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  1. CJ3a

    A new LOW for Gov. Cuomo

    I have to think the rest of the state will speak when they vote next. He is catering to NYC and that does not go over well in upstate NY.
  2. CJ3a

    Something different, huge crane

    Cool. Does bay crane own the trailers?
  3. CJ3a

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Focus children. Focus. We are talking about pizza.
  4. CJ3a

    Worst thing Christe stuck us with?

    I really wished that Christe keeped up with cleaning house like he did with the sewage authority.
  5. CJ3a

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Hello we are talikng about pizza here. Why don't you children take it on over to https://www.newjerseyhunter.com/forums/forum.php they love that crap over there.
  6. CJ3a

    Traeger grills ?

    I am interested in one as well. Looks like a well made smoker/grill.
  7. CJ3a

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    I hear the 68Iowu1 makes a nice pie.
  8. CJ3a

    Something different, huge crane

    Concrete must have been fun in this heat.
  9. CJ3a

    Chicago Violence Problem

    This is the real problem. The crime bosses in charge yell more gun control to hide there tracks. Along with pray in school, tax the wealthy, abortion, etc. If they create enough of a smoke show the servants won't see what is being stolen.
  10. CJ3a

    Chicago Violence Problem

    This is a better site for Chicago shootings https://heyjackass.com/
  11. CJ3a

    Life Takes A Change.

    Tarhunt, do they think this is related to diving?
  12. CJ3a

    So true. I'm guilty to a certain extent.

    When the goal in hunting is to become a Pro-hunter things really started to fall apart.
  13. My jeep is a 2006 with a 144k miles with the orginal frame.
  14. My daughter just bought a 2015 sport. Nice vehicle with alot of upgrades over my 2006 TJ Rubicon. My brother has a 2010 Rubicon lift and supercharged with no problems either.