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  1. What kind of land? They can say no hunting on twp and county lands but for private or state owned land a no hunting ordinance is un lawful
  2. The way the regs where set up was failure from the time it went over 16 inches as most fluke over 16 are female. Last year was a great season and yes this one is slow but we cant say the fishery is in the toilet with one bad season as there are many factors.. as dan pointed out in another thread there is a lack of small bait, now could this be from the lack of off shore storms this year.. again not saying the regs are good but there are other factors
  3. Depending on time of year I can give you the info for where I stayed in cabo.. april was a bad time to fish but I won the trip so it was all good.. the all inclusive for a studio room for 2 is 2100 roughly
  4. You are going to get a million different answers. None of the companies make a bad bow. It depends what you are looking for and what is comfortable for you.. my advise is pick a budget you have and shoot as many bows is that price range you can
  5. He was saying that someone would say they made a perfect shot, my point was I knew I made a good shot maybe not perfect but the deer went 300 yrds.. sometimes they just have will to live and even a well placed shot they can go this was exit
  6. I know teachers who can not fail a kid they dont do the work they get a 70.. also know teachers who the parents blame them I stead of the kids
  7. My worst nightmare is having to use my guns in self defense but if it came to it I would not hesitate.. in my mind going out side serves multiple purposes.. if I can get out unnoticed I gain the element of surprise and a chance to observe their intent.. if they are indeed there to do harm and have weapons I have removed my loved ones from harm's way chanses are they are not and its kids looking for love. While there are advantages of being inside the way I see it away from family is best
  8. This deer went over 300 yrds I'll leave it at that
  9. Another thing to bring back if a 17 to 22 year old is in constant trouble a judge should be able to place him in the military, as I know older people who's life changed due to that
  10. Violence and hate have always existed guns have been around a very long time and while there was gun crime 506070 years ago it was not as prevalent as today.. ask what has changed God taken out of schools, Parents are no longer interested in being parents they'd rather be best friends with their kids. Authority means nothing any more police and teachers. Parents blame teachers when the kid fails. This rolls into accountability, kids that got an ass whooping when they screwed up were more likely to turn out decent human beings.. while I'm only 32 I see it with kids I went to school with.. the ones that were handed every thing and never had a punishment alot of them end up dead or are in jail or in and out of jail. have nothing no house or any thing to call their own or can even make a decent living.. not saying all but a good percentage..
  11. Theres not one solution for all but to start an example needs to be made were not taking it any more and hopefully is done with the texas shooter getting the chair. Take away the glory the scum bags get sure tell the people what happened but do not mention the perps name. Enforce minimum sentences no plea deals no parole before
  12. I ssid it in another thread bring back accountability starting in the home and schools, bring back respect and fear of authority and the premise of somthing bigger than us that higher power being god.. growing up even those that weren't religious feared somthing bigger than them. It will take time to undo what has been done but I believe it is the only course of action
  13. There is no solution that is 100 percent.. "the danger in an armed society are inherent, but they pale in comparison to that of an unarmed one
  14. I'm going out side after calling 911 gun wont be visible but will be easily accessed, you're within your rights to carry on your property even in nj. Approach cautiously and bladed usingg any surroundings and terrain to your advantage
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