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  1. I have five racks that measure 12" x 20". Figure 1200 square. It is not a small smoker.
  2. According to the internet you have 1000 Sq ft of surface and the cabinet style is 1513 square ft.
  3. That is a Duech move. Post that to.every social media outlet you can. That is no bueno. Which edible arrangements?
  4. It was trumps market. Give uncle Joe a little more time and the stock market will crash and we will have 200 less billionaires
  5. KBfishing


    Pretty sure I sent a pm a couple minutes before nomad. Did you get it?
  6. My boss always tells me that a bagel is equivalent to 6 slices of bread.
  7. I drink a couple beers, a healthy serving of whiskey and sleep like a baby. Can't survive without my zzzzz's
  8. As you pull into his development look to the left and you will see a buck rub about 5 ft high on a tree. Lots of deer in there. Going to be a new house in their soon too. Vacant lot getting developed.
  9. I know the NJ department of ag requires a license or permit to raise quail. I think they don't care if you are eating them as table fare or shooting them. You still need there approval. Not sure why. https://law.justia.com/codes/new-jersey/2014/title-23/section-23-3-29/
  10. Does it come with the treadmill?
  11. I was using the cci 209 but I am 5 shots into winchesters with no issues. I shoot a traditions muzzleloader.
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