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  1. Congratulations on a great buck and with a the Recurve makes it more special .
  2. I agree just hate looking at tree. Been hunting out of a tree stand so long hard to change and face tree . I do get busted once and while just make sure I got good back and above cover .You will get busted in saddle too . Wind is more important whether your in saddle , stand or ground. Like I said if I were younger I would try it again especially with all new stuff out there. It would be another tool in the arsenal. Pricey though
  3. I did try it and saddle is nothing new been around a long time .A lot more options today . Great way to hunt whitetails once you get use to it .You should practice . If I were younger maybe I would give another try . I still think a hang on stand is faster with ladder or steps and just as quiet . You can get down easy if you have to as said above peeing pooping drop something etc. One thing I could never get use too is sitting looking at tree . Plus I hated the saddle with a heavy or even a light jacket rides up . But like I said so many options out there maybe they addressed some of my cons . I do know one thing they are pricey .
  4. Looks Like My kind of food . May take the wife there also .
  5. I just Got my first set of pictures this morning . Everything worked great no giant Bucks bur it was great not having to go out and pull card . Thanks again for all the great advice . Special thanks to BHC he really helped me setup the camera .
  6. Congrats on a real nice Buck (wide)
  7. Real Nice Boat for sale Jack , Look at those Whalers . I am torn between used and yours is on my radar or just going new. If you want new for nest year order now or they will be gone.
  8. Thanks for everyone's advice I just Got My Reveal X from Bass Pro . I also got the box and card . I set it up and will try to get out on tree today .
  9. I just got My reveal x ,set it up putting it our today . I do have it set up twice a day to unload pics to my phone . Can you over ride that and have pics sent at your convenience or before you go to stand ?? Thank You
  10. Binoculars are just Like cameras you get what you pay for or can afford.
  11. Great Have one being delivered tomorrow.
  12. I notice they are chasing for sure. Young bucks in my area .
  13. I have had both the monarchs and Now I have Diamond backs Both very good .Cant go wrong with either one. I did borrow a pair of Steiner predator and they were unbelievable big difference but also a lot more Money . I also tried Swarovski again big difference in quality and price and probably the best
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