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  1. CJ3a

    Weed Whacker?

    I would look at the electric Milwaukee
  2. Also don’t get a vertical spitter. You are always bent over and moving the log around. Horizontal and you only bend over once to pick up the wood.
  3. I would look into getting a splitter that can handle at least a 4 way wedge. It really speeds up production
  4. Done worry MRMCR it’s a 24 hour operation, we are always producing.
  5. Finest organic fertilizer. Cost me a fortune to make and I am willing to let it go for free. From a 5 gal bucket to a skid loader bucket, take as much as you want. Properly aged and ready to use. Located in Bergen county
  6. I just bought a 600gpm ultraviolet system. 40k. They are not cheap in large sizes.
  7. CJ3a


    Owners of a model 12 would beg to differ on what’s the best.
  8. Sorry for the slow replies I have limited access to the internet due to the work release program I am in. I spend the days splitting wood for two guys in Sussex. Strange they take glamour shots of themselves standing by the wood pile at the end of the day. Just counting the days to parole.
  9. I have something for sale. Send cash and I will mail it out. thank you
  10. Last year I decide not to fish my usually spots. Just grab a map and went. Made fishing more enjoyable and I did well. Remember this is not like picking a spot for a trophy buck.
  11. CJ3a

    Free firewood

    All done splitting. Over a cord now.
  12. I love how Hammer started this thread. He probably did it to keep you guys off the stream this morning.
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