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  1. Mom and her twins just stopped by. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Out in z50. Nice cool morning finally, 3rd sit of the season for me. Daddy duty calls in a few hours, so if lightening is going to strike, it needs to happen by 8. Good luck 🍀 to everyone out today.
  3. Great meeting you, happy it went to a good home, good luck this winter.. Looking for joining in on the fun!!
  4. When I make chili this time of year, I add a can of pumpkin puree to it. Gives it a really nice finish.
  5. Impossible to mess up, one pot-crockpot stew. No real measuring required, use whatever you like. This is cubed back strap, carrot, yellow onion and Yukon gold potato. I dust the meat with flour, salt and pepper and brown it off in the pot first (my crockpot has a searing feature, it’s awesome). Once browned I remove the meat and toss in the onion, after a few minutes I deglaze the bottom of the pot with a bottle of Guinness extra stout. Once I get all the good bits off the bottom, I throw the meat back in along with the carrot, potatoes and a few tablespoons of butter. Good pinch of salt, fresh cracked pepper, a bunch of whole Peperoncino with some liquid from the jar. Then I crack another or bottle or two, and fill the pot up with more Guinness extra stout just until everything is almost covered. Set the crockpot on low heat for 5 hours and that’s it. Cannot mess it up. If you dust the meat in flour first, you won’t need to worry about thickening the stew at the end.
  6. All settled again here in z50, bumped a half dozen on the walk in. My cricket companions are here keeping me entertained until first light. Good luck 🍀
  7. Crab claw 4 and a young 6 cruised by just before 7am. Other than that, it’s just me and the cave crickets that decided to infest my blind.
  8. All settled in here in z50 for the first hunt of the season. Good luck 🍀 to all.
  9. Doing some more shed purging and found a mojo critter, NIB. I have a few already, no need for another. Up for grabs (free) if anyone wants to come and pick up in Brick, I am a few minutes off exit 91 (just don’t turn around and sell it). Pay it forward when you can.
  10. Written warning years ago for hunting before legal start time. I was walking a trail in the Manasquan WMA and my shotgun was loaded. Small game violation. Plenty of usable light, but it was not yet “legal” sunrise as dictated in that year’s perpetual sunrise/sunset table in the digest. It was a difference of several minutes at most. Per the CO, weather channel, etc., does not count when determining legal sunrise and sunset, that hunters have to follow the table in the digest. Live and learn, no harm-no foul.
  11. It’s going to go from bad to worse. The knowledge gaps are huge with regard to what we know about this insects behavior on inanimate objects. Commerce and interstate travel, combined with weak and unenforceable quarantine measures are going to bring this insect to most regions in the US in pretty short order. I’m stepping on them all over Manhattan.
  12. Amen to that brother. If it wasn't for this gesture, I would have never posted about my dog. Just felt it important to mention and show that there is good in this world still.
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