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  1. Faster

    Sick doe

    They were trying to feed it? Why? Poor thing.
  2. You'll never forget that one. Really cool to get it on cams too.
  3. Your username fits you perfectly. Awesome, as always
  4. I'd love to, but not sure I can with work. Maybe a late entry if thats ok
  5. GhostBear is actually taking the deposits, you can send your money directly to his paypal
  6. HAHA, I always thought that was sooooo weird. Why the efff would you want to do that or look like that?
  7. This has happened every year Ive hunted bears. They decrease activity at my bait sites drastically the last week before the season. Usually not totally, but often times just showing up in the middle of the night or whatever. I've always attributed it to other guys not only putting baits out last minute that attracts them away from mine, but just added activity in the woods in general. Guys putting up stands last minute, scouting last minute, dragging in baits etc. I think the increased pressure chases alot of them off.
  8. Congrats to the guys that got birds. We had plenty of action today, but couldnt get it done. Oh well, another day.
  9. Huge bird, tough to beat for your first. Congrats all around.
  10. Cool, I'm jealous as I was at work today.
  11. Well a Baramundi's a bloody big fish
  12. Faster

    Hand Guns

    I like this reply, a .22 pistol is a must just to shoot cheap and have some fun with
  13. sorry I missed your response here, What is the measurement on the part that sits inside the bed?
  14. Can you measure the dimensions? I've been looking for a UWS for my old flare side. And where are you located?
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