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  1. Just took my breakfast out of the smoker.
  2. Without a doubt my favorite boot. They are durable too.
  3. I had a herd of squirrels pack away 50 lbs of ear corn in one afternoon. I put it out in the morning in front of my camera only to find 15 squirrels carrying it away ear by ear. Bastards
  4. After they get a couple deep gouges from dragging deer over the rocks they slow dow a little bit going down sledding hills.
  5. You shot my target buck. I'm sure I have pictures of that thing somewhere. I say 165 3/4
  6. Me too. Skull is getting beetle cleaned. I attempted multiple times to get pics but no dice. Hopefully will get him back soon.
  7. @Ringtail had a sausage recipe earlier I believe. Maybe she can post it for you.
  8. On the grill until the bacon is crispy works good too.
  9. Usually the deer are not moving as much in the cold mornings. And if snowy it is usually crunchier. Plus I am getting old and lazy.
  10. When the season closes. Mostly doe control these days.
  11. I saw three boats just below 80 today. All fishing the same hole. Where do you think they put in? PA?
  12. Is the camera working better?
  13. KBfishing

    Buck down

    Nice buck. Congrats
  14. Parker is out of business. I picked up a pse fang lt. Superlite with plenty of zip
  15. Stone cold steve austin? Looks like he forgot to shave the rest of his head.
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