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  1. I'm retired do the food shopping and cook the meals ( I love to cook), so I decide the menus (in my favor) so its usually, whatever I'm eating at the time I'm eating it.
  2. You can ! Just don't get caught !
  3. Powder & shot........ way to go.... congratulations !!!
  4. We got our shots at Centrastate Hospital in Freehold yesterday and I was surprised at how many young (high school & college) people were there.
  5. Who really knows. HOWEVER, my doctor, my friend who is a retired doctor and two of my wife doctors highly recommended getting it. I took THEIR advise not the DEMOCRAPS ! I should add that being in our 70's factored into it..... if I were MUCH younger ? ? ?
  6. My wife and I had our 2nd Pfizer shots yesterday afternoon. Neither of us have had any side effects as of this morning unless you put pressure on where you got the shot !
  7. Just remembered that I bought the lamp without the reel from Mark Dettmar when he and his Dad had their shop in Pennington. A great guy who passed on to other waters too early. Can't remember the name of their shop?
  8. Used to buy sell & trade bamboo fly rods and fly reels. Refinished quite a few rods also, some just a guide needing rewrapping some complete strip down like you are doing. Fun relaxing work, enjoy ! Have 2 Leonards (model 49 & model50) I don't use and would sell or trade if anyone is interested and reels to fit. A Leonard 50 and a Hardy Perfect. Below is a kind of neat lamp for a man cave. It has a Shakespeare N0. 1837 Model 60 reel / with line sell or trade also.
  9. Don't get the shot and you will not be healthy when you die ! Get the shot and you will be healthy when you die !
  10. Correct, they had a set of dress clothes and one or two sets of work clothes. The work clothes were mended and patched. Closets were small and not jam-packed and overflowing.
  11. RPK0620

    Cinco de Mayo

    And on May 27th have yourself a Heineken and celebrate Sinko the Bismarck !
  12. I had a lot done including jaw bone cleaned out where tooth was, then cadaver bone to fill the void, after it became bone, then drilled and a post put in and then a make believe tooth attached to the post. Was a 2 year process and I never felt a thing at any of the visits or procedures. So with the right guy you won't feel a thing either!. Sounds like you're fighting a good infection. My best wishes!
  13. I would like to sell or trade my Merrimack canoe. I bought it new in 1997. It has been used only, maybe, 15 times. It has been kept indoors in my dry heated, humidity free basement. It may have a few light scratches on the bottom that are barely noticeable. It is in pristine like new condition. It has been waxed and the exposed ash wood has been treated with Gunnel Guard. It is an extremely stable canoe, in fact with one person you can stand up and cast when fishing and with 2 adults is in very comfortable. Very stable and tracks nicely. It is the 13’ Osprey model and is in the Acadi
  14. Three Colt, 2nd Generation, Black Powder revolvers for sale or trade. As far as trades go I am interested in older SxS shotguns, Fox, Parker, Smith. The two .36 caliber have not been fired, they are free of rust, corrosion dings or nicks. The .44 caliber has been fired but is also free from rust, corrosion and has a nice patina worn finish. All have matching serial numbers. The 3 together comes to $1,975. I would sell the 3 for $1,825 and include the following. 100 rounds of 36 cal ~ .380 round balls 100 rounds of 44 cal ~ .457 round balls.
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