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  1. MikeStaten

    Lake Hpatcong tips

    I don't really care what we catch as im taking out my brother in law and nephew who don't get to fish much. I doubt we will do any night fishing. All fishing will be during the weekdays so hopefully the boat to traffic will be less. Thanks, Mike
  2. MikeStaten

    Lake Hpatcong tips

    Going to fish hopatcong this week. Never fished before and was hoping for some basic tips on fishing there this time of year. Not looking for anyone's secret spot. Thanks, Mike
  3. MikeStaten

    Hobie kayaks

    I've used them a few times on guided fishing trips in Florida. The pedals are a game changer versus paddling.
  4. MikeStaten

    Big "D" bassing

    How far do they go up river?
  5. MikeStaten

    Thermacell Tick Control Tubes

    Pretty easy to make yourself with dryer lint or cotton balls, toilet paper or paper towel roll tubes and permethrin. Layout the lint or cotton on the ground, spray with permethrin (make yourself by mixing concentrate and water), let it dry, stuff in the tubes and place the tubes in wood piles, sheds, under decks etc... Mice take the lint or cotton and bring it back to their nests as bedding material, then the ticks on the mice will die.
  6. MikeStaten

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    Where are you located?
  7. MikeStaten

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    Any of you growing heirloom tomatoes? You don't get as many as hybrids and they don't look as nice but they taste way better than the typical hybrid varieties. I only grow heirlooms now. Some of the popular ones are Cherokee purple, black krim, Brandywine etc.. if anyone is in the Somerset or basking ridge areas, I have some extra plants that I grew from seed if you'd like to try them.
  8. MikeStaten

    DIY Colorado Archery Elk

    I've hunted DIY Colorado Elk two times. Best advice I could give would be to- Get in the best cardio shape as possible Find the elk before you hunt them i.e., don't waste time on spots that don't have recent elk sign Worry about their nose and not so much their eyes or ears. Talk to local fish and game folks before the hunt Get a good GPS, compass and maps AND be comfortable using them Get the lightest weight equipment you can, often times that may be backpacking equipment, not specific to hunting equipment. Get a good pair of binoculars and a good harness for them
  9. MikeStaten

    Cheap riding mower ?

  10. MikeStaten

    Zone 11. He’s not fat, just big boned!!

    Very nice!
  11. MikeStaten

    Got a good Tom

  12. MikeStaten

    How Many Turkeys?

    Not directly related to this question and I'm not doing the guiding but does anyone know if it's legal to professionally guide for turkey hunters on public land?
  13. MikeStaten

    How Many Turkeys?

    One a week seems like enough, especially on WMAs.