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  1. Looks like a 2 blade exit. So much for Jack's collection of VPA heads...
  2. I'll start paying closer attention. It could be that the spots on my target are just getting faded and now I have an excuse to buy a new target. It's mostly shot out anyway
  3. OK. I think I'm confused now. I can still see the pins very clearly, it's the target that is getting blurry for me. I thought a verifier was used to clear up the pins? I shoot .019 pins now. Wouldn't a larger pin just muddy up what I'm seeing now? I'd feel like I was just guessing as to where my arrow was going. I feel like the dots I'm aiming at are a little fuzzy so how do I clear that up? I already wear glasses or contacts for distance, and my prescription is current and good.
  4. My problem recently is that the target is starting to get a little fuzzy for me when I get out to 40 yards or more. I guess I'm just getting old. I'm wondering if I should maybe switch to a sight with .010 pins. I hear they can be tough to pick up in low light though, so you need to use a light. No big deal
  5. I get what you're saying. I guess my point is that most folks, especially NJ whitetail hunters, aren't even shooting 40 yards when they practice or can't rally shoot a tight 40 yard group in the first place due to their own poor technique. It would be impossible for someone like that to discern the difference between the way their field tips are grouping vs the way their broadheads are grouping because again, they aren't shooting tight groups anyway. I'd venture to say that most folks also aren't paper tuning or bareshaft tuning their bows in the first place, they're grabbing a bow off the rack at cabelas and sighting it in a few days before the opener. On top of too-stiff arrows, they're probably only using mechanicals too, which will also help to cover up tuning issues.
  6. Good luck to him and a speedy recovery. I've been fortunate with dogs in my life. They either never touched anything they shouldn't touch, or they have the constitution of a goat and just pass everything. When my current dog Max was a pup, he devoured anything and everything: socks, underwear, bras, flipflops, dress shoes, a -shirt and other things and would just pass them through without issue. He's even eaten a lethal dose of raisins once without a single symptom.
  7. True, but for all intents and purposes, you're probably one of the only guys on this site who not only knows the difference, but who can shoot accurately and consistently enough to actually see the difference. The differences are so minimal and the shot distances are so short for most hunters, especially NJ hunters, that I think it's pretty safe to say that a properly tuned bow will shoot "most" field points and broadheads "exactly" the same. Right?
  8. I think that's a good point. Most broadheads end up in the dirt, so they'll be dull no matter how sharp they may have been upon exiting the deer's body. That being said, there are so many other variables that will add to what "dulls" a sharpened piece of steel. Cutting hair will dull the blade, so will slicing enough meat. Hitting bone will dull the blade. The hardness of the steel will affect these variables. Then we can talk about the actual edge of the broadhead (or blade)... How "sharp" was it in the first place. I know this discussion came up a while ago and there was a bit of butthurt going on by folks who don't understand steel. Was the blade truly sharpened (old spent steel was removed and fresh steel was exposed) or was it simply "honed" by realigning the old spent steel. We can go on and on in regards to this topic. A "sharpened" blade will be more durable than a "honed" blade.
  9. Who tuned your bow? If anything, these things should fly exactly like field tips. Quite honestly, 99.9% of broadheads will fly like field points out of a properly tuned bow.
  10. Very cool Ron. If you text me a picture of the flyer, I can post it to my business social media pages too
  11. Good heads that are durable, fly true and are easy to sharpen. Most guys' biggest complaint is that they tend to not produce the best blood trails.
  12. The funny thing is that I've shot deer in that spot in November but for the past 2 years I said I was going to thin some of those little trees out and I never actually did. I just got home and stuck my folding limb saw in my bag. I'll take care of it next time I go in to that spot
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