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  1. Tuck

    Cooling Process...

    Dog doesnt look happy. Looks like a nice chunk of meat!!!
  2. Tuck

    Vintage Pinball Machine

    I love pinball. My first job in early 80's was at Keansburg boardwalk arcade!!! I look all the time for one and can't find anything decent under 3k. That is a beauty.
  3. WIth the incoming storm it might be a good idea to get outside and check your gutters and down spouts today. Just did mine and figured I would throw it out there. Looks like we will be getting a ton of rain starting tonight thru tomorrow. Stay safe
  4. Made me think of Santa Claus!!! Cool looking animal
  5. As usual, Roon creating memories. Looks like fun. Need to drag my kids out with the Seine net
  6. First picture shows the sled (crank) attached to the bow for cocking. The second picture shows the crank off the bow and in the background and the bow is cocked and ready to be shot.
  7. Beautiful as usual Jay. That bear with the mouth open is scary looking real. Great work.
  8. Does the exact same thing as my Ten Point. Super accurate out to 50 yards and an 11 year old pulling the trigger.
  9. Here are pictures with crank on and then off. The piece that gets left on measures 3/4 inch.
  10. You have to mount a black ring on the end of the stock. The crank has a piece that goes into the ring for cocking and then the crank comes off before shooting. I will go snap a picture and upload for you to see.
  11. I think they are allocating funds in the event hunters donate the deer, they have funds to process for the food bank.
  12. Glad it worked out. Dinner to show for the work you put in and another memory for the brain!!!
  13. Just signed my daughter up for her bow test. Classes are posted starting August 8. Looks like they will take 12 people per hour. Just FYI
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