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  1. Freeze that rack asap!!!!..Awesome buck jack. I never killed a fuzz head
  2. Out with my daughter. Just had a giant 8 go by. No shot. He will be back
  3. Can we change the picture of last years winner already? That dude is ugly!
  4. Just enjoying the morning. Alot of acorns dropping. No target buck just hunting.
  5. 4 years running now
  6. Like I said in my original post I was watching this deer since last season I had permission from the landowner to hunt. I was waiting till the legal date Harvest this deer on film I'm not going to get into a pissing match with your girlfriend I do not have to prove anything because I did not do anything wrong. You did. There will be a court date September 30th at 1:30 in Hopatcong. We will see you there along with the community and hunters ...ethical Hunters
  7. Yes this was where i was set up. Ive been watching this deer for awhile. Sucks to see it all go down this way.
  8. Now im scrambling to find a new target buck. I dont want to let my team down.
  9. You can buy a new crossbow and pay his fines and go hunt in another state but he can't buy a new reputation. Every time somebody says his name they will remember how he hunts
  10. No I did not share any pictures of the deer beforehand because unfortunately scumbags like this walk the woods. This has happened to me many times before and the only way to get even is to put them on full blast.
  11. He had a camera on Town property right next to the private property that I had permission to hunt on
  12. UPDATE: Poacher identified as Joseph Ciottariello of Rockaway, NJ Unfortunately i didnt kill it, but my Spartan camera caught a total scumbag illegally poaching and cutting his head off! So the back story,,ive been watching this giant since last season and have been getting great pics of him all summer. As i was out shooting my bow i got a picture on my camera of deer legs..i was sure what to make of it..but the next picture confirmed a low life trespassing in camo and crossbow. So i notified fish and wildlife and they met me at the property. We walked in and caught the poacher red handed as he was cutting the head off this magnificent buck. The rest will be public information when he has his day in court. I hope this story spreads like wildfire and this creep is publicly humiliated. And as a lesson to other poachers that are out there doing the same thing. I was planning on filming my hunt and now this total dirtbag killed him 3 weeks early. What waste and an insult to the sport. The story:
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