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  1. Don’t waste it on your wife.
  2. It will attach any rubber type products and will work better at lower temperatures.
  3. Your town inspections will take up most of the time. Call on Monday you will be lucky to get them on site by Thursday.
  4. The same ones that drill holes in my siding. Bastards
  5. Nice deer Jay. That member has done some work at my shop.
  6. I lost 14 trees. Some looked good by were easily pushed over
  7. Bought meat there but never had him butcher anything for me. Ask Haskell
  8. Just don’t share the neutral with another gfi.
  9. If you cut the foam to fit a gun do you think the bowing would go away?
  10. If you want some more excitement I have a baker tree stand I can give you.
  11. CJ3a

    I evolved

    I am getting fly rod ads
  12. Drink a coffee while eating a Taylor ham and egg in the truck. Maybe blow a fart while bear hugging a tree while getting into a stand.
  13. What’s the odds when you call the listed number someone will answer or not get a busy signal.
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