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  1. Do you have any idea how big of a dent that would put in your truck?
  2. I think you're older than he is Jackie boy
  3. They come in handy when she's headed the wrong way on Rt 80
  4. That is a serious FUPA...also known as a cooter-cover in some areas. Reminds me of a joke... How do you know your girlfriend is too fat? When she sits on your face you can't hear the TV
  5. I may have found someone. I'll let you all know if it falls through. Not sure what's up with the outlet. It is on a switch. It used to work and now it doesn't. Not sure why anyone wouldn't want to come over to make a grand for half a day's work. I know tradesmen make good money, but I don't know any of them who make 365k a year and only work half days
  6. Trampling is just one of those fetishes that I really can't seem to understand
  7. I've got my money on Mrs. Rug. I think she could kick your ass cat boy Truth. I love Mike Rowe and everything he does.
  8. Still looking for an electrician in Warren County to install 2 ceiling fans and troubleshoot a problemed outlet. This search has been a nightmare and I've never experienced anything like it before when trying to find a service person. 1 guy I know of is too busy. Called 3 others multiple times and never got returned calls. 2 guys were no show-no calls who fell off the face of the earth afterwards. And my most recent one just called to cancel his appointment to do the work Wednesday and has no idea when he'll be able to come out to do it now. "Um...ah...maybe in a few weeks" was what he told me after I expressed the need to really have this work done. Does anyone know a reliable electrician that perhaps knows how to operate a telephone and/or work a calendar?
  9. Stop dragging your yams across the tall grass. I know it's nice to walk around naked in the summertime, but we live in NJ so you have to show some discretion.
  10. I'd say the worst place would be your ballsack.
  11. I have client scheduled for 6:30 in Blairstown on Thursday. Maybe I'll grace you fools with my presence
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