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  1. Tuck

    Big Flatfish!

    Crazy fish. Releasing it was even better, although that would have been steaks for the year!!!
  2. Tuck

    10 year promise

    Looks like a great trip!! I took my 10 year old to Bushkill today and she jumped from 30 feet high in a tree into the creek. Proud dad moments and memories. PS. Fridge is awesome. Thanks again
  3. With all the awesome taxidermy stuff being posted, I thought I would ask about how to best prepare a buck, after harvesting, for mounting?? Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but just in case, I want to do it right. Thanks for any info.
  4. I love the summer ales the micro brews put out and have been on the grapefruit kick lately with this heat But I think one of my all time favorite tasting beers is toasted lager. Big fan of Iceland's Einstock Toasted Lager as well.
  5. 3 generations!!! Passing on the tradition. Congrats on the memory.
  6. Fishmonger out of Brielle. I believe Jerry can take up to 12 now and he will definitely put you on fish.
  7. AKA...Millers!!! Original thin crust pizza is still in use too. Hungry now
  8. Nice to wake up and see that!!!
  9. Thanks for that info. Any specific brand or type? I typed in amazon and 50 different ones pop up.
  10. Pretty sure ramps are open, but no swimming at SR. HAB still going on
  11. You guys just missed his secret. He had the line running from his pole over his finger and that is how he was jigging. Less effort
  12. Tuck


    Very nice. Is it laminate covering??
  13. People before things. Glad you are ok. Truck can be replaced but not you!!!!
  14. Wow. What boat did you fish? Cost? Love to see some pictures
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