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  1. Stop by Mohawk house in sparta. They sell Pat Lafrieda meats. Can't beat the meat or the selection.
  2. I didn't fill my tag. Went out 2 mornings and only had jakes come in.
  3. I miss Melania...she was amazing. She knew that was a weed in 4 different languages and looked good doing it!
  4. 2 jakes and a hen. Gotta go work. Tmrw is another day
  5. Thats my goal this year..but first I need to find one!
  6. Came across this today. Its only nature at its finest but from what I can tell from tracks and bite marks on the neck, this doe and her fawns were killed by a bear. Pretty wild!
  7. Rayna got a nice jake!
  8. Rayna scored on a jake. We watched the Tom walk off with the hens and then the jakes came back to investigate and she didn't want to wait!
  9. This fox is missing his body. Found it in a flower bed. Weird
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