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  1. If you mean track him like GPS...no. If a pet is chipped its a radio frequency ID which is different than GPS.
  2. Was out today with a friend. Managed 3 black ducks, 2 woodies and a GWT. Nice mix of ducks today. Seen a few mallards and Gadwalls.
  3. Unfortunately its manual.
  4. Its a 2011 25 HP Yamaha 4 stroke, Short Shaft, Electric Start. I have only put about 50 hours on it. All maintenance was done by certified mechanics at either Brys Marine or Baywood Marina. Runs strong and never had any issues with it. Only reason I am selling is bought a new duck boat that needs a long shaft. Asking $1750. Located Brick, NJ
  5. Directions for a wood duck call say "too-weet" is how you blow the call. That is a flying sound. You do that call and the wood duck will look for another wood duck that's flying or get spooked because your making that sound while the decoy is on the water. Here is a youtube video of a Wood Duck on the ground. Way different sounds.
  6. Didn't seem to be at full capacity. The back tent only had about half the vendors it could have fit. The air dog competition was across the street. I remember it being with everything else but I could be wrong. Overall I enjoyed it. I mainly went to talk with the duck building companies. I spent time talking to the TDB, Duck Invader (former Duck Boss), Marty Kristensen about their boats. No real show prices if you were looking to get a deal on some hunting gear. Everything I saw was full price. To me its just a nice get away for half a day, BS with other outdoorsman maybe pick up a t shirt or 2 and check out some of the work of the decoy carvers.
  7. 2013 Duck Boss 13. Selling boat and trailer. Possibly a motor but that’s pending. Motor in the pics is being moved to my new boat. Had a lot of fun but time to plan for the future so I upgraded. This boat is great for 1 person and a dog or 2 people pending who the two are. I hunted regularly two adults with gear and 3-4 dozen decoys. Tight but can be done. Have title for boat and will have to do a notorized bill of sale for trailer. Boat is clean. I ran a 25 HP. Myself, 5-6 dozen decoys plus gear and it would get on plane easily and could cruise around 20 MPH no problem. Can take up to a 30 HP. Has switch panel with 4 switches (Bilge pump, 360 light, red/green nav light, one open switch). Also added a USB charging port which was awesome to have out there. Comes with locking cock pit cover and flapper boards. Trailer was just rewired and everything works. Currently doesn’t have side marker lights. Other than that trailer is ready to go. Motor: The new boat I just purchased had a 2004 Johnson 2 stroke, long shaft pull start. Mechanic is currently looking it over. If its good to go that will be available. Since its a long shaft probably not the best to have on a small boat like this to get into the shallows of the bays. But pending what the mechanic says it may be available if you are interested. Located Jackson NJ. Boat and Trailer- $3500 Motor if available- $4500
  8. Mpdiesel

    GSP toll ticket

    I agree with you but sorry my conversation didn't go that in depth. They just mentioned contacting them before they process the violation usually resulted in no penalty. Just pay whatever the toll is and you're good. Common sense would tell you that their would be exception like your case or didn't read the EZ pass but had the funds in the account etc. But this is NJ so give them your money.
  9. Mpdiesel

    GSP toll ticket

    A few years ago I missed a toll. The toll was not familiar to me and I ended up in the express lane while trying to follow my navigation which was a few hundred feet behind where I was on the road. To sum up the conversation, if you be proactive and contact them as soon as possible it is waived. If they process the violation you are responsible for paying for the simple reason that in NJ you are responsible for having the cash or funds in your EZ pass account when deciding to take a road with tolls.
  10. Field and Stream 1000 gram. Think I paid $90. Feet never get cold. Even on some of the coldest days we get, a pair of wool socks keeps my feet warm. Going on like 7 years and they still don't have leaks. I also use them surf fishing so they get a lot of use.
  11. That's not going to stop him.
  12. I bought the Exodus Trek to try out and for the price ($145) I am not happy. I put it out with my cheap wildgame innovations camera ($40) right next to it. I had 50 pictures on the exodus and 450 on the wildgame. Both have a 30 second intervals. I double checked my settings to make sure I didn't set it to take pictures only during a certain time period but its not. I have it on factory settings to take pictures the entire day. Considering the pics I did get I would say the angle of the camera isn't the issue. I am tempted to put it on time lapse and see what I can get but I think I would run out of room on the card first. Anyone else use Exodus cameras and feel they aren't getting quite the same amount of pictures as other cameras?
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