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  1. Sorry for your loss. 19 yrs is a good life. My last dog was 16yrs. Tough to let them go after so long in your life.
  2. They are after the easy meal. I hang my chicken feeder in the coop and close the door at night. Most rats are active at night. Remove the food, removes the rats.
  3. Can you walk in a pattern that looks like something already. Giant pecker, stripper, boobs....anything but squiggly lines
  4. I hated computers. Add 3 hours a day in front of a computer during deer season. Not happening.
  5. Autocad.....the reason I dropped out of engineering school.
  6. Garden is getting out of hand right now. More zucchini and cukes than I can handle. Garlic picked and drying. Decided to use the veggies to make yellow curry fish the other night. Was awesome.
  7. I thought for sure your solution would be to cut the whole tree down. You are slipping Rusty.
  8. What happens to the economy once the tax credits and federal payments are no longer there? The reason people are not working is because you are making more money sitting at home right now than if you went to work. Watch how fast the market tanks once big brother stops giving out money. Money is easy to spend when you didn't have to work for it.
  9. The lack of desire to work is truly what is ruining America. More people would rather collect unemployment and federal funds than go back to work. No people to take the jobs in the trades because they may have to actually work. This is why we have illegals. They are willing to work while "americans" demand more money then don't show up.
  10. KBfishing

    Tomahawk Steak

    That was the name of the horse. Old Angus is heading to Walmart.
  11. KBfishing

    Tomahawk Steak

    My father in law bet me I couldn't eat the king steak. Told me he would pay for dinner if I did. 44 ounces. He tried to fill me up with appetizers but I managed to eat the whole thing. Definitely had the meat sweats that night.
  12. What kind of creature is lurking under you truck. You hit that and drag it under the car going there?
  13. I threw them back and told them they were poisonous. Told him I would buy a whole bag from shoprite for him. Big time hunter gatherer here. 🤣
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