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  1. To register a homemade trailer You will need the following: Proof of identification; Original receipts/titles for all parts used; A notarized statement containing: construction details; parts and material used; and the date and location where parts were purchased (If parts were taken from another trailer/vehicle, you must list the VIN from each vehicle). A certified weight slip: If the trailer weighs more than 2,500 lbs. (unladen), it must also be titled. Color photographs showing all angles of trailer. A Vehicle Registration Application (Form BA-49 found only at motor vehicle agencies). Completed Application for Certificate of Title for Home-Made Trailer (Form OS/SS-32). Completed Universal Title Application (Form OS/SS-UTA) Payment fee for registration (Code 22) Payment fee for titling (if applicable) $60 for a standard vehicle. $85 for a financed vehicle with one lien. $110 for a finance vehicle with two liens. The MVC accepts American Express® card, Visa® card, MasterCard® card, check, money order or cash. The N.J.S.A. 39:3-.8 limits vehicles of this type to the following dimensions: Width: 96 inches Height: 13 feet, 6 inches Length (single vehicle): 35 feet Length (semi-trailer and towing vehicle): 48 feet Length (trailer and towing vehicle): 58 feet When figuring any dimension, safety equipment items (such as mirrors or lights) are not included if they do not exceed the overall limitations. If the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) (including load) is more than 3,000 lbs. or 40% of the towing vehicle's gross weight, the trailer must be equipped with brakes.
  2. Cheaper to buy chicken. Shotgun shells are getting expensive.
  3. Looks good. I've made ham a couple of times. Just leave it in the brine longer to soak in more.
  4. Good Luck. I've had knee surgery 4 times including 2 acl/mcl reconstructions and meniscus removed. I still get around pretty good, just slower. My advice is get right on it after surgery or it takes a lot longer to get back in shape.
  5. Some guys like boat rides and others like to catch fish. We know where you stand.
  6. i clean mine all the time.
  7. I haven't used more than 2 yet, but I might venture out to the deep this weekend. My fish have been in 25' or less.
  8. I get more pics than that in a day at some spots. Time to move.
  9. Excellent. Great time and great eats.
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