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  1. vdep217

    How Your Hunting Gear Disappears

    No he hasn't disappeared but what I handed needs to last lol
  2. Just read that murphy wants to increase the fees involved for gun purchase.. handgun permit from 2 dollars to 50.. fid to 100 and carry to 400... this shit has to stop......
  3. vdep217

    good folding hunting knife?

    I have 2.. one my mother bought in Alaska for me the other is a frost cutlery ulu.
  4. vdep217

    good folding hunting knife?

    For skinning I use an Alaskan ulu and don't make it razor sharp for doing capes so I don't slip and make a hole
  5. vdep217

    Youth Bow & Arrow

    If lpjr doesn't plan out look into mission by matthew's.. I believe they go from 10 to 55 lbs wma 20 to 31 draw it will grow with him
  6. vdep217

    good folding hunting knife?

    Not sure what its called but Im essentially making an edge than making a finer edge.. not saying its better then any thing else but it works for me... I use the green guide with the red belt till decently sharp.. than put the grey guide on.. 2 strokes each side than use there grey belt alternating sides every stroke until I can shave with it...
  7. vdep217

    Good Deal @ Riverdale BJ’s

    Tons river has some deal
  8. vdep217

    good folding hunting knife?

    Buck 110.. I have went to work sharp and love it.. I use two angles when sharpening and it seems to hold better.. when gutting deer I normally get 4 or 5 before I need to re sharpen
  9. vdep217

    Learn to swim programs?

    My how times of changed... I know I'm only 31 but even I didn't have swim lessons.. my lesson was dad being in the bay and mom tossing me in lol. Guess you would be arrested today for such things
  10. vdep217

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    You are comparing apples to oranges with fighting over a spot no law was broken.. here the law was blatantly broken when he threw the guys fish back in...
  11. vdep217

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    The anti admitted to throwing the fish back there for taking possession.. once could also argue want and waste especially if they were on a gill stringer.. my point is the more it's left go the more it will happen.. yes the anti did get away with it he didn't get a ticket...
  12. vdep217

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    D list although your are right the first part of your post in my opinion is why nothing is done them they actually do things like this. O three just s small group bought violent there not hurting any body well let them be... and the next and the next... that is part of the reason why this country is heading the way it is there is no accountability any more.. start giving fines and penalties for breaking the law and enforcing them and the law will be broken less
  13. vdep217

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    Wrong.. the hit was fishing while being harassed no different than hunter harrassment game warden absolutley should be involved.. plus there activist Took fish.. although throwing them back in he took fish with no license even though nott technically fishing.
  14. vdep217

    Where/when/is there a next level compound?

    Regardless of technology the number one thing is you being comfortable worth the bow.. the fastest and greatest is useless if your not comfortable and confident in the bow..
  15. vdep217

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    Cop should have not been handling it period.. should have been fish and game.. once the officer arrived should have contacted fish and wild life..... if it was me fishing and that happened I would have called game warden or requested the officer did