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  1. Swamprat

    Bear Bait Connection Is Still Good !!!

    Thought about doing a bear hunt up north (never been up there) but with the uncertainty I'll pass this season. Good luck gentlemen. Nick
  2. Swamprat

    Prince Harry loses man-card

    He's just playing the game. Make em Happy in the moment. A smart wife asks for things when she's naked. We always cave in. Lol. Whether we follow thru with said promise.. .. that's a different story. Lol.
  3. Swamprat

    FA/FT : Strykezone 380

    Lol. Trust me we've had that disscusion. Lol
  4. Swamprat

    Remington 5mm Magnum Model 591 Rimfire F/S

    Good stuff. Appreciate ya bringing it and letting the kids and adults shoot it. Will keep my eyes peeled for some ammo.
  5. Swamprat

    FA/FT : Strykezone 380

    Thanks guy. Yep awesome trigger. Only reason I'm selling is because I have 3 Xbows. 2 of them Strykezones. My boys prefer the digital camo over this camo. Only reason why it's being sold. Lol.
  6. Swamprat

    Hunting Trailer Project (Pic heavy)

    That's some serious mcguyver shit right there man. Job well done !
  7. Swamprat

    FA/FT : Strykezone 380

    Trades could be stainless encore barrels, fishing gear specifically surf fishing gear. Maybe some 30 size tuna gear.
  8. Swamprat

    Allaire or Turkey swamp??

    Yeah go for it. Set a couple stands. Just be prepared to not be alone. As long as you're okay with that go for it. Creek bottom, oak ridges/flats, swamp edges. The wetter the better. Best of luck.
  9. Swamprat

    Allaire or Turkey swamp??

    It's the same anywhere you go. "Big" bucks (120-130s) are around in the pines And other public woods. Monmouth does have a better genetic class up there, something in the soil/water. Stay in the pines, find the swamps. Find high ground in those swamps. Find an area that you have to cross water to hunt. 99% of the guys ain't doing that. Much like a lot of people I've patterned decent bucks but once pressure hits they either head for someone's back yard or they get in deep. That's been my experience hunting state property that's borders a private piece. It's crowded and honestly it's frustrating because other hunters push you off or steal your shit. It's the truth. Deeper in the pines the bucks will maintain a somewhat normal fall pattern because they aren't being hunted hard. Zone 23 is a good zone because it's big and it's a one deer zone. Not like 19 where it's a slaughter. The first real pressure those deer feel is muzzy/shotgun seasons. If you're dead set for hunting up there hang a stand now. Honestly. It gets crowded. Find an acorn ridge. Hang a set. I would not hunt it early. Let the crowds disaapate. Hunt those acorns pre rut. Last week in October. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  10. Swamprat

    Remington 5mm Magnum Model 591 Rimfire F/S

    Very cool gun. Fired one at the last meet up for the kids that stevo organized at Collier's Mills. Good luck with sale. Nick
  11. Swamprat

    She's here

    Congrats dude. Get some rest. Let the nurses watch her tonight, tomorrow you start a new job. Lol
  12. Swamprat

    LEOs and NJ Teachers

    Also called the chief a "skinhead". In my book that's the same as calling her the N word. Their would be riots right now if thta had been said to her.
  13. Swamprat

    Iowa application period is open....

    Totally understand. If I'm not with my boys , I'm solo.
  14. Swamprat

    Iowa application period is open....

    If/when I do head West I'm following this guy. .../\ Me And KC in the back! Lol
  15. Swamprat

    LEOs and NJ Teachers

    Can't write what I want because I would get banned. I thank God I'm not a cop. I couldn't deal with some of these people who think they are above the law.