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  1. Zone50BugNerd

    2019 6 Day Dates

    Confirmed dates for next year taken from this years digest..
  2. Zone50BugNerd

    Winter bow check in 01/01/2019

    Pretty miserable morning. Way over dressed and had the wrong boots on. 64 degrees in Z51, the only thing swampier than the area around my blind were my feet and a$$ from sweating on the hike in. May give it another go this afternoon, watch the winds and make a decision around noon. Good luck 🍀 to all who are out.
  3. Zone50BugNerd

    New Year Resolutions for 2019!!??!!

    I was a smoker and also dipped. Hands down quitting dip was the hardest, I still miss it some days. Try these, a tobacco and nicotine free alternative, I like them on long sits and keeps the dip out of my mouth. https://www.amazon.com/Grinds-Coffee-Pouches-Nicotine-Alternative-x/dp/B01FNI6JG2
  4. Zone50BugNerd

    Go figure! buck permit

    Money grab for sure, I make my $28 donation to the buck tag fund every year. I wish there was an option to pay for the tag, or the buck, if and when you harvest one. I’d love to buck hunt and only have to pay if I get one, simply pay at the time you report the harvest. Dare to dream of NJ running a more efficient and cost effective program for the hunters though.
  5. Zone50BugNerd

    Best STEAK?

    I second Keen’s NYC, the Mrs and I go a couple of times a year and sit at the bar and have the pub sized mutton chop, it’s amazing!
  6. Zone50BugNerd

    New Muzzleloader

    I use and love powerbelt, 245gr HP. I keep it simple, 100gr (2 pellets) of pyrodex and I’m good to go. Prepare to spend some time at the range learning the nuances of your gun. You’ll read a lot of varying opinions about sighting in and shooting, keeping zero, clean barrel-fouled barrel, etc. put the time in and it will be well worth it, of all the rifles I own I trust my muzzy most (T/C Encore).
  7. Zone50BugNerd

    12/15 afternoon hunt - anybody else?

    Out in z51 babysitting some tree rats trying to stay awake, the rain drops on my blind are putting me to sleep.
  8. Zone50BugNerd

    WTB - Snowboard for Daughter

    Just shot you a PM, I may have something for you.
  9. Zone50BugNerd

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    Passing on a buck would imply that I actually saw one. Worst 6 day season I’ve ever had to be honest, I had a better chance of spotting Bigfoot than a buck this week. Oh well...
  10. Zone50BugNerd

    Christmas Wish Lists???

    I am a cheap date this Christmas, my wife has it easy. I am officially turning into my dad, asking for socks and a beard brush this year.
  11. Zone50BugNerd

    Question for the driving gang

  12. Zone50BugNerd

    Jet Sled?

    Aside from the butt-out tool, it’s best the piece of plastic money can buy. You’ll buy it for deer and end up finding 15 other tasks you can use it for.
  13. Zone50BugNerd

    Mayor of NYC

    That’s actually spelled DaBlowzio..... 😎