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  1. Best kept secret the National Guard. Having deployed three times and talked with active duty and reserve components from other states nobody has education benefits like the NJ Guard. Not to sound like a recruiter. Pending on the state the education benefits differ. NJ any state funded school is tuition free. And typically you can get a enlistment bonus with additional education stipend. Pending on the benefit its $150-250 a month for the one benefit. Second benefit, pending where the school is located they get the housing allowance for that area. Since NJ has one of the highest housing allowances they'll be paid to go to college. For me I used the second benefit and I was being paid $1800 a month to go to college. I have seen hundreds of Soldiers come in, use the college benefits and leave after their first contract with no or almost no student loan debt and a college degree. If they have student loans NJ currently has a student loan repayment program. They'll pay 15% of your balance every year of your contract and they just extended this to include if you reenlist. I currently have a Soldier where the Guard will pay upwards of $90k in his student loans. Then there is a thing called Yellow Ribbon Program. If they use up all their benefits and the college is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, they can apply for it. It is not guaranteed and typically is competitive. If selected tuition is waived and pending on the school a small stipend may get paid each month to assist with books etc. The Yellow Ribbon Program is more used by people if the school isn't one of the colleges that NJ covers. So a private school or an out of state school. Obviously there's more to each benefit on limitations etc. that I don't want to get into. But if this is something your friend may be interested in and they would like to know more PM me and I can be more in depth.
  2. Good luck. I have been looking for several years. From what I know is he stopped building them. Whatever is out there is out there. I've only seen two go up for sale and both were sold before I was even able to respond to the ad.
  3. I wont shop there unless I am in a bind and desperately need something to go hunting with the next day. Which even now is pointless because odds are they dont have it either. But I was at the one in Brick around Mid November and whatever it was I was looking for I asked the associate if they had it. They said "We are a little late getting hunting gear out this year but everything will be out by the time the season starts." I laughed and said ok.
  4. Might be talking years ago when they used to do the goose hunts on Edwin B Forsythe refuge at the drive around near Oceanville. I was at a seminar last year where they were talking about possibly opening it back up for Special Goose Season in future. But there was a few hurdles they talked about that I don't see happening anytime soon.
  5. Id bring your license in case they still do that. But I guess its possible they don't because there were several that didn't bring their license and ended up getting into a pretty good argument with them over it. I imagine that happened frequently.
  6. I It used to say in the Hunter Education section that if you completed a field course before you need to bring your license to be able to skip the field portion and only do whatever you are there for. But I would just bring your current license and the required take home test completed. That's what I did when I went a few years ago and all I did was the muzzleloader portion and test and that was with 15 years between getting my resident firearms and muzzleloader license. A few guys at my class didn't have that and they went through the entire thing.
  7. I had a 2011 Yamaha 25 HP Short shaft and sold it for a 2019 25 HP long shaft Yamaha. The new one is almost 50 lbs lighter at only about 140 lbs. The new 4 strokes are smaller and lighter compared to a few years ago. Only issue I had was the dealer installed the fuel line backwards. So it was stalling on me at higher RPMs. But once I figured it out its been flawless.
  8. I wish. But its 2. They're everywhere this year.
  9. They're here. Ill be looking to get some when the season opens back up.
  10. Theyre around. Mainly saw black ducks scouting Sunday. A lot of Mallards in areas that you cant hunt. Going to look Sunday again. Hoping some new birds move in with the storms.
  11. It was dead calm on the bay this morning. No wind, no current. Very little morning flight but the Buffleheads kept coming in 1' sand 2's. Slowly picked away when a couple hundred Broadbills decided to dive bomb into the decoys and ruin our Buffy Bash. Ended up with a our limit of 9 Buffleheads and 3 Broadbills. Only saw about a dozen puddle ducks flying.
  12. All the buffleheads you want on the bays. Less puddle ducks around than a few weeks ago though.
  13. Just came across this article. https://www.poconorecord.com/article/20101119/News/11190341?fbclid=IwAR0qAsjlm5XdlSUXVtDpJpUCxpsdOEMK5_XF7UPk2cueKopm0wQOLCkDU3E
  14. Got this guy on the 19th. Its been a very slow deer season. Haven't gotten out like I have in years past and only seen one doe up until Tuesday. Had a short window Monday got in and pulled cameras. While out I ran into a guy who was hunting the other side of the hill. Didn't know he was there and he had a huge pile of corn. Could explain why all the movement went to night time. But one camera only a few hundred yards away had all day time movement. Made the decision I would hunt there. It also cuts the deer off going to the corn pile from the bedding area. Two good bucks and one we thought had a freak rack but the picture wasn't great so couldn't tell. Well the morning didn't go as planned. Had a flat tire when I was leaving. Got that fixed and stopped to grab snacks. Somewhere I got a screw in the tire. Off to get a plug kit. Plugged my tire and decided Id hunt the rest of the day anyways. Got in stand at 10:35 and buck was down at 11. He came in from my right checked a few scrapes and continued down the trail to the bedding area. Ive called in the past and the bucks always run away faster than they came in. So I am not confident in calling while deer hunting. But heading to the bedding area I thought what did I have to loose. He got to about 60 yards in front of me and I let a single grunt out. He turned came right back in and turned broadside for me at 24 yards. He didn't go 30 yards before he fell over within sight. Luckily he fell within sight because there was no blood trail. There was barely any blood where we found him. Turns out this is the freak rack buck we had on camera. He has a broken off point and you can see his brow tines are worn down from rubbing or fighting. The back of his tines he has a few small points sticking off. Pretty cool rack from the pines.
  15. If you mean track him like GPS...no. If a pet is chipped its a radio frequency ID which is different than GPS.
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