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  1. With basic tools the only way to check is with a straight edge. It is a common problem not to have the holes in a straight line. Burris makes rings with eccentrics to fix that issue.
  2. Are the holes in the receiver drilled straight?
  3. No to a fox. Have they seen any domestic dogs running lose?
  4. Freight companies suck. People complain about UPS and Fedex but heavy freight is a whole new level of incompetence. In 2019 we received close to 1 million in damage goods.
  5. Nothing like a 15% burger from freshly ground chuck. Cooked over oak.
  6. Nice. I just set mine up this weekend. You will miss it.
  7. Another good one. https://www.folkstreams.net/film-detail.php?id=360
  8. Target sports is my go to place. I have not seen a limit.
  9. ADT is a billing mess. I manage two buildings with ADT and if they were not for sale I would switch. Find another alarm company or buy a dog.
  10. Crazy to remove that feature. People pay a lot of money to add a model 70 style safety to custom guns
  11. Rusty how did you get the seedlings and what strain did you plant?
  12. Rusty, page 48 of your link cracks me up.
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