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  1. Beautiful wildlife, & Awesome pics!! It looks like you're in your Glory!!!
  2. Nice!! Looks good!!👍👍
  3. That is AWESOME!!! Congrats to both of you on a pair of Nice Gobblers in the rain!!! You'll both be talking about this hunt for years to come!!!
  4. I got them last night, I was wondering what it was all about too.
  5. Very sad, sorry for your loss
  6. Great Buck & Beautiful mount!!!!
  7. Thats Awesome, I bet she had a blast! Talk to you soon
  8. Not worthless.... Priceless. Take it out when you can, He'd appreciate it.
  9. rackemup

    Wife Did It Again!!!!

    That is Awesome!!!
  10. It was nice meeting you today, I cant wait to use the stand this season!! And if you would want to meet up I would be glad to show you around a couple of the areas that I hunt that we were talking about earlier, to maybe give you a head start. Just give me a call.
  11. I have the Mckenzie deer target & like it alot, they're a lot smaller than the Glendels..... I feel it makes me focus more, with less room for error.
  12. Nice One!!! Congratulations!!
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