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  1. Like title says, I’m searching for mosin nagants. Any and all original, sporterized, barreled action doesn’t matter, I just want mosins
  2. Sup guys, gotta head up to Mahwah for the weekend. Anyone know of places around there with public fishing access? Been looking around on Google maps and everything I can see seems to be either private or surrounded by private property. Trying to target anything freshwater that’s not a trout. Don’t wanna burn anyone’s spots so pm me if you’re willing to pass a lead, thanks!
  3. For sale or trade (preferential treatment on trade) 372 rounds of surplus 7.62x54r. Majority of the the steel case is in the original paper packaging. 357 rounds of steel case appears to all be Russian factory 188. 15 rounds of brass case heavy ball machine gun ammo (not recommend for use in Romanian PSLs) Corrosive primers since it is surplus, just spray your gun with some water after shooting you’ll be all set. Want to trade for .22lr, 556, 223, or 12 gauge target loads. Or Guns/ gun parts, ISO an AR upper, beater 12 gauge shotgun, or beater .22 rifle. willing to put cash ontop of ammo to balance out trades. Asking $225 for the lot. Pick up in Secaucus
  4. Buddy of mine contacted DEP via email and they actually said even 9mm is allowed which is nuts. I think to them “including .30” might mean anything less than .40 in truth.
  5. Sup y’all, I got a Savage produced No4Mk1T Lee Enfield for trade. Was formerly sporterized but has since been repaired/restored. Not in the search for anything particular just PM me with what you have that you’re willing to trade. Not interested in selling unless you’re making some crazy offer. Only interested in long guns rifles or shotguns. No handguns or non-NFA others. View Imgur link below for pics. https://imgur.com/gallery/kZSnTLv
  6. Awesome thank you so much, yup I got my hunting license. Did you see if there’s any target stands for paper targets there? I hear sometimes they’ll be out on the range but sometimes they won’t.
  7. Hey, has anyone been over to the Clinton wma shooting range lately? Heard it got extremely crowded there from covid panic buyers. If you did go over there, when’d you go, how crowded was it, and was it a weekday or weekend when you went? Thanks
  8. How much looking to spend
  9. In search of a Ruger American Ranch rifle in 5.56 that takes AR15 magazines
  10. smungung

    Ammo for sale

    Interested in the 32acp where ya located?
  11. If deal falls through I’m interested
  12. smungung


    Eaten and cleaned my fair share of eels. But never caught one in NJ before from waters where it’s safe to eat. Method I use for cleaning live eels that I buy if you wanna keep the skin. dispatch it by cutting the head off, gutting is not immediately necessary. Then throw it into the sink and pour scalding hot water over the now dead eel until you see the skin go from black to milky white. That is their slime layer cooking. The eat meat should still be raw, you’re not trying to cook the meat with water, just the slime later. After the slime is mostly white the eel should mostly stop moving. Take a knife and scrap all the slime off, wiping with a paper towel some times works as well. After you get all the slime of it should be much easier to hold onto like any other fish. Then gut the eel from vent towards where the head used to be, a pair of shears work better than a knife for this. Then after you’re done you can just debone it and grill it with unagi don sauce for the same result as what you get in sushi restaurants.
  13. Hey guys, I am specifically looking for milsurp 7.62nato / 308 rifles namely 1916 Spanish Mauser or an Israeli K98 Mauser. Bore condition doesn’t matter, could be a sewer pipe for all I care. Want to Expand my milsurp collection. If you have a cheap 308 gun you’re looking to sell (modern or old doesn’t matter) shoot me message as well.
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