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  1. Gobbler Down!

    Excellent. Congrats.
  2. Youth day 2018

    Great job. Congrats.
  3. Who will be out there on the opener?

    I'll be out, either in 1 or 9. Not sure yet. Hoping to get some intel this weekend.
  4. Fortune Cookie Prediction

    Good one. Mine said: He who goes to bed with itchy ass wakes up with stinky finger.
  5. Where to shoot a turkey

  6. Don't Buy from Dicks

    No Dicks for me.
  7. NC gobblers were good to us

    WTG! Congrats to both of you.
  8. SHAD getting good

    Nice. The water will be a bit higher tomorrow.
  9. Good enough?

    Dead bird.
  10. Those are good.
  11. A few DIY projects i've done

    Great work. GO PENS!
  12. Just One Lure?

    Trout magnet.
  13. One Fat Striper.....

    That's a fatty. Almost got motivated enough to drop in, but my dock isn't ready yet. Hopefully this week.
  14. Turkey cam

    Sweet. I have tags if you need help. Good Luck
  15. Little Yak Fishing