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  1. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Great job.
  2. Ditto. How much for bin of sweet potatoes?? Planning a large Thanksgiving pie
  3. Just curious how much of each do you get for 160??
  4. I thought so when you posted about yours. Mine just has the pedestal base and I believe yours has legs. I love it. Cast iron pot on top for steam keeps air moist in house too.
  5. Started mine up Thursday. Dogs are in their glory
  6. I kayak thru every year multiple times with my kids. If the water is slightly up, you never even touch bottom from Glen Gardner all the way to Bloomsbury. Great paddle with much wildlife. Fish are plenty up and down the river.
  7. Tuck

    Bear Hat ?

    Funny stuff right there.
  8. Good for him. Nice looking deer and the comfort of the woodshed!!!!
  9. Water is WAY down at Spruce Run too. No issues at Merrill Creek. Timbers just to the right of boat launch should provide all the fish you and your daughter need for the day!! Good Luck
  10. Nice work. Wish I was free to meet you today!!! Would have loved to see him up close.
  11. Thanks for being diligent. You will be rewarded for sure. And I agree "What is wrong with people?"
  12. Tuck

    Pre Birthday Gift !!

    Great stuff. Happy birthday early.
  13. Sorry to hear your week Bill, but glad you found success today and will be passing on more of your generosity. Prayers to all involved.
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