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  1. Was in same boat last year. Wanted something I could use on east coast for deer or pig. Picked up a Ruger American in 7mm-08. Put a Leupold 2-7 scope on it. I happened to draw a coveted cow elk tag in pa last year. Practiced out to 200 yards. Took a 180 yard shot. 460lb cow down. Done deal. I'm not a rifle expert but the trigger felt fine for a sub $500 gun. The gun gets my recommendation.
  2. Good info. Thanks man. I'm half midget so knee deep on you may be up to my chest. Lol. Will try and get down there in the next few weeks and check it out. I was awarded a day in January.
  3. Nice write up. Any blinds accessible by foot(waders)? Any areas shallower than others?. Asking as I don't have a dog to retrieve. Lol.
  4. Whichever one you shoot more accurately.
  5. Regardless of which xbow she gets , pick up one of these. She can use it during the test. And it works on deer and turkey. Great tool to help their confidence.
  6. It's drying out ( northern Burlington county). Critters should be moving.
  7. Perfect day for duck hunting.
  8. Once had an entire boyscout troop walk by. One kid spotted me. 15 yards away. 18' up. Kids were fine. The leader was a doosh. He was shocked that I was bowhunting in October. Lol
  9. I've got a Benelli supernova and you couldn't pay me to shoot 3 1/2" shells out if it. Lol. Nope.
  10. Where's his backpack?
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