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  1. vdep217

    Cleaning kit question

    Otis cleaning system hops solvent and Lucas gun oil
  2. vdep217

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    Just a broad side neck.. no there is no possibility of hitting vital organs just the neck
  3. vdep217

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    She had me pegged stomping and snorting.. she didn't actually see me till I drew but I knowed how the doe gets once they feel its something not right
  4. vdep217

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    With the angle lower wouldn't have pt the arrow in lungs as it where I hit
  5. I know its probly Been debated but want to hear honest opinions.. after my doe last night and some probably deserved scrutiny from a couple of friends I want to hear others thoughts... I have taken a total of 4 head on or quartering to me shots with the bow. All 4 had thurs in common all 15 yrds ir closer and none running more than 25 yrds after shot.. I am confident with my set up being able to do it.. I will not take it more than 15 yrds and would never shoot walking dead away... what's every one's thoughts
  6. Last month a hiker was killed by a mountain lion on the same mountain
  7. vdep217

    Vacuum Sealer Processing Question

    I never wrapped it before vacuum sealing... I have however put a folded paper towel below seal line to absorb moisture
  8. Thought I'd share this.. My brother is in the navy and stationed in washington.. him and his 2 friends went for a hike and got more than thuggery bargained for.. about 4 hours into it they came across a man and his young son.. the man had broken his leg andwas in mobile.. the mountain has no cell service and help was not reachable.. all 3 of them cared for the man and his son by giving them what food and water they could and field caring for the leg.. they then proceeded to carry the man out.. it took them 20 hours over rough terrain.. when they reached the bottom they were able to call for help and the man was air lifted to the hospital and is expected to survive...
  9. vdep217

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    Not a fan of head on except certain conditions.. 15 yrds or less I will that's the only time
  10. vdep217

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    Slight change in venue. 6 does walk right past me. The 7th big old girl looked right at me n started to stomp and snort she had to go
  11. vdep217

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    First deer.. little doe looks whipped
  12. vdep217

    9/23/18 mid day to evening live hunt

    I'm set up parallel to the swamp edge where he came from lol.. I can shoot 40 yrds down it.. but there's 2 trails so most likely under 25