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  1. The camera is great but it doesnt always tell you whats there. I have sat spots that i havent got pictures of a big buck at and saw a big buck that methodically avoids the camera. 10pt I shot this year was like that. A handful of pictures over 3 year period. I watched this 11 point walk into the woods behind the camera and then back out to avoid getting his pictire taken. Every time I sat the stand he came out but I didnt get a picture of him until late into the season. Probably more susceptible because of the rut.
  2. Thanks. Only good thing about having houses close to your hunting spot. I am able to set up a wifi cam that sends me real time video.
  3. Decent buck. Good one in a few years if he makes it.
  4. I set a trap to catch a coon or two off my feeder but wound up getting these guys cruising through instead. Lots of good meat for the winter there.
  5. KBfishing


    Put some mix in it and put it in the Stihl. You might need it still. Branches hanging pretty low here.
  6. KBfishing

    No deer.

    Someone has a bigger bait pile. Probably standing corn or beans somewhere. They will be there.
  7. KBfishing

    My Dog Passes On

    Sorry for your loss.
  8. KBfishing


    I learned that Rusty is too close for comfort and no deer is safe.
  9. KBfishing

    Can someone explain ?????????

    Sign me up! Thats a good deal. I didnt know wawa had those!
  10. KBfishing

    Let's see those racks.....

    Did you shoot this one too Rusty? Another ghost that vanished into thin air. I am gonna have nightmares about Rusty shooting all my nj booners (aka 140" bucks).
  11. KBfishing

    A Text That You Don't Want To See.

    Best of luck. Whiplash sucks. Prayers sent.
  12. KBfishing

    Then and Now Pictures (rated G)

    Can't wait until I am the official camera man. My son will be 6 soon and he wants to shoot already. Wish this state allowed it.
  13. KBfishing

    Coming soon to nj

    Shave that beard and put on a leopard shirt and that guy looks like sugar..... and he has an accent like I would expect sugar to have too.
  14. KBfishing

    Priceless, guess she didn’t see this coming LOL

    We need a Presidential Directive to stop Healthcare for Senate and Congress people. Give a big f u to every one of them. Sign them up for Obamacare so they can see what they voted for.