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  1. So my wife and 2 daughters spend a good amount of time at the horse barn and they are complaining of cold feet. Anybody have a warm alternative to the $150 a pair of muck boots they are looking at?? Thanks
  2. Tuck

    Coyote Killed By Dad

    A rear choke hold Jiu-Jitsu style would work!!!! Defending your child would make almost anything possible.
  3. Tuck

    Real ID

    I agree Luny. Not sure why I am even getting it as I HATE to fly. But with my kid still playing high level hockey I never know when I will have to get on a plane. In the end I can continue to to just use passport, but figured I would be a beta tester after hearing all about it.
  4. Tuck

    Real ID

    So, I opened my e-mail today and I had an e-mail from DMV to sign up for Beta testing for new Real ID license!!! Set up my appt for next month and the calendar showed open appointments starting on Feb 13. Not sure how or why, but my license is up in September and I figured what the heck. My appt is at Washington DMV.
  5. Still have them for $5. THANKS
  6. could just be something on or in the wood you are burning. Keep an eye on it and enjoy the warmth!!! I love my stove, especially on days like today.
  7. Any place cheaper than amazon for cranford folding steps?? Almost $10 a step buying a 4 pack.
  8. https://weather.com/science/nature/video/watch-amazing-moment-deer-sheds-its-antlers
  9. Just not right. 5 friggin years and the guy loses his life.
  10. 1-- Cap in Mossy Oak Break-up 1-- 12' Beanie in Realtree Edge
  11. Thanks for all the info. After a trip to Canada this weekend for Silver Stick Finals with my son, I will begin this new quest for my daughter. Hopefully she is shooting by next weekend!!!!
  12. Just read He will not go before cameras tonight. Will have to wait until morning.
  13. SO my 10 year old daughter asked me over the weekend when she could start shooting a crossbow to go hunting with me? (what took so long) I said as soon as we can find one for you!!! Thus my search begins..... Any recommendations for a crossbow for her?? She has fired my tenpoint stealth, but it is a little big for her If I get something with Acudraw(which I think is now down to 5 lbs to pull), is it still legal to hunt NJ? I have a big blind and also a shooting tripod, so that side is taken care of, but I guess I will be looking for some youth size camo if anyone has any they are looking to move along. Thanks for any suggestions and ideas.
  14. Crazy video. I hope they got him back in the water!!! He deserves to live.
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