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  1. not on the rug

    Happy Birthday 06roadking

    Happy Birthday Wayne! Hope all is well
  2. not on the rug

    Favorite Candy

    candied venison?
  3. not on the rug

    Favorite Candy

    I'm a junkie for high end, handmade dark chocolate. Dick Taylor, Xocolatl, Nathan Miller, Fine and Raw, etc. Other than that, I'm also a sucker for some old fashioned Sweedish Fish from time to time
  4. not on the rug

    My 2017 rage harvests :) mounted

    Seriously...nice year Jay. Congrats again. Mounts all look great too
  5. not on the rug

    1:45 am - wake up jack!

    And he tops himself yet again...
  6. not on the rug

    1:45 am - wake up jack!

    Just when we all thought you couldn't get any creepier...
  7. not on the rug

    1:45 am - wake up jack!

    Looks great. I've been up since 2am. Insomnia is a mofo sometimes...
  8. not on the rug

    Making Pickles

    We eat a jar each week, at the cost of $6-8 per jar. The crock would pay for itself in no time. I also have a farm share at Genesis Farms in Blairstown, so I have an abundance of veggies to ferment. I'll be ordering a crock very soon
  9. not on the rug

    Climber Recommendation

    I like the Summit Stands. I currently use an Open Shot because I like the weight/portability and because I seldom sit for more than 3 hours at a time. I have ladder stands on my private spots too, so I tend to only use the climber when I'm checking out public land or testing out new spots. A Viper is a great stand. The Goliath and Titan are nice for large folks or for stretching out for all day sits and taking a nap.
  10. not on the rug

    Making Pickles

    Thanks for all of the info Bill. I appreciate it. I'll look more in to it later tonight and I'll check out what I can find on Amazon as well. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress
  11. not on the rug

    Making Pickles

    Nice. I was also going to ask if anyone here did any veggie fermentation. I eat fermented veggies every day and sick of having to pay for them. I've been eyeballing some crocks and jars on amazon to get me started with it
  12. not on the rug

    One of our own- caught red handed....

    You're not going to burn that in a woodstove are you? I think that's illegal in some states
  13. not on the rug

    What’s Wrong With This Picture #2