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  1. If you start with "Biden...", the topic gets moved to NMP
  2. Awesome buck and story! Congrats @Lunatic!
  3. Nice one! Enjoy the good eats from Elys!
  4. Good luck all! Nice day to be out there!
  5. How do you guys carry a day pack and clothes and bow/gun for an all day sit?
  6. It's a good idea and possible to do with the Classifieds. Same with Want To Buy items. Can use tagging or the topic title to identify what you'd like to achieve. I'm afraid putting it in a different forum might be confusing. WTB (Want to buy) WTS (Want to sell) WTT (Want to trade)
  7. The worst is stepping in it and climbing your stand then it's on all your tree steps coming down...
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