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  1. lots of them big bucks are shot at night then have a BS story behind it just ask any game warden half legal half not
  2. my son and i were out also 2 man limit only 2 other guys there was great no other hunters
  3. hunters the people who will buy the next crap that comes out just hang it OUTSIDE ON THE DECK FREE FREE FREE we did it for the last 40 years ask your grandfather and your father
  4. yes ash bore I have started my own ash bore manegment plan on my woods an will start coming down in the end of winter
  5. Another successful moose hunt at Arluk Outfitters in New Foundland. We were the only 2 hunters at the Main River Lodge. Monday- The weather was heavy driving rain and wind. We hunted all day and saw no moose. The moose do not like the wind. Tuesday- The weather was clear and sunny with no wind. My guide and I worked one bull but the bull ended up making one big circle. We think he was tormenting a larger bull with cows in the woods. The large bull circled the area. We also saw a small black bear about 20 yards away. He winded us and he was gone. My son shot his bull. He had a choice between two that came to the call. He shot the bigger one of the two. As we were having lunch, my guide said look at a bull drinking at a watering hole. We called him. He came full bore to the call. We could only see the head antlers and a little of one shoulder. I took one shot at 65 yards and the moose was down. We skinned it and cut it up. The guide radioed the helicopter to pick-up the meat to take back to the camp. The following day they flew the meat to the butcher for processing. Wednesday-Sunday the weather was not well. We had fog, wind, and rain. After speak with our guides, we learned from all of their properties they had 17 moose out of the 20 hunters they had hunting. Pretty good odds if you ask me. I have been following them on Instagram and they have had several big moose these past few weeks. In the attached photos you will see my moose, the helicopter picking up the meat,meat hanging in the shed (This is what 632 pounds looks like to take home: 2 moose), and a few others. The lodge had a wooden stove, TV, satellite phone, computer with WIFI, great well planned meals and guides. We traveled from New Jersey. We drove from NJ to Nova Scotia-took a 6 hour ferry ride (we preferred taking it at night). We then continued for two hours to where the helicopter picked us up!
  6. thanks guys will post pictures as fast as possible when I get back with a little luck
  7. will be on the ferry this friday night for the night crossing 3rd trip up to arluk outfitters any others going this season to newfoundland for moose
  8. how about my redneck blind occupied building you cant hunt within 450 feet of me??????
  9. anybody ever catch any hybrid bass on the valley I was just wondering
  10. leafy wear is the best and cheap, break up the human outline and heck your good to kill anything
  11. going out friday will see what happens will give a report
  12. jimmy flynns truck repair glen gardner rt 31
  13. they fly in rain wind or snow came in snow storm and picked up the meat to take it to the butcher my guide randy worked hard and put me on moose and walked me 10-12 miles a day
  14. for those going make sure you do your canada harmonized sales tax refund on hunting trip, hotel and ferry taxes you can get 400.- 500.00 refund on your trip, go on line to get forms CANADA HST REFUND
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