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  1. 1975 dodge ram charger went from jersey to alaska had 375000 miles on it when I sold it 1991 chevy blazer 310000 thousand when I sold it all depends on care and oil changes both trouble free 2003 chevy avalanche 184000miles 2017 chevy tahoe 10000 miles new truck every 15 years for me only
  2. but no money for property tax rebate next month/no help for anybody that is a resident and pays taxes //jaun will send it home and not even pay tax on the 600.00
  3. every winter i put mine one at a time in the wood stove till cherry red takes off every thing make them brand new then reseason even rusted ones
  4. I have 2 flying around last 4 weeks also first time in 20 years that I have seen them here delaware twp nj
  5. 10deer

    Stock trading

    exxon mobil can carry the.87 cent dividend good buy even in this oil market cant go wrong 37.00 marathon oil 3.50 for those with a little money to invest A BIG BIG LONG TERM GAMBLE 1000 shares seadrill limited only 475.00 let your kids buy this [off shore oil drilling] buy what you can afford to lose dont say i should of bought the other day
  6. I have 3 my wife wanted to throw them out the other day told her sell them on ebay in 5-10 years
  7. 10deer

    Post Your Sports Car!

    1999 Plymouth Prowler and a 1973 Plymouth Cuda and 1973 Dodge Challenger MOPAR OR NO CAR
  8. all wildlife management areas are closed as of today till further notice
  9. 10deer

    Who's old enough...

    drove in 1'' angle iron cut on 45 at tip 12'' long for steps lots of pounding with a 5 lb sledge hammer that stand is still in stokes built in 1974 but the wood top box is gone
  10. hunted with this out fitter only say 1 cow elk in a week of hunting, tells a lot of untrue about your hunt just look at bowsite and rokslide forums other hunters tell the same exact story that i had year after year dont want you to waste your time or money CODY CARR HUNTING ADVENTURES PLAIN MONTANA
  11. why not go to newfoundland outfitter has license no draw arluk outfitters fly in remote area 1on1 guide great food been there 3 times got 3 moose
  12. the younger people do not want to work pay pay pay work two days get 6months hunting sounds ok to me. I baled hay ,cut wood ,cleaned around ponds,trimmed driveway of branches always had free hunting property .I am 70 years old and still will do it to hunt. WORK 2 DAYS HUNT 6MONTHS HUM????????
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