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  1. I wouldn’t mess around. I definitely wasn’t advising to not go, just throwing some facts to hopefully ease your worries. If you are past 48 hours then go get checked and you’ll likely get a course of doxycycline for prophylaxis. The “bullseye” rash doesn’t always show up either, roughly 70-80% of people infected will show, and that could take 30 or more days. Nothing wrong with getting it checked out. Definitely wish you the best my friend! Been down this road several times before.
  2. It takes between 36-48 hours for a deer tick to transmit Lyme. I’m not saying don’t go to the dr. (I likely would), I’ve battled Lyme twice; just saying not to worry extensively if you believe you removed the tick within that window of time.
  3. I’ve never been let down by using Phoebes on stocked waters. Cheap and easy.
  4. I’m not sure if it would go against the I-Talian grain here; but I’m thinking that putting a fried egg on that sammich wouldn’t hurt anyone. Looks great!
  5. I do not miss my daily commute to NYC. One of the few ancillary benefits of COVID, I now work from my home office and only travel to NYC and the boroughs for field work a few times per month.
  6. Purple Glaze donuts in Asbury Park... it’s often infested with hipsters but if you can get past the nose rings and skinny jeans in line the donuts are worth it (IMO).
  7. Are these compatible on aircraft?
  8. That’s a shame, I would have given him a pass.. A lot of potential to be a slammer next year. Do we know if he was shot over a bait pile?
  9. X2! My wife and I eat at his NYC restaurant and we could have had a better meal at Applebees! I was at a conference in AC last year and gave him a second chance and eat his sandwich shop in the casino, equally as horrible!
  10. It’s a bummer you only found the one.. Keep looking, the other one has to be there somewhere.
  11. The Rona’ has most events shutdown this year. You can always go to Wolley’s on route 9, they typically offer some sort of fish fry take out during Lent. The Elks, the churches, from what I can see, are all shutdown this year. Keyport fishery, IMO, is the better option and worth the drive for you.
  12. Yes, every deer gets split. I go a little above too, I use the BO tool to start. Pull it out and push to the side until I get the pelvis split. Then I do the detailed work and trimming. I busted a piss bag once before, and will always work to not do it again. I know many will argue there are faster ways, and I am “wasting” time with extra steps, however this is my process, it works for me. I spend all those hours in the tree, not going to rush dressing after all that work. Start to finish, even with my extra steps, I get a deer cleaned out carefully and cleanly in under 20 minutes. Wor
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