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  1. All good answer but none are right. Strip naked and under cover of darkness sneak up to them. Now with cat like reflex’s jump on the hood of the car plastering your junk on the windshield while yelling save yourself before before your next.
  2. I work with a few people in the age group of these shooters. Most spend all there free time playing video games. Of that group that play video games all have poor interpersonal skils.
  3. Don't worry about the time it takes to cook. Just watch the interal temp and the smoker temp.
  4. I by most of my traditional gear used. Alot of guys don't have the time to practice so they sell off bearly used equipment.
  5. How is geigo after a accident or ticket? Don’t have any but will be looking for a lower rate soon.
  6. I did the colonoscopy this year and it was not bad. Fasting the day before was not bad either.
  7. CJ3a

    Getting bigger!!

    Had this guys in the drive coming home from work today.
  8. CJ3a


    Post some pictures if you can.
  9. Never had a issue with ford but my jeep likes calibers in the front. I always do the hoses at the same time though.
  10. Franklin’s BBQ, he shows the way and how on smoking meat. Look him up on YouTube
  11. They did kick ass. All that club soccer has paid off.
  12. I cannot understand why Haskell post something about his nuts I have to look.
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