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  1. Back in zone Ohio...fresh snow
  2. In northwest Ohio last 2 days of bow before the gun season. 🤞
  3. I had 3 stolen on zone 5 and one camera Thats the normal unfortunately
  4. I'm out. Pulling a Greybeard and sitting in a blow down. No time to hand a stand. Z5
  5. nb6624

    Target doe.

    I'm still going to murder her!
  6. nb6624

    Target doe.

    You can tell who she is
  7. nb6624

    Target doe.

    I've been hunting this doe on and off all season. She the smartest deer I've ever hunted by far. As I sit here typing, she is blowing her horn....again. She has pegged me in the tree twice and winded me from the ground 3 times. She is the lead nanny and I have a special place for her in my freezer. 😡
  8. This state has the most confusing game regs...
  9. Worst youth day ever. Sat both morning and night. Had 30 deer in the field last night with 2 shooters. Tonight...nothing! But we got some good time together..
  10. Thats why you go deeper than 40 yards into the woods!
  11. Bought 6. Now they are sold out. Thanks for the heads up
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