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  1. Mpdiesel

    Few buck mountscomplete

    Great work. Can't wait to get mine back!!!
  2. Mpdiesel

    Tenpoint Carbon Phantom RCX

    PM Sent
  3. Mpdiesel

    Public land bs has started

    That sucks. Had someone do that to me last year.
  4. Mpdiesel

    Cooperstown Classic

    Great tournament. I played there as an 11 and 12 year old and coached several more years after that. Tournaments grown since I played there. I think when I played there was 6 fields and max 32 teams a week. Now its over 20 fields and 120 teams a week. Always wanted to go back and vacation there. Instead ill be there in November at a buddies cabin just north of Cooperstown for a deer hunt.
  5. Mpdiesel

    Tagged opening day trout

    Group of friends and I went out opening day and did very well. Mainly catch and release keeping only a few that swallowed the hooks. Prizes of the day were two rainbows between 17-18" guessing somewhere right around 2 pounds, and this tagged trout. All in all a fun day with a group of friends.
  6. Mpdiesel

    GHG Broadbill --SOLD--

    PM sent
  7. Mpdiesel

    Looking for a new book to tackle, any ideas?

    Call Sign Extortion 17: The Shoot down of Seal Team 6. Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy Seal Team Six Operator Adam Brown.
  8. Ya he was there. He attaches the life line as if everyone has a branch 3-4 feet in front of the stand so it would be a nice control fall. My set up I dont have that so I would have to attach the life line closer to the stand to the point where his life line I could bounce off my ladder stand on the way down. I much prefer a life line thats just going to stop me from falling period.
  9. Mpdiesel

    Overslept and of course new buck showed up

    I use wunderground a lot for checking weather because you can go back years for weather reports for every aspect of the weather. The wind that morning was blowing to where I would have had a great chance at being winded again.
  10. Mpdiesel

    Overslept and of course new buck showed up

    That's what I am hoping. Its a new area. Started hunting it last year about 300 yards away but made the move this year because the way I saw the deer moving. 300 yards made all the difference. Last year I had almost no bucks on camera even with a corn pile. This year my friend I estimate 25-30 different bucks. Most being young. 10-12 bodies like this buck and 2-3 with huge sagging stomachs. I have been lucky enough to get out probably 30-40 times despite losing end of October and almost all of November to being sent to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief and it still is by far the best season I have had and a HUGE learning experience. I have been winded way to many times this year. I think I will be getting rid of the ladder stand going to become more mobile with a hang on to play the wind more next year.
  11. On New Years Day I had a friend ask for help with a couple things his wife as been on him about so being a friend I helped out. Didn't get home until midnight and overslept. At the time I thought no big deal because I checked trail cameras 2-3 days prior and had half racks on a few bucks that I had my mindset on and no significant day time movement. Pulled the cameras yesterday on 1-8-18 and go figure new buck on camera the day I overslept. Yes the time and date are right on the trail camera pics. Showed up at 6:37 and last pic I got is 7:04 walking in the direction of my stand. .
  12. Mpdiesel

    "Big woods" 10pt down!

    Awesome buck!!!
  13. Nice Buck! Love seeing the post 6 day bucks that are still around.
  14. Mpdiesel

    10 pt from this morning

    Crazy because that pic is probably every bit of 5 miles from zone 16 on a straight line.