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  1. To increase efficacy you should also spray yourself with Tinks #69!
  2. All my eggs are in the Saturday basket too! We’ll all see soon enough.
  3. I watch the roadkill on route 18 and the parkway from Brick to NYC on my commute. Sounds silly, probably without any real merit, but once the bodies start piling up on these roadways I usually know it’s on!
  4. Almost $.50 a round is painful! I personally wouldn’t pay that just for the privilege of hoarding ammo or shooting paper at the range. If the zombies do come I plan on using my crossbow anyway. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️. I’d be happy to part with what’s in the picture below just so you have something to shoot at the range. It goes quick!! I live in Brick and work in NYC so we could always meet up during the week. I don’t want your money either. When this nonsense blows over, as it usually does, you can just return the favor back to someone else.
  5. David, if you get jammed up and can’t find ammo let me know. I have a bunch Blazer Brass (115gr) I could part with and pay forward a few hundred rounds if you need it.
  6. Good luck! I’m fighting traffic on the BQE right now. 🤮I’ll be back out Saturday morning with buck tag in hand. Front moving through Thursday/Friday, temps dropping for Saturday, should see some movement 🤞🤞.
  7. Zone50BugNerd


    That pumpkin sure is purty! Looks lonely too...
  8. I’m like you; I look at it from afar and the next day I have it. Having said that, good old fashioned calamine lotion has always helped me dry the rash out.
  9. Cook a pound of bacon first, then cook the mushrooms in the bacon fat, chop up the bacon and toss it back in. 🤯🤯🤯🤯
  10. The adults will not overwinter. They are laying egg masses now, and the eggs will overwinter and hatch in spring. If you have them on your property and can swing it financially, call an arborist or landscaper and talk to them about deep root injection with systemic insecticides this spring. Get those f’ers where they feed.
  11. Z50 was dead as a door nail once again. I think it feels more like a lull this year to me because I didn’t hunt September at all. I’ve kept a journal on this property since 2012 and looking at it now, historically, this property is always dead the last two weeks of October. Good news though, my notes tell me the best two weeks are coming up, those being the first two weeks of November. 5 years out of 8 I have records on having taken deer (2 bucks and 3 does) on Veteran’s day.
  12. Out in z50. Nice cool morning, slight breeze, feels right..
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