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  1. Looking to sell my mower. Kawasaki engine and belt driven. It's barely used and mows great. Located in Andover. Asking $1500 I have a zero turn and never use it. Not sure of the hours or year. Thanks
  2. I've been a pro staffer for Fritos since 1996.
  3. I'm going to try this new product called Ozonics. I feel that with a big enough corn pile and my new Ravin, I should be filling all my tags
  4. Not much you can do that isnt extremely expensive. Good firewood. Good news tho...The elms are starting to make a come back.
  5. nb6624

    Snake I.D.

    Most mistaken species..but still nasty
  6. I dont know you but dang, you got a nice big deck! 🤣
  7. Here's a big one I pulled out of the paulinskill river a few years ago
  8. Go see jim flynn on rt 31 in Hampton.
  9. I love my spartans!
  10. Barely used, belt driven 48" walk behind with bagger . Recently serviced. No issues, just dont use it anymore. Asking $2000. Located in 07821, Warren Co. Will deliver
  11. Nello has done all my venison for over 10 years. Incredible product and he does alot of the local venison butchers meats around the area. Not good.
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