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  1. For the record I have spots. A few, but they are public state property. I'm hoping they are open but his announcement says differently.
  2. I saw that but murphy just announced everything is closed.
  3. Anyone have private land in turkey zone 15 they will let a youth hunt? With state Parks/Forest closing (because of virus)not sure if we'll be allowed to turkey hunt the public land we usually hunt. My son is 15. His last youth hunt. He's safe. Very safe. I'll pay/barter. Lol Thanks for looking. If we are allowed to hunt public land then disregard this post. Feel free to send PM if want to remain anonymous. Lol Nick
  4. A load of lead BBs is devastating on flesh inside 60'. Taught my wife to aim for bellybutton. If it's low the bad guy will wish he'd dead. If it's high he will be dead. She's good to go with the 20ga. I'll stick with my Glock 19.
  5. You think Bernie, joe, or Hillary would do a better job? If yes how so?
  6. My wife gets the same injections. The RA kicks her ass, sad thing is she's only 42. It sucks Agree I'd wanna kick the guys ass. He definitely deserves an earful from you. Hope she feels better.
  7. Bump. Lowered price. Shipped free.
  8. Nice. Gonna scout some zone 15 stuff Thursday morning.
  9. Swamprat

    Breeding Scrape

    Regardless of the wind during the rut the buck will be downwind of it. He may be 20 yards away or 200 yards away.
  10. Swamprat

    Rip off

    The invoice from October should show the service manager who worked and the tech that did the work. The guy you dealt with today may be innocent. Maybe. Lol.
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