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  1. I really wanna know who it was lol
  2. Sitting in state land right now with no trails near by . Lady hits a blown horn then walks through the woods with her dog off leash . No trails in site and whistle to her to let her know I’m up here. Fast forward ten minutes dog goes nuts constant barking running through the woods over my shooting area with no owner in site. Then a quick look to my right and I see the lady now with two others and they start yelling hope nobody is hunting and they laugh like a bunch of smart @$$$$$. Now they are gone . In short term is it worth sticking it out? Should I consider it hunter harassment?
  3. Got a 50lbs thrust minn kota trolling motor brand new usually almost 30o its used and comes with a marine battery looking for 200 for the pair- Make em a offer 201-937-2509 message for any other details mark
  4. Price drop 2000!! originally $2500!
  5. Boat for sale. 16ft StarCraft with everything you need to go out on the water! 9.9hp evinrude motor 55lbs trust trolling motor Trailer Lowrance fishfinder Two Batteries for electronics Papers and registration for boat and trailer on hand ready to go out the door Please text me for photos of the boat and price right now is at $2000 but willing to negotiate !!! 201-937-2509-Mark Located in Andover,NJ $2000 Cash with everything
  6. Looking to sell the following items listed in the title. Send pm with number and I will send photos of the items. Bow comes fully loaded and is set at a 29 inch draw and at 70lbs Completely adjustable with Allen key Fuse stabilizer 4 mayhem arrows cut at 29” 3 ramcat broadheads never used and a wasp jackhammer all heads are 100grain
  7. Anything yet farmshine? Got my buddy up in 6 who just came home on leave tryin to get him a doe!
  8. If you can get your hands on Talcum powder it will take hem out. The powder with coat the interior of the nest and kill all the larva and make the neat in suitable for them and every single one will die. Also all the roomers that are out and about and will come back later on will get the powder on them and they will try to clean it off. Do thaT and they will be gone and not beat in the location ever again
  9. good luck everyone!!!!!!
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