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  1. When I look for a lawyer I want one that’s works in the county or town the work needs to be done in.
  2. Look here https://www.baileysonline.com/granberg-mk-iv-alaskan-chainsaw-mill-with-rails-g778r.html They recommend at least 60cc saw for the small ones. The ripping chain must need some power to run.
  3. The saw is the big cost. My friends end bought a 088 to cut ash for flooring. That saw was not cheap.
  4. Nice. I built one that shoots 45acp. Fun way to burn up ammo .
  5. Motor mount. I never used it before
  6. 12 foot Radisson canoe. Great lake fishing canoe. Comes with motor mount and rod holders for trolling. Inter-tube not included. $600, Bergen county
  7. As crazy as this state is I am surprised they did not ticket the guy for cleaning up.
  8. CJ3a

    Rules ??

    Pictures, price and location. Answer PM’s and mark it sold when completed.
  9. Has anyone had problems with corrosion with the blocks around the thermostat?
  10. My dad had a 1970 bronco. It was a fun truck. My 86 ranger had 350k on it before I gave it way running. Not sure way you guys had problems with them.
  11. Yes those are the ones I shoot with a 100 grains of pyrodex.
  12. I have been using the maxi hunter in 54 cal. Not sure how much they expand on a NJ deer but they do make a big hole.
  13. We sued to get gun shops open so this is pay back
  14. No that great of a price to walk thru the door
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