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  1. nb6624

    The boys are getting fired up....

    I just threw up 🤢
  2. nb6624

    Parker Buckshot Compound ($100)

  3. nb6624

    2001 Toyota Tundra 4x4 for sale

    Ive owned 4 tundras. My first is still going after i sold to a neighbor with 260k miles. I presently have 2. One is my war wagon and the other is for church on sunday..😂
  4. nb6624

    Another Brother Shot

    I did not know him, but he grew up with a good friend of mine. Heard he was a class act guy and loved by everyone in his home town. Sucks! God speed brother. 💙. My heart goes out to his young children.
  5. nb6624

    For the snow plow guys.

    I use a salty slushie mix of water and grit
  6. nb6624

    Seasons end

    Shed season is serious around my house!
  7. nb6624

    Still Holding

    That's " Bruce the buck"
  8. nb6624

    Latest you ever killed a Antlered Buck?

    April 3rd. Messed up my truck on a one horn spike
  9. nb6624

    Hand Guns

    .357 S&w. Always plink with 38 and pow with .357
  10. nb6624

    Speed mark your firewood 16"

    Yes I think for ponies and carts. My wife collects this shit and I get stuck shuffling it around so I can get my wood on the porch.
  11. nb6624

    Speed mark your firewood 16"

    Go big so I handle less...
  12. nb6624

    Speed mark your firewood 16"

    So I have a 30" fire box..should I stick two together and subtract 2"? 🤔
  13. nb6624

    Good Guy Alert - NB6624

    Glad to see it go to a good guy!