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  1. dont worry about drive train/ brakes /trans/ on till the body is repaired of rust and has a ten thousand dollar paint job that 3500 in materials just for paint
  2. you can program gm keys even if you do not have any keys at all take the key you got cut put it on the on position for 10 minutes everything will turn off automatically turn off then turn to on position again for the 10 minutes it wil go off again do the same for the third time when it goes off just turn to start should start up just need the key code to have a key made
  3. #1 little stream become raging rivers during a storm not for me
  4. just cut the stock down on a 410 i have for my grandson and refinished he is 9 years old and will take hunter course in fall at ten .we will start shooting as the weather gets better
  5. biggest problem doctor will refer you to a friend scare the shit out of you set the hook have you taken meds \ and coming every month for test
  6. what outfitter are you going to in newfoundland / even if they let you into canada each provinces may have there own rules my newfoundland outfitter had a sci donated hunt he offered you can take the hunt 2021=2024 because of the virus
  7. dusty w german shorthairs pointers mike 570=656=6830
  8. you mean like this 1889 o
  9. fire proof/ outside dim 17'' high 11'' wide 17'' deep inside dim 13 1/2'' high 11'' wide14'' deep great for handguns or ammo can bolt to floor located in flemington hunterdon county $75.00
  10. just saw remington starting to produce gun in new york factory again
  11. I the money can for the next 2023 moose hunt to newfoundland
  12. look at the prices on this weeks sci hunt auctions some good some crazy
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