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  1. I picked up a couple of mouth calls from Kerry Terell through his KT Team (non profit that takes hunters with disabilities on hunts). They are the easiest running mouth calls I've ever tried. Same ones Kerry uses in competition. http://thektteam.org/about-company/staff/the-kt-team/
  2. It's really not a big deal. However, he was not a walk in. He registered well beforehand and had a CID before the class. His card was printed not handwritten.
  3. Also, you can show a hunter ed card from any other state to get a license so unless there is a national database, which i doubt, it seems that the guy was wrong.
  4. My friend's son just passed the hunter safety course today and received his hunter education card. He went to a shop to get his 1st license later in the day and the owner said his son was not in the system yet so he can't get his license. My thought was that you wouldnt be in the system until you get your license and you get your 1st license by showing the hunter ed card.
  5. I've posted pics of groups from this 243 before. This is a new load i just came up with yesterday specifically for target and varmints using a 70 Sierra Blitzking at roughly 3400 fps. Very nice when the groups look like this in the first round of load development. This gun is amazing as it is extremely accurate with various loads, including factory ammo. Now i have a handload for this and deer (Sierra Gameking 85 HPBT) that will both shoot 1/4" or better.
  6. It especially doesn't make sense in NJ where the legal minimum shot size is 7 1/2. The #7 is just wasted excess energy with a lower pellet count. Now TSS in #9 is a different story as you can get great patterns and still plenty of energy with the 9. Either way a waste but makes a lot more sense for the #9, especially in 20 gauge.
  7. Redheart trough call with aluninum playing surface includes composite striker. Made by Bob Fulcher. Call is in perfect condition. If you are not familiar with Bob, he's won 1st place in various divisions at the national nwtf convention. Fit and finish is second to none. This is the first redheart call he made and he said it was the best sounding aluminum trough he's made. You can see in pic it's #1. $95 tyd.
  8. The 835 is likely going to shoot better patterns. However, as others have mentioned, the 835 seems to kick way harder than other guns. I can shoot my 870 with 3.5" loads and never really think about the recoil.
  9. For 30 yards and in there is no need to get tss #7, the extra energy they provide is wasted at that distance. Also, those tss #7 pellets are over 50% heavier than a lead pellet so you will have less pellets in the load versus other brands. I would also stay away from the longbeard ammo, its great for longer distance but really tight and unforgiving pattern up close. Like others have mentioned, i would get a few regular 3" lead loads, like Fiocchi Golden Pheasant #6 or these https://www.midwayusa.com/product/574268/hevi-shot-hevi-13-turkey-ammunition-20-gauge-3-1-1-4-oz-7-hevi-shot-non-toxic-box-of-5. Where are you located?
  10. Nice assist and great pic! I got an assist on these ones...
  11. I'll be using the same this year but not sure if I'm going to use 5 or 6s. Last year I used #5. Going to pattern again. Hevi 13 #7 also shoot very well but are more than twice the price.
  12. Too many to list but for pot calls, Jimmy Schaffer of Oak Ridge Calls makes great calls and is located in north jersey. Lon Trice makes some great ones too.
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