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  1. I'm fairly new to turkey hunting 7 seasons and have done well. Im a run n gun hunter and if a bird ain't gobbling I'm not playing. Has it cost me a bird I'm sure it has but my experience is time place time of day and the mood of the turkeys is paramount. I've had birds locked up at 80 yrds not move come back at 11 and tge first yelp or cutt they come running screaming their head off
  2. Great movie. If you've never been go to Gettysburg I've been a bunch of times and learn somthing new every time love it there
  3. If they restock ill keep u in mind. Cheyanne had some. 37 dollars for 500 only allowed 1
  4. I like to shoot 2 to 3 times a month. I keep enough to allow me n my friends to do so. Right now with powder 38 dollars a pound bullets at 76 for 500 and primers 37 for 500 im roughly 12 dollars a box for 9mm. Double what it was before this mess but a whole lot cheaper than what its going for off the shelf
  5. The range by me had bags of 25 38 specials for 37 dollars nuts.
  6. vdep217

    Don’t miss it

    Not since they took Yosemite Sam's guns its not
  7. I grab the center of stick. I used the daisy chain mod for the first time in a hunting set up, just takes a bit to get used to the bit more sag but so far I like
  8. I have a set and love them. For next season will be adding the aider to 2 steps im short so 3 of the longer sticks only gets me abut 14 ft
  9. I could be but for some reason I recall the 150ft only applying for deer hunting
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