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  1. I went to a buy-back in Asbury Park, probably 2012 if I remember right. In any event, not likely a single criminal in the bunch of us. It was almost entirely camo clad sportsmen (a few did remark about inheriting guns from deceased relatives) essentially selling our junk back that otherwise had lesser value on the open market. Many a conversation in line about what we all intended to use the money for next, mostly new firearms. This program is a joke and a total PR scheme.
  2. Last year was my first season full time in a blind with the crosssbow. Zero time to set up early, didn’t get into the woods until second week of October. Long story short; I set up on a Thursday, was out that Saturday morning and had a buck down. I suppose it’s a matter of what pressures your herd face. My blind didn’t stop any deer the entire season, walked by me plenty of times like I wasn’t there.
  3. Good stuff!! To help prevent your post from getting hijacked, I will advise all too..
  4. Looks great, as for favorite it’s second only next to Grouper for me.
  5. Monster storm with grape and bigger size hail just blew through Brick down here in Ocean county. Hope anyone here who is out in this crap is safe. Last time I saw hail like this was when I was at Lackland AFB many moons ago. Be safe out there!!
  6. These programs are typically short-lived; they pretty much align with typical mosquito life cycles (so usually 7-14 days depending on conditions), so i doubt the closure will extend past that. I have done well over 100 surveillance projects through the years. Believe me, it is worth it. Mosquitoes are hands down the most dangerous animal on the planet, but with early detection they can be stopped and/or limited. Worldwide, they cause over 725,000 deaths, but that number is likely over 1 million due to skewed reporting data. We are lucky here in the US, the only real threat to us is West Nile Virus, but when these other teeny-tiny little outbreaks of other vector borne disease occur, they are worth researching.
  7. My wife and I were out in the yard just before sunset and she took almost an identical picture. Brick was covered in a haze all day today with that wildfire smoke. Neat pic, yours is better 👍
  8. That is puuuurty. Good luck! I’d offer advice but when it comes to smoking I kill the meat twice; once in the field and then again in the smoker. It’s an art I will never master.
  9. https://www.mushroomexpert.com/chlorophyllum_molybdites.html
  10. I sincerely appreciate your posts Roon. All the negativity these days is a bummer and makes me want to not even bother with this forum anymore. Posts like this instantly make me smile and restore my faith. Said it before and I’ll say it again, you are obviously a great dad! I hope my daughter and I are able to have the same relationship as you do with your girls, as she continues to grow up. Nothing like having a daughter!
  11. I better grab a snack and a cold drink before this thread gets to 12 pages.
  12. "I guess you'd call me a Patriot, but I love this country," Radcliffe said. https://wobm.com/barnegat-vfw-celebrates-100th-birthday-of-world-war-ii-veteran-from-manahawkin/
  13. I have a crappy Dick's cheapo locker/safe. I've always had some issue with moisture and a few years ago I started using damprid in there. Seems to do the trick for me. I check it/replace it about every 2-3 months.
  14. Agree with others. Super easy to install and keep clean. Did our master bedroom before we moved in.
  15. He would only have sex with white men.
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