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  1. Good news mazz! Wishing her a speedy recovery!
  2. I used 30%. Same results.
  3. BowhunterNJ

    Tested Today

    Damn man, good luck. Hope you feel better soon!
  4. Yep, bad seed blends, crappy topsoil, mulch crap that grows and reseeds, etc.
  5. Try poa trivialis in your lawn. Haven't seen any selective herbicide to control it. Only choices are to pull it one by one by the root or glyphosate your entire lawn and reseed.
  6. Good deal, that's consistent!
  7. Also, you could say the same about many chemicals to treat lawns. No pre-emergent used? No fertilizers? No weed treatments? No pest/bug sprays? Just all natural rain watering and spot treatment with vinegar on your entire property?
  8. Lots of history with farming and Monsanto seeds vs herbicides. I'm curious to see what the farmers you know say, I would be surprised if they weren't using Monsanto seed with Monsanto herbicides. Lots of cases where adjacent farmers were and wind drift would kill a non-Monsanto farmers crops. Monsanto is the dominant player and engineers their seeds to be resistant to their herbicides while also being able to kill any competitors plants.
  9. How deep is your well? Mine is almost 400 ft, going to take A LOT of Round Up to seep that deep. Even a well that is 50 feet, I would think would take a lot to get there and it would probably be heavily diluted by the time it did. Soil is usually heavily compacted, various layers, various permiability. Not to mention about every farm is using RoundUp to treat vegetables, so it's IN the root of the food rendering plant and therefore in the food (as a previous poster mentioned).
  10. Welcome to the site, I moved this topic to the appropriate forum (Classifieds), tagged it with "WANT TO BUY" and deleted the duplicate topics. Good luck with your search!
  11. Clears the way for Biden and I'm left asking again this election cycle: "Is this the best the Democrats have in their entire party?"
  12. I tried precisely that last year and it took repeated applications. Killed topically but never seemed to get the root. And I used 30% vinegar concentrate which is crazy strong. You need a PPE mask just to avoid inhaling that stuff, will burn your nose and lungs breathing it.
  13. FYI, for those looking for a label to read... Roundup Pro Label: https://natseed.com/pdf/Roundup Pro Label.pdf
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