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  1. Mpdiesel

    NJ DMZ’s

    Indeed it is. I believe was posted to the other site and I saved the link to my favorites. But also goes to show no question is a stupid question. A lot of members on here have plenty of knowledge to share. Just don't ask me for my hunting spot!!!
  2. Mpdiesel

    NJ DMZ’s

  3. Mpdiesel

    140" buck

    Same pic that's posted on NJ Big bucks that says it was found in Zone 16. Still a big buck.
  4. Mpdiesel

    Ozarks results

    The 9 point with the two kickers on right brow tine was the one I was after.
  5. Mpdiesel

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Observation sit tonight. Didn’t see anything but Looks like I need to get cameras up. Can’t make out what they’re doing but they’re definitely tearing the area up.
  6. Mpdiesel

    12/05/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    Heading out in less than an hour. Going to sit on a hilltop in a new spot. See what tonight brings.
  7. Mpdiesel

    Saskatchewan 2018

    Pictures don't do it justice? Incredible buck!!!
  8. Mpdiesel

    New to area

    It was nice meeting you. As I said you're more than welcome to come hunting anytime. Wish a few more of them mallards came in. Could have made quick work of a mallard limit. Tough to compete with all the extra water from the flooding as well as the live birds just a little bit away. Quick pic of Maggie retrieving the single drake mallard of the day.
  9. Mpdiesel

    Bad shot, no recovery. What you guys think?

    Quartering away at 70-80 yards with 800-1000 yard track job I would say that deer is still alive. Hurt, but for the time being still alive. Sounds like you are forward and you hit the leg which is why you see bone fragments. If it was me, I would be back out in the morning pick up last blood and attempt to keep looking. Worst thing that happens is you jump the deer because he's still alive.
  10. Mpdiesel

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    Sorry for your loss.
  11. Mpdiesel

    Bad shot, no recovery. What you guys think?

    How long did you wait before tracking? 800-1000 yards is a long ways for no recovery. Probably pushed him at some point.
  12. Mpdiesel

    Target buck down - Picasso the 9

  13. Mpdiesel

    11/27 check in

    Back at it in 18. Brought the climber in to play the wind. Had a doe jog through with nose to the ground. Did not care that she spotted me and just kept jogging.
  14. Mpdiesel

    11/27 check in

    Just got home. Didn't see anything. Pulled my cameras out of the woods for 6 day and pretty much no movement after Thanksgiving Day.
  15. Mpdiesel

    New to area

    Sent you a PM. I live right near the base and could help you get started at the very least.