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  1. Good Opening day gobbler

    Dude! Right in the neighborhood! You got some balls!
  2. Long beard down

    Beach bird! Nice
  3. Didn't take long

  4. Shed Hunter On Steroids

  5. Gobbler Down!

  6. Raynas youth hunt.

    That is a rap for us to had a couple close calls going to try again later in the week
  7. Raynas youth hunt.

    In the blind with birds gobbling all around us. Now we need a little luck!
  8. Good Luck To All The Kids !!!

    taking my girls out as well. roosted two toms. fingers crossed. dress warm. good luck!
  9. Jason returns home to Blairstown

    for real???
  10. He’s got the look...

    a real tough guy!
  11. Rompola Buck

    i went to a place in Michigan, called the Deer museum. the guy that runs that place had tons of info on that deer and knew him personally. Cool story.
  12. Advertisements

    i know her!