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  1. vdep217

    1st Timer

    No biggie. I can take a shot.. theres a few others such as bismuth but rarely used..
  2. vdep217

    1st Timer

    Valid question steel tss or heavier shot. The later can be shot through a Turkey choke steel can not..
  3. vdep217

    1st Timer

    U can shoot that through any Turkey choke. Carlson does make one specific to that
  4. vdep217

    1st Timer

    What do u mean lead free. Is it a Turkey load?
  5. Was a great day. Congrats to all.. we had a rough day as I knew it would be, we were close twice.. great to meet you Jay
  6. It looks to me the blame is looking to be placed any were but where it belongs.. does drinking make them bad no but they did make a poor choice and have to deal with consequence. They know your not allowed to be in the park or drink under 21. So they made their bed
  7. Correct when I was young officers would let us go or take our keys at a woods party to ensure no driving times are different mo doubt but what your asking could put that officer at liability. Say those 15 year olds drinking got brought home by the cop instead of following the law what position would he be in if that kid fell and split his head open or worse.. cops have discretion in some instances although that discretion is dwindling with the times.. no one should ever expect an officer to put his lively hood and his families at risk for any one.. as for your cousins being genuine good kids I dont doubt it they made a mistake, actions have consequences and they are paying them.. I hope they learn from it..
  8. Awsome we worked 2 sets.. first deer blew them out than a hun cut us off at 75 yrds with 10 minutes left
  9. I'm in pesley with a youth. 3 hen's and a close call with 2 Tom's just couldn't get them to commit
  10. Just because birds aren't where they usually are does not mean low population.. couple factors are swaying odds, I think the biggest in your case is all of the controll burning that took place a little later around there the birds are at those burned locations that are starting to green up fresh shoots.. I have also seen turkeys where I haven't the past few years.. in my opinion this year I have seen the most out of the last 4 years in 14
  11. Order online.. that's what I have been doing..
  12. Gunny highway said it best in heart break ridge. There is nothing natural jumping out of a perfectly good air plane
  13. An observation ever since sandy the beach fishing for stripers has not been as good.. Google memorial day 2007 and 2008.. stellar beach days and seasons..while fluking on the reef I have seen bass blowing through bunker.. same thing happens with guys that fluke the same areas tear after year than that spot changes as does the fishing and they cry theres no fish.. no move to find the fish. Whst is allowed to be kept plays a roll but remember regulated harvest has never lead to the endangering of a species..
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