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  1. 3Blade

    Happy Birthday 3 Blade

    Can't wait to snuggle with him. I need a good name for him...any suggestions?
  2. 3Blade

    Happy Birthday 3 Blade

    Thanks Todd! Looking forward to your gift
  3. 3Blade

    What reminds YOU?

    There are so many to list...food I would say Twinkies and sweedish fish candy. Anytime I here a Kiss song on the radio it brings me back( they were the band that got me into liking rock music and eventually metal.
  4. Sorry men, I will have fruit in mine.
  5. 3Blade

    1 less fawn killer

    Admit it, you took him out with your cruiser.
  6. 3Blade

    Father’s Day Weekend

    Sounds like your weekend is off to a great start!
  7. 3Blade


    To you too and all the dads out there!
  8. 3Blade

    Can’t open locked car

    Hey, sometimes they need to learn the hard way
  9. 3Blade

    Can’t open locked car

  10. 3Blade

    Camera Check This Morning !!!

    You are covered in bears! Maybe you should open a bear guiding service this fall.
  11. 3Blade

    Dodge dependability

    Nice! I hope my 1500 lasts as long
  12. 3Blade

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Hey Lou have a Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!!
  13. And if he comes out in both I am out of there
  14. I don't know what would scare me more,,,,,,,Lou in speedos or in face paint