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  1. 3Blade

    Fantastic Pizza !!!!

    Looks really good!
  2. Rick Bauman with All Hunts Taxidermy out of High-Bridge.
  3. Got him early bow season.
  4. Not at all. Words like "Democrat" , "liberal" and "Sanders" are the real filthy ones.
  5. Hey Woodsman, here I am warming up before one of my hunts
  6. Of course he's in great shape...he has a cryo chamber( whatever that is) and only works about 2 hours a day
  7. I'll have to respctfully disagree. I am a self employed Mason( hard physical labor) and not only do I hardly ever have breakfast I sometimes don't eat lunch either. Usually just another cup of coffee but will eat something light if I feel a little hungry. Dinner is my main meal.
  8. I hardly ever eat breakfast, just a cup of coffee and I'm good to go.
  9. Throw a deer carcass on top and I'm sure you'll be fine
  10. 3Blade

    Flu Shot Failure

    My son went to the doctor the other day and she told my wife a lot of kids are coming in with the flu this year. She asked if any had gotten the flu shot and doctor said most of them did. My son did not and is doing good. I have never gotten the shot and don't plan on it either.
  11. Wow, that looks good. Will have to try that one for sure!
  12. Said the F word to my Mom once and got a bar of soap shoved in my mouth. No such thing as "time out"....got your ass beat.
  13. Looks like a zombie deer.
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