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  1. So you can buy BNB directly on Trust Wallet via Simplex, then you swap BNB to Smart Chain (also listed as BNB coin on Trust Wallet). You can also buy Smart Chain (BNB) on Trust Wallet via Simplex, no?
  2. How are you guys even buying alt coins? Walk through the process for SafeMoon for example. https://safemoon.net/buy How are you getting BSC to exchange for SafeMoon on Trust Wallet? How do you determine the gas and any other fees you're facing with whatever process you use?
  3. Last I read the only not taxed event is fiat to crypto. Any crypto to crypto exchange is taxable, as is of course cashing out to fiat. Short and long term gains tax applies. Good feedback on wash sale, crypto being considered property!
  4. Thoughts on the wash sale rule? Careful, taxable events galore and some stiff penalties for mass/fast trading if you don't account properly. https://www.forbes.com/sites/shaharziv/2021/03/26/robinhood-trader-may-face-800000-tax-bill/
  5. Interesting topic. I'm in ETH and ADA currently. Felt I got to BTC too late versus investing elsewhere. I stared at DOGE for 3 weeks at $0.05 asking myself how it could go up given its history and feasibly of being something valued. It's clear my perception is irrelative, the market doesn't need to make sense to me, it only depends on what volumes of investors do/think/believe/pump/dump. Curious, where are you guys scouting investment opportunities to determine what to jump in and out of?
  6. They were available when BHC posted the link, I checked it.
  7. Dang, @mazzgolf turning into a turkey hunting pro over here! You're on fire with the turkeys! Well done, again!
  8. I restored this topic, it was deleted by OP. The problem with giving OPs the ability to delete topics they started is that it can wipe out 10 pages of discussion involving many members and that's not beneficial to those members (who have spent a considerable amount of time typing replies and having said discussion). Unfortunately this topic goes from a reasonable health discussion to insulting people's positions (i.e. idiots, sheep, etc). So I don't blame OP for wanting to terminate the negativity, it seems like many of these topics inevitably digress towards that. I didn't read through 1
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