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  1. MikeStaten

    First burn with the new insert....

    Who did the install of the liner? Looking for someone in central jersey
  2. TC Encore, Bushnell Elite 4200 3-9x40, 250 grain Barnes TEZ over 100 grains BH 209. Shot it on Sunday to make sure it was on and put first 2 shots within one inch of the bullseye. Taking it out to PA this Friday, hopefully to put a doe in the freezer.
  3. Very nice of you to offer.
  4. MikeStaten

    Favorite red wine for fall

    Argiano Rosso Toscano, Hahn GSM, Coppola Claret Cabernet and Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet are consistently good reds in my opinion. All are $25 or under.
  5. MikeStaten

    Jon boat brand suggestions

    18' is a little big for my needs. I mostly fish mid size lakes like swartswood and spruce run but want something a bit bigger as I do a few camping trips up in the Adirondacks and it gets a little tight with camping gear and my son and he's only 3 years old! I think a wider 16' like 444's would be perfect. Here's a pic of us yesterday at Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks with my G3.
  6. MikeStaten

    Jon boat brand suggestions

    That tracker design looks perfect. How'd that boat run with a 9.9?
  7. Considering moving to a slightly larger Jon boat. I have a g3 1436 and it's great but thinking a 16' modified v jon boat may be a little more versatile for camping trips and better in bigger water. The boat will be used in lakes 99% of the time with an occasional crabbing trip or trip to the Delaware river. Would prefer the boat to have a metal decked bottom (like the Lowe roughneck) instead of ribs. Any brands standout? Any to stay away from? Thanks, Mike Thanks, Mike
  8. MikeStaten

    Recommend Woodsman416 for tires or other auto work

  9. Based on recommendations on this site I contacted Ken for new tires. His shop is in Flemington. They were professional, prices beat anywhere including tirerack.com and they didn't try to sell me anything that I didn't need. Bringing my other car over there soon.
  10. MikeStaten

    Extended Choke Tubes

    In talking to guys that are avid sporting clays shooters (consistently in the 90s), they pretty much all say it isn't the choke brand that will cause hits or misses.
  11. MikeStaten

    Extended Choke Tubes

    I think any of the major brands make good chokes and really depends on the gun and load you are shooting. I'd shoot the factory choke at a pattern board to see if it patterns well. If not, Carlson's trulock, briley, Mueller, patternmaster etc... Can all be good. I'd start with Carlson's as they're cheaper than most.
  12. MikeStaten

    Rifle purchase advice

    I've read many recent reviews that mirror your experience, sounds like Remington/Marlin have improved since the merger a few years ago. That said, I still prefer the pre-safety models from early 80s and prior.
  13. MikeStaten

    Rifle purchase advice

    If interested in a BLR, call Tanner's sport shop in PA, they had some really good deals earlier this year for BLRs but only in 243 and 308. Almost too nice looking for me to take mine deer hunting.
  14. MikeStaten

    Need Tires for my Ram

    I've had really good luck with General Grabber HTS. CONTINENTAL TERRAINCONTACT A/T should be better off road and snow than the generals I listed. They also get great reviews and will be my next set. Whatever you do, do not get the BF Goodrich Rugged Trail. Those tires were the worst tires I've ever had. If the road was wet at all the tires would slip all over the place.
  15. MikeStaten

    Rifle purchase advice

    If just using it for recreational shooting I'd get a Marlin 1894 due to cheaper ammo. If you are going to deer hunt too I'd go with a 336 in 30-30 or 35. I've got 3 336s in 30-30, 35 and 356 and also have a Browning BLR in 308. I tend to grab the 35 when deer hunting.