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  1. On my to do list for years now!!!!! Looks great
  2. Tuck

    tiger trout?

    Beautiful fish. My son got a big one about 10 yrs ago. Just under 9 lbs. He didnt catch in his backyard though!!!
  3. Tuck

    Weed Whacker?

    My son and I use stihl for his lawn business. He is looking to get the echo speed loader head to put on out stihl. According to videos on you tube, the echo head will fit the stihl. I recommend the speed loader head because like you, I hate loading the stihl one. I pull the plug and burn the screen with propane torch once or twice a season to get rid of deposits and runs like new again. Will update in a week or so when we get the new head to put on.
  4. Tuck

    Weed Whacker?

    Check out echo with speed feeder head
  5. Loved George the animal and his tongue!! Making me smile thinking back on the good ol days.
  6. Join NJ Oil Coalition. Cost is $30 a year but you will save that on first tank fill up if you use a supplier with them. Check our their web site. Very informative. New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group
  7. Bob Backlund, Big John Stud, Andre, Sgt Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mr Fuji, Hogan, wild Somoans, Jake the Snake. Good time to be a kid. Great memories.
  8. Tuck


    Gotcha. I thought maybe you ran up and got some. Wont be running anywhere for that price. I will Just keep shooting the crossbow!!!
  9. Tuck


    How much did they cost? Thanks
  10. Tuck

    Proud Hockey Dad

    He plays hockey lefty, can throw both lefty and righty, and all else is righty!!!
  11. Tuck

    Proud Hockey Dad

    Lots of $$$ and many many miles!!! Wouldn't trade any of it. Thanks Mike
  12. Tuck

    Proud Hockey Dad

    So my son's youth hockey career is winding down, but he is making the most of it. His team won the U18AA Atlantic District yesterday and the next stop is Nationals in 3 weeks in Green Bay. Not sure what I will do when he plays his last youth game, but at least it will be at the end of the road and he will have no regrets. Looking forward to the 14 hour drive to soak in the experience one last time before he heads south to play for Liberty University Flames. Let's hope it keeps rolling.....
  13. Tuck


    Saw the first one yesterday run by my open garage in Southern Warren County. Sure there are more.
  14. Tuck

    Egg Hunt and Harvest

    There it is!!! The $$$$ egg
  15. Will be interesting to see if the Kickstarter works for them. It has worked out great for some others. I see there being a need for anyone with limited mobility, but then again the ground is a much safer option. Necessity is the mother of all invention, so maybe there is a need. I agree with all of mazzgoff points!!
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