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  1. I live right on the border of zone 8 and zone 9, so it would save me a lot of dough since I have multiple stands in both zones. I took the survey and voted in favor of it.
  2. I'm looking for some advice and help getting a new policy. Please PM me if you think you can help and would like some business. Thanks
  3. Wish I had dinner at your place lol
  4. Cool. I see them on my back pond all the time... unfortunately, so do the snapping turtles
  5. Tonka truck was a big one, army men, and matchbox cars. When I got my first pellet gun, I used to line up the army men in my fireplace and shoot them. That was until my mom got home from work at least.
  6. Faster

    Spread The Word

    Haha reading you loud and clear. And I definitely do rotary smart lifts (in grounds).
  7. Faster

    Spread The Word

    Far Hills, and Ledgewood. But we travel pretty far for jobs.
  8. Faster

    Spread The Word

    I hope this isn't against the rules here, but... I have started a new business and just want to get my name out there. We mainly sell, service, install, and even remove Automotive Lifts. I have many years experience and it was time to go out on my own. If you or anyone you know has a shop in need of service or new lifts, or even want a lift in your garage or pole barn, you will not be disappointed with us. I also do oil and air piping, compressors, tanks, HVLS fans, and more. We are fully insured, have the right equipment, and have the talent and knowledge to get your needs met. Visit my site for some pictures of work I've done or to request a free estimate. Panther Lift: https://pantherlift.com/ Thanks for looking. Bo
  9. That'd be a dead fox if it was my backyard. I fling an arrow at every fox or yote I can while deer hunting, for this reason.
  10. Thats an awesome picture.
  11. Faster

    Big Bear

    NICE! I love the chevron/blaze thing on the chest too
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