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  1. Swamprat

    Badass Buck

    Can his score include the deadhead? LOL
  2. Something or someone falls out at the 7-8 second mark. ?? Full disclosure I don't know if this is the actual video of the crash today.
  3. Though this would be about Antonio Brown. He's a POS. Kittle is a good dude. I'll be rooting for KC but when kittle is out there I hope he does well.
  4. Can't get your gun tomorrow. State doesn't do nics on Sundays. Fyi
  5. If the nics background check doesn't take too long you'll be back in time. It could take 15 minutes, could take 2 hours. Never know. If the land is private property then hunt it tomorrow (assuming bow hunting).
  6. Bad guys won't know the difference between 12 and 20ga buckshot. Lol
  7. I don't need hd pics of piney does and scrub bucks. Lol. I hunted yesterday morning looking for a doe. Of course I bump them walking in. They never came back. And of course a shed buck comes in but I passed. Not a monster but don't wanna break my own rule if I can help it. Lol
  8. Been 8 days. I moved camera yesterday. New spot. Set it up at 1130 and had deer on it by 430. So far over 1200 pics. I delete most as I look at them. Batteries still at 100%. SD card is saying 1%. Pics are good. Not Kodak moment quality but good. I could have put corn and beets closer to the camera. Lol.
  9. @tcook8296 Here Is a good start for self defense. Lol.
  10. Someone mentioned 40cal. I would not recommend that for a new/beginner shooter. She'll have to handle and shoot some guns to see how they feel. Only she can make that decision. 40cal is a very snappy round especially in a compact gun. I'd rather someone make a couple hits with a 22 than to have a miss with a heavy recoiling, big flashing Magnum pistol.
  11. While waiting for pistol permits grab a Smith Wesson 15-22 AR. Same as an 5.56 AR but shoots 22lr. Much cheaper, much quieter. Less recoil, less muzzle flash. As far as handguns...a revolver is the simplest choice but she may not like the heavier longer trigger pull. Simplest answer is a striker fired pistol. Load mag, rack the slide and put one in the chamber. Ready to rock. Glock 19. It's the most common pistol. Cheyenne has plenty of them. I would not go smaller as it may be an issue with recoil in a small package. Glock 26 is another sub compact option.
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