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  1. 3Blade

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    That's it! Yanni, Barbara what's the difference? If it's not ACDC or Metallica it all "soft" crap to me. Just f'n with you
  2. 3Blade

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    I could be wrong but I do remember it was one of those Barbara type performers. I cant remember the name.
  3. 3Blade

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    I do remember a thread about a year or two ago where I think he admitted to going to a Barbara Streisand concert
  4. 3Blade

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    It also reminds me how much I loathe todays "music"
  5. 3Blade

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    Anytime anything ACDC is on while I'm driving the volume immediately goes up!
  6. 3Blade

    Bob & AJ's own not so little one gets a MEGA one!

    Very cool, congrats to the young lady!
  7. 3Blade

    Anyone know where to buy aluminium arrows

  8. 3Blade

    Anyone Bored Yet?

    Yeah I may get out next week just to get my line wet.
  9. 3Blade

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    Took a nice ten point and two does. Had fun trying to connect with that old buck I've been after but he got away again this season.
  10. 3Blade

    Anyone Bored Yet?

    I'm looking forward to trout season. If time allows I plan on doing a lot more of it this year then I usually do.
  11. 3Blade

    Anyone ever make their own sushi rolls?

    Looks really good!
  12. 3Blade

    2/16 Final Sit

    Good luck rug!
  13. 3Blade


    No way that idiot in the front is "female",....looks like a fat dude to me
  14. 3Blade

    Apeman Trail Cam-Good Customer Service

    Good to know. I plan on pulling the original one apart to see if I could fix it.