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  1. CJ3a

    Best STEAK?

    At Keens the Mutton chop is the winner.
  2. CJ3a

    Good 8 down boys!! (and ladies)

    Need the number for the tracking dogs?
  3. Total performance in Mahwah. On 202 close to rt 17. https://www.totalperformancenj.com/
  4. CJ3a

    Filson Mackinaw Wool Bibs

    I have two of the tin cloth jackets with a wool liner. Great for trapping in the rain. I did wear out the sleeves on one though.
  5. CJ3a

    11/17 check in

    3m and very quiet
  6. CJ3a

    Stranded In Jersey City

    East hanover to Oakland 4 hours. When did truck drivers stop using tire chains?
  7. CJ3a

    Zone 36 rocks

    My bullshit meter is going off
  8. CJ3a

    Got one before the rain!

    I would go back in the mornings and call in the dogs
  9. Shooter 1 shoots deer- deer runs off-shooter 2 shoots deer-deer runs off-shooter 2 finds deer before shooter 1-shooter 1 finds shooter 2 field dresssing said deer-shooter 1 hign fives schooter 2 and walks off-internet goes wild and wants blood and questions shooter 1 manhood. Did I miss anything ?
  10. CJ3a

    For all you Diesel Owners

    I bought a ram 3500 with a manual and it does 19MPG empty running 35 inch tires. Your trailers do not seem that heavy so I would quess 16MPG with your trailers. Hills or keeping up with traffic would be no problem.
  11. CJ3a

    My Tahoe is done!

    Wow we got three post in before the toyota fans boys showed up.
  12. CJ3a

    Maine bound

    Bowhunter444, make sure you take the whole hide home with you. After tanning the leather is great for gloves and what not.
  13. CJ3a

    Maine bound

    180 partitions by federal is what I used in zone 9 for this guy. Good luck and I cannot wait on what you cook with him after.
  14. CJ3a

    BYOB around Morristown

    Get the lamb chops at ilmondo