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  1. Good stuff. My little one had 3 bows at the age of 3. I passed those along to a fellow member last fall and got her a Diamond Atomic. Fantastic bow for little ones
  2. Right on. No worries. That's why America is great. We can all have our own opinions I agree that it is disrespectful 100% and I wouldn't do it personally, but I'm ok with our right as Americans to express ourselves with peaceful protest. If there was a pertinent social situation where it affected me and I wanted to peacefully protest, then perhaps I might find myself kneeling too. I doubt it, but I would want my rights protected too
  3. This is how I have felt all along. I enjoy watching football and will continue to do so. I don't give a rat's ass about player kneeling. I don't tune in to the games to form my political opinions, I tune in to watch football. I don't agree with kneeling, because I find it disrespectful to the flag and those who fought/fight to defend it and what it stands for. However, I understand that what the flag stands for is our rights as Americans...and that players have the right to peacefully express themselves however they choose.
  4. Are you asking him to post dick pics? I think there's a rule against that now.
  5. I don't believe a word of this nonsense, you're baiting us so we'll be extra shocked when you shoot that 200" beast you have on camera. @Flyarcher.X Congrats!
  6. Good analysis. I like your thoughts. I personally think BJJ would be my number 1 bc it's the great equalizer, especially for women. Most physical confrontations end up on the ground and despite broken glass or hot pavement, you need to control the situation. Same for women fending off attackers and rapists. He wants on top of you, so pull guard and break a few of his joints. I might put Judo as my #2 for the grappling and leverage techniques. If you can stay on your feet, you're ahead of the game. Best case scenario is you toss the guy and run away. The safest way to win a confrontation is to not be in a confrontation. I'd put Krav Maga as my #3. Very practical hand to hand combat skills. Very precise and very violent. That being said...my training is only in Kenpo and Western Boxing. I'd love to learn more Muy Thai and BJJ. Fortunately for me, I have a good friend who is a Gracie black belt who can show me a few things whenever we have some time to train, which is basically never these days, so I hit pads at home whenever I can instead
  7. not on the rug

    R.I.P. Elli

    So sorry for your loss Mark.
  8. PSE Frankenthrottle built by John's Custom Archery. I have 3 different arrow builds that are shooting wonderfully out of it, so I'll probably mess around with all of them. Also have a Prime Centergy Hybrid that is an absolute tack driver. I wouldn't mind zipping a few deer with that one too.
  9. not on the rug

    Oil Change

    My oil changes are almost $140. 9 quarts of Euro spec Amsoil at $9 a quart and a $36 filter. I miss the days of a $50 oil change...
  10. It sounds like he's too young to be left alone at all. That literally means a human has to have eyes on him at all times. Some dogs mature faster than others and grow out of that stage early...and some don't. You could use an e-collar and give a vibrate or low-level stim whenever he looks like he is about to touch or approach something that he shouldn't be. Simultaneously give the correction and the "no" correction. Then call him to you and give him a scratch, treat, praise, etc.. "Correct and redirect" is one of my favorite phrases when it comes to training.
  11. I'm sorry that my explaination made you feel attacked. It wasn't my intent. I am just putting some facts out there. I know a few folks who are very religious, but have really explored their Christianity and how history ties in with the beliefs. I'm not religious, but really enjoy the discussions I have with those folks. I'm always interested in a good discussion and in learning as much as I can about any given topic. I'm actually reading a really interesting book right now. Its called The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. Here's a link. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sacred_Mushroom_and_the_Cross
  12. Right on. I'm tired of the propaganda too. Most people don't understand the slave trade at all. They live with the idea that colonists sailed to Africa and kidnapped Africans. They also believe that America is the worst when it comes to slavery. The trans-atlantic slave trade existed long before the colonies existed and a miniscule 4-6% of all african slaves that came across the atlantic actually were sent to the colonies. The other 95% were shipped all over the globe. This trade was based on warring african tribes who captured their enemies and sold/traded them to the slave traders. Not evil colonists raiding african shores. Cultures have been enslaving other cultures and races since the beginning of time in every corner of the world. People don't get along. Period. Haitians and Jamaicans hate each other and they're essentially the same race. All asian cultures hate one another. Italians and Irish fight. It goes on and on. I actually think we do a pretty darn good job here in America considering the fact that we're the most diverse country in the world. Yes there is some systemic racism. Yes cops need more training and psychological evaluation. Yes there is a small problem with wrongful death...cops kill whites, blacks, hispanics and asians without cause as well. But the overwhelming majority of people that cops kill are killed for a reason. Liberal propoganda ignores all of these things
  13. "Christian" holidays were just an attempt to wash away Pagan Holidays that existed for thousands of years before Christ was born. The Christians used those dates in order to make the conversion easier on the non-Christians they'd just enslaved. December 25th was always a huge Pagan festival celebrating Agriculture so using that day as Jesus's alleged birthday made it easier to convince the Pagans to accept Christianity. Why do you think we decorate trees, to celebrate agriculture or because Jesus? Same with Easter... Eostre or Ostara was a Germanic goddess and celebration of the Spring Equinox. Nothing to do with a guy coming back to life and climbing out of a cave... Kinda funny that you think Jesus and his pals would be white anyway. You know a lot of caucasians who were born in the Middle East? Also, how does the official end of slavery in America only represent blacks? It's a day that any human with a heartbeat should be celebrating.
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