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  1. CJ3a

    For all you Diesel Owners

    I bought a ram 3500 with a manual and it does 19MPG empty running 35 inch tires. Your trailers do not seem that heavy so I would quess 16MPG with your trailers. Hills or keeping up with traffic would be no problem.
  2. CJ3a

    My Tahoe is done!

    Wow we got three post in before the toyota fans boys showed up.
  3. CJ3a

    Maine bound

    Bowhunter444, make sure you take the whole hide home with you. After tanning the leather is great for gloves and what not.
  4. CJ3a

    Maine bound

    180 partitions by federal is what I used in zone 9 for this guy. Good luck and I cannot wait on what you cook with him after.
  5. CJ3a

    BYOB around Morristown

    Get the lamb chops at ilmondo
  6. CJ3a

    9-29 morning checkin.

    Whats for breakfast?
  7. Please point on this doll where she touch you.
  8. CJ3a

    Does anyone know what type of die this is?

    Tuff to tell from that picture. Maybe a crimp.
  9. CJ3a

    Mechanic advice - lost all transmission fluid in Jeep

    Probable a rusted line and I would get it towed.
  10. CJ3a

    was I an a-hole?

    This shows his true charactor. If your parents were OK he was going to give you a hard time? Time to take control. Brother takes stand back to his buddy, parents get the understanding you will decide who hunts were, old asshole friend gets the phone call from you if he steps on the property he will get a trespass charge. The older I get the less time I have for people I cannot trust. The rage is real now. Salt the earth and kill it with fire on this acquaitance. I feel better now back to yard work.
  11. CJ3a

    was I an a-hole?

    I would also be having a talk with my brother.
  12. CJ3a

    was I an a-hole?

    I would never asked your parents if I knew or heard you hunted it. I think the dick moves starts there.
  13. CJ3a

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    I think now that everyone seen the video i would take it down. No need to be the poster boy for the anti's
  14. CJ3a

    Refit Complete now to the Range.

    Haskell does that mount have 20MOA inclination?
  15. CJ3a

    Something different, huge crane

    That is so cool. Keep the pictures coming