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  1. painted my friends 1937 deere for him
  2. john deere790 use it for everything plow snow firewood cutting the grass put deer in the bucket level the stone driveway
  3. just greased up the rollers yesterday because it would not come off at the ramp
  4. it will not let you open to buy
  5. yes thats how mine was a dog on cocaine we called him now at ten here he is lazy till you say birdy
  6. been watching these cars all week like the camaro challenger charger I have no more room in the garage but ! may check them out on sat.and I am registered for the auction
  7. not many acorns last year lomg cold winter snow little stress maybe
  8. 10deer

    New Mustang Mach-E

    and the sticker price is
  9. milwaukee electric model had it in my shop clipping cars for 15 years built a house using it still going strong today only replace the cord
  10. 10deer

    New puppy

    my dog is screwed up he points deer
  11. tell me about the electric car on snow covered highway looking for a charging station because i am stuck and no heat
  12. 10deer

    Bank fishing

    my grandson got a good one also
  13. when the ash trees fall down and you have no power then what take a long time to charge with a generator
  14. you mean straddle over the rear and hope the ring gear stays together
  15. bob here one of my projects 55 years ago small block chevy 140'' dragster
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