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  1. You can make one if your somewhat handy and will be just as effective (keeping honest people honest) metal conduit box from home depot cut to fit cam
  2. Your peep sight is probably a little to high slide it down a hair. If it was put on by specs off old string
  3. He's set up in a shed built for butchering its air conditioned but not refrigerated. As I said very clean.
  4. I agree but he does not have a refrigerated walk in.
  5. Sat took my doe at 630 than got notice I had to be to work at 3am. Normally do my own but time restraints I called Ed's in forked river he met me outside went over every thing. Very clean shop. Doing my own for so many years I know what to expect back and it met that standard.. my only negative is its not vaccume sealed its in the foam trays wrapped in plastic but that's OK I vacuumed sealed after pick up. 1 day turn around very clean meat.
  6. Bunch of does a spike n this 8 point that got the pass 20210921_182319.mp4 20210921_182319.mp4
  7. Right now no. But after studying having the right equipment knowing what the round does in different temps and different altitudes and practicing that far yes..
  8. Know your firearms capabilities and more importantly your capabilities the right caliber for the situation and an ethical kill can be made on animals from deer to moose at double that distance
  9. I put armstrong ats on my 11 tacoma. They don't hum to bad on road and are great off road if I remember right about 150 a tire mounted and balanced
  10. Going in to a spot I haven't hunted in a few years in an oak flat that I've done well in good acorn years. Haven't scouted it or nothing just hunting the tree I did a few years ago or close to it if it's not still standing
  11. I have no use for this any more my zxt does not fit in it.. 20 dollars located in toms river
  12. I have link micro run 1 minute delay transfer 6 times per day I get a month out of rayovac aa
  13. I thought it hit my area as I only seen 4 fawns and a spike on 3 sits Sat hunted away from corn on an oak flat seen multiple does n spikes took my doe. Moved cam to oak flat with some molasses and deer are on it. Driving through holiday city delivering Chinese last night deer are every where as usual
  14. I found a head lamp at Ollie's. 10 bucks bright as hell led lasts a good while. I believe @Bonefreakpicked a couple up as well. Also have a hand held spot light
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