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  1. Bmelvin

    The Greek EAD & EAB (now I’m bored)

    Congrats bud
  2. Bmelvin

    10 Pt down...

    Congrats bud
  3. Bmelvin

    Huge Bergen County Buck

    Not NJ. Old pic
  4. Bmelvin

    Less Pictures The Last Few Weeks?

    I have a few spots in areas that have little to no hunting pressure and I have seen the same thing. Happens every year. Should pick up when the weather breaks a little.
  5. Bmelvin

    Life Takes A Change.

    Scary stuff. Glad to hear your son is ok. My father has what they call auras and it basically occurs when the brain doesn’t get enough blood flow from some restriction. They put in a pace maker a he hasn’t had an event in ten years. Hope it’s an easy fix and preventable in the future. Best wishes to your and your family
  6. Bmelvin

    Looking for Trail Cam Recomendations

    Take a look at the Covert MP-8. I have just under 20 cams and have tried pretty much all mentioned above except exodus and for $100 you can’t beat the MP-8. Trigger is a tad slow but if it’s over bait you will be fine.
  7. Bmelvin

    Yote pups by my house

    Jersey she is there every year and then she heads to the Park up the hill. There is a really big one over by the mall I saw last week. Had to sixty pounds and it had its summer coat. Seeing that thing in the winter it’s going. To look massive
  8. Bmelvin

    Night vision/thermal scope ???

    Thermal hand held scanner and NV gun mount is the ticket if you hunt in any areas that may farm dogs or pets around. If you hunt where that is unlikely then it is hard to beat thermal all the way around. We use a variety of different setups for different states and areas. But just like when using a red light the IR will alert dogs once In a while so it is better to have the center pointed at the feet of your target and have the halo lighting up your reticle. Just picked up the new pulsar f155 clip on. Sweet little setup if you hunt in an area that allows rifle at night. Using thermals and NV on a shotgun isn’t recommended By of the manufactures that i know. They state the recoil is just to much for the equipment to handle. Things are changing fast in that world so i wouldn’t be surprised if they figure it out soon and ofsome thing up.
  9. Bmelvin

    New Jersey Predator Hunters - North Meeting

    Everyone is allowed to their opinion but right now you can shoot a rim fire up into the air at night. All we want to be able to do is shoot at the GROUND.
  10. Bmelvin

    (3) Field & Stream stands

    I have 6 of these and you can't beat them for the price. Great deal
  11. Bmelvin

    FOXPRO Fusion Giveaway

    After reading the rules posted I have a couple questions: Can a single person also be entered into the combined weight prize? Right now as it is written that is only eligible to teams of two which should not be the case. And if that person also has the heaviest fox or yote can that animal be used for the individual prize? If you remember we had this problem last year and wasn't exactly made clear.
  12. Bmelvin

    .17 HMR strong enough for coyote?

    Head shots will do the trick. But body shots you are going to do some tracking if you even kill it.
  13. Bmelvin

    Parlin Buck Club 24 hour predator Hunt

    Was a great time. Looking forward to this years. Sure looks like i got a pole shoved up my a@@ in the second picture.
  14. Bmelvin

    Hard Mouth

    If you have never force fetched a dog do not try it alone. You can ruin a dog if you don't know what you are doing. It is not a black and white process and you need to know when to apply more pressure and when to back off. Do yourself a favor and find someone that has broke atleast a half doz dogs at a minimum. And be prepared if you were ever to get bit it will be during force fetch.
  15. It's a great time guys. The club puts a great spread out at the weigh in and you get to meet some good people. Last year was all fox and no yotes. If you have never done a 24 hour hunt you better prep for it bc it is no joke.