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  1. I tried it in a piece a couple years ago grew great but got hammered by deer and only lasted about 3 weeks
  2. Lately been using lucas gun oil. Very little goes a long way. If I know the particular gun will be subject to extreme cold I will use solvent to clean oil very lightly dry and then use graphite on moving parts
  3. I concur but I dont think it was hunting pressure. I worked a few birds that hikers or dog walkers screwed me up. Also herd birds i didnt bother with because of people just being in the woods. This year i saw more non hunting folks in the woods than ever. I only ran into 2 other turkey hunters during all 5 weeks
  4. I think the every day stuff people's immune system are used to fighting will struggle with even the common cold and normal germs from people as it has not seen them for some time
  5. Was cutting the grass on a dam today and this guy was in the middle of it.
  6. At this point it's a pretty good estimate that a good portion of the population has been exposed.(based on antibody tests through out the country). The original goal was to avoid overwhelming our health care. At this point it is accomplished. It's time to open up and it's already to late for some. There will be many businesses that will not reopen and many people out of work, with no job market to return to as those that did stay afloat will have full staff. State government especially nj is complaing no funds and were talking about lay offs so how would unemployment be sustained it couldnt. At this point if you are at risk or dont want to go out that is fine that is their choice but open up now and let the rest of us make our own decisions.. as already said herd immunity is the only way this thing gets slowed now. Even if a vaccine were to be developed if this virus mutates it's useless as it will be for the one strain natural antibodies are the better option with a mutated virus
  7. vdep217

    Stock trading

    I wouldn't say cleaned up but from a 200 dollar investment I'm sitting just under 600 dollars. I just added more buying power looking into more in house gaming. I e done well on vectolq wich is getting ready to merge with Nikola. With commercial electric vehicles for shipping
  8. Did u cancel membership. If I remember correctly its automatic renewal
  9. Depends on stream or river.. where I fish mostly 4'8 st croix ul I love it
  10. In extreme cold I dont like any oil even if rated for cold. I clean gun get as dry as I can and use graphite . Than when done clean light coat oil dry and put in safe, repeat if using in extreme cold again. The only issue I've had in cold weather was due to me not cleaning the locking bolt on my stoeger it had a build up that would cause it not to cycle . Ive hunted on days when spray had pump guns inoperable with I've build up on the action arms. Those days with extreme cold and wind or rain are less appealing in my older age than 15 years ago lol
  11. 4 dodge 17 inch rims tires have some tread left. 35 dollars. Located in Tom's river
  12. From my experience problems in cold has nothing to do with gas operated or inertia . The issue 9 times out of 10 is to much oil that is not rated for extreme temps
  13. The flu vaccine is a guess as there are many strains. This would be effective as it's one virus. With that said I will not get the vaccine.
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