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  1. Good luck. Can't wait to get out tonight
  2. Depends....depends on if she wears depends or not...
  3. I aim at what I'm aiming at...Bend at the waist and even bend the front knee a little bit. Concentrate on your exit so that the arrow is passing through the area of the vitals you're aiming at. Pick a spot on the deer and let it fly. I prefer double lung shots to heart shots. Depends on how far away the deer is, but from a stand I'm going in high on the front lung and come out low on the back lung. Too many folks drop their bow arm instead of bending at the waist, which will affect the height of impact.
  4. Damn that looks fun! I wish I didn't get seasick. I'd love to get out and do that
  5. Good luck everyone. Coaching soccer tonight...but I'll be out tomorrow
  6. No. You're missing out. Watch Meateater. It's not only a great hunting show, but it's a great show period. It will make you laugh, cry and just generally appreciate life as well as hunting and fishing
  7. Sorry for your loss Dan. Sounds like your buddy was with you tonight.
  8. Congratulations! Sounds like a pretty amazing week
  9. @BowhunterNJ. Matty. Just got another full page ad that I had to scroll through.
  10. Seems like it might have worked. No 520 errors since I cleared the cookies yesterday afternoon
  11. Clearing the cookies might have done the trick. The ads are still awful and obnoxious, but no 520 errors yet
  12. Without trying to stir the pot, I tend to agree. A random stand on public land, no sign of life, no cameras, bait piles, etc. I don't see how the kids did anything wrong. I mean, I personally wouldn't sit in a random stand bc it could belong to someone, it might be unsafe, etc, but that's just me. Aren't you actually not allowed to leave your stands on public land either? I feel like I read that once or twice
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