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  1. 200ft model https://www.homedepot.com/p/Frost-King-200-ft-Roof-Cable-Kit-RC200/202262345 based on the installation video you'll need quite a bit of length to install the way they describe.
  2. 05:18 is the best line The bearded guy is funny as hell. "Homestop?!?!?"
  3. Anyone have any links to these products? Interested for my ranch. Should help prevent the crazy icicle situation too.
  4. BowhunterNJ


    Any word @Tuck?
  5. BowhunterNJ


    Hope he's ok. Looks like he got the shot Thursday midday and was last on Friday afternoon. Like MG send, hopefully just busy with family.
  6. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE: What: Meat cooked over an open fire, 3D Bow Shoot, Crossbow long range shoot off, Adult beverage consumption, Tree felling bucking and splitting, Free firewood for the taking (Rusty will cut and split it for you if you give him beer) , Jack challenges all comers to a Hot Saw competition, . . . . When: March 20 Where: 46 Asbury Road, Hackettstown 07840 Who: 1. Rusty, The Beard, Bloody Hands, and The Scotsman Bringing saws, mauls, and adult beverages 2. Lectric, bringing his SpyderWeb (I don't know what
  7. Ugh glad she's ok! Same at my house. Leafless gutters create dangerous icicles
  8. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/539897-new-jersey-governor-signs-bills-legalizing-marijuana?fbclid=IwAR0gSxxLICKeFSFatPv-abmmSa6pGc16M_sbrph546cmzK6OXoSloUBe3EM
  9. The fact that he's apparently healthy enough to perform in one of the most cardio demanding sports on the planet...yep I'd consider that to be quite a positive sign and testament to his current health situation.
  10. I believe they do recommend 90 days before taking the vaccine after being infected by COVID. And the anaphylactic shock is one of the primary side effects experienced, albeit in very few cases overall. Glad he got to the hospital and is OK. Surprised at the pain in his arm 2 months later, I haven't heard of that kind of long term effect. Hopefully that gets better for him too. The positive side is he's back to playing hockey!
  11. There's zones in south NJ where you can hunt them I believe.
  12. You can also mouse hover the FROM section of the email and it should show you the underlying email address. Depends on email program used, some show the underlying email, some just show the alias and a hover or forward will show it. You can also use the email program to show the email properties and it will show the email headers which include the email address. Ultimately never trust an email alias (ie the name) in an email.
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