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  1. Avena is a south Jersey guy. Good luck to all the anglers.
  2. Put me on the lumps. I'll show ya.
  3. Get her on a horse. Get outdoors. She's home. All is good brother.
  4. Our piney will measure. They just won't measure much. Lol
  5. Then it sounds like someone forgot it or forgot where they put it.
  6. Maybe a turkey buzzard tried to fly off with it and failed.
  7. Absolutely. Feels like a toy. Have you fired it? It's a handful. Now put an adult stock on it and it's a whole new gun. Probably be a great self defense weapon. We've already decided we ain't using it for turkey. 3" turkey loads were pretty stout. Lol We'll use the 500 or a 11-87 20ga I have.
  8. Yep. All those shows take me back. Miss the simple times. Lol.
  9. Both guns are youth models. The camo one is the 500 bantam. The black one is the 510 youth. Both made by Mossberg. The 510 is SMALL. Lol Anytime you wanna see them give me a holler. Nick
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