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  1. They taste like mallard..you should be at turtle pond taking pics of all the snows before I kill them
  2. Perfect valentine's gift for the ex wife!
  3. nb6624

    Badass Buck

    Damn! That's crazy
  4. Yes 36" flat top. So easy to clean and quick to make food. I have a bbq but this is a nice change
  5. Just got a new Blackstone and man I'm loving this. Only did sausage pepper onions, pancakes eggs bacon and salmon and potatoes so far.
  6. nb6624

    Dream gun

    My favorite rifle in my collection has to be my BCM .223. Fun to shoot and always reliable. Always wanted one and finally got it this year.
  7. nb6624

    Coyote Killed By Dad

    I've been around a few coyotes in my life, unless that dad was chuck Norris ...I'm calling bs!
  8. nb6624

    Deer mange

    Anyone ever see this before? First time for me...I wasn't sure what was going on but i knew it needed to be killed.
  9. Put this poor deer out of its misery. Just in time..it would have been a cold winter with no fur.
  10. nb6624


    Call the pequest hatchery and see if keith is still doing it.
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