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  1. Field and Stream 1000 gram. Think I paid $90. Feet never get cold. Even on some of the coldest days we get, a pair of wool socks keeps my feet warm. Going on like 7 years and they still don't have leaks. I also use them surf fishing so they get a lot of use.
  2. That's not going to stop him.
  3. I bought the Exodus Trek to try out and for the price ($145) I am not happy. I put it out with my cheap wildgame innovations camera ($40) right next to it. I had 50 pictures on the exodus and 450 on the wildgame. Both have a 30 second intervals. I double checked my settings to make sure I didn't set it to take pictures only during a certain time period but its not. I have it on factory settings to take pictures the entire day. Considering the pics I did get I would say the angle of the camera isn't the issue. I am tempted to put it on time lapse and see what I can get but I think I would run out of room on the card first. Anyone else use Exodus cameras and feel they aren't getting quite the same amount of pictures as other cameras?
  4. Theres 13 teams from NJ this upcoming week. I played there back when there was only 32 teams a week and only 10 fields. There was also something like a 2,000 team waiting list to get in so you can imagine how good some of those teams were. We played a team from California where the coaches charged $500 a person just to try out for the team. Requirements were the kids had to be at least 5'8'' and 135 lbs to try out. They had over 700 kids tryout. It appears our record of giving up the most homeruns in a single game against this team was finally beaten. We gave up 18 homeruns and the game only lasted 1 1/3 innings. Current record is 20 in a single game but doesn't say if it was a full game or not. If I remember correctly, this team didn't play a full game until like the third round of the playoffs because they either run ruled or the other team quit. I know for us our coaches went over to the umpire and talked to the other coach about calling the game. We literally threw every pitcher we had and it didn't matter. And when our coach told the umpire we were done because he wasn't about to waste every pitcher we had to make it through the game when we still had like 5 games left for the week the other coach got pissed. And they didn't even win the tournament. The Glendale Knights with a girl named Amanda Peek did. Amanda Peek currently has the most homeruns hit by a girl in a week with 15 (we gave up one of those 15). At the time the record was 16. She came into the championship game with 13 and hit a homerun in her first two at bats to get to 15. She came up for her final at bat and they intentionally walked her. She was the talk of the tournament so everyone knew what was happening. I never heard boos this loud at a Yankee game let alone a kids tournament.
  5. Mpdiesel

    Good Guy Alert

    No problem. Hope your nephew has as much luck as I did with it.
  6. Free PSE Stinger hard case, arrows and release. Lent to a friend years ago and he never got into deer hunting. Wish I could have someone look it over before giving it away but I'm in the middle of moving and don't have time. Probably needs a new string at the very least. Located Jackson/Manchester.
  7. Stock tires off a 2017 RAM 2500 Diesel. Only had 3200 miles on them before I lifted my truck. Plenty of tread left. Putting up here first. Later in the week will be on craigslist. Selling tires and wheels together. If no takers would be willing to separate. Im sure you can find cheaper if you search but I did a quick google search and tires are roughly $300 each and Wheels were $345 dealer price. Looking to get $1000 as a set. PM if interested. Will respond in order. Wheels: Black OEM Wheels from sports appearance package. They are 20x8 with a 8x165.1 lug pattern. Tires: Firestone TransForce AT LT285/60/r20
  8. Id be all over this if I could bring someone. Deploying again early next year and rather have a friend come out than go by myself. Does person have priority for the following season?
  9. Mpdiesel

    Drone Weaponry

    Its already happened. China already got one of our high end drones and was reverse engineering it in like three years ago. Also their new fighter jet is a copy cat from stealing the blueprints of the F35.
  10. Only 8 days? Lucky. I did 18 months in GTMO.
  11. A link to some of the pictures entered. Bonus pic of something that finds mergansers palatable. https://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/audubon-photography-awards-release-the-best-entries-of-birds-chowing-down-and-theyre-hilarious-/?fbclid=IwAR3wTa88NohbH7y8GuPX0KHBADLle340WA0uAb3aqs3yOsmRySfiq4DNOng
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