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  1. Good luck man! Out in stand and my buddy Dom is back on leave about 400 yards away hope a good one comes out today!
  2. In zone 6 good luck gentlemen
  3. The almighty Turkeywing is the true expert on rut predictions
  4. In stand now. deer on the move ! Nothing in range
  5. Yes! Just for hunting I mean I don’t plan on shooting farther then 30 but good to have one
  6. Anyone here have a rangefinder they are willing to sell? I’m in Sussex county byram township. Shoot a pm if you have one and price! Thank you!
  7. It’s just in all the years of hunting and this happens to me and another guy in the area in about the same week
  8. Me and a buddy of mine set out on a new area to hunt and set out a camera about 9 days ago. Yesterday we go and see the place was torn up with great sign. But here is the problem camera was ripped open and the sd card was gone . With tensions running high and aggravation at its peak we walked out feeling like time is now wasted. Fast forward to today someone else hunts the property and we must of walked by a camera because I was informed by a friend of the person who owns it . My bad to whoever it belongs to if your on here. Pm me if you are. But the buddy who called me was in bad mood because someone stole his sd card and flipped the camera around ( he hunts a neighboring property ) so the ending to this is why are people such scum and is it worth even hunting the area when two cards were stolen within the past week?
  9. Selling a 15ft ladder stand as well for $50 will send photos if interested shoot a pm just cleaning out some inventory !
  10. Selling a killer instinct 350 crossbow in great condition. Shot a handful of times this past season. Comes with a dozen arrows tipped with muzzy broad heads and the scope is dialed in. Message me and I can send photos if interested!
  11. I really wanna know who it was lol
  12. Sitting in state land right now with no trails near by . Lady hits a blown horn then walks through the woods with her dog off leash . No trails in site and whistle to her to let her know I’m up here. Fast forward ten minutes dog goes nuts constant barking running through the woods over my shooting area with no owner in site. Then a quick look to my right and I see the lady now with two others and they start yelling hope nobody is hunting and they laugh like a bunch of smart @$$$$$. Now they are gone . In short term is it worth sticking it out? Should I consider it hunter harassment?
  13. Got a 50lbs thrust minn kota trolling motor brand new usually almost 30o its used and comes with a marine battery looking for 200 for the pair- Make em a offer 201-937-2509 message for any other details mark
  14. Price drop 2000!! originally $2500!
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