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  1. Swamprat

    Is my venison bad?

    Eat the thawed stuff. Frozen stuff stays frozen. Anything half frozen I'd thaw and cook. You can always cook some meals and freeze them. Meatballs, gravy's, stews, meatloaf, burger patties.
  2. Swamprat

    Help in Bullet Identify

    Looks like it's been thru a barrel. Has rifling on it.
  3. Swamprat

    Tiniest buck ever

    If he's a fawn with that rack he's gonna be a beast. That's a decent rack for a 1 1/2 year old as well. Maybe one of our pine deer wandered too far. Haha.
  4. Swamprat

    NJWW Fluke Trip out of Neptune/Belmar

    Still waiting on work to confirm that day off. Should know within the week.
  5. Swamprat

    Southern Illinois WHITEtail.....

    Yep. Wisconsin as well. Both have some absolute monsters. It's an old law, has nothing to do with science unfortunately.
  6. Swamprat

    Favorite Candy

    Swedish fish
  7. Swamprat

    Fire Island Shark Attacks

    If people knew what cruised that surfline at sunrise they wouldn't go in the water. Lol. 99% of the sharks are non aggressive dusky/browns/sandtigers but if you run into the one who's hungry. Watch out. Lol.
  8. Swamprat

    Spider ID

    Northern widow
  9. Swamprat

    Where did it go?

    Been there done that
  10. Swamprat


    20 years? Shit, mine drop after midnight! Hee hee!
  11. Lol. I swear he did it on purpose. I'm telling you. He loves to get em in a frenzy. It worked!
  12. Swamprat

    Wanted something different

    Here is my plate for tonight. Shake'n'bake chicken thigh White corn fresh off the cob from shamong Golden potato from the garden. Mmmm good stuff.
  13. Swamprat

    Wanted something different

    Very nice. Looks great.
  14. Swamprat

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    Had some pots on the deck with golden potato spuds in them. Just under 3 months. Only thing it cost me was some dirt And a ShopRite potato. Kids couldn't wait any longer. Each pot had a couple baseball size taters And a half dozen small spuds.
  15. Swamprat

    Stand Maintenance Time

    Also check under the seats , etc. Checked a couple this morning with my boys. I have a ladder I let them usually climb. I went up first to make sure all is well. Straps and cables we're good. Under the seat was the start of a wasp nest. Size of a baseball. I didn't upset them so they didn't bother me. Next time I go back there I'm taking raid with me. Lol.