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  1. Turkey Tuesday checkin

  2. Solo Turkey Success!

    Very nice. Congrats

  4. There are jobs for every American. The fact of the matter is Americans are too fat, lazy, stupid and entitled to do them. That's why we have so many Hispanic day laborers here in the first place. Those people are simply doing the work that Americans refuse to do
  5. Good Opening day gobbler

    Congrats Will
  6. more turkey action!

    Beautiful. I tend to be a rottweiler lover, but a Cane Corso is on my short list of dogs that I'd like to own one day. Have you done any high level obedience or even shutzhund training with him?
  7. Opening morning bird down.

    Happy Birthday to you indeed! Congrats on the bird
  8. more turkey action!

    nice bird. nice dog too. cane corso?
  9. Long beard down

  10. Balls deep bow bird

    I'm sure he is. I admit that I laughed a little when I saw the pic of you in the water.
  11. Balls deep bow bird

    Gotcha. I guess either is possible. Glad you got the bird though and now you have a funny story to tell everyone
  12. Balls deep bow bird

    where did the 1st arrow hit him? was it too low?
  13. Dirt bike track

    Looks like he's enjoying it
  14. Glad the little one is OK I'll echo tjfslaughter on this one. Pay a pro and get a warranty. My parents had a similar issues a few years ago that was caused by tree roots. Not pretty at all
  15. Balls deep bow bird

    Congrats Dan!