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  1. Al? Is that you? Lol It's Nick. I'm off tomorrow have some things to do in the AM. If you need a hand give me a holler. Hope you are feeling better!
  2. Mom is probably in heat. Fawn is just hanging around.
  3. Sounds like a good hunt. He will understand. He'd be disappointed 10x over if he made a bad shot. Good job dad. Good job young man.
  4. Tomorrow's winds should be a good test for it. Looks good. Nick
  5. And in addition to the usual spikes on the corners I would definitely get some paracord and attach a couple lifelines to some adjacent trees. If a breeze gets underneath it, it will take off like a rocket. Lol.
  6. Vito is good people. Kudos.
  7. Try and hunt them in the pines(Wharton). No bait. Better yet try and hunt them the week after buck week. Good luck finding one in the daylight (after buck week).
  8. Agree. Only reason I made the 50 mile trek south to millville was I wanted to sight in a rifle for an out of state hunt.
  9. Try the one on rt539. Stafford. Or head down to millville. They rebuilt their range there. It's really nice. Shoot out to 200 yards. I was there last month. It was impressive.
  10. Yep. Great day. We managed to shoot straight. Lol. All birds dropped and didn't have to chase any. Brownie did very well. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving! Nick
  11. 7mm-08. Sight in 2" high at 100. Puts you dead on out to 200 and only a few inches low at 300. 140gr bullet. Plenty of energy. Recovered one of the bullets from my cow elk. Just under the skin on opposite side. 180 yards. 150gr soft point. The one on the right.
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