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  1. Not to worry they'll say were in a drought in a few weeks
  2. Jcaa fluke tournament is saturday.. hopefully a few tides cleans up the bay or were running out front
  3. I use the royvac regular aa. Buy at home depot when 36 is 19 dollars. Never had an issue.. I run cheap cams though..
  4. Yea my wife said it was doable but would like to try and find a home for the one with red collar if there is any interest PM me. The original plan was to find him a home than we second guessed it, I just got the feeling he would of ended up in pund if I didnt take him and know if any one here takes him he would be going to a good home
  5. If we do adopt him out it will preferably be someone close so that the dogs can see each other.. I'm kind of attached but my wife has been with them all day well see if it's to much on her lol
  6. It amazes me the lack of common sense that goes on the beach.. I've done stupid things like go on with my 4 wheel drive broken and got stuck but got myself out.. from no pass to Honda civics driving on
  7. Ya yup and so far they are balls of energy but have been pretty good well as good as puppies can be lol.. they are already going to the door to go out with only one accident so far but understandable, new environment and new smells.. my current lab has been like a puppy playing with them.
  8. Well slight deviation the other person that was supposed to take one puppy backed out before meeting and I now have 2 puppies and the wife and I decided that since we were going with a fire arm name that if my dad and mom dont take the other we are going with Smith and Wesson..
  9. He is coming from north Carolina lucked out and the lady was coming here to vaca at seaside.. should be here around 630
  10. Grumpys in seaside does reel repairs.. I've had a few of my abu reels do the same I just pull them out and use as an open face
  11. Ruger is a lab mix as is my current lab brownie. Great dog and hoping this one is close to the same. Will train him for birds and water fowl as my current lab is but first we start obedience.. he will be home tommorrow and cant wait. He is an odd ball with one blue eye and my guess he has husky somewhere in the line
  12. Mazz I've been thinking of selling a 22250 that 150 would be nothing for it if your interested
  13. Hey that's my retirement your messing with go to WAWA lol
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