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  1. I cant tell...they all look the same to me. Good luck getting one of them!
  2. It was obvious almost from the start it was never about health and all about control and the sheep continue to follow
  3. He knows there is a crazy Greek guy in the neighborhood running around with an xbow...smart buck for shedding early
  4. I want to be in charge of the waitresses
  5. "Common sense"? There isn't any. Looking through the regs and you get a head ache.
  6. I like funky racks but would pass on that one.
  7. He's a nice one! Congrats!!
  8. Lol..to this day my mom still asks that.
  9. Yes I know. The very first time I used one I slid halfway down the tree as two of my friends were laughing their asses off at me.
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