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  1. Swamprat

    Second Private Property Looking Good

    Nice. Good luck. Nick
  2. Swamprat

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    If you don't have any action by 630 id do a few grunts. It may get him to pop out. Good luck.
  3. Swamprat

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    Vito. Good luck. He's all muddy so watch your swamp edges.
  4. Other than being a tripod he looks healthy to me. Good for him.
  5. Had a deer like that in a local park. Was hit by car. She still had fawns. She still ate. She could move surprisingly well considering his shoulder.
  6. Swamprat

    DDD! (Dad's Doe Down!)

    Awesome. Congrats. Nick
  7. Swamprat

    TriStar Over and Under shotguns

    Can't comment on tri star but have used cz. They're great for the money.
  8. Swamprat

    Zone 19 pm hunt

    Good luck. If ya need a hand tracking give a holler. I'm in marlton. Nick
  9. Swamprat

    Cleveland Browns

    Great game. And yeah Mayfield looks legit. Throws a crazy good ball. Their defense wasn't a slouch either. Happy for them. Happy for the city.
  10. Swamprat

    Good South Jersey butcher?

    When you go to Hartman's have him do some snack sticks with your deer. They rock.
  11. Swamprat

    New hunter in south jersey zone 23 and 25/65

    Come winter time that's where the deer will be. Thick Laurel brush adjacent to swamp. They will hold tighter than a rabbit. Wind will be in their face. Agree about grabbing a map. Any time you scout/hunt and you find a run/trail made by critters not man....make a notation of it on said map. When the orange army shows up the deer will use those runs.
  12. Swamprat

    New hunter in south jersey zone 23 and 25/65

    You don't necessarily needs waders. Sometimes knee high boots is plenty. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you people have an absolute almost allergic reaction to any type of water. Lol. I've seen puddles scare people. Lol
  13. Swamprat

    New hunter in south jersey zone 23 and 25/65

    Stick with zone 23. Gets a fraction of the pressure of the other zones because of regulations. It's one deer per season and guys want to kill everything. Next.. cross water....99% of guys ain't doing it. Nothing crazy. Just a small stream. Once it gets cold most guys become pussycats (sorry Todd) lol , and they ain't crossing, touching water. Look at maps. Look for swamps. When pressure hits, that's where they will be. They won't be in there too much right now so don't rely on cameras. I'm teaching/taking my kids f right now so all my time is devoted to them. Sorry. After the season if you want some company in 23 and or 19 I'll be glad to help. I use hang ons. Everything gets a cable lock. Some I leave up but take the climbing sticks with me. Or buy some Cranford steps. Use them for first 10 feet. Remove when you leave. I would love to tell you antis stealing your gear but it isn't , it's other hunters. We are our own worst enemy. Welcome to Jersey. Lol. Nick