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  1. Funny you mention this. I was driving on Route 15 the other day and they were running across the road all over the place.
  2. Not sure what your situation is but my friend just got a Tacoma 4 door crew cab and I was surprised at how small the back seat was. If you have kids, I think it may be too small.
  3. Older pair of Pentax DCF WP 8x40. They are from 2001 but the glass is excellent. They were around $500 back then and worth every penny.
  4. Thanks for all the information. I really appreciate it. This is a tough decision. My wife is definitely leaning towards the neighborhood type atmosphere for the kids and I agree with her somewhat. Please keep the ideas and thoughts coming. I’d consider other areas too. Also, please let me know if there are any areas to avoid. I’ll be sending some PMs to those that offered. Thanks again!
  5. Great point. We always wanted a big yard and somewhat secluded but my kids are getting near school age so my wife is leaning towards living in a town. What other towns do you recommend in the area? An ideal situation would be within walking distance to a town center but be on the edge of the town or on a culdesac so we could back up to woods but still have neighbors for the kids to play with etc..
  6. Was hoping to get some inside info on the pros and cons of the area, people etc.. Thanks, Mike
  7. I had the same question and it appears that the stamp on your drivers license does nothing as you need to have the boaters safety card on you anyway.
  8. Take a look at the Pachmayr sporting clays pad. The top of the pad has a slick plastic piece that is less prone to get hung up on clothes during the mount.
  9. It’s a B. Rizzini over/under and while I could probably do it, I’d rather pay someone to do it and have it perfect.
  10. I guess Griffin & Howe is better at gunsmithing than they are at returning calls and emails. Called and left two voicemails and emailed them over a three week period and they never responded to any of them. Will be using a gunsmith in PA.
  11. I’d try Magnus Stingers. Very sharp out of the box, tend to be accurate and lifetime gaurantee
  12. 100 grains Blackhorn 209. 250 grain Barnes T-EZ
  13. As others have mentioned, I’d replace the GFCI outlet and go from there.
  14. As mentioned, most place won’t ship to NJ. Only time I use is when tent camping with my 3 and 5 year old kids. Never going to need it but gives me some piece of mind in case one ever bothered us while in our tent.
  15. I just saw that for the first time last week. Guy was using it to drag all his chairs, kids toys etc.. onto the beach.
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