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  1. KBfishing

    My Biggest bow buck

    Nice buck. Way to go
  2. KBfishing

    What a p.i.t.a. tree

    He is too busy raking leaves!
  3. KBfishing

    Cameras stolen!!!!

    It kinda looks like Rusty....just sayin. Where were you..Rusty..around 4pm on the 5th?🤔 i hope you have witnesses!
  4. KBfishing

    Sweet November...In Kansas! **Update**

    That is alot of grey in your beard. Nice buck.
  5. KBfishing

    A couple of trail cam pics...

    Pretty sure those are raccoons. Maybe its time to stop fighting it and admit you need glasses? You are not getting any younger you know.
  6. Sounds like someone is jealous.
  7. KBfishing

    Need Some Advice

    The moon chart shows secondary peak activity for the day you shot your buck at 150pm. Not too far off.
  8. KBfishing

    Need Some Advice

    Play the moon. Figure out deer activity times based on moon charts. Use those times with weather events and camera pictures to figure out peak movement on your farm. Use a scrape dripper to keep your mock scrapes active. When all else fails drop a mason dump load of corn and sit in the middle of it.
  9. KBfishing

    big slice of humble pie

    It could be worse.....you could have to walk out of of the woods with all those bucks and a fanny pack full of hot doe in estrous.
  10. KBfishing

    Sahanas Euro Mule Deer

    Awesome muley. I love the character of their racks.
  11. KBfishing

    Got an 11 pt

    I shot a buck with canines several years ago too. Pretty freaky looking. I have it euro mounted in my garage.
  12. KBfishing

    Euro Mount of Our Son's Buck

    Thats what a man can do with no Facebook or contact with the outside world. Amazing what can be done.
  13. KBfishing

    Snake id

    I caught one too recently
  14. KBfishing

    Bait vs No bait for big bucks

    This time of year I bait the does and keep them happy. Big bucks follow.
  15. KBfishing

    Trespasser Photo Zone 2

    That is definitely a plastic shoprite bag full of sd cards. Looks like a portable spotlight too.