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  1. Boycott Yeti

    Definitely sounds like a BIG step back from what the NRA said Yeti initially said about not selling products to the NRA Foundation any longer (and their refusal to answer why)
  2. Doubled up....

    Very nice! That's a great hunt and also a help on the predator control!
  3. Solo Turkey Success!

    Awesome, well done!
  4. Jo-Jan 6 arrow Fletching tool

    I removed the Giveaway topic. Listing here for free will work
  5. So that's interesting, not being much of a turkey hunter, I see only one entry for spurs and one for beard. What do you do since there are often two spurs and also the potential for multiple beards. Do you add them all up and enter them in one box on the sheet?

    Very cool, that sounds like one awesome hunt and a great time! That's what it's all about!
  7. One for team 5 To check in later

    Way to go! Congrats for you and Team 5!
  8. Didn't take long

    Man, lots of successful members today! Great stuff! Congrats on yours, nice and early!
  9. Awesome Lou! I swear it's that face paint...deer and turkey magnet!!! Congrats on your turkey you turkey!!!
  10. Balls deep bow bird

    Dang!!! Waterfowling for turkey! Nice work Dan, you earned that one!
  11. Opening morning bird down

    Nice one, congrats!