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  1. I switched this year to 125gr G5, new bow-new bolts-new broadheads. I did shoot 150gr boltcutters from my Excalibur for many years and they never let me down.
  2. My feet were always cold.. The problem wasn’t the cold so much as it was my horrible problem with “swamp feet.” It’s a moisture issue with me, so when I’m out all day, I bring extra socks and change out when my feet start to freeze. Dry feet = warm feet.
  3. Looks more natural don’t you think, corn in rows?? 😂🤣😂🤣😂
  4. Couldn’t tell you the pounds exactly, let’s just say “lots.” I’ve never felt as though I didn’t get my money’s worth here.
  5. Thank you!! Having missed the last several weeks I think I’m “caught up” again. Freezer went from fumes to almost full in 2 days. 🤠😀😎
  6. I shoot the Sniper 370 Whisper Elite.. Paid $249, no upgrades to any component and it is a machine. I shoot either the Victory Decimators or Black Eagle Executioners with 125gr Montec G5.
  7. Checking in from Ely’s.. dropping off my morning doe.. Bacon and sausage on its way..
  8. Day 2, doe 2... The ones in the video I posted earlier in this thread could no longer be ignored.. she’ll make some fine Ely’s maple bacon and Tennessee sausages.
  9. Beautiful animal, congrats!!!
  10. Starting to pick up, the ladies are on the move... FullSizeRender.mov
  11. Super quiet here in z50. No wind to speak of, overcast, and nothing moving.. No birds, no squirrels, nothing. Hoping they all just decided to sleep in and get on their feet soon. On the bright side, my feet are toasty and warm today.. Was very underprepared yesterday morning.
  12. I don’t always use bait... but when I do, I prefer live bait.... Super bright here in 50, sun is washing my view out. Going to have to be extra still...
  13. Maybe about time to bump this post. Friday December 20th??? Who is collecting door prizes, I have some contributions I can make.
  14. By the looks of it, I would say a zombie kill for sure. Heartbreaker.
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