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  1. Are your patterns with 3 inch? I use a lead sled to pattern so I'm not beating up my shoulder. I just put a red dot on my 350 and will use when I'm in more open woods and using decs my auto will still be my run n gun choice also adding my 20 guage to the rotation
  2. Dead bird. I know shells are hard to find but try long beard 6s. My stoeger 3500 with Long beard choke likes 6s the best. My 350 throws 6s and 4s. Splatter targets are30 and 50 with 3500 28 inch barrel 3.5 6s long beards and long beard choke. Plates are 20 and 50 p350 21 inch barrel long beard 6s and long beard choke. Took me some time as I was stuck with 5s but didn't get what I wanted pattern wise so I was stubborn. I almost went to the tss but can't justify 10 plus dollars a shell. Try different loads when available but what you have will work
  3. vdep217

    20 & Out Passed

    For those looking or need health insurance and make a little money. Wawa offers bennifits the best plan with a 750 dollar deductible 20 co pays and 5 prescription 150 er visits 35 specialist cost 35 dollars a week for non tobacco user, if tobacco user there's a 10 dollar surcharge. You must maintain an average of 30 hours to keep insurance. Starting pay is no less than 12 an hour even fuel associate
  4. Actually there's an issue with the pcr as well. Manufacturers were recommending a certain number of revelutions and they are spinning them sometimes double the recommended cycles creating false positives. So who knows what the more accurate test is
  5. I hear ya. One thing I will say is when I see primers in stock I will grab at least a box. I'm currently on a list for a case still have enough for a while bit it won't last forever shooting once or twice a week
  6. Other than hi jacking thd thread that is part of the reason we'll at least a contributing factor to higher prices now with them pushing their anti gun agenda. Sorry had to comment on it good luck with sale I'm sure it'll go
  7. Glws fair price especially in this climate. Your not going to find it anywhere for 75 cents a round right now
  8. The only thing I have a problem with is quote on quote paying their worth. I'm in management at a fairly large company and yes there are absolutely employees worth more than the max associate pay but than there are those not worth the minimum. I think that is along the lines of what looney is trying to say. Union puts a salary on the position not the employees worth but I could be wrong
  9. We cut a window real tight one day came back in 7 8s wasn't fun but the boat handled it well
  10. We run to the Texas towers and Hudson in my buddies 24 cobia again pick days, and you'll be fine. Saftey equipment on board of course. He got a sat phone that he pays through his cell carrier
  11. Also I'm not 100 percent but buying n selling crypto I don't believe counts as a day trade as its not a stock. I could be wrong
  12. Just before execution ittl ask for tge day or 90 days
  13. I have some I bought for long term, cruise airlines etc. Others I set a goal for them say 30 percent return and sell. I usually set it up for that to sell with limit order so I don't have to track it daily. Limit order let's u set for 90 days
  14. I agree. I wish with doge I took a bigger gamble as is always said, but I had it in there and only gambled 100 just before superbowl. Had I put 500 or 700 I had in cash in there well you know but I'm happy with the few hundred I made
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