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  1. Washer is in good condition and only about 5 years old. However, the spin cycle just developed an issue where it says out of balance. Normally I would fix it but don't have the time so I just bought a new one. If anyone wants it to try to fix it or for scrap, let me know. I can help load it into your truck.
  2. My tomato plants are growing like crazy. Should have hundreds of tomatoes ripening in a week or two. Planted several new varieties of heirlooms so looking forward to tryint them. Zucchini is still going well. My cucumbers are hurting for some reason, leaves have dried up and turned brown despite plenty of watering. Will be ripping them out and planting new ones in a few days. Will be planting next crop of broccoli in 2 weeks too.
  3. I got tires for my SUV from Ken and they beat any price, including online tire sites.
  4. MikeStaten


    Free electricity
  5. Dogtra, Garmin (formerly tritronics) and DT Systems are all popular with hunters and trainers. Sport Dog may be fine but I think they are considered lower quality than the ones I listed. You will probably need to get together a list of features (want a GPS tracker? Beeper? etc..) and then narrow down from there. I'd call these guys and tell them what you want and see what they say. www.collarclinic.com Looks like this one will do anything the Sport Dog 1875 will at about $150 less. https://www.collarclinic.com/product/1450Upland.html
  6. I used them for one of my dogs when it had cancer. They are expensive but seemed to be good. First took the dog to Animerge in somerville and they had the dog for several days and could not diagnose the issue, cost me over $2k for them to essentially do nothing. I then took the dog to garden state and they literally diagnosed the dog correctly in minutes.
  7. Great trip. Was that an overnighter or day trip?
  8. Going to take the kids out fishing today so wanted to know if the ramps were open. Thanks, Mike
  9. My friend was looking at the frontier versus the tacoma. I rented one of each over the past few weeks. The tacoma interior was a lot nicer and the ride was much better in the tacoma. The frontier basically has not had any changes since 2005. I have an old '05 xterra and the interior is almost identical to to the current frontier. The xterra has 175k miles on it and has been a very reliable truck. However, if considering one for a daily driver the ride is pretty rough and gas mileage is not good for that sized truck. If looking for a beater hunting truck/suv, the xterra or frontier is fine. The xterra and frontier had some radiator issues back in the mid to late 2000s that contaminated the trans fluid with coolant and destroyed some transmissions. I think they fixed that by the 2010 model year or so but something to look into if you buy a used one.
  10. First thing I thought as well. Surprisingly he was quoted as being open to the idea.
  11. Woodchucks are killing me this year. Been using the crossbow and havahart with some success but they are still coming. I can't use a rifle where i live. Any other tips to catch them? Tried everything for bait from cantaloupe to strawberries, apple etc..
  12. Nice. Does the lettuce from the garden taste much better than store bought?
  13. Still doing well with the strawberries. However, the groundhogs wiped out my peas and stringbeans. I eliminated 3 of them so far but more keep coming. Zucchini is flowering now so should have a ton in a week or two.
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