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  1. nb6624

    10-17 pm

    Z5 windy. Coyote, doe and 20 turkeys.
  2. nb6624

    What do you consider to be a big buck?

    Most adult hunters wont admit they would kill a young buck in a heart beat just to say they killed a buck. To me that it crazy. I pass up any buck that doesn't get my heart racing. I would rather take a doe if I the time to deal with it and eat my buck tag..which I do often. This state has great potential if guys could get past the, "got my buck" mentality.
  3. nb6624

    10/16/18 Check in Time for the Afternoon Hunt.

    In at z5. Already had a buck chasing a doe and grunting 🤞
  4. nb6624

    Hunting boots

  5. nb6624

    10/15/18 Check In Whose Out

    Out z5. You got a heater and I'm getting chewed up by mosquitoes
  6. nb6624

    10/13/18 AM check in

    Almost went back to bed until I remembered its Oct 13th and I'm not working. Getting wet in z5
  7. Out in z5...no bears please.
  8. nb6624

    Bear Over/Under estimates this week

    Just proves that hunting controls the population. I dont see nearly as many...and its soooooo nice!
  9. nb6624

    Bear Opener

    Going to jingle my keys so they dont come near me and mess up my deer hunt!
  10. nb6624

    Buck Down

    Nice job sir, you never let me down. But xbows are cheater bows..🤣
  11. nb6624

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh

    Someone needs a beer!🤣
  12. nb6624

    10-6. Afternoon Hunt.

    Z5. Late start but had to work.
  13. nb6624

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Congratulations jack. Nice mature buck and you earned it. Theres no hunt more rewarding than finding that one animal and specifically hunting it until the end.
  14. nb6624

    Best Semi Auto Shotguns/pumps

    BBE II is my go to for almost everything. But my HR 12 gauge is a sweet mother slug chucker.