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  1. I truly believe that this is part of the problem today.. being 32 even when I was young a fight was that a fight you beat the snot out of each other than shook hands and that was the end of it.. I actually had a wrestling coach and gym teacher that if you got into a fight on his watch you stayed after school and went to the gym with boxing gloves to solve the problem.. now days they dont let kids even think about fighting and it gets bottled up n people snap.. Good for your kid standing up for him self
  2. I have 1200 gram rubber lacrosse and 2000 pair of herters. Any thing less than 30 degrees I wear the 2000 and just a pair of dress socks n feet are warm.. above 30 the 1200 with the same sock above 50 600 or un insulsted.. the problem comes wearing to much sock and sweating even with a moisture wicking sock that moisture stays in the boot, will make u cold.. buy the right thinsulate for the condition you hunt and let it do what its made to do.. thus has worked for me for years
  3. Not seeing it.. the season is open unlike other small game where it closes . Wood cock falls under migratory not small gsme .
  4. When growing up I had 2 places local l&h in wall and bob kisslins.. kisslins was the biggest RIP off going but it was convenient.. l&h had a good selection.. now the only shop local to me is pine lands sport shop but he has a limited selection, shooters on 539 but in my head if I'm going that far I'm going to bass pro another 20 mins.. I like the yearly trip to cabelas and pa bass pro occasionally take a ride to the wheeling wv cabelas to..
  5. vdep217

    Never forget

    Grandfather was 1st wave of d day never forget why we got involved.. god bless those fallen in pearl harbor
  6. And after murphy just made it illegal for insurance companies to offer the protection. Calling it murder insurance.. what a crock of shit I'm sure itl be a company that is connected to someone or Murphy and the premiums will be astronomical
  7. Stoegers are great guns I own 4. 3500 2 3000s and a p350 but I can tell you if lighter recoil is the goal an inertia gun is not the route to go.. I have 2 20s a browning and a winchester ranger.. my wifes friend is about 100 lbs soaking wet and shoots both with turkey loads no problem, but the winchester is heavier so less felt recoil
  8. I under stand what that says, but even if you purchase from a retailer there is no nic check on black powder guns, in fact you can order directly from cva and they will ship to your house..
  9. It's for saftey reasons. There would be entirely to many people on wma if deer gun and bird season ran concurantly.. with that said you can still hunt waterfowl on the bay if deers not your thing
  10. To lenient and the max penalty was not enforced, while the monetary value may have been the max they could have seized all equipment used in the case including the vehicle and it does not say they did so assuming they did not..
  11. I know guys that swear by them and they do leave great holes. I just dont like the possibility to fail factor on any mechanical.. with that said I recently went to a hybrid the rocky mountain switchblade.. I've killed 2 deer one no exit on a quartering away one had an exit and left a great blood trail on a mostly gut hit coming out liver bottom of lung and the deer expired quickly..
  12. No the Apache but I was mistaken its 300
  13. Check out x stand very quiet when packing.. weight limit 350 and is like sitting in most portables
  14. I'm going to try likehell this year to get there.. in addition to door prizes is a 50/50 run to help support the site. Also maybe a drawing for a decent trail cam or tree stands at say 5 or 10 bucks a ticket and proceeds go to the site or youth contests
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