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  1. Well I know I was one of those who mentioned not believing in fairy tales and being a recovering Catholic. Ill say this...I believe in God, the higher power or whatever one wants to call him/her. To me the fairy tale part is RELIGION, all of them. Its man made institution/ business just meant to control people. I also think the Easter bunny thing is just as real as most of the stories I would listen to by an old man in a robe every Sunday.
  2. Looks like I am getting my nuts punched. I didn't send it out yet. I just got him back and forgot to pull his teeth before I had dropped him off at the taxi.
  3. 3Blade

    Tested Today

    Wishing you all the best.
  4. He was smart as hell. He always found my trail cams and gave them the stink eye. There were at least two other guys that he outsmarted. The amount of caution he came in with before I shot him was unreal.
  5. He was an old buck ( 8.5 at least) that was on my radar since 2014. I plan on making a plaque to put him on similar to the one below. *Link to the hunt attached below* https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/forums/topic/35176-the-old-buck-is-down/?_fromLogin=1
  6. 3Blade

    What Killed NJH?

    There's one that likes shad roe...that's reason enough for a good ball kicking
  7. My fingers hurt just looking at that
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