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    Accurate reloading forum
  2. M1A vs. 1/2" AR500 steel, who wins?

    It helps to let it swing instead of be fixed. There is a night and day difference between ar500 and A36
  3. Where's Haskell Hunter?

    I heard Mat ban him for passing off samuel adams off as his home brew. Or thats atleast what Rusty told me who heard it for Tarhunt after Jay watched him dumping bottles in his trash.
  4. Crestliner 1870 Jet ???

    Was the G3 used? I have been looking for one.
  5. oxy-acetylene torch

    Get a B tank from a plumbing store and buy a matching empty oxygen tank on line.
  6. Where's Haskell Hunter?

    No idea but lets start a rumor he got banned
  7. Try different ammo before going crazy on tubes. There is not much magic that can happen in three inches.
  8. Haskell we are all full here. Let them think what they want.
  9. Will you take a train if you commute into manhattan? You may want to be close to a rail line.
  10. What is your price range?
  11. Snow,Sleet and Rain has started

    Still snowing in bergen. 287 around 4 was clear nice driving without all the trucks.
  12. Snow,Sleet and Rain has started

    Nothing in the north
  13. WTB Used propane tanks

    I think I need a inside line to get one from a propane company. I cannot seem to get past the first layer of personel
  14. WTB Used propane tanks

    Hello I am looking for two used decommissioned 250 gal propane tanks.
  15. Electrical help

    So the box supplies power to three separate lights and timer is not controlling the three way light. Hard to tell from the picture.