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  1. Nice! Enjoy the trip! Looking forward to some pics! What part of AK?
  2. Welcome to the site, great introduction! Also sorry to hear about your wife, wishing her and your family the best.
  3. Welcome to the site and best of luck finding a hunting partner up that way!
  4. OK the Taylor Ham explains why you were so slow getting over here. It's OK, we'll have you eating pork roll before you know it!
  5. Everyone, please read Rule #1 closely. We've seen a number of posts today completely ignoring it and we're not looking to spend our days editing posts and PMing members to ask them to read the rules and follow them. Likewise, we realize these current examples aren't personal attacks on other members, so the intent isn't bad, we just want to end the usage entirely on here. Please do not use vulgarity or masked vulgarity moving forward.
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