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  1. Tough luck. Plan on going Tuesday this week with my son.
  2. Nice trip. Hope to repeat the same exact trip in July on a visit to my cousins in Charleston.
  3. THANKS. Don't really have a price range yet, but cheaper is better!!! I really wish hunting was prime in the summer; I am a teacher and have off
  4. Any personal recommendations?? Would like to go to someone that one of us has been too before
  5. Great read and great fish!!!! Doesn't NJ make you kill the fish as invasive?? Not sure how many people have a livewell at home big enough for that fish!!!!
  6. Didn't want to hijack the bear post, so here is another. Would like to do a father & son hunt and prefer deer. Looking to avoid planes, if possible. Older son is graduating college this weekend and younger son is 16, so looking to create a memory. Thanks for any help and info.
  7. I am also looking to do a hunting trip with my son, doesn't have to be bear and would actually prefer deer. Love to hear some ideas. Thanks
  8. I had to look twice to find her!!! Looked just like a rock. Great pics
  9. I will take them. PM sending now.
  10. Like fishing in a bucket. Looks like more than 12 fish (2 man limit) in the beginning of the video though I guess they were hungry!!
  11. Great read and got my blood pumping as I read. Congrats
  12. 15 good years of memories. RIP Bandit and my condolences to you.
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