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  1. That's different looking, very cool!
  2. Keep in mind, this is an 8 pointer!
  3. @JHbowhunter was not responsible for this kill...just want to put that out there...
  4. How big do you think it is gross and net? No cheating if you already know! Another pic farther away:
  5. Entertaining video, not sure how practical the drainage test is as that isn't quite how blood and wounds work but I guess it shows a function of entrance and exit wound size that will have some relevance in how well blood filling a cavity drains/exits. Made me cringe watching him shoot broadhead groups, guessing he went through a lot of arrows and vanes. In a nutshell, looks like the Annihilator was the best performing broadhead, plywood and should blade simulation were cool tests.
  6. That's a GOOD looking buck! Enjoy!
  7. I don't want to hear any excuses about hangovers from last night either...
  8. Have fun everyone! Sounds like it'll be a good time!
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