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  1. Nice shooting. Was hoping to get out with mine this year but just couldn’t find the time.
  2. 1) Sako A7 (Coyote or Varmint models) 2) Tikka T3X Varmint I have the Sako A7 Coyote in 243 and it is a legitimate 1/4” rifle out of the box. Who knows, could be better than that but I’m probably not. So far I shot factory Remington core lokts and 2 different handloads with Sierra 85 HPBT and Sierra 70 Blitzking and every one is sub 1/2”. I also have the Tikka T3X in 7mm-08 and legit 1/2” shooter with 120 grain Nosler BT. Only bullet I’ve tried so stopped load development once I got 1/2” groups. Here’s a group with the Sako...
  3. How many over/unders do they usually have on the racks there?
  4. A torch was mentioned a few times. Can you use a regular propane torch?
  5. Being that this was posted in the turkey forum, you can’t use a 410 for turkey in NJ. 20 gauge through 10 gauge only.
  6. TJ Johnson Fiddle Box - Padauk over Butternut Matt Fulkerson Hen Box - Jatoba over Teak Pat Strawser Purple Slate - Laminate Chestnut pot Jimmy Schaffer Ceramic - Walnut pot
  7. Remington 870 Super Mag, Carlson Longbeard XR choke and Longbeard ammo.
  8. Shotguns and center fire rifles under 30 caliber. Going to be a lot of ARs there.
  9. Only saw Rush once but his drum solos were the highlight of the concert.
  10. I suggest you handle a 935 before buying. I don’t know exactly what they weigh but when I held one it felt really heavy and not really great handling. I also agree with the previous post that you don’t need 3.5” most of the time.
  11. If you can’t find a used gun. Some places have the older beretta silver pigeon on sale for around $1750 as they updated the new version with different engraving. The newer ones are $2k. Better yet, take a look at the Rizzini BR110 for under $2k. I have both and really like the Rizzini.
  12. I’ve experienced the same. Was getting good duck action until mid December than hardly anything but lots of geese.
  13. 3" Federal Trophy Copper shoot well for me
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