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  1. A friend sent me this link and I thought some of you here might enjoy it. The videos are great. https://intellectualfroglegs.com
  2. In the bathroom because it probably came off you when you showered.
  3. Nice boat and good luck and fishing and if you're Uncle is not available, post here on the site for a substitute !
  4. Neat video, thanks. And sometimes a hunt like that you will remember years from now more than if you had shot one.
  5. RPK0620

    The Girlfriend

    Where does she live, I'll keep an eye out for her ?
  6. So if I go first that means you got my back ?
  7. I saw 2 there 2 years ago at about this same time of year when I was out running my dog. One was large also maybe 3 ½' in the picture below and the other was about 2'. Both of them didn't move and held tight. However, this one today was moving.
  8. We have the honeysuckle and lily of the valley snd they both have beautiful scents but not just yet maybe in a week or so.
  9. There are four subspecies of pine snake: the northern pine snake, the black pine snake, the Florida pine snake and the bull snake. https://nationalzoo.si.edu/animals/northern-pine-snake
  10. Was maybe 4' to 4 ½' long and nice and fat. At Colliers Mills, which is in Pork Roll country, crossing the road as we were leaving this morning. VID_20190517_101756494.mp4
  11. And most likely made by the J.S.C. Manufacturing Co.
  12. RPK0620

    Top this.

    Chumming with pork roll is a proven winner as the fish prefer it over Taylors Ham so bring a good pole a burlap bag to bring them home in and have a great time.
  13. RPK0620

    Sick doe

    They give a wild animal a blanket to lie on and a carrot ! They can't be too bright or informed regarding the world around them !
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