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  1. Faster

    Shotgun help needed.

    they don't hold in at all, they just come right back out
  2. Faster

    2016 Segment A - Bear Got Home Today

    Cool mount, nice job. Whats the stats on the bear?
  3. Faster

    Shotgun help needed.

    wow, thanks for the info guys. I'm not looking to put too much into this gun, but would like to see it working. The more I read about them, the worse they are sounding haha. I only paid $115 for it, assuming it worked, but I didn't have any shells near by to see if it would cycle. I just thought it would be a nice extra gun to have around.
  4. Faster

    Shotgun help needed.

    Like if you try to load the magazine, you can push a round into the tube, but it doesn't stay in there, it just comes back out into the receiver.
  5. Faster

    Shotgun help needed.

    I have a 20ga Smith and Wesson model 916a that isn't working properly. The shells do not stay in the magazine unless the pump is all the way back. Ive heard these guns kind of suck, but id at least like it to work. Anyone have any recommendations on where to take it? Thanks.
  6. Faster

    Zone 11. He’s not fat, just big boned!!

    huge bird... what did the hooks and beard measure?
  7. Faster

    Long night turns into a great morning

    Congrats, that a great bird.
  8. Faster

    Snakes BEFORE Sangria

    I was asking so I could make sure and stay out of there haha
  9. Faster

    Bird #2

    sweet pics, nice bird. Congrats.
  10. Faster

    Snakes BEFORE Sangria

    I hope to never see any of them for any reason. Where about were you for this? What kind of terrain? Mountains? Rocks?
  11. Faster


    Very cool. Congrats.
  12. Faster

    Got a good Tom

    Thanks guys. This is the 4th turkey Ive ever killed, but the first gobbler, the 3 prior were all jakes.
  13. Faster

    Transgender turkeys?

    I never knew this stuff happened. Must be weird to see.
  14. Faster

    Got a good Tom

    I called this bird in with 2 jakes. They busted out into my decoys and I got the shot off minutes before noon. 23lbs, 3/4" spurs, and a 9.5" beard The first pic is the jakes in my decoys right after I shot him. They didn't want to leave and the one was giving my gobbler a beat down while he was flapping around on the ground. You can see him laying dead to the left of the jake decoy.
  15. I wouldn't mind stopping by for a bit and throwing a line in the water if its alright.