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  1. vdep217

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Talk to Rusty I hear her could help
  2. vdep217

    Off to a bad start

    The compound will be ready to go by this week... this thing is to bulky for me lol
  3. vdep217

    Off to a bad start

    I'm assuming a scrub oak got caught between string and cam
  4. vdep217

    Off to a bad start

    Got to tree at 130. Go to pull bow up hear a pop... string came off cam.. this will be my last shot befor ml .. ran home got wifes x bow... I never hunted edith one before but have shot it at targets well see
  5. vdep217

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Good luck
  6. vdep217

    Muzzleloader problems

    Now when Igo to range I use one pyrodex pellet and just a sabot to foul.. than load and shoot it's dead on.. load n go home clean after season is over
  7. vdep217

    Muzzleloader problems

    Try shooting it Fouled. My TCS do not shoot when clean.. I shoot 3 the 2 n 3rd are an inch high of bull at 100... the first shot is about 4 inches off... just something to try.. a dirty bore will make a better seal around your sabot or bullet
  8. So you would be ok with him going into your home and grabbing a beer from your fridge when your not home.. he said its well posted stopp no excuse
  9. vdep217

    Jury Duty

    Notice I said those that are self employed
  10. vdep217

    Jury Duty

    Kinda surprised by the remarks here.. we all bitch about those that work the system by taking hand outs from the government and not working for things.. but when it comes to a civil duty we look for any way we can to get out of it.. I realize that some jobs don't pay goi for jury duty and some that are self employed it may be detrimental. But there are alot of jobs that do. I will say that being a volunteer fire fighter no longer gets you out.. so if your job pays you for it and its not detrimental serve asit is your civil duty......
  11. vdep217

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    Muscle is normally bright red. Usually when they jump the way you said they are dead.. from the pic I can not form n opinion on the hit.. dark usually indicates liver, but have seen dark blood on a low heart hit as well
  12. vdep217

    Jury Duty

    Its pretty hard now.. but it is your civil duty to serve...
  13. That's why I'm trying not to involve land owner. Think I got it worked out well see
  14. It is.. I also have permission to another one of the land owners pieces that they don't so I have other spots as well as public.. they said they would stay away from the one side and not shoot does close to the corn and to hunt the correct wind so we will see...
  15. Your right. Seemed like a good dude and I was trying to be nice. People on here know I go to great lengths to help others and kids.. I said I was ok with it at the start and will be a man of my word and work it out.. I talked to the person and think we're going in the right direction.. if it doesn't work out I know I tried to be nice and helpful so if it comes to it I will still feel good about the situation