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  1. I picked my garlic scapes. Got 7 full bags. Gave almost all of them away. Supposedly good money if you can sell them. I prefer the garlic bulb. Rest of the garden is doing well. Couple more days and I will have some zucchini. Also have some decent sized cukes already.
  2. If it is ticks it is most likely the tick in the previous link. Multiply and continue to feed on the same animal. Worse yet, they can survive the winters here.
  3. A guard frog. I need one of those for my strawberry patch. Those damn chipmunks eat them.
  4. Looks like you have two types of cherry there. Smooth bark and rough bark.
  5. White salt blocks work good too. Deer by me love them. Usually draw deer until end of september.
  6. Woke up this morning and went to put on my camo pants that i hung up to dry and found that a bird had made a nest in my pocket. Went hunting last friday. Pocket was stuffed full of twigs and pine needles. Normally I would have let nature run its course but I still got a week to hunt.
  7. Tarhunt looking for the tick in his ass crack. Haha
  8. So I come off of deer run road and stick to the right of the pond to sit your corn pile. You didnt give the blind location in case its raining. Please add that for next time. Thanks
  9. She looks like the mrs buttersworth container with a couple extra rolls.
  10. Girls.....always saying its shorter than it is. Typical
  11. I got mine at walmart for $58. Its called a power quick pot. Worth twice that if you ask me. Had sous vide steak tonight. 2 hour at 130 and sear on hi broil. Was very tender and juicy.
  12. https://longisland.craigslist.org/grd/d/east-northport-cultipacker-flip-type/6871020826.html Here is a project build
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