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  1. Faster

    Smoked An Early Season Doe! On video

    Whats the draw weight on your bow?
  2. Faster

    12 gauge ammo - FREE

    Nice offer!
  3. Faster

    Mechanic advice - lost all transmission fluid in Jeep

    JH, Maybe the cooler lines rotted out and pissed all the ATF out. Pretty common, just like brake lines.
  4. Faster

    Mechanic advice - lost all transmission fluid in Jeep

    What company do you work for? I did a lot of the Catena buildings.
  5. Faster

    Guide Killed By Bear

    I can't say that I could've saved the guides life, but I can say with certainty that that bear would be dead if I was the client. Sh1tty story.
  6. Faster

    Quick Fall season

    Awesome buck. congrats man
  7. Faster

    Etiquette Question

    I dont shoot fawns, and I don't take a doe that has spotted fawns.
  8. Faster

    Lost the largest bull of my life

    So I guess you hit him alot farther forward than you were planning? I has a similar thing happen on the biggest buck I've ever shot, but this was with a bow. Haunts me to this day lol
  9. Faster

    Lost the largest bull of my life

    It is very crappy quality watching it on my phone, but it looks like it was a very hard quartering away shot, no?
  10. Faster

    Self Defense Hunt

    Crazy, what state was that?
  11. Faster

    Which are you using on the opener?

    Thanks man. Its a tough thing for sure, but at least I have a million memories of hunting and fishing together. We took our bow license course together in high school. I have his .22 by my back door that I use more than any gun I have.
  12. Faster

    Which are you using on the opener?

    My best friend died of cancer in February and his family gave me his Bowtech he had bought right before he got sick. He only hunted with it a few times and never got a kill with it, so hopefully I can get my EAB doe down on opening day with it.
  13. I had 3 bushnells a few years back. They all broke within a year or 2. Won't buy them again. I have been using the Primos Proof 02 cams with pretty good luck since.
  14. Faster

    Old buck

    He definitely was a slammer last year. Cool to see a history on a nice buck like that.