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  1. Sounds like you're on the right path. Your daughter is #1. You are #2. There is no #3. Stay positive. Stay focused. Best of luck for you and your daughter in the future. Nick
  2. Nice. Took your bait in close it looks like.
  3. Honestly call around. Most stores don't even bother putting them on shelves anymore. That's how it is down here in South Jersey.
  4. The sharks I catch don't identify as shark's. They choose to identify as oyster crackers.
  5. Same here. Usually have 2-4 bottles on hand. And half of those are ones I don't like. Give that to the visitors. Lol. Currently enjoying Breckenridge, Blanton's, and 4Roses. Couple others behind them that I'm not a fan of.
  6. That's part of it. I'm still a firm believer in fresh is best but yes , one less stop on my hour ride to the shore is a good thing. Also having bait that won't spoil is a factor as well. In 2 weeks I'll be on vacation in LBI. Being minutes from lagoons I will be cast netting bait. Fresh is best but I always have gulp and fishbites in my bags.
  7. Gulp works. For anyone to think it doesn't isn't using it correctly. It's been a game changer for some.
  8. What other 5 items is Melissa ordering? LOL Just kidding. Good deal. Great blind.
  9. Free and ice cold is always best. Summer time we keep Coors light in the fridge as that is what the neighbors get and it's what we use to steam crabs, clams, shrimp. Always trying to local brews from South Jersey area. Atco, Pinelands, Cross keys, bonesaw, zed. Not a big fan of IPAs. Most are too bitter. And the ones that say citrus usually taste like grapefruit and I hate grapefruit. Lol. Citrus is orange! Get it right brewery's!
  10. He's a non issue. No worries.
  11. How old is your son? Kids love everything new. But it can fade fast. One "bad" trip and he will hate it. Do some research on hull design, Some boats roll (side to side when I idle) more than others. Also hull design or lack thereof will determine on how wet you will be on the ride home in some chop. As already said the hull doesn't cost much. The electronics and motor(s) will be the bulk of your budget.
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