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  1. That market in Oakland is pretty good. Get the grill covered because we are getting a epic wind storm now
  2. Why did you use pink salt? Isn’t pink for curing?
  3. First thing make sure the manure pile is far from the barn. Then do a better job with containing the feed. Tough to do with chickens.
  4. I have been on lake Gaston. This time of the year I see no one fishing. I am told it gets better when things cool off.
  5. Cut it off at night and soak it with lighter fluid and lite.
  6. Is the Monroe-Chester club still around? I think I shot sheet once as a quest
  7. On a two axle trailer you can remove the rim with the flat and racket strap the axle up and drive. Not the best but you can get home
  8. You must be wrong. I was lead to believe Toyota’s fix themselves. A quick look shows a pump change after a recall. What size engine.
  9. Put the probes in a boiling pot of water to test. They should read the same. You can also use a glass of ice water but they may not read below 100F.
  10. Thank you. Looking forward to the cook.
  11. CJ3a


    I cannot verify the accuracy of the photo yet. It was sent to me earlier today
  12. CJ3a


    Greenwood lake had a water spout last night. Or so I was told
  13. CJ3a


    Yep. I like the message on the bottom of the weather station
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