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  1. not on the rug

    11/17 check in

    Good luck
  2. not on the rug

    11/17 check in

    Good luck
  3. not on the rug

    Sometimes an arrow needs to fly

  4. not on the rug

    Just put a deposit down on a dog

    Good luck. If you need any help with obedience or manners, I know a guy...
  5. not on the rug

    11/17 live bow hunt

    Good luck
  6. not on the rug

    Best winter gear ??

    I have a really nice Woolrich turtle neck that I wear when it gets cold. With that and the collar on the Day One parka, it's impossible for the wind to get you. Gotta have the bibs underneath too. I lined them all in the windstop material and insulated them. Great for late season hunts
  7. not on the rug

    Best winter gear ??

    I swear by Day One as well. Gray Wolf Woolens is also top notch.
  8. not on the rug

    Miss the Guy,Stevo

    For sure. He was one of the good ones
  9. not on the rug

    need a tire shop near blairstown

    Oxford A1 Tire on 31 in Oxford or go down to Ken's in Flemington
  10. not on the rug

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    I'm currently enjoying a Buffalo Trace and sitting by the woodstove.
  11. not on the rug

    Need help identifying a trespasser

    Wait...there are people here who don't have him set to "Ignore?"
  12. not on the rug

    Last Hurrah

    Good luck Dan
  13. not on the rug

    Big Buck Down - Whitetail

    Congrats! He's a beauty
  14. not on the rug

    Slow rut

    I'm sure there is some truth to that. I've noticed improvements in the herd in the past year or so. I actually believe the Zone 5 herd is starting to replenish itself a little bit and that could certainly play in to your theory. Maybe my timing is bad and the bucks in my areas just happen to be locked down on the days that I've been able to get out to hunt.