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  1. What do you guys and gals think?
  2. The smile says it all. In the case is a CVA Wolf muzzleloader. Muzzleloader season can not come fast enough.
  3. Parker and Ten Point use the same half moon nock. I have 2 Parker’s and a Ten Point that all shoot the same bolts, makes it cheaper. Call https://southshorearcherysupply.com/. This is who I order my bolts from. Really nice people.
  4. Congrats on an amazing deer.
  5. Very nice. Coastal or western mountains?
  6. I have one of those. That I am not going to use. Let me know what you think.
  7. I like to use the spine calculator from Victory arrows: https://www.victoryarchery.com/arrow-guide/
  8. I prefer a stiffer shaft when it comes to broadheads and deer. As long as the bow is tuned to the arrow and you it comes down to personal preference. I have never been impressed with local shops and stock. I order all my shafts cut to length from https://southshorearcherysupply.com/. They have a great process of QC for any shaft they sell. I have them cut and install components. From there they square both ends and mark stiff side of shaft prior to shipping.
  9. This site replaced that site. That site was sold several times and eventually needed up in the hands of a company that just wanted the domain not necessarily a hunting forum. As for the people. Same people here that were there. Same good guys. Same Jack wagons. Same helpful people. And same know it all’s.
  10. Kids shoot Wasp Jak-hammers out of the crossbow.
  11. I have not shot a Mathews V3 yet. But did own a Traverse for a few months. Been shooting Bowtech for the last several years. To say that Mathews is torque sensitive compared to Bowtech I feel would not be fair. What I would say is that the 2 bows have have completely different grips. Once I got use to the grip I could shoot the Traverse as well as the Realm X. I kick myself in the but for selling the Traverse. But next to each other the kids and wife said the Realm X was quieter.
  12. Good luck with her. Did your old canoe have the seat elevated off the floor? The new one has the seat almost on the floor. Personally I felt paddling a bit awkward. But I only was in it for about 5 minutes.
  13. My whole family is fighting a head cold for the last week. Happens to us late summer every year. And yes I have a negative test result.
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