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  1. Current numbers. https://covid19.nj.gov/
  2. KBfishing

    Chainsaw Help

    Ethanol is no bueno. If you are like Rusty and start your chainsaw every morning to meditate then you will have no problem. But most only run them for a one tree and put it in storage. Thats when the premixed fuel helps. But as for right now....you need a new carbeurator.
  3. KBfishing

    What Killed NJH?

    Neo, Trinity, and Mr. Smith. Blew it up
  4. Does @Woodsman416 do alignments? I had to drop my a arm to put in a strut and I think my camber is out of whack on on tire causing tire wear.
  5. God bless all the essential personnel. They do not have the choice to stay home. I have respect for the DOC guys. Could you imagine having to deal with worthless sacks of shit all day and having them trash talk and spit on you. I wouldnt last a day. I would rip their tongues out or worse. Ps- i dont play well with others
  6. I boil to get the kielbasi to 160. That way you dont dry out the outside.
  7. You can bloom in the refrigerator too. I usually let the smoked kielbasi air dry in the fridge 24 hrs after boiling. As a bonus it makes my beer fridge smell delicious.
  8. Most are still not fully recovered in our area. It is a lingering illness.
  9. They are saying that this virus is acting differently on US soil. CDC has gathered the data on about 4000 or so cases and it is affecting younger people just as much as older people. Still the highest risk is with our seniors and immunocompromised. Very sorry for your loss.
  10. The road is where the reflection is so I would say it is carlights but definitely looks like some kind of animal eyes.
  11. Back 4T cam_20200321224127_20200321224157_95270000561UZX2N.mp4
  12. Dont pay your taxes yet in case you die.
  13. Until OEM closes the roads because non essential people think they are important and can do what they want. Supposedly a disorderly persons offense for all violators but with no courts when is that going to come around? They should throw you in jail with bubba a couple nights. He will make you feel special.
  14. In the fine print of the website it says that this will happen to people who pull their putt too much. Who else saw it?
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