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  1. thank you so much. a case is like 90 clays right? been a while since I shot any.
  2. just probably with all the new gun buying stuff and also clay shooting being one of the new social distanced outdoor activities is probably driving the prices up
  3. a bit far but I'll keep it in mind thank you
  4. thanks I'll keep this one in mind, its way far from me though.
  5. I've tried some of the walmarts near me but they dont have a large sporting good section with clay pigeons unfortunately. do you know of any that for sure stock them?
  6. Cant seem to find clay pigeons available anywhere in northern nj. was at thunder mountain skeet range yesterday, the guy said he doesnt have enough to sell atm. Anyone know where to get some in northern nj? thanks Edit: Im located by north bergen so trying to find a place with them around the north eastern portion of nj.
  7. If someone is somehow inclined to buy from this guy please allow me to under cut him. Its still a rip off but I can get you 800 rounds for 100$ like half the price of this guy's joke of a listing.
  8. You old timers lived the dream with trapping for sure lol. how much did a possum go for back then? I saw the market price for them 2019 was 1-2$
  9. I enjoy the roughness of the hunting lifestyle, trapping is just naturally the next step for me to explore lol.
  10. Indeed have the connections for meat. But No clue who to sell the furs to tho so I’m thinking I’ll just freeze them.
  11. Anyone know if it’s legal for me to sell raccoon meat? Or would I need all sorts of permits and stuff to do so. I looked through the hunting and trapping digest it only seems to mention parts of a deer that can be sold. I got some people who are interested in the meat after I skin them. EDIT: Resolved, looked harder at the hunting and trapping digest. It says verbatim “The sale of wild birds and game animals, or parts thereof, is prohibited in New Jersey with the fol- lowing exceptions: legally trapped furbearers may be sold plus the sale of white-tailed deer hides, tails and the lower po
  12. What’d you end up doing with the bear?
  13. You’re clearly doing it just for the money. No need to make it sound like you’re trying to help out the community of new gun owners lol. Money is the only reason you are bothering to list this ammo. If you really wanted to help out all the new gun owners you wouldn’t be price gouging on ammo that you probably got for sub 10 cents a round lol.
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