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  1. Why did he remove the scope? Any issues?
  2. Yep. They have been terrible. Between tax stuff, finincial stuff, death/estate stuff. Sending and receiving. I've had mail opened. I've had cards with cash ($5 bill for nephew) never show up. Wife and I handle estate and poa stuff for all of our older family. We(me) go to post office weekly. I take pictures of everything I send. They(post office) hate that. Gee, I wonder why. I could go on all day about them. Sorry for the rant.
  3. We've definitely shortened our sessions. We took the bigger rifles only last time. Think we shot 20 out of my 7mm-08, 40 out of the 6.5 grendel and 40 out of the 5.56. The only real range time we'll have in the next few months will be to sight in some turkey loads and test a new slug barrel.
  4. 10x out of stock. The 8x is still available.
  5. Shortages for all the reasons listed. Also , Unfortunately guys are buying it to flip it as well. Go look on gunbroker. I watched 20 rounds of accu tip sell for $112 plus$20 shipping. Stores that do have ammo are limiting it to one box per person for each caliber. Tomorrow I'll make my rounds to a few stores and go get my limits. I'm shopping for me and my 2 kids who love shooting. One day at a range we usually burn thru 100 rounds of 9mm, 200 22lr, 60 or so of 5.56. Maybe some slugs and buckshot.
  6. Haven't had to deal with their CS yet but I own a few of their products and happy so far.
  7. Cheyenne in bordentown had 28ga ammo but limit of 1. Bring friends. Lol.
  8. 2 tourniquets. Gauze. Tape. Crazy glue. Couple packs of clotting agent. Dollar store poncho. Band aids. Small bundle of paracord. All fits in the front pouch on a basic backpack. This stays in the truck year round. The poncho has kept me dry more than once when stuck in the rain fishing or hunting. Can also be used to sit on if ground is wet. At concerts, firework shows, etc.
  9. Try and find a mossberg 510. It's a smaller version of the 500. The main problem with kids and shotguns is keeping the gun raised up. Keeping the forend raised was a problem because their weak hand(if right hand shooter) couldn't support the forend. The 510 is the perfect size for kids in the 8-10 year old range. Use low brass shells to start because the thing weighs nothing. I had one but no longer have it. Passed it on to some new up and coming shooters. Good luck in your search.
  10. I'd say wait for snow to melt. But guys are looking so go for it. Go on rainy days. On bright sunny days everything is shiny and bright. On rainy days the bone color seems to stick out better against a dark wet ground. Good luck.
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