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  1. Look at her in front of the line with her white privilege
  2. Yeah, but that's where all the "fun" chicks will be
  3. No fish for me tonight. Will be eating beef and venison burger topped off with pork😈
  4. 3Blade

    Animal Id?

    Looks like a hairy gay dude to me
  5. Congrats Jack! Best of luck with it
  6. I used to go fishing on party boats a lot with my late uncle in my younger years but would have to take a dramamine or else I would be puking.
  7. We are definitely living through some strange times
  8. Yeah I agree. I'm a contractor and have been driving with my worker in my dump truck all this time with no mask since this crap started. I also know a ton of contractors and landscapers driving 2-4 guys deep in a truck with no masks and none of us are dead yet
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