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  1. nb6624

    Permit bow buck.

    Better pics
  2. nb6624

    Permit bow buck.

    After spending the season chasing a ghost, I finally gave up and went looking for something else. I forgot about a little piece of state land that usually produces a good last season buck. Pulled my camera and saw that there was a good buck 5 mornings in a row. So I put out a bag of the Pinch Point and went back the following night to check the camera and hunt quick before work. After only being in my blind for 30 minutes I had 7 does and this guy coming in. Made a 30 yard shot on super skittish mountain buck and he was down in 40 yards. My first bow buck in nj in 2 years and it felt good.
  3. nb6624

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Ray Charles beat to the deer 🤣
  4. nb6624

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Quick pic to say it happened...blame grim reaper for mess.
  5. nb6624

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Bbd!!! Shot a real nice buck tonight state land zone 5 I will post pictures in a story when I get a chance
  6. nb6624

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

    Congratulations, from a father of 4 girls.
  7. nb6624

    Free Youth Hunting Clothing

  8. nb6624

    Bear hunt extended

    Two at my bait now
  9. nb6624

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    I'm with you! Doe meat for the freezer and bucks on the wall!
  10. nb6624

    Well that sucks lol

    You probably would have shot the button buck first and scared the 2 year old away 🤣
  11. nb6624

    Nice Ohio 6 Point

    Wasn't expecting that!
  12. nb6624

    Good 8 down boys!! (and ladies)

    How bad is the truck?