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  1. Nice. Is the camo a tape or was it dipped? Or is it synthetic camo stock? Thanks Nick
  2. Congrats dude. Hardcore. Nick
  3. Yeah that spot usually doesn't bleed much.
  4. Show the entrance and exit. If one is in the shoulder they usually don't bleed much. Too much bone and muscle. If the entrance was high the body cavity has to fill up before it starts to spill out. Also, It may take 5-10 seconds before the blood starts coming out of their mouth. They can cover a lot of ground in that short period of time. Regardless of the name of the head it's all about shot placement.
  5. Congrats on the kill. Ain't much better eating than a 1 1/2 y/0 deer that died quick.
  6. Swamprat

    Buck down

    Congrats dude. Great buck
  7. Relax dude. Are people not allowed to ask questions? I didn't say "I'll take it" and neither did you. "Me first fall back"... .. LOL
  8. Does it have a coin/medallion on it? Did you drill that hole above the rest? If so what reason? Thanks. I'm interested. I'm in Burlington county as well.
  9. Leave the piney deer out of this!
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