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  1. You answered your own question and you are correct. The majority of this country and certainly states like NJ have grown accustomed to NO ONE legally carrying a gun and really the mere appearance of a gun (concealed or open carry) being a "threat". Carrying is so rare in many areas (and really non-existent other than LEOs in NJ) that it concerns the public whenever a gun is seen (even something as innocuous as carrying a cased gun from your vehicle to your home because it MUST be nefarious because it's simply the presence of a gun). The only recipe to change it is to both change the frequen
  2. Very cool trip! Congrats on the fish and meal! Nice!
  3. Looks like Delta has a few rebates available for various targets, but they have to be bought from Dick's or Academy: https://dmtargets.com/rebates/
  4. Agree 6.5+ with that roman nose, probably older. The white in the legs looks genetic, I have a doe at one spot I call "socks" that looks just like that, as does her offspring!
  5. What an awesome and memorable hunt for everyone! Congrats to both of them!
  6. Scoreboard has been updated! Something worth tabling to see what some of you think regarding buck scoring. Would you prefer to do it like we are here with just counting points or would you also prefer adding the two longest right and left measurements like we do in the Adult contest? Really just makes tie breaking easier, so in the event of multiple 8 pointers for example, we wind up drawing "pick list" for prizes more often.
  7. To this end, if I felt a stand was abandoned, I would hang my own stand in the area and observe the other one over time while I hunted the area. I wouldn't mess with or hunt out of their stand. If no one showed up for that entire season, i.e. physically seeing them, signs of the stand being use, signs of their trail being marked or re-cut, signs of bait, etc...then I'd assume it was truly abandoned. But again, that's knowing guys in the areas I hunt DO hang stands in pre-season (summer) and may not hunt them for until October/November. And if that person showed up, then I'd leave and go el
  8. Those experiencing the bottom ad blocking or overlapping the reply box when typing should hopefully not see that issue anymore. Fix was put in. If you still see the issue, please let me know what device and browser you are on when you see it.
  9. Hah, worth noting there are a bunch of negative reactions out there available but I'm not adding any of them
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