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  1. I bought this combo last year. Worked great.
  2. Good luck kids. Don't shoot my bird. J/K you can shoot him, I'll find another.
  3. I don't have any custom calls, and I usually get a bird or two every year. I'm actually horrible at calling, but they still come running in.
  4. What would you consider Draconian limits? 1 bass at 28", 3 fluke at 18", 1 weakfish etc... I think we're already there. All that's left is a shutdown.
  5. I love when I get a text from a friend that says "Got a 3 man limit today." My reply is "So you got 3 fish? Sounds like a great day."
  6. I know they're around other places, just don't see many come from the bay. A lot of guys will release them anyway, so maybe they don't get weighed anyway.
  7. I hear of some from time to time, but not many.
  8. Have you ever caught a 50lb bass in the bay? I'm not talking down south or out east, but in the Raritan Bay. Legit weighed 50 lber, not eyeballed. I have caught a lot of fish in the bay, but haven't hit one over 50. Some 40+, but most are under 30. I've had some close ones including 50" fish that only weighed in the 40's.
  9. A friend and I caught over 60 in a couple hours before the wind and rain. Stupid fishing. You can only catch them when they're here.
  10. The fish will move up the rivers now and not just shad. Stripers too. Trout fishing is shot too.
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