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  1. BowhunterNJ

    Let's see those racks.....

    I want to hunt where @Buck154 hunts!
  2. BowhunterNJ

    Cream cheese stuffed BACKSTRAP!

    Damn that looks delicious! As much as I love bacon, I've found it tends to overpower steaks flavor wise. Years ago I loved it, now not as much...guess tastes just change over time, not that I wouldn't inhale a bacon wrapped steak anyway!
  3. BowhunterNJ

    Barn beam mantle

    Very cool and very neat looking house! Nice to have a mason as the former owner!
  4. BowhunterNJ

    1/14/19 Muzzleloader hunt

    Good luck man! Hope the Ghost shows!
  5. BowhunterNJ

    merganser part deux

  6. BowhunterNJ

    Coastal photos

    Cool pics and congrats on the birds! What the heck kind of shotgun is that? I've never seen a triple barrel before Also, @mazzgolf recommends you try out merganser...he has a couple recipes!
  7. To this point, the Golden State Killer was caught by using DNA from these sites. Not that it's a bad thing in this particular case, but it's proof the DNA isn't "private". https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2018/04/27/golden-state-killer-dna-website-gedmatch-was-used-to-identify-joseph-deangelo-as-suspect-police-say
  8. Now his cover it blown...back into witness relocation. Hopefully you get placed at a farm in Iowa somewhere!
  9. Coincidentally a conversation came up yesterday about a story where a boyfriend and girlfriend took a DNA test "for fun" and found out they were half brother and sister. Turns out their biological father was a sperm donor. So it seems kinda odd that a given sperm donation organization within an area would use the same donor repeatedly in the same area. Chances are there will be multiple kids who area in the same area who are unknowingly related, will go to the same schools, meet, form friendships and relationships...and then suddenly you're in a Joe Dirt movie banging your sister.
  10. Welcome to the site Nick! I'm not a waterfowler, but I'm sure those here who are will chime in and help! Good luck!
  11. BowhunterNJ

    Still holding??

    Mixed results from last week. Some dropped one, others still holding. This guy must have just dropped that day!
  12. BowhunterNJ

    I painted this picture

    Very nice! You see those blades of grass sticking through the snow? Yeah I can't even draw or paint those! Haha
  13. BowhunterNJ

    Shooting smoke

    I think that $2500 includes a back massage and a trip to Ohio...
  14. BowhunterNJ

    Shooting smoke

    Did you buy a press for it as well? Any issues at all with the crossbow itself?
  15. BowhunterNJ

    My boys Buck and cougar

    Got me!