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  1. I'll take any 5 point sides preferably from mature deer only. Thanks..🤣
  2. I work in this town. Nice place to live! And Rachel makes a awesome Taylor ham and egg..🤣
  3. A few but not looking good...
  4. Still building mine. Nothing big but looking forward to getting on the river.
  5. Lucky for me this deer is on my lease in ohio. I might actually get a chance at seeing him before poacher Joe gets him.
  6. Once you shoot a Megamouth you never go back to those bottles. But it will get the job done.
  7. Got a pic on my spypoint. Made my day. I love the feeling of knowing there will be a monster to chase.
  8. I just bought 2.5 gallons of tick killz for $850 if it makes you feel any better
  9. 51...you think he would grow up already!
  10. She is thrilled! We never caught up with any gobblers and she was happy to take a jake, so now she is thrilled! Thanks to everyone.
  11. Upgraded my troller to a 75lb...Located in Warren County. $250
  12. I've been in the lawn business almost 20 years. This was a good read with alot of great info. But every lawn is different..soils, shade, pests etc. Dosen't hurt to have some look at it and give you some pointers. 4 applications a season are adequate if you time them correctly. Dont let the big name lawn companies talk you into 8.
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