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  1. I run 10 Covert cell cams. 7 2018 models and 3 2019. I have been using the coverts since 2012 and the earlier models had some issues for sure but I have not had a single issue with any of these. I love the HQ picture option without having to pull the card. I usually get anywhere from 20-25k pics every three months so they get a work out. I run them on 12 volt batteries and usually get A month out of them. I think they charge me $175 every three months when I have them all up but usually on run all 10 for 6 months and that is for almost 30k pictures.
  2. Tom they are swamped right now with the issues on the app update. Just use the chat feature. I haven’t waited more than 5 mins with it and they get whatever you need done. I have 7 2018 cams and 1 2019 and they are all working flawlessly.
  3. Heading up with a buddy in the AM. Enjoy the day
  4. My buddy has one. It’s a beast but it is a bit clunky
  5. I am at the tail end of a full Reno at our condo. Redid the whole place including the floors. Went with Shaw LVP and we are super happy. My labs haven’t been able to make a mark on them. I looked at everything out there and cortec seems to be the best but has limited colors and Shaw is number two. Good luck
  6. Guys just a little add to this mineral conversation. Spent a lot of time on this topic and one thing I haven’t seen anyone bring up is ground prep for your mineral site. The goal here is to have deer hit your ground site to take in minerals to help does with lactation along with helping bucks grow bigger antlers. So one can assume one of the biggest factors is the amount in which is absorbed. You can’t control how much they eat but your can potentially help them absorb more of what they do eat by prepping your site. The dirt is loaded with parasites and bacteria. Yes, the deer are living outside and are exposed to many of them already. But when you attract deer to a single spot and have them digging and licking the ground in groups why not give them the best shot at success. Usually about 3 weeks before a site will be setup I would use fast acting Ag Lime and spread it in a 6 foot circle. It will kill off a lot of the crap and give you a better starting point. Not imperative but certainly can’t hurt. Best of luck out there
  7. First off I am sorry for your lose, it never gets easy. Give Mike at Delaware River labs a call if you are looking for a hunting dog . Mike is an old school breeder who takes pride in the health and hunting ability in his dogs. He has two litters in the oven right now. Here is my guy from him that is a machine even at 11. I will be breeding my guy with one of his females this summer I hope and taking a pup. Delaware River Labradors
  8. Like anything else spend once and be happy. Garmin/tritronics is the way to go. There is a reason the best use it. And no you will only need one collar. I have 6 different collars from multiple brands.
  9. Brought my 15 round mags to my sister in PA and bought new 10 round ones for my hand gun. $80 is a lot cheaper than a felony charge. Not worth the headache in my opinion although I don’t agree with the law of course.
  10. Thanks everyone. Couple guys ask where I have been seeing Rut activity and I have seen it heavy in all the zones I hunt. 8, 6, 36, and 2.
  11. Thank you. The first buck weighed 170 dressed. The second I did not weigh but was much larger body.
  12. Well I’m sitting over here twitching having deer blowing up my cams and seeing bucks chasing but then smacking myself and realizing I have had the best season to date and there is still a lot left. Rewind to the end of September I had a new spot that I had scouted and setup early in the summer and had tons of does but only a couple small bucks. I knew the area would pull some big boys once the season got going. I decided I would only hunt in perfect conditions and finally got the right wind and had a decent storm rolling in that night figured it being the first front of the season I would jump in. From the first min I got into the stand i had deer all over me and they continued the whole hunt. Around 6:30 I had two groups of does come through with a couple of fawns but still no bucks. They stuck around for 10 mins and just walked off. Then I had a lone doe come through and since I needed to fill my earn a buck I let an arrow fly and it ran 30 yards and piled up. I figured the hunt was done so I settled back and was just enjoying the last 30 mins of light and I hear a twig break behind me. I look down and there is a nice white rack 9 that needs one more year but was great to see. As he got infront of me I heard another deer behind me on the other side of the tree I look down and there is a big wide 7 that was noticeably more mature and now I reach for my bow and hear the third buck behind me. I look down again and here is a super wide 8 that was more mature than the rest and I knew right away I would try and let one fly. Now the fun began they swung out infront of me but were in the one spot I could not shoot. They stood in that spot for what seemed like a lifetime and then the wide 7 decided to take the trail infront of me and the wide 8 followed. Once he cleared the brush i spotted him at 15 yards and 10 ringed him. He jumped and landed and stood still and just fell over. Zero tracking job. Great night in the woods So I am tagged out until permit bow ... Well a week before permit started I got pics of a slammer that was bumping does all over a different area than my fall bow buck spot I could tell he wasn’t in full chase mode but with every passing day I was getting pics of him closer to daylight. As you all know the permit opener was forecasted to be nasty but the rut action was really cranking up so I watched the weather and made a plan. Thursday night I had my first pictures of him in daylight in the last hour of light and he was right on the does all night. I knew he was only going to stick around for a day or two to check all the does and then move off so I looked at the weather and saw there was a small 2-3 hour window Saturday morning right at daylight that the rain was going to back off a little and then pour for the rest of the day. So I got in the stand early and it was actually raining pretty damn good and thought maybe i was making a mistake but after about 35 mins it started to slow down and I knew i made the right call . Right at first shooting light I saw three does trotting right at me and saw a big dark body right on them . Sure enough it was the big guy and was in full chase mode . They ran right past me at 10 yards and would not stop no matter what I did . They did that two more times in about a 20 mins time span and by then my nerves were toast. Finally I saw him coming back through without the does but now he was 80 yards away. He just walked around for about 5 mins and I saw two more does coming my way from my right that he did not see since they were on the back side of some brush from him. I let the does work past me to my left that would allow him to see them and I hit the bleat. He picked his head up and pinned right away and started walking in . Now the does were walking away also so I had to make a decision quick where I was going to shoot. There was one window at 30 yards that I had to stop him in to have the shot oppurtinuty or he was going to be covered up by brush after that. Put my grunt tube in my mouth and drew on him letting him walk into that window. Hit the grunt tube and he stopped, the second he hesitated I hit the release and saw the arrow hit the mark and knew he was dead on his feet. I watched him run 60 yards and pile up . My first droptine and just a horse of a buck. Got him out of the woods but the rain started back up so I tagged him and we waited till later to take pics. Sorry for the long winded stories but I thought they were worth telling. Guys that know me know I live for this and pass ALOT of bucks every year but in the end it is all worth it. I am very blessed and grateful for oppurtunities this year, I wish everyone else the best of luck the rest of this season .
  13. I run 8 covert Att models. I have the new 2018 model and it is amazing. The new plans are way cheaper and the billing is super easy.
  14. I’m sitting a 100 yards from the time WARNER center now. Mad house
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