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  1. Find a pure bred Shina Inu, Yoshi is turning 13 this year and he has been an amazing dog. They love exercise but are worth it. They can be quite temperamental if you get a dud though. Just my two cents, great dog.
  2. Could have been worse, could have gotten his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole.
  3. It’s worth the trip to the Dr if you can make it. There are some antivirals, like Tamiflu, that will shorten the length of your flu.
  4. Yup, no idea myself. Last time I saw a mail pouch tobacco advertisement was when my wife was in college in West Virginia many moons ago.
  5. Any interest in predator hunting? I got into a few years ago, I love it. It’s a great go between seasons for me. I’m horrible at it, but have a lot of fun! Middle of the night, freezing cold, calling in yotes and then you see the eyes illuminated from my red light head lamp. Tons of fun.
  6. Agreed. I have finally learned patience in hunting. There are plenty of times I have let deer pass just because I’ve been lazy, no interest in dressing them out, dragging them out, paying the butcher, etc. This year is no different. I took 2 does within the first 2 days I was in the tree. Since then, it’s been a game for me and time off the couch. I get almost as much excitement just having deer under me as I do cleaned out in the back of my truck. I would say it’s the hunter’s choice at the end of the day. I have my opinions on practices like APRs and QDM hunters shooting spike bucks, but much like my armpits, my opinions sometimes stink.
  7. Yeah, it’ll be fine. Don’t knock yourself out, in a jar with a lid is great. @Rusty, if I am getting the bug, does that mean I am disqualified from winning any other prizes on Friday?
  8. Truth. You don’t need to do anything to it. It’ll keep well for several days. Thanks!
  9. Same here, it’s super useful out of the woods too. Hauling crap around the yard, etc..
  10. Ahh Termidor 😎. Yes, slow material. Not for quick knockdown, but the dried residues will transfer into the nest and you’ll definitely neutralize them in a few days. Im working on a project now with MGK on a containerized Fipronil based yellow jacket bait. Works great on Eastern and German yellow jackets. It has a provisional EPA label, should be to market soon enough.
  11. I’ve had a few of them through years, nests from 2-3” long completely jampacked in soffits. They were a nightmare to remove, dusted them and went back. The smell would gag a maggot.
  12. I would love to get out of the city and study more. In grad school my life was German cockroaches in low to moderate income housing, and Asian tiger mosquitoes in Trenton backyards. I love structural, but would also like to branch out.
  13. I actually have one already, haha. Thank you though!
  14. @Rustyand I can geek out, the entomologist and the biologist!!
  15. I seriously want it. I have never seen one before. My life is all Urban/Industrial and structural. When I get a chance for something new I’ll take it.
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