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  1. Bmelvin

    Cellular trail cams

    I run 8 covert Att models. I have the new 2018 model and it is amazing. The new plans are way cheaper and the billing is super easy.
  2. Bmelvin


    I’m sitting a 100 yards from the time WARNER center now. Mad house
  3. Bmelvin

    Last week before permit-Question.........

    Nope. They get walking papers. My rule is if I have to think about shooting a buck I pass, which means I eat tag soup a lot but I also shoot a good buck pretty much every other year. Works for me. But to each his own
  4. Bmelvin

    Awesome pic sequence

    That’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing
  5. Bmelvin

    Velvet buck in October?

    Sure it’s def a buck. We had one like that 4 years ago and it was actually a doe with antlers.
  6. Bmelvin

    Free bait when I used to hunt

    Now that’s funny
  7. Bmelvin

    Avian Artistry

    My buddy used him two years ago but said he no longer was doing it
  8. Main reason I don’t share properties bc I have my way of doing things. Certainly not the time of year to be running around the woods scouting and bumping deer. And although you say he is a your buddy he obviously doesn’t take what you say seriously. Hope it didn’t mess up your spot to much
  9. Bmelvin

    Same bucks?

    Top two don’t look the same. Bottom two don’t either but those pics aren’t clear enough to be sure
  10. Bmelvin

    The Greek EAD & EAB (now I’m bored)

    Congrats bud
  11. Bmelvin

    10 Pt down...

    Congrats bud
  12. Bmelvin

    Huge Bergen County Buck

    Not NJ. Old pic
  13. Bmelvin

    Less Pictures The Last Few Weeks?

    I have a few spots in areas that have little to no hunting pressure and I have seen the same thing. Happens every year. Should pick up when the weather breaks a little.
  14. Bmelvin

    Life Takes A Change.

    Scary stuff. Glad to hear your son is ok. My father has what they call auras and it basically occurs when the brain doesn’t get enough blood flow from some restriction. They put in a pace maker a he hasn’t had an event in ten years. Hope it’s an easy fix and preventable in the future. Best wishes to your and your family
  15. Bmelvin

    Looking for Trail Cam Recomendations

    Take a look at the Covert MP-8. I have just under 20 cams and have tried pretty much all mentioned above except exodus and for $100 you can’t beat the MP-8. Trigger is a tad slow but if it’s over bait you will be fine.