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  1. Id be all over this if I could bring someone. Deploying again early next year and rather have a friend come out than go by myself. Does person have priority for the following season?
  2. Mpdiesel

    Drone Weaponry

    Its already happened. China already got one of our high end drones and was reverse engineering it in like three years ago. Also their new fighter jet is a copy cat from stealing the blueprints of the F35.
  3. Only 8 days? Lucky. I did 18 months in GTMO.
  4. A link to some of the pictures entered. Bonus pic of something that finds mergansers palatable. https://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/audubon-photography-awards-release-the-best-entries-of-birds-chowing-down-and-theyre-hilarious-/?fbclid=IwAR3wTa88NohbH7y8GuPX0KHBADLle340WA0uAb3aqs3yOsmRySfiq4DNOng
  5. In twenty years of hunting ducks I have been told Mergansers are an acquired taste. In twenty years, I have yet to meet one person who has an acquired taste for Mergansers.
  6. "Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."-Albert Einstein. I think this guy named Albert was pretty smart.
  7. Welcome to the site. I am assuming you are looking for next year since North zone duck closed Saturday and goose is only open until the end of the week. Cant help you with locations because I am from Central/Southern NJ area. No need to go up there for ducks when I got plenty of spots around me. But West of Bergen county there is a lot of WMA/state land that I would look into if I lived up there. Do your homework and I am sure you can find a spot if nobody helps you. Also when they migrate back north in a few months would be a good time to get out and see areas they are using and look into whether or not you can hunt it would also help. As far as kayaks, I have a sit on top. Not the best but it gets the job done. Also I have a jet sled that I pull behind it sometimes to get additional decoys out.
  8. Mpdiesel


    What site is that? And do you feel it helps with shooting waterfowl?
  9. I have a feeling after trying it you’ll never shoot another unless you want to mount one.
  10. I spent probably 100 hours last year scouting two areas on foot. Cameras just helped with what was around. Problem I had this year was I could hear them all the time but could never see them. Made moves with cameras and came up with nothing almost all season long. But I have the general area they are coming from and going to. Going to have to put that time in again and see what I missed and hopefully get on them this upcoming season.
  11. Depends. I have a spot that I know the deer travel year after year. For that spot, I swap SD cards. When I am scouting a new area I bring an old laptop from my college days. I check the camera right then and there and move cameras as needed. No sense in keeping a camera in the same spot that may take another 2-4 weeks before I can get back in the woods to move it had I swapped cards and checked at home.
  12. My dream hunt is King Eiders in Alaska. I would love to get one of them mounted. Just watching videos of those hunts seems like you got to be insane just to do it. Tough to justify spending almost $6-8k on a 5 day hunt for a duck.
  13. The most brutal day of hunting weather I have ever been in. Temperatures were in single digits and the 20-30 mph wind that was right in our face this morning made it feel -15 if I remember correctly. I was bundled up and was still so cold I had to keep going for walks to stay warm. It was the duck my dads friend always wanted to get which is the guy who got my dad into duck hunting which got me into duck hunting.
  14. There are ducks and geese here. Not huge numbers like you may used to see this time of the year Its one of those seasons where you are going to have to grind it out to get a few birds. A lot of rain this year. Ducks and geese are spaced out in creeks and fields that normally have no water in them. Really I am looking forward to the spring to check out some new spots that I didn't make it to this past year. And now isn't the time I want to try new creeks.
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