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  1. What year were you married?
  2. I would do 4 bags of pelletized lime and a bag of starter fertilizer. Grasses like nitrogen. Start with one bag of 10-10-10 and when the grass emerges do another bag with more nitrogen such as 40- 10-10. First number being nitrogen content.
  3. Bastards ate most of my peaches and are moving onto my pears.
  4. Haha. Definitely a challenge for the second one. On a side note. Those things can jump better than a grasshopper
  5. The stock must be pinned though, right? My friends have one but the stock is still adjustable. Pretty compact when collapsed
  6. Good job. First of many I am sure.
  7. We got in the tree fort in the woods and had 2 nice bucks at first light. Nothing since. Dropped my buddy off this morning in the primo doe spot and 30 were already there. 🤣
  8. Put 260k miles on my first tacoma and bought a used 2016 with crew cab, trd,4x4,technology package,v6 with 38k for $27,ooo. Got 90k on it now. So far just changing the oil like the last one. I am 6'5" and 285lbs. It is snug but so is two grown men cuddling in a blind with face paint. 😛
  9. Using a wood splitter makes kindling as a by product. Just pick it up and store it seperately. 🙃
  10. You have to replant since the bulb (root) is what you eat
  11. Pretty good group. He stresses that he is not shooting animals at that range. Just practicing. Good tips for shooting 30 yards though too. Lots of factors go into a bow shot. Wind, rain, humidity, etc.
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