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  1. Very cool. Yep , my boys over time have "claimed" certain guns as theirs over the years.
  2. Definitely a patch of warm water rolled in. White marlin, cobia are making a good showing. The Cobia always show up this time of year but the marlin in this close is a surprise.
  3. Been there once. To sight in for turkey season. It was nice. Similar range down in millville. But of course some dipshit had already put a load of birdshot into the rules/regs sign. Also the concrete above and forward of the benches had some serious gouges(bullet impacts) so someone was shooting high or having accidental discharges. Idiots. We truly are our own worst enemy.
  4. Makin' memories. Don't ever stop. Congrats
  5. I don't have them. I'm sure they are still out there on the web. Lol.
  6. She isn't shy about showing pics. Coworker of mine a few years back showed me some pics of her. Nudes. Apparently her phone got hacked and she had some very scenic photos on there. Lol.
  7. Good water in that pic. Nice trough. Glad you guys had a good time.
  8. Should be a year round open season on them. I don't hunt yotes but gotta imagine it would be a lot easier shooting a 1st year yote. Once mom kicks them out they aren't educated to hunters yet. I have run into them twice in the last 2 years while checking cameras during the summer.
  9. What else is taking up space? Benelli, Beretta, Rolex? Asking for a friend.... LOL. Just kidding. Great gesture on your part. Kudos to you Sir.
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