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  1. Glad you are ok pathman. If something happens to you can you put me in the will for the other boxes of 20 gauge accutips? Might be able to pay down my mortgage by selling them.
  2. Nope. Was a sparkle in my dads eye. Beat out a million other m f'ers to get here in 1980. Good thing my mom didn't swallow me.
  3. The critter in the top pic with the does is a raccoon.
  4. Actually, he broke his skull plate. If this is the same buck he busted his skull plate in 2017 and I had pics of him with that side hanging along his face. I cant find them though. The picture from 2018 is below. In 2019 he was the same as below but the horn on the right side was a tiny spike. He is junk. Should be taken out of the population. He only comes into my spot at night.
  5. I overheard JHbowhunter saying he needed a new Christmas sweater. Anybody got some cash to help the guy out and make his Christmas merry?
  6. Nice buck. Way too get it done. Couple more hours and you could float him out with a boat.
  7. This seems like a lot of work for a 2 or 3 hour sit. Are you guys hanging and hunting multiple times or just once and pack out? I sweat my ass off hanging a lock on. How do you put them up in the dark?
  8. You have to buy the buck tag on the third revolution of the moon or it is not valid.
  9. KBfishing

    9 pt

    Did you weigh him? Last year when I passed him I think he was pushing 200 lbs dressed. This year he looked like he was well over that.
  10. KBfishing

    9 pt

    Congrats. Always wondered how that buck survived so many years. He was hiking a long way to get to Stanhope from where I had pics but not unfeasable. It is amazing how many miles a deer will go during the rut.
  11. KBfishing

    9 pt

    Yep. That is him then. I passed that buck last year and the year before. He has to 5 years old now at least. I think the reason you are seeing bucks is because there are no acorns this year in the deep woods.
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