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  1. Zone50BugNerd

    Front Yard Bucks, West Belmar

    Isn’t that the truth!
  2. Zone50BugNerd

    Front Yard Bucks, West Belmar

    Get home from work a bit early, sitting on the couch about 5 minutes ago and I hear a racket outside, like kids playing in the leaf piles. Look out the window, I was right, darn kids! These two dudes decided to come out of the small tract of land down the street from my home. This is West Belmar, right off rt71 before Spring Lake Heights.... 9CECBF5F-47DB-42C9-ACCC-B63FDA5F9E2E.MOV
  3. Zone50BugNerd

    Does this make sense

    I would say sit and hunt whenever you can, I wouldn’t worry about the clock this time of year. The only bucks I have taken of note were all taken between 11am-1pm during the second and third weeks of November.
  4. Zone50BugNerd

    Ground Blind Orange Requirement (DIY Paint Job).

    That was the hope as well. I put a second coat on it and it worked slick! I used a heavy duty paint with a polymer in it and it actually worked double duty, orange and it sealed up all the tiny pinholes at the top of the blind, hopefully a bit more weather proof now too.
  5. Zone50BugNerd

    Ground Blind Orange Requirement (DIY Paint Job).

    Haha, too late now. Had I known it was that easy.... womp womp
  6. Zone50BugNerd

    Ground Blind Orange Requirement (DIY Paint Job).

    I saw that, just wanted something I didn’t have to fumble around with.
  7. Yay or nay, am I legit, or will I need more orange? I’ll be hunting out of a blind this year for muzzy, for the first time. Was hoping this was a better option than an old oranage vest draped on top. It obviously needs another coat or two first. Any thoughts?
  8. Zone50BugNerd

    Buck bomb!

    Glad it worked for someone, I've tried it a few times when it is on sale, and have had zero success. Murphy's law prevails when I have used it, and the wind shifts and I end up with face full of doe pee. Obviously that doesn't mean it doesn't work, it just didn't work for me. Historically I have never had any success with scents and lures, I am convinced I get the batch that instead of having doe in estrous urine, they put ugly doe pee in it and the bucks run away. Good luck with the product, hope it pays off!
  9. Zone50BugNerd

    Ground Blind Set-Ups. First Timer

    I actually already own one, awesome! I use it at the range all the time, I am going to spend some time in the backyard this weekend playing around with the blind (I bought the Outhouse model). Last thing I need is to be stumbling around in the dark opening day muzzy, trying to "figure" things out. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Zone50BugNerd

    My Son Ben's Muzzy Buck

    Sweet, congrats fellas!
  11. Zone50BugNerd

    Ground Blind Set-Ups. First Timer

    I was/am a bit worried about peripheral vision, but the few spots I have scouted so far seem to limit that issue (I'll be perched up a bit on a hill and small ridge). If the wind shifts on me, I'll have to learn to be a lot more aware of what may coming in behind me now.
  12. Zone50BugNerd

    Ground Blind Set-Ups. First Timer

    Awesome and sound advice. I have a dozen old chairs in my backyard now. Hadn't even though of using one, awesome idea. I appreciate the advice!
  13. Zone50BugNerd

    Ground Blind Set-Ups. First Timer

    Seriously contemplating a ground blind for my upcoming plans to muzzy hunt public land. I used the climber last year and was successful, but where I hunt I feel a ground blind would offer me a bit more flexibility and freedom. I am not going to make a serious investment, likely just the Ameristep Outhouse, and a cheapo Walmart camp chair. My question is how much do I need to worry about chair height? In other words, if I just use a cheap folding camp chair, will I be elevated enough to see out the blind window? I have never hunted a blind before, so this is a first. I would obviously try things out and practice set-up, break down, etc., in the backyard first. Any suggestions from anyone to keep things simple and cheap?
  14. Zone50BugNerd

    Don't You Love It When..........

    How many “deers” do you get a year?