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  1. Good luck with your search. As for family and friends being jerkoffs. Yep. Money does that to people. Over the last 5 years either me or my wife have been POA and/or executor of estate's/Will's for family. 4 times now My 98 y/o grandmother passed away last month. You find out real quick who the cockroaches are. People that haven't been around for years now want personal belongings and of course have all kinds of questions about $$. Told a sibling of mine last week.... Go take a long walk off of a short pier. Hope it's another 4 years before I talk to her again. Sorry for the rant. I feel your pain.
  2. Doves taste gooood. Lol. So I've heard.
  3. Boston Mack's are shark/crab bait. Spanish Mack's are the opposite. Lol.
  4. Yep. Spanish Mack's. They were thick last year. Good fight. Good eating.
  5. Good timing on this topic. I'm in the same boat. Looking at something less than 7-8 hour drive. Spoke to a bunch at the Harrisburg show. Talbot county outfitters seemed cool. Didn't try and sell a hunt on the spot. Guys were honest. Got the impression he does do Sika deer hunts but didn't seem into it like he was about whitetail. Another one I talked with and seemed cool was Ohio Whitetail ridge outfitters. Again. No pressure. No bullshit. A lot of their dates were already booked. Honestly let this idea slide so not sure who has openings at this point. Waiting on my kids sports schedules (if they have fall sports) before I start putting in days off at work. Lol.
  6. Vito, Given what you already have I would opt for an older gun. An Ithaca ultralight 20ga pump. Corn cob forend. Or a Browning A5. Humpback. Classic gun Ot go new school and get one of the ultralight from Benelli or Beretta. As for handguns I have a Springfield xds in 9mm if interested. Being that you are a tall dark handsome feller like me I would give you a good deal. Lol
  7. Check out the cz line. They've felt really good in the hand.
  8. I just checked all my usual online spots. Damn. People really are buying up all the ammo. Lol. Call all your local stores tomorrow. That's what I would do.
  9. Swamprat


    She has a weird fetish. Lol.
  10. Swamprat

    No fawns

    Well the sign is there. He's just following the rules. Lol
  11. Awesome. I'm jealous. Actually drooling a lil bit. Lol.
  12. Agree to disagree. I don't have Facebook, instagram, tick tok etc.
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