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  1. just remember you have to pay cash in the store.
  2. Best of luck with it. I have had mine for 20 yrs now and just picked one up for my son. I do need to get new cables or redo them though. You wont regret the purchase.
  3. Big guy. My kids usually find a bunch in the Spring at Merrill Creek but not that big.
  4. Tuck

    9mm Ammo

    Welp it seems like you could pay 20 to 24 cents a round at Dicks or 48 cents a round online. I recently bought a bunch from a member for 33 cents a round. To each his own I guess. Good luck in your search.
  5. Well you only have to wait 4 more days. With your earlier buck that would be a nice combo of bucks for you!!!! Good Luck
  6. Anyone have the numbers handy?? I can plug in my phone right now while reading this and not forget. THANKS
  7. Agree with all that said Tecnu but my wife also always has a bar of jewel weed soap. Works wonders on the rash as well.
  8. Out in blind with my daughter again. Buck cruising other side of creek when we snuck in. He chased off the does last night but never gave her a shot. Hope he returns tonight
  9. My son added a 36" scag to his lawn mowing business this summer and I am the lucky one who gets to run it. Cuts the work in half but you have to learn the controls. You are not going to muscle it around like the old push mower (Trust me, I tried and my back ached for days!!!). Start in slow speed and you will get the hang fairly quickly. Definitely increased my cardio chasing it around this summer. Good Luck
  10. I dont know about a score but the memory is priceless!!! That needs to be on the wall too. Congrats on a great buck and paying it back!!!
  11. And Zack was so surprised. I picked up the bow this morning for my sons friend who just passed his bow test and was looking for his first bow. My son and I dropped it off as a surprise to him. Dropped the poundage a few lbs and he shot a tight 3" grouping at 20 yards his first go round. Hope to have him in the woods tonight. Thanks again Bone. Great karma coming your way.
  12. Good stuff Jay. Great memory right there. Congrats.
  13. The oil coalition has been great for past 10+ yrs. I believe they have a list of suppliers on web site and I just tell Coopers that I am a member and they discount the price to oil coalition price on date of delivery. You can check oil prices on their site and it is definitely cheaper than most everyone around. Highly recommend. You will dave the price you pay on first delivery.
  14. Also use coopers for last 22 yrs. Highly recommend joining nj oil coalition. I think it is like $30 a year and you save a bunch on each gallon. Makes using someone with a service department comparable to discounters. https://www.njcaoilgroup.com/
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