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  1. http://www.moneychimp.com/calculator/compound_interest_calculator.htm
  2. I donated for myself and one of my boys. Fingers crossed!
  3. Get your Capt license. Then see if you still wanna do it. It's not a quick easy process.
  4. Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. Your body and mind have been in the same routine for 16 years. It's why you're having a hard time. It'll get easier over time. Don't rush it. When you're with your kids you give them 100% of you. Enjoy that time. When they are not with you do something you haven't done. I'm sure over the last decade theirs something you wanted to do/learn/accomplish. Do that. Fishing, hunting, cooking, project around the house. Read a book.
  5. Will check when I get home not sure if I have 3 or 4 points. Don't think I can swing an out of state hunt this season. Got the $$ but ton of stuff going on this fall. Unless I get awarded a Maine moose tag, elk in Kentucky, elk in Pa, moose in NH. Lol.
  6. I'm convinced most fish eaten FRESH is gonna be good. Do a lot of summertime surf fishing with family. Kingfish, fluke, small snapper bluefish fried along with some Jersey corn is hard to beat. Fresh never frozen swordfish, haddock, pollack are phenomenal.
  7. I'm okay with someone getting it for that reason. This moron/friend was bashing me for getting the vaccine 3 months ago saying it was gonna kill me and my family. And I'm okay with someone changing their mind about it but at least be honest in your words(not you but my friend). I'm traveling in June and have already been told to have the vaccination card on me along with my passport.
  8. As already said. If you want it. Get it. If not. Don't get it. My wife has some significant underlying health issues so I got it. What I find so hypocritical and insane is people that were so against the vaccine are not running to get it so they can travel. Friend of mine (not sure if friends after I called him some choice words in front of his wife), he was totally against the vaccine. For him. For his wife. Very vocal about it. Claiming all these health advisories etc. Calling people sheep for getting it. Being a bully about it. Now he wants it. To travel. Not because of a heal
  9. In Barnegat light they have 20 of them living under the stores. They feed them. Meanwhile parts of the beach get shutdown to people because of the nesting plovers. The stores are 200 yards from these nests. They truly believe the cats don't eat the plovers. I personally couldn't give a rats ass about the plovers but for the state to act like they care about the well being of a 2oz bird while sylvester is waiting until sundown to go get dinner. Yeah right. I've written to audobon society about it and it fell on deaf ears. My uncle ( long since passed) had a property we rabbi
  10. Wow. Congrats on a lifetime hunt. Glad it worked out for ya. Ain't no way I'm getting inside of 70 yards with a monster like that. I'd tell the guide....you go ahead. I'll wait here. Lol.
  11. Congrats! That 2nd bird was waiting for hens to go to him so he could breed them. A hen will go to a tom when she's ready. Move the decoys closer to your blind. If they were at 20 yards put them at 10 yards. You'll get em. Good luck.
  12. Used to go to the shows years ago. Getting in line way early for a chance at a gary2, beachmaster, winch, fixter, rm smith, and many others. Sadly sold most for a premium once the kids came. Had to pay for all those diapers and baby formula. Lol. Good luck tomorrow.
  13. I'll be watching. My boys like talking football, playing football, and watching football. I'm not going to not enjoy that time with them because of some dooshbag who wants to kneel during the anthem.
  14. Few years back ran into a very well known deer hunter. We were discussing scents. Even though he had scent sponsors etc he said the only scent he used when hunting a MATURE deer was the soil from a scrape that he personally watched a deer(buck or doe) piss in. He did when it happens he will stop hunting, scrape it into a ziploc bag and go put it in an area where he wants to piss off(or attract) the boss buck.
  15. If they could sell a $28 permit for cwd they'd do it ASAP! Lol
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