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  1. Yea I was thinking the same. It’s a great shoot but I am not wearing a mask walking around outside. Just have to wait till next year.
  2. I am sitting on four. Make sure you do your homework. Iowa got crushed this past season with EHD. We have two private farms we were going to for this coming season but the owners told us to wait a couple years as their herd was really crushed.
  3. Hasn’t been confirmed yet. Good friend of mine is Dennis Rodman’s bodyguard and has spent a lot of time with Dennis in North Korea with Kim. He just posted that nothing has been confirmed.
  4. Bmelvin

    Turkey guns

    870 12g super mag. Ported barrel and lengthened forcing cone. Carlson Turkey choke. Reworked trigger down to 3.5 Lbs Sure shot stock and added check pad and limbsaver recoil pad. Gobbler stopper scope. Very comfy and soaks up a 3.5 turkey load very well.
  5. What BHC said. Have to run some different load and choke setups to see what is best. I have yet to have a turkey choke not produce a better pattern than a factory choke. But the real game changer was having my forcing cone lengthened. That seemed to make my gun shoot well with almost every setup. I recently took the deep dive and bought the federal Heavyweight TSS in #7 shot with a Carlson turkey choke. Here is a picture at 20 yards. That is the best pattern I have ever got out of any setup. I should be good to 40 yards without a second thought. Sent the gun out to Rob Roberts and had it ported and cone done same as my duck gun. Certainly makes a different in my opinion. They are expensive shells but obviously produce. Best of luck.
  6. Wow that was interesting. Everyone is allowed their own opinion and that’s the beauty of this place. However the one thing that really turned my stomach is that marsh straight up lied about him giving plasma. If he had mild symptoms for one day why would he go to the hospital and get tested and risk being exposed if he really didn’t have it and only had mild symptoms for one day. And in order to give plasma you have to have proof of a confirmed positive covid test. I tried to do the antibody test to give plasma bc I am 99% sure I had it but it was very mild so I didn’t get tested and since I don’t have a confirmed test I was told by three different places I could not give plasma. Doesn’t add up. Some strange people out there. Hope everyone stays safe.
  7. I just read this thread and I am at a loss for words. Personally I have about a half dozen construction sites in NYC that have been on going and every one there is doing their best to keep moving forward while dealing with the obvious 500 lb gorilla in the room. And a couple are hospitals. So I don’t understand the need to pat ones self on the back. With all that my main focus is getting home to make sure my GF is ok at the end of her shift. My GF is a nurse and is dealing with this shit in her face every second of the day. She comes home crying because people are dying and the fact that she doesn’t really know if the Protective measures truly work because her coworkers are Constantly getting sick. She doesn’t even want to sleep in our bed because of the fact she might get me sick. Everyone has their dealt cards and we make the best of that hand the best we can. No awards or applause, right now it’s about doing the right thing for yourself and the person next to you. Be smart and safe.
  8. I am not sure why this would be any different than the ear plugs you see all the kids wearing today. I had my 12 yr old nephew use them when I took him to the range since my muffs where to bulky for him and they worked perfectly. They come with three different size rubber inserts so you can make the fit correct. I use wireless beats for the gym and they fit exactly the same.
  9. Well over 8 hours if you are just using them as hearing protection. If you are streaming music from your phone it’s like 4 hours. I have never ran them dead yet and I have had them in my ear for days I am guiding upland all day and never died. The case they come with is a charging case so you actually plug the case in and that builds up a charge. Then when you put the ear buds in the case the case itself (unplugged) charges the buds. You get three or four charges for the buds before you have to recharge the case. They hook up to an app on your phone so you can control modes and volume really easy. You can also do it from the buds themselves but the app is fantastic. Other than the price their really isn’t a negative but again you are paying for a very quality product so the price reflects that.
  10. We do a lot of waterfowl hunting and I was finding myself really having trouble with the ringing in my ears. The GF bought these for me last year and they are a god send. The boys made fun of me for a few weeks but when they realized I could hear the birds before they could and I could still hear after shooting all morning and they were all reading lips. Now they are all getting them. Yes they are expensive but can pay once cry once. https://www.walkersgameear.com/silencer-bluetooth-rechargeable-in-the-ear-pair/
  11. You are the man!! Thank you again
  12. Thank you very much. Really appreciate it. Saving me an hour trip
  13. Mainly down by the dog training area. That side
  14. Someone on here has to live right there or been there in the last week or so. Help a brother out!!
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