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  1. All sashimi yes sushi no way for me to much rice
  2. Super secret.. honestly I use it for brass, or bullets I order that come in bags
  3. It is. There prices are very reasonable. Sushi for 2. Has 10 sushi 15 sashimi and 3 rolls for 45 dollars
  4. After recent threads of sushi went to ginza tonight. 15 dollars. And delisious
  5. Try different diagrams, perhaps smaller frame or one that has the dome so you get a feel for where it should be
  6. You got the hard part down by making a sound with the diaphram it dosnt sound awful. Google turkey calls and try to mimic those.
  7. At my parents I started on a wooden chair pain in ass but worked. I now have a closet that I set up in
  8. I never had an issue but it preference. I set it for just enough itl dosnt back lash. When a fish grabs it I count to 10 or so and move lever up and set hook
  9. You will get a ton of answers and none of them are wrong. It is what you feel the most confident with. Personally I use abu c series and avets.
  10. vdep217

    Air fryer

    Fries I leave in much longer than it says until I like them
  11. vdep217

    Great Reason For Sushi

    You are correct lol. I think the best deal is the buffet by me in Tom's river. The sushi is pretty decent and lunch is 10 dollars. It dosnt sit and they will prepare to order if you ask. 2and best deal is also on 37 ginza. Tuna special 14 dollars. 3 sashimi 3 sushi and a spicy tuna roll. Always great. Ginza I feel is the best combo of price and quality for just sushi.. We have 3b xzina and office lounge wich are all great but pricey.
  12. I can say I have never been an expandable guy. Not just rage I didnt like the fact that a mechanical can fail. With that said thus year I tried a hybrid rocky mountain switchblade it's a coc 2 blade with 2 expandables. I like them alot and they leave great holes. Reliability of a fixed blade and expanded cut of an expandable.
  13. vdep217

    Air fryer

    I do wings in mine all the time, just keep them in till desired crispy. The time and temp they give you is for internal temp. Experiment until you find them to your liking
  14. I can agree with you on the 2nd part, but in my opinion deer hunting is not the way to introduce a younger kid to hunting. As said alot of people will being kids but not on the kids term. Ie leave when they want dont ket them ask questions etc. Bring them duck pheasant than turkey as you can move and talk a little until you hear a bird than try a deer hunt here and there
  15. Kids will follow their parents lead. If they are buried in a computer inside they will be to
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