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  1. Yesterday was the last day of pheasant season. Except for a couple of posts the first day or two of January, I didn't see any posts of anyone finding any left over pheasants at the WMAs. Anyone have any success? I only got out a couple of days with my GSP in Central Jersey. All we found were some piles of feathers from predator killed pheasants. What about those guys that had all those birds every time at the Water Gap and Flatbrook in November and December?
  2. The impact of large numbers predators and lack of trapping on game bird populations should be no surprise. Look what happened to the pheasants and quail in NJ. The only advantage turkeys have over quail and pheasants is that the turkeys roost in trees at night and pheasant and quail usually don't.
  3. I have raised chicken and goats for many years. Make a compost bin. Get a section of welded wire fencing 4 or 5 feet high with 2x4 squares and four posts. Set up a 6x6 square bin in a sunny spot. Put in the straw bedding from the pigs and add the chicken manure. It will break down quickly and you will have great compost for a veggie garden. If you don't garden, you should have no trouble finding gardeners that would love to have it. As to raising chickens, I agree there is not that much work. You just have to take steps to keep the predators away.
  4. Griffin&Howe just posted a nice looking used Beretta Silver Snipe for $750
  5. I was using my Cabelas card a lot every where to build up points that I then only used on gun purchases. Over the years I bought three guns from Cabelas and saved a lot with the built up points plus the lack of sales tax in Delaware. Not using the card much now because I pretty much have all the guns I need or want right now. Also, since the merger, the merchandise variety has changed and the few times I was there I could not find anything I was looking for or even liked. Another issue is the Bass Pro Shop policy that all used guns are sold "as is". Cabelas policy before the merger was they would warranty used guns if there was a mechanical problem.
  6. This gun is an earlier version of the the 311. The J Stevens Arms Company was a semi-independent subsidiary of the Savage Arms Company until 1942. That year the companies formally merged. Then the Springfield J Stevens model evolved into the Savage Stevens 311 which were also initially made at the at the old Stevens factory in Chicopee Falls. Then Savage closed the Chicopee Falls factory and moved the 311 production to their Westfield, Mass. facility. Like the 311 the Springfields are very plain but sturdy made guns.The Springfield was better balanced than the later made 311 after the 1950s which were still hardy guns but heavier and not well balanced. I have owned both a 311 and Springfield.
  7. If you can't find anything locally, go to the Cabelas Gun Library website's search bar. Type in Browning. Beretta and any other O/U. Any used guns they have at any of the stores will appear. If you see anything you like, you can have it shipped to the Delaware store for $25. You can then handle it with no obligation to buy it. If you do get it there is no sales tax and no NICs fee. If you have any gift cards you save even more. I bought a couple of very nice Beretta O/Us that way and very satisfied with the guns.
  8. 10 deer, are you saying those 10 dead birds were dumped in a pile right next to where the stocking truck stopped? If that was the case the stockers should be cited under the Division's wanton waste regulations. The regs say" It is unlawful for any person to place, leave, dump or abandon a game mammal, game bird...carcass...on any wildlife management area or state park." See page 29 of the Digest.
  9. Congrats young man! He looks very pleased as he should be with his first pheasant. That picture brings back vivid memories of my first pheasant that was also bagged during Christmas week when I was off from school 51 years ago.
  10. Went out today around noon. Got my two birds in less than an hour with the great work of my GSP. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  11. Some of the posters here have their dates confused. Small game is closed only on WEDNESDAY the 18TH.
  12. The Ozark boys. That brings back memories. I remember back in the 60s when after 6 day one of the members would hang the club's deer from his gas station's roof for a couple days on Nottingham Way in Mercerville.
  13. Nice picture. I hardly ever see pictures of deer camps in NJ anymore. I remember when I was a kid back in the 60s the outdoor writer for the Trentonian newspaper would do a tour of the Pinelands deer camps every year during 6 day. Then the paper would print a couple pictures of the camps' deer.
  14. As indicated here, any gun made in 1898 or before is considered an antique for legal purposes. As such, you can buy theses guns without a background check or having a FID card even in NJ. As to when to retire a gun, there are many old guns that are in good condition that are still being used. I have a L C Smith double barrel shotgun that was made in 1913 and a few other shotguns made in the 1920s that are in great condition and still used. If they are well cared for they are no less safe or durable than new guns.
  15. Mike, the bear numbers are available on the DF&W website and are updated daily.
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