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  1. Its amazing, the bucks you can find on public land are getting better and better.
  2. KBfishing

    Jim Breuer

    Lots of deer by his house too
  3. Nice. I love finding and shooting big public land bucks.
  4. He is not. He is old enough to go and enjoy every second of it. He wanted me to shoot the button buck. After his nap he was really enjoying the action. 11 does and one small buck. Lots of knuckles and hi fives. And he said "you smoked her".
  5. 4 more does and a small basket rack just crossed at 175 yards. Button buck out now.
  6. Got on us too quick. Good size doe. Son was still sleeping on me. Hopefully she comes back
  7. He is resting up because he knows this is a good spot. We will see what shows.
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