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  1. No problem to hit Montauk for the day and be back for weigh ins.
  2. I hunt a 150 acre piece and we shoot 2-3 mature bucks off it every year. Sometimes I get one and sometimes I don't. There are other very good hunters there.
  3. If you shoot your buck the first week of early bow it's a long wait until permit season. It's really cold in North Dakota.
  4. No, but I had a pretty good wrestling match with a goose.
  5. So called healthy people will die too. Some maybe sooner than you.
  6. How is there an increase? Might just be more people posting pics on the internet.
  7. Those should work great. Might be early this year. We'll see.
  8. Lots of fish with no tails will get caught now.
  9. It's a state regulation, not hunters. Why have any seasons? Let's just make it a free for all and shoot whatever you want whenever you feel like.
  10. What reason? Kids can shoot spikes in most of Sussex county, just not Zone 3. I don't think the lack of interest has anything to do with APR's.
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