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  1. Good catching and eating. Those are lots of fun on light tackle.
  2. Same fish different country. Sounds like you had a great trip.
  3. Nice catching. Those seabass are sweet. Those are kings. My son had a king and some Spanish a couple weeks ago. Lots of speedsters out there now.
  4. Might be porgies too. Good weekend and some nice fish caught. Sucks about the winch.
  5. Good thing I looked at the rules and saw that you have to buy a license for there. I was going to fish it for an hour before fluking.
  6. I have a Wicked Ridge. Not expensive and very accurate. Go to a shop where you can shoot some and see what you like. There are many new options every year.
  7. Nice. There's been a bunch of them caught this year. Supposed to be tasty, all white meat, but I can't confirm. Thin fillets.
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