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  1. vdep217

    Got done before the rush

    Im always tinkering. Really wanted to try the tss but st 48 bucks a box right now I'll stick with long beard..
  2. vdep217

    I Do Not Like Geese.....pic

    15 years ago you would never see wood ducks this time of year... great pic
  3. Control burn you are only trying to burn light fuels. Ie tall fields scrub oak dead falls they dry out first and burn easily..
  4. They been burning as couple weeks already.. Friday n sat until burn after the winds
  5. vdep217

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Today's drug problem has more to do with accountability and the way parents are raising children today. Illegal drugs have been around a long time don't believe me watch the movie blow. It's based on a true story of smuggling marijuana and cocaine into the country so saying its more available now than before is a farce. Granted the was abuse of drugs in the 70s and 80s but not nearly what it is today. I realize the drugs have changed and are no longer just weed and cocaine but culture has.. hands off parenting is the blame.. how many here spent dinner with family 12345 days a week how many families do that now.. how many here would get a boot in their ass when screwed up or even if a teacher called the house.. now parents blame teachers and the cops for mistakes of their children passing the blame.. With that said a wall at the border will not stop all drugs but will slow it down. Those intent on getting drugs will find a way. Case and point 2 years ago 2 kids were arrested at a neighbor's house with a mobile meth lab.. we need to bring accountability back starting in the home..
  6. vdep217

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Im the same way with them and have a very hi tolerance for pain. Some do not.. the worst pain I dealt with was broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung and I walked my self into the er.. doc asked me how the f did you walk in here.. they gave me morphine worst feeling ever.. they gave me vicodin when I left I took one for the ride home of 3 hours and 2 on my wedding day 2 days later and flushed the rest.. but some do have a very addictive personality... and the belief that doctor is right is a bad mix... not saying that's ok to go to heroin but I can see how that happens... kids trying to get a better fix i have no sympathy for and alot of times its their up bringing others it's one and done. Even compared to when i was 16 too 19 the drugs have evolved.. it's no longer weed and cocaine every thing is cut with who knows what
  7. vdep217

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Its one thing when one becomes dependent on pain killers and ends up going the cheaper route but for the most part that is not the case today.. it's teens looking for a better high.. I feel a big factor in this is the lack of accountability by calling it a disease.. another driving force is taking away the fear of death in a sense with police carrying narcan. I know police officers that have given narcan to the same individual 5 times in one day. Rehab only helps for those that want to help themselves and remove them self from previous company... and before any one says any thing yes I've lost close friends to addiction and over dose and my stance has always and will be the same....
  8. vdep217

    New Beverage On Boat For Fluke Fishing

    Nor a huge fan of IPA s have found a few I like so who knows could be good
  9. vdep217

    Butchers getting Expensive

    Im with hammer. Including skinning I can do basic cuts and burger in about 1.5 hours. I skin quarter and put in fridge.. I fo one quarter a night after 4 days sitting.. I do right in my kitchen. Good boning knife and filler knife is all that's needed.. grinder and I also have a slicer.. I can do jerkry with dehydrator and sausage... I'm getting a smoker and will learn other specialty items.. I've said it before I'll show any one that wants to learn im in Tom's river... This was a ham and shoulder buck 154 gave to me for a friend. Granted they were from a 150 lb deer but it's not hard took me about 20 min from start to finish
  10. vdep217

    Got done before the rush

    Although I have a round I already get great results with I always tinker.. long beard 4s 5s and 6s at 40.. all will do the job but I'm staying with 6s... this is with stoeger 3500 and Carlson long beard choke.. will tinker with the pump next week. All shot from a lead sled.. 4s were just low but dead bird 5s I was a bit left.. next year I may try a scope but thurs was just a bead
  11. vdep217

    Legal squirrel hunting?

    Not in nj
  12. vdep217

    Gun safe info

    I currently have a stack on 15 gun safe and I need a bigger or another one.. as stated most safes can be broken in to with a good grinder but will take time.. I'm currently in the process of converting a large closet into a secure one. Getting the fire resistant board and installation installing metal studs for the door and a 3 point dead bolt. A little at a time cost will be around 1200 ar the finish.
  13. vdep217

    Long Range CVA™ Optima V2 LR Nitride Rifle

    Call n ffl they will tell you there is no background check on s muzzle loader
  14. vdep217

    New cam

    So the wife bought me a card viewer not realizing I already bought one when they went on sale at wall mart.. so she returned it to get a cam.. the only cam they had left was game keeper.. after looking at it it is made by covert and reviews seem good.. the cam is also warranted 2 years through covert. I believe it is a covert cam specifically made for wall mart.. takes decent pics we will see when I put it in the woods in a few months
  15. vdep217

    Long Range CVA™ Optima V2 LR Nitride Rifle

    Again there is no back ground check on a muzzle loader as it is not a fire arm federally.. even if you buy a new one in NJ only a Coe is completed.. call Cheyenne mountain they will confirm what I said..