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  1. Not great, not bad. About what you’d expect for a truck of this age. Happy to take pics if you are interested.
  2. Thanks. This truck has been great. If I had a little more time to work on it I would definitely keep it. I used it pretty much solely for hunting and fishing the last few years so was nice to be able to leave all my equipment in it.
  3. I built my brother a high end custom rod for freshwater fishing a few years back. We went on a family rafting trip on the Delaware so he brought the rod out for the first time. Some other family with little kids was rafting in front of us and got their raft stuck sideways on a rock in some pretty fast current. We were concerned that they were going to get dumped in the river so I paddled over to them and my brother yanked their raft forward to get it off the rock but when he did that our raft bounced and the rod flipped up and right into the river. I can only hope that someone found that r
  4. Thanks. Ken at American Tire was my first call but he suggested I go to someone who specializes in that kind of work. I’ll try the others now
  5. Getting a new truck so I’m selling my ‘05 Xterra. Would be good for someone that doesn’t mind working on cars and looking for a beater hunting or farm vehicle. It’s 4x4 ~175k miles. Black in color. Has 2” factory tow hitch with factory trailer light wiring. The following is probably going to sound worse than it is but want to be 100% transparent on the condition of the car. If these few things are fixed, I think you’d be in pretty good shape. Blew a brake line (assuming it’s just a line so you’d need to confirm) the other day so that needs to be fixed. Also missing the tailpipe from
  6. Not sure if I’m definitely going to do this but considering adding an aftermarket limited slip differential to a Ram 1500. Any trustworthy shops in the central NJ area? Thanks
  7. I am sure it is a solid gun but for that money I would want to shoot it and compare it to the Fabarm Velocity (their sporting version) and see which you like best. Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays is worth a call as they demo guns from both Beretta and Fabarm but you would need to call to confirm which specific models they have available for demo.
  8. Nice offer. What truck did you get for the new one?
  9. It would be great if NJDFW continued with the current trout season structure that opens up for catch and release prior to the full opening day. Heard lots of guys commenting on how they prefer it over the normal season structure that does not include the preseason catch and release period.
  10. They didn’t say anything about people dying right after getting the vaccine. That’s my whole point.
  11. So now not only did they die from the vaccine but they also died right after getting the vaccine? Where exactly did you get the information on how fast they died after receiving the vaccine?
  12. 95 million people over 4 months and your baseline assumption is zero deaths?
  13. It is absolutely misinformation when you quote facts that support your opinion and leave out facts that discredit your opinion, especially when they are listed together in the same report. There were 189 million doses given out during that 4-month period so your assumption is that every person that received a dose and died was because of the vaccine?
  14. Both you and Nickmarch post statistics leading people to believe that the vaccine is killing people and then leave out the fact that both sources said there was no evidence that the vaccine caused the death. I could care less whether people are for or against the vaccine but the spreading of misinformation is causing real problems in our society. Here it is straight from your source, the CDC. To date, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has not detected patterns in cause of death that would indicate a safety problem with COVID-19 vaccines. FDA requires vaccination
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