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  1. Turtles normally lay their eggs in June and they hatch beginning of September that is last year's baby turtle. I like turtles
  2. Always a good group there and for once im not working
  3. Whichever direction the closest bridge is..thats usually were they dump those farm raised fish..🙄
  4. Awesome! I got one last year. You win a 14 ft jon boat and rod reel.
  5. Yes...so annoying. Thats why i left the njhunter site...now i need to find the next nj hunting fourm. Any advice?
  6. Dang! Are you looking for another son??
  7. nb6624

    Neat shed

    Where did you find that, Chernobyl?
  8. Wow!!! Glad to see someone having a good monday!
  9. I got the bees,the manure and the potatoes and peas done so far!
  10. All over in warren county. Swamps are good places to find them
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