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  1. I got that and you are correct with propery such as cam but with a shot deer the land owner can not legally press is what i was saying.. where as a trail cam or stand they could
  2. Grey area, you can not legally posess a deer you did not shoot, even if you had a tag for it than you would technically be tagging a deer someone else harvested. But the kind owner can refuse the hunter entry to recover. A gsmame warden can ask but no guarantees he can get it. The deer would lay tgere and rot. Unless land owner takes possession of deer than a violation has occurred. At least that is how it was explained to me
  3. Federation of sportsman as well
  4. Try again.. your not under the 30 day free trial are you?
  5. vdep217

    New Cell cam

    For 100 bucks I like the spypoints. I have 2. Will get a solar one and then that's it for cell cams.. like any cell phone sometimes it freezes and needs to be rebooted happened to me this week. Luckily I needed to get in and bait
  6. Was always told incidental harvests while deer hunting are ok even if over bait. As you are not hunting fox or coyote you are hunting deer legally therefor incidental is legal
  7. The only change I would like to see from the switchblades im using is maybe set the expandable blades back a little bit more. Maybe an inch or a half inch give the fixed blade more of a head start on going to work. But all in all I like them alot. The confidence of a trued and true fixed blade design with the cutting width of a fixed blade
  8. I would say the associate messed up not system
  9. The rifle permit is needed for muzzle loader and rifle. The system should have never allowed the purchase without a lisence being purchased first.. fid has nothing to do with it
  10. Had a good trail deer just had a will to live,
  11. I guarantee this wasn't broad head failure, g5 monetec. Red circle is exit. Deer went over 300 yrds and I knew I made a good shot. Some things cant be explained.
  12. Friday I jumped on the norma k against my better judgment but was surprised. Fish wanted to chew. I had a ton of shorts and a 25.5 and a 19.5 dropped about a 20 at the boat. There was insane current and had trouble finding bottom with 14 ozs at times. But all in all decent trip
  13. I went to the best of both worlds last year. Rocky mountain switchblade.
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