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  1. Yes. But now i want go fishing. Are you writing a book? Stalker.🤣🤣🤣
  2. Im looking for a 18' jet. Something that can run the Delaware or just do some lake trolling. Mostly want to bow fish. Anyone got any collecting dust?
  3. Black-headed vultures are easy to get a depredation permit for. And you shoot them with a pellet gun. Contact your local fishing game officer I have done it for two different people
  4. I see asian stilt grass and nut sedge..but have no clue on the broadleaf
  5. Had one make itself at home on my quad...so i burned the whole thing!
  6. No. I did a euro. I got my ohio buck mounted. Only do one a year. The nice thing about having all girls is i will be able to pick the boys. And my girls know what to bring home..😂
  7. Seeded my fall food plot. Now waiting for the rain!
  8. Only thing missing is about 3 feet of cable!
  9. Just bought these 2 spartan 4g to add to my collection. Love them so far.
  10. Is this still available and location? My friends 14 year old son is looking
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