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  1. Red tail. Broad wing and a pigeon
  2. Nothing exciting on camera so I'm hunting the does. Z5
  3. I thought it was a triple beam for a minute! Nice shot...the meat is going to be chewy
  4. I got one and it only took me a day to put it together. I set it up for my dad...but cant wait til gun season to sleep in it!
  5. Worked all weekend...going to get in the woods tomorrow morning
  6. Someone I know is selling this one. Only a 570 but looks clean. 2014..450miles. Asking 5k
  7. Tc Omega thumb holed..hornady 240gr. 2 white hots...topped off with a Leopold 3×9..lethal up to 200 yds
  8. Sorry..thought it was one of mine. Got all the way home and realized I'm not as ugly as the guy on the sd card and tried to put it back where I found it.
  9. I have a bunch and I want more! All different types.. new, old, cell. I just like checking them. Gives me an excuse to hide from reality for a few hours.
  10. That's alot of welding!!!!
  11. Just passed simon Peter's and saw this!!!! Lucky Vietnam vet said it came strolling by at 1030 this morning
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