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  1. He's probably napping...No shave November is exhausting for girly men like him who can't grow beards as easily as real men like us. Right @LPJR ?
  2. You have to tailgate when Lou is on duty. Then flip him the bird and speed off when he tries to pull you over. Gotta give him something to do on shift
  3. Keyport. http://drewsbayshorebistro.com/
  4. Just wanted to give the final verdict. We went with another couple. Ordered the Voodoo Shrimp and the Broiled Oysters for starters. The shrimp were amazing, but the oysters were even better. I'd definitely order both again. Entrees: 2 of us got the shrimp and grits, 1 jambalaya and 1 Nashville Hot Chicken. Everything was excellent. The jambalaya and chicken were spicy, but not overwhelming. Shrimp and grits was amazing. Dessert... huge cookie/ice cream sandwich and pecan pie with vanilla gelato to split. Ice cream sandwich was excellent. Pecan pie was plain and the gelato with it was nearly tasteless. Definitely the low point to the meal. Overall, great experience and we will definitely be eating there again
  5. Do you think they'd be mad if I started posting close up pics of the back of my balls?
  6. Are you clowns done jerking each other off yet? Do we need to know the secret handshake before we can see the pic?
  7. ASAT and the Predator patterns seem to be the most effective as far as what I've read and experienced. Also, no offense to anyone, but clicking a link from a brand new member seems like a great way to get to get a virus
  8. Congrats! That's a really nice buck
  9. Awesome! I missed out this morning because I had some clients. I'll be out tomorrow though...either for birds or deer. It will be a game-time decision
  10. I used Grim Reapers for many years and they left unbelievable blood trails. Every shot looked like someone painted the woods red and the deer all dropped within sight. The bigger the cut, the more blood that will come out of it. If the exit wound is high though, the body cavity has to fill with blood before it spills out and that is what can cause poor blood trails
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