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  1. In 51. Been dead on cam here the past 3 days lets see if the silence gets broken
  2. Its not the point of even broadside shots go wrong. Its the point of taking a hi percentage shot. There is less that can go wrong on a broadside shot than a head onshot. Yes under a few select conditions head on is very deadly but should not be one that is advocated for as a hi percentage shot to take, especially with new hunters.
  3. Not sure but feel the majority wants Trump and will prevail.. Trump also has statistics on his side with only 3 1 term presidents since ww2 and only 9 overall that were not reelected.
  4. I just ordered the lit 10 packs for my micro. Gonna start with 1 n see if its worth it for all 3 of mine.
  5. U look pale better take a sick day to be safe
  6. Little off topic but if you need support use live chat had ny issue solved in 5 minutes
  7. From the ground no. In a tree I have taken 1 head on and ended in deer dropping in sight but as gobble said throat patch.
  8. The field and stream sticks are not meant to be connected to another stick. You may run into a saftey issue of it not being stable as it looks like it won't insert any further. Your grey stick is a middle section of a set and will not work stand alone or as a base as it will dig into ground. Just trying to keep you safe
  9. I have almost the same ones but they are sportsmans guide brand. They are light enough n easy enough to move as needed just wouldn't count on them for a completley mobile set up.. 4 sticks should get you about 20 ish. I built aiders for mine out of ratchet strap and an old garden hose to give me a little more height
  10. Summits are good stands but like any thing new to you you gotta practice with it.. use it in your back yard a few times before trying to hunt with it
  11. Good advise. To add have a plan and practice it. Even with a full body harness you have about 6 minutes before your in trouble. Wich is why a lot of guys went to rock climbing harnesses. Practice with your relief strap make sure u can locate it while suspended. I keep a peg in a little pouch attached to my harness so at least I can screw that in and get situated
  12. As hammer said it happens occasionally
  13. While the bow is capable of the shot and much further 50 yrds is pushing it on an animal with archery equipment. Yes your cross bow is fast but it is still an arrow not a gun Especially one that is love struck on a doe To many factors come in to play. You said the buck was on a doe wich already had him hi strung. Un seen twigs etc. Now put the human factor. Buck fever not steady its a recipe for failure. Chances are nothing is wrong with the bow and it was hunter error. Limb could have hit blind wrong range etc.
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