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  1. They are eating the scraps/chunks left by the big blues or just eating the actual bluefish. Lol.
  2. That New Hope was/is interesting. Haha. Crossed over into Pa. Headed north to do some smallmouth fishing. Drove thru New Hope.... wanted to stop and grab a bite to eat. Mmmmm...nope. Too many rainbow flags for my liking. Lol.
  3. Same situation. Crashed. Got some skin graphs on my arm and shoulder. Haha. That was over 25 years ago. Haven't been on a bike since. Lol.
  4. I think most deep channels will hold big fish. It's a matter of getting them to eat. As mentioned live snappers work great but getting thru the other fish gets frustrating. Live bergals , bunker, kingfish will work as well. One thing I haven't tried is Legal size crab. Bust off his claws and send em down. Haven't tried that. Yet.
  5. Post your location. It'll help.
  6. I did not want to be the first to say it. Lol.
  7. You saw that gobbler at a particular time yesterday. I would be in that area today. Go get em.
  8. Those turkeys are used to people walking on trails. It's when people go off trail and stop and go... that makes em nervous. You're there. Hang out. Settle in. Might see where they roost.
  9. Great effort. I'm definitely interested. My dilemma is my wife is having surgery. We have a consult on 5/30. I would not know anything until then. I'll keep my eye on this thread. Thursdays are my day off so this would work. Nick
  10. Belonged to my wife's grandfather. He didn't hunt but had land in PA and shot old glass bows in the yard(based on pics). Assume it's some kind of leather. I assume it was worn on someone's back. It's stiff but not brittle. Usual aging and some stains. It was under one of his many work benches. Debating on keeping it and let the kids have it or hang on the wall. If anyone has any info on the maker, etc. It's much appreciated. Should I call American pickers? Lol
  11. Go tonight. Good luck. If you don't get him. Go back in the morning. Good luck. See how easy that was? Lol.
  12. Mighty Joe's(rt 206 in shamong) is the last one in that general area. That's where I go. Bangers - closed Atco sports - closed. Nixon's - closed
  13. Whoever owns the land can sign a trespass complaint against him if you have his name/last known address. Would need to go to the police station to do so.
  14. Looking to buy/trade for one. Stock color doesn't matter but I'd like the stainless version. Unless someone wants to sell a blued version dirt cheap. Lol. Have multiple toys to possibly trade aside from Mr cash. Figure I'd check here before hitting a store. Nick
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