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  1. Call the police first and start taking video. May also give them a cup of coffee while you wait. Other than that they will become the victim.
  2. I work with someone that had a eel weir in NY state. He used to smoke them and sell them commericially. Worked thru the night sorting out fish from the eels. Sounded like a interesting line of work.
  3. Look for pictures of the small mouths in the thousand island
  4. That piece three feet from the left in the middle of the stack would keep me up at night.
  5. Not by me. The deer do eat them at the end of August
  6. CJ3a

    Down on my luck

    I am told I am a asshole. Just give me money.
  7. Financial and health issues he has always had a hard time. I would had firmed things up before lending.
  8. Why does the article say shad fishing is banned in NJ?
  9. No separation of 2a and hunting. That way of thinking will lead to the loss of all rights.
  10. Any sportsman that think this is OK should punch themselves in the tant.
  11. Those guns are capable of running 50k thru them before a rebuilt. Most semi's crap out at at arounb 3k. A life time for a hunter and a weekend for a competitive shooter.
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