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  1. I drive book the ferry after march thats when the new rates are ready ,take a freezer for 2 guys plug it in on the way home when you stop if you fly you can ship your meat to allentown pa. 375.00 for pickup .I take the night ferry get a room get dinner up the hill just before terminal entrance before you go, ferry leaves around midnight arrive newfoundland at 630 in the morn. hit the road to your outfitter the out fitter will give you meat export papers when you leave to go home thats all you need for that STOP AT US CUSTOMS TO SIGN IN YOUR GUNS FOR EXPORT if you miss us customs the paper work from canada customs will be excepted on the way home they are hunter friendly and make you fill it out upon entering the usa. I am driving again sept 20 2019 for another moose hunt with arluk outfitters a fly in with the same outfitter that i was with in 2015 great hunt, great lodge and great food one on one guides they fly meat out on thursday to butcher and they have it ready for you on sunday frozen to pickup to take home MAKE SURE PASS PORT STILL HAS 6 MONTHS LEFT ON IT ALL IS TRUE ABOUT DWI AN ANY RECORDS know your passengers or get turned around headed back
  2. moose in newfoundland rut hunts are great book a fly in hunt then you do not have to deal with local road hunters
  3. Complete 12 GA reloading sysystem MEC 650 Loader auto feed primers system Reloader 6 Charge bars 8 Power and shotbushings 10 bags of wads 10 primers/5 powder lots of 12GA casings Over 500 box filler 5 shot/ powder bottles located Hunterdon County (Flemington) $350
  4. just go on a newfoundland moose hunt no draw outfitters have license you can shoot bull or cow have gone to arluk outfitters great hunt and I am going back again sept 22-27 2019 see my other hunts on old site
  6. buy a brand new flood some did not even have water in them 50% off sticker i am on the second one no problems got it with 3 miles now 104, 00 runs great chevy
  7. only saw one at pequest two lots said no birds
  8. chukars are raised on wire pens off he ground these birds are only going to live 2 days before they die/ did anybody shoot one from any of the dog training areas when the season started?
  9. 10deer

    Winter gloves?

    fire fighter leather gloves keeps out the heat and keeps out the real canada cold
  10. buy ammo a brownells online best deal when on sale and free shipping also no tax
  11. just another waste of tax payer money the bucks of sewaren nj will swim to the smell of love they will aways be deer
  12. just a few years back they upgraded this farm what a waste of money , pa is having trouble covering the cost of its birds if you buy birds today at 25.00 phes. chukar 14.00 quail 9.00 time for me to start raising again
  13. range finder they are alot closer than you think
  14. its the the oak leaves are so thick you need burn off for trees to grow I burn sections off sad many young ttees grow and have a lot of deer on my proptery
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