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  1. Fred please don't take this wrong as its not meant to be a dig or a bash just an observation of the areas I hunt. I live n hunt near several retirement communities and the feeding of deer and turkeys year round has an impact. Where I hunt there is a very healthy population of turkeys to the point its becoming unhealthy that fish and game are trapping and removing birds because they are getting aggressive. With these folks keeping bird feeders full and feeding corn from wallmart non stop these birds have no reason to leave, in my opinion creating the illusion of no birds in the surround
  2. It was. Wish there were more around. Can get expensive though
  3. If you give them your email they give you a 50 credit card we had 8 people so got 400 credits every one gave their cards to the kids so it was great. Prices aren't to bad be ate at some burger joint in there 12 bucks for burger n fries. And they were good. It was worth it. Beers were like 3 bucks def not like most of ac. The attendants were friendly and interactive. Every thing is loaded on cards including prizes and points so u are not carrying them the whole time. U go to prize room to collect when done
  4. Took the kids to the new arcade in ac. Showboat was turned into an arcade was pretty fun. Kinda like Dave n busters. The prize room had a crane machine with no lock on door. I asked if I could put my kids in for a picture the lady said absolutely as I was the first one to request it. Lol
  5. I used to shoot the iron buck at bangers when it was open. Won it 3 years took 2nd a couple times as well. Had a good turn out started with 20 to 30 shooters
  6. Better yet take me with you lol
  7. Update. I've put 400 rounds down the pipe no issues what so ever. Seems the hs 6 load is slightly better than cfe. But as stated it has gotten easier to clean and break down. Waiting on 180 grain heads to work some loads up with 180s
  8. Camo fire has the hawk helium sticks for 97 full size and the helium ultralight stand for 134 if any one is looking for a mobile set up
  9. I'd say rage broadheads but it can't be they are open
  10. No need to bring a bucket. Old lunch mate cooler ice pack and a rag. Put the damp rag between ice or ice pack and killies they will last all day
  11. Yes, should have specified touring bikes are liquid cooled heads.. I believeb2014 or so. My experience is helping my dad with his occasionally. Hearing him talk about it. Thought they continued it maybe not
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