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  1. Yes it is. Please don't post it here. Thank you.
  2. Very cool! Congrats to your god-daughter!
  3. If that were the qualifier I might never reach 4 pointer level
  4. I don't think Jay does any image work, only real life taxidermy work.
  5. That's odd. You're probably being penalized for insufficient beer consumption and tree cutting. I have to look into that. It looks like you should be the same or higher rank than me.
  6. If I can find someone to make them that was my first idea. Racks with the actual points
  7. Well it's not a contest, just a recognition (by the site and fellow members) of content posting contributions. Undoubtedly it keys in on people's desire to achieve, which promotes posting content, but it also keys on people's willingness to recognize an accomplishment or something that benefited/helped them. Nothing wrong with that imo, really just comes down to perspective. We could get rid of it all and make the site plain, but remember how many wanted their post counts and status maintained. It does matter to many, and that's ok, it just represents time/effort they've put into the site as a member. It also gives readers a sense of who has experience. Just my .02 Also wanted to add the default badges were provided by the software but are customizable. I just haven't had time to think through better achievements/recognitions and wanted to see how their implementation worked out (Ie how well thought out and accepted it would be...apparently not very well for the latter haha)
  8. Awesome! Best of luck to them! Gonna be some fun times for all of you!
  9. The site will donate some raffle items again for the dinner too.
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