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  1. I actually do. I make it all into jerky and eat it with a case of beer. I still can't figure out why I have high blood pressure.
  2. And being 6'5" 285lbs doesnt help with pics. No matter how far i hold the rack it looks small next to me.
  3. My 5 yr old ten point scored 139". Just throwing it out there. I think jacks 9pt was 142".
  4. I am fine any way it goes. I think we need three prizes only. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Not everyone gets a trophy. If two people tie for 2nd then it should be first and two seconds. First gets 60% and 2nd's split the rest. Not 8 different people winning.
  5. I will take them. Might need them for my kids soon
  6. I have standard dsl with 3 kids on tablets and voip phone and roku. My basic router/modem was not cutting it. The roku connects wirelessly to the router and would buffer constantly. I purchased a netgear nighthawk router/modem that was compatible with my dsl and it made a huge difference. If you are hardwired you probably wont have any problems.
  7. Rusty saw cord cutters and thought you meant cord wood. This is Rusty once he saw you meant computers.
  8. Is that what I am supposed to do with all that hair? I have been using it to make yeti costumes.
  9. Its all about looks. I like big knobby tires that throw lots of mud.
  10. My wife taught my son to throw tennis balls at white/ ball face hornets. I used this moment to explain to him how not to take advice from his mother. He got the hornets nest though.
  11. I picked my garlic yesterday
  12. KBfishing


    So you corn holed into the weeee hours of the night? What camp was this so I never book a trip there?
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