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  1. Tuck

    Someone has jokes...

    It is the Satin model and the engine looks like it might turn over. No trailer though!!!
  2. Sad. Way too young. RIP and prayers for his family.
  3. Home of the Fighting Sioux!!! I was born in Grand Forks, ND . Need to get back home for a visit soon
  4. My recent NICS took 6 days from date of purchase from Shooters. Bought a 220.
  5. I thought maybe you found bigfoot carrying the Palminator to your door!!!
  6. Tuck


    Hilarious!! I want them now for my kids!!!
  7. I totally agree. I really want a lesson!!! I find myself constantly looking for natural stuff everytime I hike up the hill to sit in my exposed stand!!!
  8. Just curious what Township you were hunting?? I am in Readington program.
  9. Pointing the biggest birds he has ever seen now!! May he RIP now and comfort to you and the family. Never easy making that decision.
  10. Steel cage and winner gets shopper of the year and $2000!!!
  11. I was actually thinking of reaching out to ever member on the board who has helped me in the past and going on a hunt of their choice. Thought it would be a good way to get to know people and see some of the country!!!!
  12. I am in and I will eat pork roll, bacon, taylor ham, or whatever other meat is available!!!
  13. I wanna go to the bar that you posted a picture of a while back!!
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