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  1. Hey guys, I am specifically looking for milsurp 7.62nato / 308 rifles namely 1916 Spanish Mauser or an Israeli K98 Mauser. Bore condition doesn’t matter, could be a sewer pipe for all I care. Want to Expand my milsurp collection. If you have a cheap 308 gun you’re looking to sell (modern or old doesn’t matter) shoot me message as well.
  2. smungung


    Shame you’re too far away, good luck with selling
  3. smungung


    Where ya located? Interested in the three bolt actions.
  4. Looks cool Anyone got an idea of the general wheelhouse these go for? I see the smooth bore ones $100 used in stores but never seen a slug version for sale.
  5. smungung


    Is this guy a scam? I feel This ain’t the first time I’m seeing he’s posted something for sale with no information or pictures.
  6. Anyone know if it’s possible to purchase 1/2 to 1 acre of land somewhere in NJ for under $3k? I had this idea for a while and it intrigued me. a small clearing for a campsite, parking for one car, and fire pit. Property taxes would be nice if it’s under $100 a year and no annoying HOAs. Are there any areas that you guys know of that would fit these criteria maybe someone with a large property willing to section off and sell a small piece?
  7. Thanks for that info. What did you do with the fish after you shot them? I would eat them since I hate wasting animals, BUT since were talking about the Passaic I’ll pass on that lol.
  8. You’ve bow fished this spot before? I’m worried I’ll get some weird looks if I do.
  9. Sounds awesome I’ve never been there before but I’ll check it out, do you think that stretch of River is calm enough for something like a canoe or kayak?
  10. You know any places with mulberry trees over hanging water? My local stretch of River only has mulberries more “inland”
  11. In north NJ, anyone know when the carp start spawning in the Hackensack and Passaic rivers?
  12. Out of curiosity how much did the A5 go for?
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