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  1. Yea no hunting dogs, might actually target squirrels instead
  2. Awesome! Thank you everyone! Good luck in the woods and on the water and above all stay safe! happy thanksgiving in advance
  3. Hey guys is hunting on thanksgiving day allowed? Got some guests coming over who wanna go rabbit hunting. I read through the digest a few times didn’t see anything saying it’s not allowed, but just wanted to check with you more experienced folks first incase I missed it while reading through.
  4. So what I'm getting is that its not worth trying to hunt there
  5. Anyone hunt this place? I emailed NJDEP last year about hunting Farny, they told me Buck Mountain is the only area open to hunting. They sent me a map with a location to park and access the area by foot (I have lost the map cant find it). If anyone does/has hunted here is it super busy? Any other info is much appreciated. If I find the map I'll post it in here.
  6. I have up for trade a pristine 91/30 Mosin nagant. Stock is exactly how it would have arrived from refurbishment not a single ding and the bore is mirror bright, brand new. Im willing to guarantee you’ll be happy with the bore on this gun. I have some 7.62x54r I’m willing to part with as well. I’m not dead set on anything for trade so please feel free to PM me and tell me anything you got. If you have something worth more im more than happy to put cash on top. Comes with bayonet and the little sheath pouch.
  7. Bump, still open to trades for this exceptional piece of WW2 American and British history
  8. Like title says, I’m searching for mosin nagants. Any and all original, sporterized, barreled action doesn’t matter, I just want mosins
  9. Sup guys, gotta head up to Mahwah for the weekend. Anyone know of places around there with public fishing access? Been looking around on Google maps and everything I can see seems to be either private or surrounded by private property. Trying to target anything freshwater that’s not a trout. Don’t wanna burn anyone’s spots so pm me if you’re willing to pass a lead, thanks!
  10. For sale or trade (preferential treatment on trade) 372 rounds of surplus 7.62x54r. Majority of the the steel case is in the original paper packaging. 357 rounds of steel case appears to all be Russian factory 188. 15 rounds of brass case heavy ball machine gun ammo (not recommend for use in Romanian PSLs) Corrosive primers since it is surplus, just spray your gun with some water after shooting you’ll be all set. Want to trade for .22lr, 556, 223, or 12 gauge target loads. Or Guns/ gun parts, ISO an AR upper, beater 12 gauge shotgun, or beater .22 rifle. willing to put cash ontop of ammo to balance out trades. Asking $225 for the lot. Pick up in Secaucus
  11. Buddy of mine contacted DEP via email and they actually said even 9mm is allowed which is nuts. I think to them “including .30” might mean anything less than .40 in truth.
  12. Sup y’all, I got a Savage produced No4Mk1T Lee Enfield for trade. Was formerly sporterized but has since been repaired/restored. Not in the search for anything particular just PM me with what you have that you’re willing to trade. Not interested in selling unless you’re making some crazy offer. Only interested in long guns rifles or shotguns. No handguns or non-NFA others. View Imgur link below for pics. https://imgur.com/gallery/kZSnTLv
  13. Awesome thank you so much, yup I got my hunting license. Did you see if there’s any target stands for paper targets there? I hear sometimes they’ll be out on the range but sometimes they won’t.
  14. Hey, has anyone been over to the Clinton wma shooting range lately? Heard it got extremely crowded there from covid panic buyers. If you did go over there, when’d you go, how crowded was it, and was it a weekday or weekend when you went? Thanks
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