now....well discuss further at the show...pretty sure ill notice the shirt
  13. Saw many shows at capital in passaic, roosevelt stadium, etc. Possibly the Best decision of my life was me & gf going to englishtown on my motorcycle...i avoided the massive traffic jam & rode right up to front gate & parked. After show, took my street bike through farm fields & a creek crossing to avoid the mess on the way out too...not a true dead head but like the music & crowd. probably seen 30+ shows mainly because i always went out with hippie chicks who were..going tonight mainly because she loves bob & co
  14. Yep..pretty sure there will be gd music before & after....maybe even bob will drift over. We going buena sera before, jamian after..ill keep an eye out for you but unless youre in camo, it gets tough...belive it or not, i look nothing like my avatar...look for an old guy with glasses & short grey hair, looking more like a cop than a stoner with a slightly younger gf in tow..
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