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  1. Camo fire has them for 98 bucks today
  2. For 13 dollars it's a no brainier. I swapped a stand that was in tree for 6 years I was going to toss but now I change hardware n reuse
  3. This isnt a case of mistaken laws or ignorance, nor was this a case of needing to feed his family in wich others might feel for the guy. This was a blatant disregard for not only regulation but the resource its self, not saying it would make it right but if he was caught quartering the deer and leaving the head in the woods to feed his family there would be different views but it is simply not the case.. as with any thing else if you want to stop others in the future the punishment must be a deterant..
  4. With the recent tree stand mishaps and equipment failure discussion I came across this site. Fairly inexpensive for piece of mind. https://treestandcables.com/
  5. I got some 380s ready to be loaded. I got enough 40 cal n 357 n 38s to get me through for shooting. I gotta order more 40 and 38 bullets.. will be doing some 9mm this week..
  6. Hoping to get out but not looking good in er with my wife..
  7. When I was active with hunter education I would demonstrate a fall and show how to use the relief straps included with the harness.. I also have a peg secured to my harness that is easily accessible to recover.. it's not hard but if panic sets in can be an impossible task.. another thing I taught weather using sticks or screw in pegs put them on the back side opposite the stand this reduces the chance of hitting them in the event of a fall, I have had many close calls and have been saved from disaster by a harness I have fallen from 15 to 20 ft but either from a roof or as a kid just climbing trees, if I only knew than what I do now i wouldn't have broken so many bones lol
  8. The meat is fine. congrats
  9. How hard was the angle? With that shot long white hair is not a good sign as low or to steep of an angle and you didnt go completely through the deer. Hope it was a slight angle and guts are plugging exit fir you
  10. I'm in. 18 had a 6 on corn when I walked in.. waited him out he left hopefully one of thev2 I posted show..
  11. The wide one was there at 830 this mornin but both have been visible so I'm going to try it tonight we will see, should take dramamine before I go though
  12. I may do afternoon sit depending on wind speed
  13. You'll see the pin that rides in bolt corrosion and statement build up causing it to not fully come back in cold weather I run graphite not lube
  14. Congrats, stoger 3500? If so when u clean it make sure you diss assemble bolt the pin in the rotary bolt tends to get corroded causing jamming issues, took me a lot of frustration figuring it out in mine now when I clean I do that as well no more issues.. mine is from when they first come out and has been beat lol
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