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  1. Good luck. Enjoy it Too much for me to do this morning to make it out...Clients, a soccer game and kid's birthday party to head to also.
  2. BMW. You've never heard a BMW referred to as a bimmer?
  3. You swap front to front and rear to rear. I do it on my bimmer. I keep my alignment as perfect as possible and also have my tires balanced at least twice a year. Huge tires constantly shed rubber and need to be taken care of that way. Mine are 275/40/20 in the front and 315/35/20 in the rear. That's stock sizing. I was going to run 22s on it, but I don't want to sacrifice ride quality at all, I don't want to ding up rims constantly and those tires are already pricy enough so I don't want to spend even more
  4. I saw a young buck (3ish) running doe in a field as I drove in to work today. Seems like he had the itch for sure
  5. I get almost 25k per set on my bimmer and that's actually pretty good for that vehicle. Basically 2 years...and they aren't cheap. On most other vehicles I'll get the 40-50k that they're rated for. But driving 12-15k a year, that's only a couple of years anyway. I think the rule of thumb is no more than 5-6 years and then it's time to replace them.
  6. Congratulations again Ron. Nice one indeed
  7. Damn! Maybe I should sell my 35 ammo and retire to Bora Bora.
  8. The TH/PR delineation line is measured in IQ points, not latitude. If you call it Taylor Ham, your IQ is under 80.
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