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  1. Swamprat

    Great day

  2. Swamprat

    Gun Control ~ Solution

    I already told someone my high capacity mags identify as 10 rounders. And if they don't believe me they are being insensitive to my feelings.
  3. Swamprat

    Your Choice for President !

    Ted Nugent as president. Sarah Palin as vice President. Libs heads would all simultaneously explode on inauguration day.
  4. Swamprat

    Anyone selling a bolt gun?

    GrabagunDOT com Has Ruger American in various models. Costs vary 290 to 475. They have a few in 6.5cm
  5. Swamprat

    We Miss you Stevo

    That was the first and unfortunately the last time I met him. That day was a blast. Everyone we met was top notch. My 2 boys are there in front of him to his left. I was one of the camera guys. My boys had an awesome time. Rip Sir. Nick
  6. Swamprat

    Still holding??

    Generally down here in 19/23 they shed late January to mid February.
  7. To the Capt and crew. May they rest in peace. Nothing more unforgiving than the ocean. She decides who wins and who loses. Nick
  8. Go see Fred at No Bones in Wildwood.
  9. Swamprat

    for the Crabbers

    My phone never rang! What the hell! Was it because I didn't bring bud light? Lol.
  10. Swamprat

    Trump at 9 pm

    Gotta decide what bourbon I'll sip when it's on. Look forward to libs heads exploding afterwards.
  11. Swamprat

    New hunting spot

    Have bow , will travel. Lol. A lot of us wish we had your problem. Wack em and stack em.
  12. Swamprat

    Who's watching Clemson versus Alabama

    Roll Tide
  13. Swamprat

    Adult chigger swarm??!!??

    Chiggers > Devil spawn.
  14. Swamprat

    For All The Cowboys Haters

    And jaylon Smith. Their LBs are top notch. If LEE could stay healthy he'd be top 5 in the game.
  15. Swamprat

    Need a new archery shop....

    Be right back. Getting my beer and popcorn.....