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  1. I'll say 154 gross 148 net Guessing but curious how i do.
  2. Some hunts also require FID card as a background check. I didn't apply for Union Count because you could only go on certain weekdays, and were expected to do so..
  3. There's no set requirements on what you add, only personal preference. If making tacos or chili I don't add anything. For sausage and snack sticks I add around 25% pork. I usually get a shoulder or pork belly. It's all good. And no, I don't calculate exactly 25%, just somewhere close.
  4. These came out really good.
  5. Same here. I spend a lot of time on the ground moving around to different set ups. You have to move very slowly, only your eyes, then your head. Do I ever get picked off? Of course, but it's part of the game.
  6. White Buffalo may be my least favorite company. There are a ton of turkeys on the Island too.
  7. Every hunt I have been involved with has these requirements or stricter. I have not participated in the Union County hunt.
  8. I'm probably only doing friend hunts, meaning if my friends are going I'll go for fun. Don't really care if I shoot another one or not and I only have doe tags left. I guess I could buy a gun tag, but probably not. I may just go for rabbits.
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