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  1. Good luck man hope you knock it down! good luck to all out!
  2. It’s not Zone specific it’s all Zones. They said they are doing it right now for the first and second week of the season. Spoke with fish and game on the subject earlier today .
  3. I wanna ask because I’m a little behind with this law into effect. Can I still go fishing? Like solo ?
  4. Wish I could find a buck! This morning I was running late and I went to a spot in zone 9 then with nothing to show I went over to my other spot in 6 and got to my stand and noticed someone shot a buck out of my stand ! Can’t catch a break man
  5. Good luck man! Out in stand and my buddy Dom is back on leave about 400 yards away hope a good one comes out today!
  6. In zone 6 good luck gentlemen
  7. The almighty Turkeywing is the true expert on rut predictions
  8. In stand now. deer on the move ! Nothing in range
  9. Yes! Just for hunting I mean I don’t plan on shooting farther then 30 but good to have one
  10. Anyone here have a rangefinder they are willing to sell? I’m in Sussex county byram township. Shoot a pm if you have one and price! Thank you!
  11. It’s just in all the years of hunting and this happens to me and another guy in the area in about the same week
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