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  1. like them moose hunts good luck
  2. for sale sportsmen GQF 1202 cabinet incubator hatches 1368 quail eggs 354 phes eggs automatic egg turner 12 egg racks hatching trays automatic water tray instructions manual include are brooder box/ waters /warming lights/ PICK UP FLEMINGTON NJ $ 500.00 cash
  3. hit him so hard he talks out his as
  4. we all started with the single shot 12 or 20 and a bear white tail hunter compound and 35 pound fiberglass bow they should start there not with 1600.00 pumps
  5. banner crop on the trees the last few rains made them pop
  6. 7mm when you start shaken a heaver gun wont move as much shoot 5 elk and 4 moose love the 7mm with good ammo with lots of practice you can shoot 450 -500 and good rest
  7. each province can make different rules even after crossing the boarder check if your driving threw more than one
  8. yep bought a kit one from the speed shop in new brunswick nj raced go karts in fords park in fords nj way back 60 years ago
  9. my new foundland outfitter will do it and pay him on arrival i can pack and be on the road in three day for a moose hunt check truck pack gear load freezer call ferry not the first trip there
  10. the outfitter will cut your hunt 3000.00 if he can call you last minute to come on a hunt if they open boarder last minute he will have openings not many people can do it
  11. will make the 200 lb club
  12. 10deer

    Bath Fitters ?

    putting crap over crap you have problems rotted wood rotted drain pipes now you have 2 layers to get to old problems full gut only way
  13. retired 10 years can do what I I want its great fish hunt play with my restoration on my cars hit the cruise nights wife is now retired also
  14. 10deer

    Nice engine work

    v6 with the gear change standard 2.68 to the new 4.97 gear set will beat vettes and mustangs for the first 800 feet lay rubber in first and a lot in second 1999 plymouth prowler the last of the hotrods
  15. sorry you got the rut wrong my fawns are real rutters
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