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  1. Good luck! Sounds like an awesome hunt!
  2. That is a big one, nice!
  3. Cool looking tripod! Added an image of it and a link to Amazon to buy for the same price Also note, Bob's linked products are for a different build (very different products), which however does costs less.
  4. Good luck! Hope he comes on by!
  5. They definitely seem knock-offish, but the reviews and pictures seem pretty good. I might get one of each and give them a test drive in the backyard. For areas people hunt with thieves, it's not a huge loss if they wind up disappearing. Sucks to even have to think that way, but I'm sure many run "burner" cams half expecting them to be gone every time they go in to check pics.
  6. Nice, there are a few over there that are in the same price range. One is cheaper, just lower reviews but again for the price good for whatever you get in case it gets stolen. I think many on here won't shop at Dicks anymore after they changed their position on guns and ammo. But a deal is a deal, so maybe some will.
  7. Just a couple cheap trailcams with good ratings on Amazon that are deals right now. Good for areas where they might grow legs and you don't want to be out a lot of money usogood Trail Camera 14MP 1080P On Sale 43% off for $50.99 Lightning Deal on Amazon, act fast if you want one. 96% gone! Don't know much about them, but pretty good ratings on Amazon and quite cheap! Link to buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/32WBvJ9 Another one I found... LETSCOM 14MP Trail Game Camera 0.4s Trigger Speed, Waterproof HD Wildlife Scouting Cam 42 Low-Glow IR LEDs, 120° Wide Angle On Sale $45.99 Link to buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/30372v3
  8. We have a fantasy football league here that @buckfever1974 organized. No weekly pick em however. Feel free to fire it up, I'm sure some may join in
  9. Wow, giant! Congrats to the angler!
  10. Sorry to hear Jack, wishing Mako the best! Hoping it all goes well!
  11. Sorry just seeing this. The issue with failed logins is almost always an old saved password that gets auto filled in the sign in form. Sometimes it's a bad browser cookie that needs to get deleted and will recreate itself when you log in the next time. The best approach is to delete your device's browser cookies and form data for this site, close and restart your browser then try to log in here again.
  12. Somewhere else...or just grab a burger and wait
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