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  1. When I do go which is not often anymore I take my flintlock and still hunt and I am always amazed at how when you are doing it right how close they get without detecting you. And its super great when its snowing out. My $.02.
  2. Sad that supposed adults, let alone the leaders of our country are acting like school children "he called me a bad name, no I didn't, yes you did......" and then today they have to have a vote to confirm that he did what they said he did when issues that matter to the people they represent are not being addressed. They, the politicians are more of an enemy to us then Russia, Iran or China who are all probably enjoying this and waiting for us to implode.
  3. I am thoroughly enjoying your new camera.... thanks for posting your pictures.
  4. Agree, they are no good when full !
  5. Squirrels can and will jump up to the feeder, jump from a tree trunk or branch to the feeder and even come down the rope or wire that holds it. Make it so it doesn't hang anywhere within 6' of a tree trunk or branch, at least 5' + off the ground and put a cone shaped (like an inverted funnel) metal cover over the top.
  6. I had a paper wasp nest in one of the shrubs I was trimming last week, WHICH I DIDN'T SEE until the bastards bit me on both legs and left hand and forearm. I ran thru the other shrubs to get away while screaming, cursing, swatting and they followed me still stinging. If they are not far up they have wasp & hornet sprays that shoot 20'..... wait until dark and then when they are all back in the nest soak/saturate the nest with the spray. I used 2 cans on the nest I had. Birdshot might kill some but not all and they will then be swarming around for days to rebuild the nest.
  7. Enjoy the day and the time with your daughter because it goes fast.
  8. My GSP doesn't do that, thank God, however we at one time had 2 West Highland Terriers who would run around the lawn sniffing and then roll and roll in the grass wherever there was an earthworm.
  9. Her teammates should have done that to her quite a while back.
  10. Happy to hear that Riley isn't the only dog having this problem, and, not on the rug, thanks for the tip because it seem that when I do hold her she gets more anxious.
  11. She just turned 5 and this really started this year. 4th of July and these recent thunder storms and she is shaking and panting heavily. Yet if we are out and gunshots go off like at the ranges at Colliers Mills or if guys are training and shooting blanks she turns to head in that direction in case there is a bird to be had. Absolutely not gun shy. Anyone else have this happening? Holding her and talking calmly doesn't help a bit.
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