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  1. That's how they make their money in today's car industry. There is almost no profit margin in sales anymore. It's all in the service end
  2. The ACLU defended those girls in Lacey Twp who posted pics on social media of themselves at a shooting range.
  3. Did a 2lb flank steak on the Weber tonight. So good...
  4. I had the exact same thoughts 👍
  5. You never put coffee in your dry rubs? It adds such amazing flavors. Same with using rsw cacao powder or even just regular cocoa powder. Try a tbsp of 1 or both next time you smoke something
  6. So sorry you're dealing with this. I've been down that toad too many times. It never gets any easier
  7. Smoker held steady right around 231. Total cook time was 4.5hrs. Cook was perfect. Meat was bite of the bone tender, leaving a completely clean bone. The sauced ribs I tossed in a little bit of Dinosaur BBQ just before serving.
  8. Prep complete and ribs are hanging. Had to remove the deflector plate because full racks of spareribs were touching. Baby backs would hang nicely though. If I do spare ribs in the future, I'll cut the racks in half. No worries.
  9. I tend to keep a variety of salts in the house. Have some Celtic, some Himalayan Pink, some flaked sea salt (instead of kosher salt) and some Hawaiian black.
  10. No. Himalayan pink salt. Way different than sodium nitrate
  11. Lately I've been using Royal Oak Chef Select briquettes. I order 40lb bags on Amazon. I like Kingsford Hardwood too. For lump charcoal, I like Royal Oak. Jealous Devil and FOGO are both really good, but definitely more expensive. All of these products come to temp nicely and burn very evenly. I do coffee and cocoa/cacao on pork sometimes, but not always. I do it most of the time when I smoke beef ribs and beef short ribs. The flavors lend themselves to smoked beef beautifully.
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