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  1. Tuck

    Kid Stuff...

    Used to do with dry leaves behind my shed!!!
  2. Funny stuff. I dont need a heart attack. Wanna hunt this fall!!!
  3. On the way. What do you recommend??
  4. Tickners is out. Heading out to germansville!!!
  5. Nice. I wish I knew you were going, I would have placed an order!!! Calling now to make sure they have it and will take the ride.
  6. Beautiful colors for sure. Will look nice on the wall. Have 2 browns, a tiger and a palomino on the wall, but no rainbow yet!! That would certainly complete the den. Nice work Jay
  7. I have the field pod and she is shooting my TenPoint Stealth from it now. Ordering her a Patriot 415 with crank and then will upgrade the scope as summer goes along. Info is much appreciated. THANKS
  8. Both times in NJ. Once on a farm in hunterdon county and the last time at my house in Lopatcong.
  9. Definitely looks like recluse. I have been bitten twice by them. Not a pretty bite and IV antibiotics for 5 days at hospital the second time
  10. Looking ahead a little for my daughter and when the classes are actually available. If you take the archery test with a crossbow, can you use a tripod stand when shooting or do you have to hold the xbow when shooting?? Thanks for any info.
  11. First a BIG thank you to HunterBob for hooking me up with contact for a mower for my son. This site really is amazing the way everyone networks and offers assistance. After talking to Bob last night, I contacted the guy he found with mower and set it up to look at it today at 1pm. My son was mowing on it for a customer by 3pm today and soooo happy!!! Next round of hot dogs at Hot Rods are on me HunterBob!!!!!
  12. I go on almost everyday....No problems at all.
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