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  1. Faster

    Hand Guns

    I like this reply, a .22 pistol is a must just to shoot cheap and have some fun with
  2. Faster

    Truck box for Toyota Tacoma

    sorry I missed your response here, What is the measurement on the part that sits inside the bed?
  3. Faster

    Truck box for Toyota Tacoma

    Can you measure the dimensions? I've been looking for a UWS for my old flare side. And where are you located?
  4. Faster

    I'm tired

  5. Faster

    Lets See those Trucks!!

    Any time you'd like... but there's gotta be some money involved.
  6. Faster

    Lets See those Trucks!!

    2008 Powerstroke, bigger turbos, tuned, blah blah blah
  7. Faster

    Parker Bows Going Under

    My girlfriend shoots a Parker crossbow. She'll be upset to hear this for sure.
  8. Faster

    2018 Spring Turkey Hunt VIDEO

    Awesome job. Nice footage too
  9. Faster

    Favorite slug gun?

    Browning BPS Deer Special in 20ga
  10. Faster


    Maybe they will bust a buck out of a bedding area and kick him your way
  11. Faster

    I knew I....

    Help is just a post away. Plenty of good guys on here that will lend a hand.
  12. Faster

    Did anyone score today?

    We did an all day sit and saw zero anything lol.
  13. Faster

    Bears are moving

    Yeah, there should be some guys in the area out looking for bears. I don't understand why we had bears on our baits steady every day and then it stopped dead October 1st.
  14. Faster

    Bears are moving

    Cool. We've been in stand since 530. Not very hopeful since bears stopped hitting our baits a week ago, but you have to try.
  15. Faster

    Smoked An Early Season Doe! On video

    Whats the draw weight on your bow?