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  1. I question how valid the results of this survey will be because it appears it is not being sent to all appropriate respondents. I have hunted pheasants at the WMAs since the 60s and have bought a pheasant stamp every year for at least the last 25 years. Also I hunt the WMAs for pheasants 2 or 3 days a week during the season since I retired 7 years ago. I did not even know there was a survey last year until I read it hear and did not get an email about it this year. The DF&W has my email address. I routinely get emails from them. This week alone I got 4 emails including the striped bass survey. Yet an issue I am very interested in I get nothing. Go figure!! I will be sending an email to DF&W questioning why I didn't get the survey.
  2. Yes hunterbob, since 1982 to the same lady
  3. My marriage, first and only house and my three children. In that order and all great.
  4. My marriage, first and only house and my three children. In that order and all great.
  5. Congrats! You both should be very proud of jobs well done.
  6. My first car was nothing like some of the nice cars cited here. It was a 1962 Chevy Bel-Air with 4 doors. I got it in 1970 when I was 18. It was very similar to this picture. Same blue color but not two-tone as pictured and with out the rust. Thats all I could afford because I was headed off to college. Served me well for about 2 years.
  7. Very nice and so cute! Brings back memories of my 3 girls when they were that age. Take advantages of these opportunities as often as possible. They grow up so fast. My 3 are all in their 30s now.
  8. Better dead then finding them alive. Otherwise you may be smelling of skunk for weeks.
  9. I have been raising a backyard flock of chickens for over 30 years. Not sure what you heard, but all the critters already mentioned will kill chickens. Chicken wire is not the best. It keeps the chickens in but does not keep the predators out. They can bite through it so determined. I used 2x4 inch square welded wire fencing for the outside yard. Also for the windows on the coup I use hardware cloth which is heavy wire with very small holes. Mink and weasels will kill chickens also. They can go right thru the 2x4 welded wire outside fencing. I have seen them do it. Also, I do not leave the door of the coup to the yard open at night. I close it every evening after the chickens go in and open it first thing each morning. The best way to control the varmints is a gun. I have shot many.
  10. Very nice toxo. I much prefer those New England footballs than the ones Belicheats Bums throw. Looks like it was still pretty cold up there based on the heavy clothing you are wearing. What were the air temps?
  11. The numbers provided in the article of the size of the deer herd seems to be a gross under estimate. It was indicated there was a little over 2000 deer in 2017. Now it was indicated that the estimate is 1700. However, in the last 3 years 1500+ bucks were sterilized. That would seem to indicate that a large percentage of the herd is bucks. In the wild, a one to one ratio of bucks to does is very uncommon.Usually there are many more does than bucks.But based on the numbers given there would seem to be a much higher ratio of bucks to does which is very unusual and unlikely. Accordingly the estimate of the herd size must be very low unless the does are the only deer being killed by cars. Based on the number of bucks plus whatever number they were unable to sterilize the herd is likely around 3000 or more. Hunting is the only solution.
  12. Do you think the new contractors are going to be up front about any problems they are having or the State will admit issues? We probably will not know anything until the numbers come out in October and even then we probably won't know for sure until we see the quality of the hunting in November. Another question I have is I thought the State said they were going to have a public meeting to discuss and get comments from hunters on the new stocking allocation plan after it was fully implemented. That was last year and I have heard nothing about a meeting.
  13. A nice group of fish. Is that the small lake next to RWJ Hospital? If it is, I have walked around there often. Never saw anyone fishing there. The water never looks fishy;always looked stagnant. Are there any bass or pickerel in there?
  14. Very nice! I really enjoy fishing small streams with that kind of variety of fish. Wish I had some closer to where I live, but the small streams near me only have catfish and suckers.
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