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  1. Youth day 2018

    Nice. Congrats!
  2. Who will be out there on the opener?

    I'll be out, taking a friend and his son.
  3. yellow perch pic

    That's a monster perch. Looks real healthy too.
  4. I'm more concerned about the law saying that firearms must be stored in a locked box within your home. I never heard that before. I know there are rules about securing guns if there are minors in the house but was not aware of any rules about locking up guns in within your residence if minors aren't present.
  5. Can you post the code that supports this?
  6. Anyone with kids have new Ford Explorer

    May want to take a look at the Volkswagen atlas. Ton of room in it.
  7. Longest shot on turkey ?

    Would be interesting to see what your pattern looks like at 70 yds. That will tell you whether it was a fluke. Even if the pattern was good, 70 yds wouldn't leave a lot of energy in the pellet
  8. Lake Ontario Brown Trout

    Very welcome. You may want to try the lake at Fair Haven campground. I used to catch Pike there.
  9. Lake Ontario Brown Trout

    I went to college up in Oswego. Lost a monster walleye within a few feet of where you took that picture. I didn't have a net to pull em up the wall. If it's still the same, mid April was good for browns along the shore and shallows. Little Cleo's were real popular. Nobody else seemed to use em but I had good luck with big rooster tails (3/4oz) in firetiger color. Didn't cast as far as the spoons but caught fish.
  10. To shoot or not to shoot

    Nope. I wouldn't shoot any turkey I didn't call in.
  11. 20 guage turkey rig

    They're discontinued so they'll be tough but probably around in some places. Through longbeard xr in size 6 should be fine too. Hevi 13 in size 7 would be another good choice to try but they didn't pattern white as well as the federals for me, your gun could be different
  12. Turkey vest vs something different?

    I use a vest. Would try a pack but I like the way my seat cushion carries on my vest.
  13. 20 guage turkey rig

    What shells you shooting? If lead, I'd go with size 6. They'll do the job at 40 yards. May want to try the discontinued federal heavyweight size 7 shot, hevi 13 7 shot or the tough to find federal tss 7
  14. 20 guage turkey rig

    I setup my nephew with a Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge with a primos tightwad scope. Good patterns out to 40 yards with federal heavyweight #7. I keep kicking around the idea of having my H&R single shot 20 gauge threaded for choke tubes. Would be an easy carrying and ligtweight gun.
  15. It’s complicated lol

    Wow. That's a nice spread right there!