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  1. If no one here takes your guns, there is a monthly gun auction held in Chesterfield, NJ just south of Trenton. It is an in person auction as well as online. Even if the guns need work, there are a lot of bidders who can fix them themselves. You will get a few bucks and the guns will get a good home. The place is called Sunrise Antiques. You can google the info and give them a call. The owner is John and he is a FFL holder.
  2. TouchofGrey, If you google the schedules for previous years you can compare the places and numbers. In 2015, WMAs like Greenwood-Howardsville, Manahankin, Medford and Manasquan were only stocked on Saturdays. In 2016 those places started getting a few birds during the week. Then in 2017 and 2018 under the new allocation plan the number of birds like doubled in those places and the numbers at Assunpink and Colliers Mills were reduced.
  3. Hopefully things will be better this year since the numbers are up from last year and maybe the State will not have to supplement the numbers with chukars like last year. However, the same issues will exist under the new allocation plan that went into effect two years ago. As indicated here, in the Northern Region birds were reallocated from WMAs like Black River and Clinton to the Water Gap. The goal was to get more hunters to go the the WG to reduce crowding at the other WMAs for safety reasons. The same factor exists in the Central Region. I hunt Assunpink and Colliers Mills exclusively. Since I retired 8 years ago, I usually get out 2 or 3 days a week during the season. I don't hunt the stocking morning but rather the afternoons or non stocking days. I have a good pointing dog. Prior to the new stocking plan, I always found plenty of birds. The last two years under the new plan the birds have been scarce. Even though the Central Region got additional birds taken from the North's numbers, they did not go to the larger WMAs in the Central Region. Assunpink and Colliers Mills received less birds than than prior to the new plan. The extra birds went to the smaller WMAs in the Central Region. Some of the smaller WMAs use to only be stocked on Saturdays but under the new plan are now stocked 3 days a week. The same reason for this was to get hunters to move to the smaller WMAs to reduce crowding at the larger WMAs for safety reasons. The problem with the smaller WMAs is that because they are small the birds are more concentrated and get shot in the first few hours of stocking days or quickly get driven off the WMA area into unhuntable neighboring properties. Accordingly I foresee the same complaints of poor hunting again this year due to the new allocation plan still in effect.
  4. Bonefreak, as to your comment about the timing of the Council meeting. Even if you attend you won't get much satisfaction. Each person from the public who wants to speak is only allowed to speak for 3 minutes and rarely is there any response from the Council members or discussion permitted. I initially presented my chukar proposal to the Council at a meeting. The only response was for me to submit my proposal in writing to the Division Director. I submitted my proposal as directed. I never received an acknowledgement that my proposal was received even though I provided my email address.( how difficult is it for someone in the Director's office to provide a quick email response that my proposal was received??) I never received a personal response that my proposal was rejected. I only found out the proposal was rejected when I read a Division summary on line concerning revisions to the hunting regulations. In that summary there was a list of proposals that were rejected with no reasons for the rejections. My proposal was included in that list. It seems that the only proposals that are given any consideration are proposals that are submitted by the County Federations of Sportsman Clubs.
  5. As an upland bird hunter with a pointing dog, I would love to see a return of a huntable population of wild quail. However I am not optimistic that such is possible. The success referenced in the article on the couple cranberry farms is an island of suitable habitat in a sea of unsuitable habitat in the rest of NJ. In the article, the cranberry farmers even concede the suitable habitat they maintain is because it benefits their unique farming operations. That is not the case with most farming practices used today. I have lived in Burlington County for 36 years. When I first moved here I had open fields all around me and quail. Now most of those fields are housing developments and the quail are all gone. There is no way quail can be reestablished in those areas. Also, as already mentioned is the predator populations that are no longer being controlled as in the past. I think the best that can be expected is the establishment of small residual non hunted populations in special areas like the ones mentioned in the article.
  6. What was left out in the OP's posting of the DF&W notice about the chukar stocking was the number of birds. The DF&W notice on its website stated 880 birds will be stocked at 11 WMAs over the course of four Saturdays in October. That is an average of 20 birds at each WMA on each Saturday. Those few birds will not last beyond the weekends. I don't go on the weekends. I wait and go during the week days. The last few years since they started stocking chukars for dog training rather than pheasants or quail as they did in the past, I have yet to find any chukars left after the weekend. A couple of years ago, I sent a written proposal to DF&W to have the chukar season open the same time as the rabbit and squirrel seasons. Such an earlier opening will give us bird dog guys, who do not belong to a semi-wild, extra time to work our dogs with shooting on birds we purchase and stock ourselves. An earlier season would not put any extra pressure on a wild chukar population that does not exist. My proposal was rejected without any reasons given.
  7. Nice pictures, beautiful fish and great trip. Its obvious why there is little wildlife. There is no vegetation;its all rocks.
  8. 30/30s are great guns. The All-American deer rifle for many years in the past. I like them and have one, but thats because I'm an old guy. However, I am not surprised there is little interest in this gun. Unfortunately, they have gone out of favor with most deer hunters. Todays deer hunters want 270s, 30-06s, 308s and the latest hot caliber the 6.5 Creedmoor. Hopefully you will find some who still appreciates them.
  9. In the past, Bent Creek did not sell birds to be taken off site. Maybe things have changed.
  10. I remember American Sportsman. I use to look forward to it every Sunday afternoon in the 60s and early 70s. I was in 8th grade when it started in 1965. The early years were mostly all hunting and fishing, but later there was less hunting and more other outdoor sports like whitewater rafting and skydiving. At that point, it started to lose its interest for me. Its hard for you young guys to understand, but back then it was the only hunting and fishing show on TV. One hour one day a week. Now with cable TV we have hunting and fishing shows 24/7.
  11. Its good to see you have some quail. Keep feeding them;they need it more than the deer. They need all the help they can get since the numbers are way down. That is why the season has been closed for several years except at the WMAs were they are stocked. FYI, the grouse season is also closed this year.
  12. Nice to see the numbers are up from last year. My girl is ready.
  13. With possible changes coming, all the reason to buy now!
  14. The Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport is a nice starter AR for around $600.
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