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  1. RPK0620

    Sorry for my dog

    We were at Greenwood at start time this morning. Lots of shooting but fortunately it is large and everyone spreads out, the guys you see are 75 to 100 yds distant from you so thats where we go on Saturdays. Weekdays, I live near Assunpink but go to Colliers for about 8 to 8:30 and just us old retired guys and maybe a few who took the day off are around.
  2. RPK0620

    Sorry for my dog

    Go to whatever WMA about an hour or two after start time and its amazing how many guys have been there and are gone.There is plenty of scent and birds still around and a perfect environment to work with your dog. A dog new to this is way, way overwhelmed if you're there at start time. Shots going off, guys hollering at dogs it's crazy. Even I can't handle it so I go after the rush. Go later and spend time working together to establish a relationship. And if your dog is headstrong like my GSP then even in our 3rd year together I'm still having to reaffirm to her that I am in charge because she's about hunting and finding a bird. And, I have done exactly what you have and left a collar or the remote and one time both my vest and gun at home. DUH !!! So, I now get everything ready and in the truck the night before so In the morning all I need are my keys, wallet, phone and dog and I'm good to go.
  3. RPK0620

    Pheasant soup

  4. RPK0620

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome and I'm guessing...... Colliers Mills ?
  5. RPK0620

    Small game opener

    What amazes me is how guys will bitch and complain about the price of a bird stamp but think nothing about dropping that same amount on a one time round of drinks, casino bet or movie and come home and say they had a great time. However if they come in from a morning afield without their limit of birds they say they are getting screwed ? ? Maybe I'm just an old fart from another generation, which by the way I am proud of, but I don't need to shoot up the countryside and have a bag full of birds to come back home and say I had a good time. The fact that I was out with my dog and some friends qualifies as a great time and good "bang" for my buck !
  6. RPK0620

    Small game opener

    Went to Greenwood yesterday. Lots of guys and lots of shooting for the 1st hour then it quieted down as the coveys spread out to singles then shots here and there. Fortunately its a big area and you can stay 100yds or more from others. But those quail are small and fast and fly low many times not offering a shot.
  7. RPK0620

    Opening Day/Pheasant! *Pics added

    Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the day and your dog(s). If you do shoot a bird then its icing on the cake but if not be thankful that you were able to get out and had a good time. Be safe !
  8. If you're hunting a WMA with people around who you don't know, wear as much orange as possible, particularly a hat. You want / need to be seen ! Don't worry about whats written in the digest. Be safe everyone and enjoy your time afield.
  9. RPK0620

    3 Out Of 4 Fixable

    The pothole might object to being filled with $hit !
  10. RPK0620

    Get out and vote today

    Wife & I are going after lunch and checking to see if my GSP can cast a ballot also ! I'll tell them she's a Democrat so it's OK.... but she will vote Republican in the booth.
  12. RPK0620


    I get mine at Tractor Supply in a small concentrated bottle for about $8. Ratio to dilute is on the bottle. NO, NO, NO do not spray on your dog !
  13. RPK0620

    Don't forget Saturday Night!

    Don't know why Alaskans don't wear a watch but I know why I don't. Cause I took it off and put it away when I retired !