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  1. 3Blade


    Good luck at the new location and I also recommend him. It's farther for me now but worth the extra drive.
  2. 3Blade

    Dead spruce finally down

    yeah with his trusty axe too-no chainsaw
  3. 3Blade

    Dead spruce finally down

    I think Rusty would consider that just a "warm up"
  4. 3Blade

    Man Shoots Self With Crossbow

    It would have deflected with a rage
  5. 3Blade

    It amazes me how quick they grow up!

    Very cool buck! Good luck with him!!
  6. 3Blade

    Man Shoots Self With Crossbow

    Damn, how do you survive that type of injury It also sounds a little suspect...through the side of his head and at almost 10 pm
  7. 3Blade

    Rusty inspired straps

    I was a bit concerned about opening this thread
  8. I wonder if that freak is wearing a ghillie suit or is in serious need of a body waxing
  9. 3Blade

    WTF with some websites

    Looks like this feradyne owns carbon express too
  10. When you notice the days are getting shorter.
  11. When we are debating which broadhead is better
  12. 3Blade

    No Veggies Today

    Looks good! I cant wait to restock the freezer.
  13. 3Blade


    Looks like a good time!
  14. 3Blade

    Passing on the savings...deal here for ya

    If you were closer I would jump on this. You are basically giving that away....should sell fast