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  1. Not injured. She was just holding it while I cleaned out the duck box.
  2. Found one in a duck box a few days ago
  3. Cottontail squeals?..I've been going with no luck. The snow is deep and I think the yotes are pretty wary. And there aren't too many around in the areas im hitting
  4. Nice. What call are you using?
  5. Pray for a nuclear bomb or weeks of wildfire...that would likely kill a few
  6. I tried that with my accountant..they laughed at me and said I'm not a farmer...😡
  7. Oldie but I found it a few years ago in sussex co. It almost looks like a mulie.
  8. I got the spot..the logs are piled up and all are are welcome. Allamuchy if you are interested. Let's pick a day!
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