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  1. Unfortunately the system is rigged. Mail in ballots have to go!
  2. How much does it cost to do a billboard? I have a few things I'd like to say..
  3. Just go get a Taylor ham and egg. If you need $4 I'll loan it to you. Not worth getting sick
  4. Was duck scouting this morning and could smell death. Couldn't find it tho. I will when it cools down
  5. Went to feed the mosquitoes as I looked for ducks. We need a frost!!!
  6. I have 6. Try a different set of batteries. Then check the firmware update.
  7. I'm not seeing too many birds in the north. I think its still too warm??
  8. Kind of like a wife..you don't really need one but the idea looks good. Sure wish I could of tried one first..
  9. Back with my daughter, Grayce. She passed on a few doe last night. She wants a buck.....don't we all. Just enjoying to quiet time.
  10. In z5 with my newest huntress, Grayce. Her second time out.
  11. There's always next year I guess..😪
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