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  1. MikeStaten

    Electrical question

    I wouldnt worry about the moisture tripping the gfi outlet. A bathroom after a hot shower will have a lot more moisture in the air than a basement ever would and there aren't problems with them tripping in bathrooms. I did the same exact job as you a few years ago and input in a gfi with no issues.
  2. MikeStaten

    Saskatchewan 2018

    That's a monster Congrats
  3. MikeStaten

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    Nice shooting!
  4. MikeStaten

    Light Modified Choke Tube

    I use my Carlson's light modified choke in my benelli m2 for pretty much everything... sporting clays, pheasants, ducks etc. I just ordered a Carlson's Improved Modified for pass shooting at ducks and geese. I bought that one because I started hunting a place recently that apparently gets hit pretty hard because there are plenty of birds but none seem to decoy well.
  5. MikeStaten

    A couple of bucks from today

    Nice ones!
  6. Been swamped with work and kids so not much time to hunt lately. Had a few hours to kill on Saturday so decided to make the 220 mile round trip drive to my spot in PA to get in a few hours for the afternoon hunt. Arrived at 1:30pm, constant rain started at 1:45. Pretty miserable sitting in cold rain the whole day with not a deer in sight. However, at 5 minutes before legal shooting time this buck and 8 does came in to the field I was hunting. Neighboring hunters must've kicked them up when leaving the woods as the deer were running full bore through the field. The does continued running but, unfortunately for him, this buck stopped at 200 yards facing away from me. Shot with my 7mm-08 using 120 Nosler ballistic tips loaded to 3150 fps. Aimed for the boiler room but shot was a little high so hit the shoulders which dropped him in his tracks.
  7. MikeStaten

    Knife Sharpening

  8. MikeStaten

    Unique 12 pointer fell to the Muzzy!

    Congrats. Looks like an old deer
  9. MikeStaten

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    5" of snow in greene county. Woods are dead and very few shots heard.
  10. MikeStaten

    Good luck to all NY rifle hunters!

    Good luck! Heading up tomorrow to Greene county.
  11. MikeStaten

    Buckhorn 209 load?????

    In my 50 cal. I load using 70 grains by weight (100 grains by volume) behind a 250 grain barnes tez. Attached are loads for 50 cal. I'd call them and ask them for 45 cal loads. http://www.blackhorn209.com/load-data/
  12. MikeStaten

    Best Muzzleloader ????

    I'm happy with my Encore. 250 grain Barnes TEZ over 100 grains BH 209 is very accurate.
  13. MikeStaten

    Ruger American Target 17HMR

    Thanks. Shame the groundhogs won't be out much longer. Would love to get out with this one soon.
  14. MikeStaten

    Ruger American Target 17HMR

    Few pics
  15. MikeStaten

    Ruger American Target 17HMR

    Picked this up Saturday and just shot for the first time today. Very happy with the results. Here's a 3 shot group at 100 yards shooting Hornady 17 grain VMAX.