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  1. Assuming all the state park boat ramps are closed too?
  2. Glock in 10mm would be my choice for your intended use. I have a Ruger Super Redhawk in 454 Casull. It's overkill for most situations but was good for a fishing trip to Alaska, helped me sleep a lot better in my tent. For potential grizzly encounters I would get the biggest gun you are comfortable with. On several occasions I was within 50 yards of grizzlies and the 454 still felt very very small. For black bear and other east coast critters, I think the Glock would be easier to shoot and easier to carry.
  3. It is true. Part of the recently passed CARES Act. https://www.forbes.com/sites/leonlabrecque/2020/03/29/the-cares-act-has-passed-here-are-the-highlights/#77d47a5568cd
  4. This going to be held in Lakewood? Seems to be the hotspot for group gatherings.
  5. I fished early afternoon yesterday for an hour or two with my 5 year old son. We hit 2 spots on the South Branch. Fished trout magnets and spinners. Was really slow in the two spots I tried. Didn’t see anyone else hook a thing. He had one on that spit the hook right at our feet. Will be back at it again with him this afternoon. Hoping we have more luck today.
  6. All are sold except for the following two calls- 1). Witmer’s Custom Calls Aluminum over aluminum in I believe Persimmon wood pot but not 100% of the wood. The Witmer call is conditioned through the anodizing on the aluminum but that is how he conditioned it when he entered it into the NWTF national call competition in Nashville. Price dropped to $40 2) Sweetbriar Custom Calls (Travis Wyatt) gray Slate in walnut pot. Price dropped to $45.
  7. Agree. Get the regular one. Works great
  8. A lot of people were saying the same right after 9/11 but it never happened.
  9. I know Jersey Shore Hospital was running out of masks. May want to call them.
  10. Agreed. if he still wants to make a buck off them, I’m sure the hospitals would be willing to buy them.
  11. Lots of different model 70s. May want to post details and pictures
  12. I was recently in the market for a hunting over under and did a fair amount of research. As you know, fit is going to be more important than anything but a used 20 gauge from browning or beretta seemed to be the best value or a new Franchi Instinct ($1150) is nice. For a side by side, I’ve handled a CZ Bobwhite G2 and for $600 the fit and finish appeared very good. My friend bought one this season and likes it a lot. I wound up buying a Rizzini BR110 in 28 gauge and love it. Fit and finish on that Rizzini is better than my Beretta 686.
  13. MikeStaten

    Home Defense

    Just sneeze or cough and they’ll run away.
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