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  1. The stone creek I listed are the old wick material. You can get them wateproof lined or unlined if you want a little cooler
  2. These are bulletproof and you can wear jeans or heavier pants under them depending on season. https://www.stonecreekhounds.com/product/hunters-choice-chaps/
  3. Very quiet in 14. Didn't see one deer this afternoon.
  4. I just tried the hazmore on my lone wolf sit n climb. I didn't like it as it slid towards the back of the stand too much. Could've just been me. Anyway, if the lone wolf version fits the summit, you are welcome to have mine for free.
  5. Nice canoe. For about $50 and a half hour it can be turned into a waterfowl boat. Here is my 14' Old Town.
  6. 2 buck limit and point restrictions would be great.
  7. Long thin fillet knife for taking care of the rear end. Works way better than the butt out tool or any other method I've tried.
  8. If this is your first time out with a treestand, you may be better off going out in the early afternoon so you have plenty of time and light to get setup.
  9. As others have said, try Blackhorn and premeasure your loads and store in tubes like in the picture below. Probably takes one second more than a pellet to reload. 777 is a real pain compared to Blackhorn. I've used standard CCI 209 primers in my tc encore with no issues but many suggest using magnum 209 primers.
  10. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-Closed-Cell-Foam-Blue-Camp-Sleeping-Pad/634956813
  11. 10 does is a pretty good amount of venison, you eating all that?
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