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  1. If you go on River edge site and put in model number it will show exact stand . I put it together already and left ladder sections off . I have it on a hand cart right now in my shed out of weather and has never seen rain . New never been used . If you want to come look at you can or if you really need picture I can wheel it out and take a picture but River edge site will be better . Thank You
  2. Any of the carters ,like Mike ,quickie ,two shot . True fire and scott also worth a look . Right now use a true fire but miss my carter two shot . I sold .
  3. For Sale one Right Hand Camo with the eagle Oneida Screaming eagle lever Bow .I would say 45/ 65 pounds because had bow shop put on scale and said 55 lb and there is room both ways . ,long which I think is around 30 inch draw . Looks to be in very good condition .Very little use . I shot it and I am 29 draw and it shot good ,timing is spot on . Cables and string look good . Great finger bow ,great for bow fishing . Parts still available from G- strings bow strings . There work on Oneida bows is incredible .They will customize this bow I checked . Comes with plunger style rest and cobra site and one of those arrow holders and kwikee kwiver plate ,no quiver . limb tip covers . All as shown in pictures . Sorry some pics upside down . Selling as is because it is vintage 1988 . No manual but there is plenty of videos on you tube . Serial number under handle SCB367439. I will attach some pics. Located Morris county NJ . $300
  4. Price Reduction $250 pick up in Randolph no guarantee as is . This a follow up to the original post , I went to run motor this morning and could not get started might be minor might be major .Like I said not a mechanic . I did have this running and ran good . I have a video of it running. I do not want to mess with anymore so if any one wants it 250 dollars and its yours .I have more than that in it but have new motor and cannot use this one. NO Gas Tank but will give new $80 Fuel hose with pump and couple of connections .
  5. For Sale One New River edge RE655 LOCKDOWN WIDE 1-MAN put together except for ladder sections . Never used . Pictures on river edge site . $175 pick up Morris county NJ .
  6. For sale one Johnson 15 hp outboard motor with 9.9 markings . 15 inch shaft . The way I received motor from estate sale . Motor for a 74 looks to have very little use . I had it running when I first got it . Prop looks good and shows little wear . I then added new water pump ,Rebuilt Carburetor ,new shift shaft coupler and stainless screws ,new fuel line in motor , new fuel hose with pump. All parts including fuel hose Johnson Evinrude Brp no cheap stuff , Fuel hose with pump not that grey hose that ethanol ruins the good hose and pump . Changed lower end oil which had no water in it . Motor runs in tank ,ran in forward and reverse seemed to have plenty of power . Greased and lubricated what I could . I compression checked with a leaking gauge and had 92 psi compression equal in both cylinders . Parts are still available for this motor online. Comes with 6 gallon marine tank plastic and used about 3 Gallons of gas mixed 50 to 1 amsoil 2 stroke oil . Plus around 8 ounces of amsoil .No Manual . Motor sold as is ,I am no mechanic . I never had on boat in water just in water tank . I am selling because bought new motor with 20 shaft the 15 inch will not work on my boat . I do have a video of motor running will not load on here . But have a couple of pictures. $400 dollars located in Morris County NJ . I can give better pics if needed and try to get video to someone if needed . Thank You
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