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  1. Looking for a 2x7 Leupold in gloss. Thanks
  2. Also we need pictures of this years steaks
  3. When is the last time Tim used a razor?
  4. I had this same problem finding brass and ammo. I did finally get from Target Sports . Sign up and they will notify you.
  5. With COVID-19 Is there any restrictions on non-resident deer hunting? I looked and I did not see anything.
  6. CJ3a


    Wa sin Ramsey Outdoor in Ramsey today. Gun department shelves are empty.
  7. They are easy to learn to control. You will end up not using the 22 inch shortly.
  8. What is the white sulfur that everyone talks about?
  9. Not involved. But like most here you want your pound of flesh. Typical mob rule.
  10. Ramsey outdoor used to put the BRI’ or Winchester sabot slugs on the counter after deer season. I bought 30 boxes for 3.99 each. So I have a few more years for this to work out.
  11. You are assuming she knows or is involved in some way. Which is a big assumption. There is only one person that should answer the questions and he took the money.
  12. Why does she need to speak up? Does not look to be involved other than a internet picture.
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