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  1. Yep with 6 fox. Going to try and beat that this year and hopefully throw a yote in there.
  2. My calling partner and I are planning on pulling a 24 hour run. If we stack some decent fur we will make the long trip down to the club house.
  3. Nope just another toy. Only get one ride might as well make it a good one.
  4. Absolutely. We use them all the time for finding game. When you are predator hunting and night wind get a yote that runs. With my Pulsar Helion xp50 I can see that dead yote 300 yards across a field or tucked in the woods. As long as you have a line of sight to where the animal is you will see the heat signature. Cheaper units you will have a harder time
  5. Good bc what they were putting out what terrible. Just focus on pulsar Helion models. Not cheap but will do anything you ever need it for.
  6. If you are spending the money on a thermal scanner then save up and get the right equipment. The pulsar helion line is the way to go. I use one for predator hunting and there is no comparison to the cheap flir or Leopold scanners.
  7. Hey guys I was curious if anyone had any intel on the listed area for waterfowl. Not looking to spot burn just curious if there is anything flying in that area. My buddy and I are thinking of giving it a shot tomorrow and figured I would ask around. Thanks for any info. Best of luck out there.
  8. Your statement is completely false. Navesink is full of hunters along with non hunters. I have hunted with a dozen or more members from that group and most are great people. I was a member for many years and even on the board for a few. Live Birds are always used along with dead birds for obvious reasons. I have been in the dog game for a long time and know all the groups around our area. Non of them are perfect but I can promise you they all are trying to better their dogs for one reason or another.
  9. Those are my fav boots. On my forth pair and currently wearing them.
  10. Like Mallard said. Order the hunt comfort seat. I would also order the XL bands. I use the hand climber a lot and having the XL bands allows me to get into almost any tree I need. Also put a piece of black duct tape or whatever else on the tail end of those buckle seat straps. If the male end comes off in the dark you will be highly annoyed. I know from experience. Best of luck
  11. Yea I was thinking the same. It’s a great shoot but I am not wearing a mask walking around outside. Just have to wait till next year.
  12. I am sitting on four. Make sure you do your homework. Iowa got crushed this past season with EHD. We have two private farms we were going to for this coming season but the owners told us to wait a couple years as their herd was really crushed.
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