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  1. My apologies... I think leaving a Kamado Joe uncovered outside is actually against the law in all 50 states. Just a FYI
  2. The PK is cast aluminum, so it doesn't rust. You could leave it uncovered and it would still be fine. Perfect grill for lazy, careless bastatds such as yourself
  3. Nice. Have you ever seen the arteflame? They're amazing. I'd love to own one. They also make inserts for Weber grills. https://arteflame.com/
  4. Well...tomorrow will be the first time Todd gives me his meat. You can always ask Lou for an expert opinion on Todd's meat though. He did say above "it was some of the best. Legit."
  5. Yeah. I'll be there. I'd love some.
  6. Did you make enough for everyone?
  7. not on the rug

    PK Grills

    Does anyone have experience with these? I'm looking to grab one to add to my collection. I've been using a knockoff Kamado-style grill for the past few years and I love it. You can grill or smoke on them and they really check off all of the boxes. However, I want to test one of these PK grills out for a while before I splurge and drop $2500 on a Kamado Joe. I love the fact that the PK are cast aluminum and last forever. All other parts are replacable, if they ever wear out. Folks who use them, tend to have them or have ones that belonged to their parents or grandparents. They definitely hold heat and have great air control, so smoking seems to be super easy as well. I like the design of the PK360: the grill size is bigger than the standard model and, it's hinged on the back instead of the side for easier use. https://www.pkgrills.com/
  8. That sounds like fun!! Haven't we put that old adage to rest yet? Lol My 268 cubic inch motor will knock the doors off of almost anything else on the street and I haven't even begun to improve the build or tune it yet.
  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. It really is a fantastic place. The Brazilian BBQ, Churrascaria Paladar moved across town on to Rt46. Bigger place
  10. Just saw it too. Strange stuff. He was a strange character. Not exactly a great husband or father, probab raped that woman in Colorado years ago, but still tragic nonetheless.
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