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  1. Love the game of hockey. Doesn't matter who is playing, but will be nice to see the Devils relevant again. My older son played in college and my younger son (16 yrs old) plays for 16AA team. They actually won their region last week in Silver Sticks, so we will be heading to Ontario in January. Best youth sport to watch as a parent--not a long game, you know the temperature all the time and always the chance for the big hit.
  2. I like to eat an apple on the way to stand and usually drop the core near my tree. It worked for my son in 2017
  3. I love just being in the woods. The deer, if I am lucky enough, feed my family and I have never eaten an antler!!! I can't wait to just sit in the tree and wait. That is worth more than anything and a better prescription for my mental and physical health than any Dr could write. Good luck to all.
  4. Hey Greek. My son Luke (16) said he could use the stand if still available. You met him when we came for firewood back in April and he was catching salamanders with your son. Let me know. Thanks, Joe
  5. Thanks Ms Grit. My son is Luke (just so all are clear) and MY screen name is Tuck. He also goes by the nickname Tuck, so if you would like to leave as is, that is fine. Just want to avoid any possible confusion.
  6. someone please post if found under 800. Could probably split it a buddy or 2
  7. Thanks. Definitely closer than south jersey for me.
  8. Thanks guys. I guess I will supplement my corn with them and then hopefully get my hands on truck of apples too. Can't hurt to add to their diet!!!
  9. I have mine set for 7 am and 6 pm right now for 4 secs. Figured if they patterned at those times I would be in tree and set up already during early season. will adjust accordingly as daylight changes
  10. Been hearing about sugar beets being good for deer bait piles. No one has in northwest Jersey and was just wondering if it was worth it to take the ride south. Anyone have any advice? Thanks
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