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  1. Way to go Charlie ! Been having some medical issues with my wife(nothing serious) and most likely won't be getting out until late mornings or afternoons.
  2. Your GSP looks a lot like mine, nice looking dog and aren't they some great hunters.
  3. Get your dogs accustomed to eating at your dinnertime then you can give it good meal the night before the morning hunt.
  4. Sad how many times this happens ! Sure hope they find him, keep us posted. I hunt there and will keep an eye out for him.
  5. Best wishes John and many more.
  6. If you were doing one on one training in quiet environment with no distractions then went to a WMA on opening day what rug said could have just been too much if he has not been used to all the noise and commotion and scents. Take him out in the afternoon and find an area where you can be alone and work from there.
  7. Did not get out until 12:30 this afternoon to Colliers Mills with my son. 4 birds pointed and 3 bagged and one flew out of a tree as we passed under it. We basically had the place to ourselves and I may just become an afternoon hunter. Warmer and go where you want without encountering others.
  8. Lunatic is 100% correct, it's not rocket surgery !
  9. I read years ago that that is what the indian's did !
  10. Great and now you continue to build on her skills and your relationship and enjoy many wonderful times afield.
  11. Voted at 3 this afternoon and asked how participation was and was told "we have had a steady stream of people all day" !
  12. While I was posting this the 2 above me came on "I might guess in order to maintain a minimum hot water temp ?" so I guessed good !
  13. Bet that not only the owner(s) are happy but the dog is grateful to be back home too. And isn't it amazing how many of us were concerned and now will also have a better night.
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