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  1. Maybe its my add blocker or the fact that I have a son who is majoring in computer security and set up the home computer. No adds that pop up or bother me. Site is awesome and glad to be a part of it. Haven't had TV in my house in 10 years, so no commercials either. Only thing I miss are new Budweiser commercials with the frogs. Do they still have them???
  2. taking a hike with kids tomorrow. Will be on the look out. My kids love critter catching.
  3. Skyline is expensive. You can get same trailer at Home Depot or tractor supply and save some $$
  4. Wow. Absolutely beautiful. How about a MUCH smaller back yard pond tutorial!!!!!
  5. Not sure where you are but Mendham Garden Center will be getting their chicks end of next week. They are located in Clinton and also Chester. They will have Orpington and a brown egg layer that is a mix of RIR and white rock
  6. Been doing a ton of research recently: barred rock (plymouth) 200 yr, leghorn 250 yr and sussex 250 yr
  7. Very nice work. Cool addition to the wall for sure
  8. Not really a follower but one of my students challenged me. Lost 1 last night, when I went against VIllanova
  9. Looking to start chickens with my kids as well. Ready for chicks....any advice on where to get them?? Visited tractor supply already and going to Shaeffers in Flemington this weekend. Any online places I should consider? Thanks
  10. Just called home and asked my son to pull out some cutlets!!! Venison Parm it is for dinner .
  11. Wow. Bringing history back to life. Great work
  12. live in Lopatcong (warren county), work in Hunterdon COunty and willing to shoot across 78 or up 287 to meet up at a half way point.
  13. Now thats an idea?? Might give it a shot when i put minerals out.
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