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  1. I like to take a couple does late season just because I can safely hang them for a nice 4 or 5 days without the risk of the temps getting too high. That being said, i shot a doe last week and had to hurry to cut it all the sudden when it was getting into the 60's lol
  2. guys got horrible taste in beer
  3. Evian and butchering you mean?
  4. I moved a stand yesterday on a whim. I'm in it now. Only a spike at first light so far. Zone 8
  5. I'm an automotive equipment contractor. Lifts, compressors, oil systems etc.
  6. Im leaving in a minute, just not sure on which stand to go to still.
  7. I think this is one of the dumbest gimmicks going. No doubt that ozone machines work for what they do, but the size of the ozonics unit and being outside and all, theres literally no way it could work. That being said, I hunt the wind when I can, but by no means hunt it religiously. I have mature deer down wind of me constantly and get only get burned once or twice a year. Bottom line is you need to keep your camo outside or in a tote full of wood chips, and try not to smell like a sweaty greek guy that owns the diner on 22.
  8. Sweet. I love the blaze, I've never had one on cam that had one.
  9. I always wondered how they dont get flooded in hard rains.
  10. I'm thoroughly jealous. Best of luck to you. Did you get any other tags?
  11. Faster

    Buck Down.

    Nice buck Mark, congrats.
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