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  1. Matic was way up. Over 20%. Everything else was blah though. Stock market was garbage too. Now that it's essentially common knowledge that our inflation rate is disturbingly high and all of the taking heads are trying to scramble and talk their way around it. We may be headed for scary times in the not too distant future. Fear is setting in and people are dumping everything
  2. BTC dumping hard after Elon's tweet. Get ready for Doge to really be his new baby
  3. Sounds like my kinda day. Maybe shoot some bows and/or guns and that's what it'sall about. So...let's put it on the calendar.
  4. The major coins are safe...the alt coins like doge, elongate, safemoon, Shiba, etc are highly volatile...small risk with a huge reward. I have a few coins where I own several million and one where I own almost 39 million. If they hit a penny, that's 390k. If they hit a dime, thats 3.9 mil. You get the point. I toss about $25 at these types if things and then just play the waiting game. If I lose, it cost me $25. Anything more than that and it's a win
  5. @BowhunterNJ Be aware that ETH gas fees are crazy high right now. So if you're going to buy Shiba, the best way seems to be to do it on Crypto.com. You can just set up a debit card or do ACH for a purchase. I was trying to swap ETH for about $40 of Shiba on Trust and the lowest gas I have seen was nearly $150. I saw upwards of $1000 on Monday night. I'm not throwing that much money away on fees. I'm still going through the process of linking an account up to Crypto.com. They seem to not jive with PNC or Chase for some reason, where I've had no problem using PNC or Chase anywhere
  6. So...Trust wallet often has $50 or $150 minimums for things and I've noticed their supplies aren't available sometimes. I had a bunch of BNB in my Binance acct and so I transferred some to Trust. Then I swapped it for the BNB Smart Chain and bought my Safemoon and Elongate. Fees weren't bad at all. If you're using Trust wallet, use that DApps button and then use pancakeswap or uniswap or whichever swap lists the coin you're looking for. The actual DEX button on Trust wallet always has crazy high gas fees
  7. When you use pancakeswap or uniswap through the Trust Wallet, it usually lays out what the fees will be before you make the swap.
  8. @BowhunterNJ You need BNB first. This video is a great tutorial
  9. Anyone in particular you can recommend to follow on twitter? I was going to see of those folks have other social media that might be worth following before I actually stoop low enough to open a twitter account
  10. I don't exactly know how that applies to crypto yet, but I know I don't move anywhere near that much money or make that many trades. I like Binance.us a lot. I also have a Jaxx Wallet and a Trust Wallet, and now I have a Crypto.com account just for Shiba. Agreed. I like XMR and LTC too. Not super familiar with Link or Augur. I'll have to take a closer look
  11. Sounds like an awesome group. I hear twitter is king when it comes to crypto, but I hate twitter so damn much that I refuse to use it
  12. I don't think it's ever too late for BTC. I wouldn't be surprised to see it hit $100k by the end of 2021. Some predictions have it hitting $1 million in the next decade. I think ETH has the potential for being the #1 coin down the line though, so I always put money in ETH too. When I'm interested in a coin, I just try to read about it anywhere I can. Then I consult a friend of mine who is a crypto genius, and at the age of 28 is worth over $3m from crypto and that's also after he pissed a bunch of money away on dumb stuff. He sticks to the goal of trying to make 10% daily on his in
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