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  1. RPK0620

    Here comes Fay

    3" so far here in Clarksburg..... which is near 6 Flags
  2. This is a recipe from my Grandmother that my Mother always made when cucumbers were available. Takes about 15 - 20 minutes to prepare and if made in the morning can be eaten with dinner. I make it and use it to layer on my sandwiches with the meat & cheese and you don't need mustard or mayo. It can be a side dish also. 4 cucumbers, 1 large onion(s) (I prefer sweet onions and in this batch I put in some leftover red onion), 1 cup of white vinegar, ½ cup water, ¾ cup sugar, fresh dill. Slice the cucumbers and onions and put in a large bowl, bring to a boil the vinegar, water & sugar, pour that over the cukes & onion, stir in the dill. Let it sit a bit to cool off and then refrigerate. Tip: if you use a fork and run it lengthwise scoring the cucumber then when you slice it the pieces look nicer.
  3. A few years ago I reached out to the regarding membership and no one ever got back to me ?
  4. Rat traps with bird seed in them works for me.....
  5. I just started my 18th year of retirement and have not missed one day of commuting or working ! A few people I do miss but my dogs have filled that gap. And as far as being productive, I still am but in other areas. I'm really glad I put my nose to the proverbial grindstone and worked my butt off for all those years, without a break, which allowed me to be able to pack it in at 60.
  6. Check out which ones have the shims /spacers or whatever they call them that let you slightly adjust the stock to the receiver for length of pull and cast which in my opinion REALLY helps to make one fit better My Winchester SX3 which I love has them.
  7. RPK0620


    Unless you follow up any of these suggestions with the zinc strips the moss will return again if the same conditions exist within a few years.
  8. RPK0620

    R.I.P Charlie Daniels

    R.I.P. and thank you for the music.
  9. They are really not much different than any other organization you join. And I guess the mailings and promotions must pay off otherwise they wouldn't be doing them. At my age a 2 to 3 year renewal seems to make the most sense which I what I do. Two years ago at the NRA Great American Show in Harrisburg I bought a hat, shirt & coffee mug. Looking at them when I got home, not a one of them was made here in the USA. I contacted them stating that they advertise Great American Show but are not supporting American companies for their products. Never got a response back. The only one I have any faith in and believe anymore is my GSP and sometimes she even false points ?
  10. RPK0620


    When I had a tree shading one section of my roof and the roof on my shed I used the outdoor bleach from Lowes in a garden sprayer and that killed it.
  11. RPK0620

    Happy 4th

    God Bless those who gave their all, those who now serve and those who have served in the military or civilian !
  12. I shoot at Colliers Mills range and belong to Range 14 which still is closed ?
  13. Nice looking rifle. I like the dark hardware.
  14. I have come to realize that at my age of 78, which I am very proud to have reached, that my agility, reflexes and my physical strength are just no longer there. And that was not easy to admit ! So, I would by all means avoid physical contact with someone younger & stronger. Hopefully I am smart enough to keep out of a public situation where I had to defend myself. But if I had to, yes, I would definitely go for the eyes first. However I was referring to how I would protect myself in my home if required. Something along these lines....
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