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  2. Long beard down

    Story added
  3. Opening morning bird down.

    Congrats nice bird
  4. heads up

    After going to tips to check my bird I herd the old agway in new Egypt is a check station
  5. Team 2 and individual 21.37 lbs 21lbs 5.9 oz 5/8 spurs 9inch beard I believe score is 51.8125 please correct if I'm wrong
  6. Long beard down

    833 story to come So we had 5 birds hammering on roost than right before fly down we had a very aggressive hen start yelping and cutting when she hit the ground we knew it was gonna be tough to compete with the real thing. Things wnt silent. We picked up at 720 and made a loop. Went to the other end of the piece and there was 6 Jake's and 1 hen together. We drove on by and walked tword were we were set up in the morning. Made a few yelps and about 2 minutes past n one gobbled from the direction we were earlier. My buddy made a call and same spot a minute later one gobbled. We waited about 10 minutesminutes and I pulled out the glass call. This time he cut me off gobbling and we knew he was coming. He hung up in a briar thicket about 80 yrds. I started clucking soft ly as well as my buddy and he couldn't take it cane right through the thick stuff. But behold a long beard at 40 yrds. I had to wait until he cleared a tree and that was that I hit a bit low but base of neck. When I shot a bird I never seen flew from the right. We could have doubled but ny buddy passed on the Jake. We worked another bird for him but got cut off by a hen. Great day in the woods now what to do with the rest of my time off wiring for b week lol
  7. 4/20/2018 Stocking

    You should see how they stock some places out west. They use airplanes with home tanks to put the fish in and open it over the target lake
  8. Set scope back to zero

    What he's taking about had nothing to do with sighting in. He is talking about factory zero
  9. Two M1A 10-round magazines for sale

    Yes you could mazz
  10. Parking job when you think you've seen it all

    Had a guy did that to me at shop rite till the spotI wss waiting for. I waited till I seen him coming out and double parked behind him and I went in. I ended up with a ticket but it was worth it to prove my point lol
  11. Wood Splitting

    Who needs to he can build it..
  12. Been a while but disappointing

  13. Been a while but disappointing

    I agree with inmates doing it but I'm not one to wait for someone else to do it.. will keep posted when I cone up with a day.. I'm thinking end of April after noon to accommodate us turkey hunters..