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  1. I also live near blairstown and do landscaping. Gardens of the world, agway, tractor Supply, race farm, cerbos in newton are all good places to get deer proof plants
  2. I buy a stamp every year. The excitement of the catch and the time I spend with my girls is worth every penny. I dont keep any..I'd rather let them go so another angle can catch it. And I'd rather eat a taylor ham eggn cheese! I also use a old towel to pick them up and let them go unharmed
  3. Nice! Alot of bucks still holding late. More for next year
  4. Zone 4 is closed to Turkey hunting..sorry guys. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. nb6624

    Rip off

    I am a NJ trooper and have a landscape pesticide business for the past 20 years serving over 150 customers. Honesty is the only business I know.
  6. nb6624

    Rip off

    The chain stores like Mavis. jiffy lubes etc. I have been scammed every time I've used them. My local mechanic would never tell me my air filter was replaced and not even open the airbox. And forget about it if you are not familiar with auto repair. They will change your blinker fluid
  7. 🤐 cant say much but no drugs no dv. Njsp will figure it out.. Prayers for the victim and her family.
  8. And is that a saw mark in the back of the skull?
  9. It's a domestic canine of some sort. Young hence the molars are not completely out and no canine teeth. Weird
  10. nb6624

    Rip off

    They all suck! Teach your kids how to turn a wrench and get a little grease on their hands. I'm by no means a mechanic but I have saved thousands knowing the basics.
  11. nb6624

    Holding them tight

    You ever take her shed hunting?
  12. Cool. Nice size bear too!
  13. nb6624

    Current Motorcycles

    My bug out scooter...I call it the "shoot n scoot"
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