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  1. Nice one @Lunatic! And great work @JerseyJaysTaxidermy!
  2. BowhunterNJ

    New Scam !

    These are all fitting for Lunatic's email example:
  3. Enjoy to all attending, unfortunately I have to go to a funeral in PA that day. UBNJ always hosts a great dinner!
  4. The ads can be mildly annoying, but they help pay to keep the site running. If it's really important to you, then an ad blocker can help block them, of course that doesn't help the site, but do what is best for your browsing experience. The ads bother some more than others, and some not at all.
  5. Manscaping level EXPERT!
  6. Todd when he gets winded or misses...
  7. Global warming? Bomb cyclones from the midwest? Kinda early for a fish kill, no? What would be the cause this early? Isn't it usually an algae bloom or the like?
  8. BowhunterNJ

    New Scam !

    Yep that's the scam. Gotta look FIRST!!! Now all your info has been scraped by China and is for sale in the same dark web marketplace FB and Google sells our data.
  9. Good share, wish NJOA would get on here like @NJSFSC and post these up. Good looking out @rgw!
  10. We all knew this is a lie when we read "once". The rest is believable though...
  11. BowhunterNJ

    New Scam !

    I get those all the time. Always check the email header for where the email originated from. If it isn't apple.com then you don't trust it and apple never asks for your SS or contacts you like that. Always, always check the email header if you feel the email is suspicious and certainly before you click any links in the email or even open any images in the email. Never open any attachments without being 100% sure they are from a verifiable source.
  12. Hahaha now that's funny. Eye catching. You been searching for back waxing too? 😂
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