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  1. Good luck with it! That 2nd picture makes me nervous. Looks like a shot in the nuts if it were to fire accidentally.
  2. Thanks. That one was the first I looked at. The Rhino 150 for a few bucks more seems to get great reviews too. Anyone use that one?
  3. I don't use ground blinds too much but plan on taking my kids out this year. Are there any ground blinds under $150 that are decent?
  4. If I were in the market for a lower cost 28 gauge I would take a close look at the CZ Bobwhite G2. I have no idea about the durability but I've handled them and the fit and finish appeared fine, action locked nicely and the gun felt well balanced. They run around $600.
  5. I also think it is single parent households and parents acting as friends to their children instead of parents.
  6. Mike, there are several types of bonito. I don't know too much about them but the ones we ate were the ones with the teeth, like the picture in the initial post. The meat was like tuna but lighter. Not sure if they tasted so good because we bled em and iced them immediately and ate them same day or what but they were one of the better fish I've eaten.
  7. I made bonito by soaking in soy sauce for a few minutes and then grilled it. It was great.
  8. Looking for a 20 gauge or possibly 28 gauge over under or side by side shotgun. Thanks, Mike
  9. Your investment horizon for retirement assets is not the day you retire, it's the day you die. As long as you are properly allocated for your current situation, you are better off not looking at swings in the markets... only leads to timing the markets and that does not tend to lead to good results.
  10. Not a great week but hard to complain about the markets this year.
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