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  1. Had a new F150 many, many years ago and came home from the dealers and parked it in the driveway for wife & kids to see and when I got back in it later......key wouldn't turn in the ignition and of course wheel was locked, the came out to fix it and couldn't so they came and towed it and had it for 2 weeks ! ! ! ! Stuff s*"t happens !
  2. I have a buy back program if you have an old Parker, AH Fox or LC Smith side by side you'd like to sell.
  3. Your daughter is very fortunate to have you as her father and you to have her as your daughter. You have built a special relationship that is lacking in so many families today between parents and their children. Congratulations to the both of you.
  4. Happy it turned out ok. I was fly fishing by myself up on the Flatbrook in a quiet little section many years ago and turned around and about 20 yds upstream a bear was crossing and saw my movement when I turned. It stopped & I froze ! My mind was racing as I am sure yours was..... I was looking at it and it was looking at me...... and I'm thinking how the f%*k do I get out of this situation safely. I certainly couldn't run in waders on slippery rocks in knee deep water !!! But it didn't grunt or anything and after what seemed an eternity went on its way.
  5. Putting down you best friend is one of the hardest things to do. I'm often reminded of a quote by Will Rogers. “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”
  6. Physical Description Northern pine snakes have a distinct head that mirrors the shape of a turtle's due to its small size relative to the snake's body, as well as its pointed snout. Unlike many North American snakes, it has four prefrontal scales, which could suggest a difference in its digging behavior. The snake's pointed snout and enlarged rostral scale help it dig more efficiently, and it spends the majority of its time underground in burrows. By remaining underground, they can avoid uncomfortable temperatures and predators, search for prey and build their nests. The northern pine snake hibernates underground throughout the winter. It emerges from its winter hibernation in late March or April and typically remains active until late October or November, though it may aestivate—enter a period of dormancy similar to hibernation—in the summer months. This snake is primarily diurnal, though some are also active at night. There are four subspecies of pine snake: the northern pine snake, the black pine snake, the Florida pine snake and the bull snake. The northern pine snake has a black or dark brown pattern along its back. Its belly is white, with rows of black dots along either side. All members of the genus Pituophis have mimicry adaptations. A small filament in the mouth allows them to loudly hiss. Coupled with their tendency to vibrate their tail and lunge at predators, it creates a formidable defense display reminiscent of a rattlesnake. Size This snake reaches a maximum length of 6 feet (1.8 meters) and is one of the largest snakes in North America. Native Habitat The northern pine snake's range includes New Jersey, the western Appalachian mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, southern Kentucky, Tennessee, northern Alabama, northern Georgia, the piedmont area of southern North Carolina and nearly all of South Carolina. Throughout its range, this snake is nearly always associated with dry upland forests, most often with pine woods. It is also found in sandy, dry, coniferous forests. Within these habitats, pine snakes require forest openings with drained, sandy soils for nesting and basking. Summer den sites are typically located in clearings near fallen logs. Winter hibernation refuges are located in nearby areas providing more vegetation cover and leaf litter. When active, they are usually found on the ground but may occasionally climb into low bushes or trees. Food/Eating Habits Pine snakes eat rodents, other small mammals, birds and bird eggs. Young snakes eat small mammals, lizards and insects. Reproduction and Development Pine snakes reach sexual maturity at about 3 years old and will then breed once per year. Generally, breeding season begins in April and ends in May, but detailed information on breeding is limited to only a few subspecies. Males of various subspecies engage in combat during the breeding season, likely as a display of their dominance. Females dig a burrow in sandy soil, using their necks to scoop out the soil until they reach a layer with the right moisture content. The burrows are deep, sloping downard, then reising slightly and ending in a chamber where the female lays the eggs. Several females may use the same chamber. Studies indicate that females use the same egg-laying site each year but dig new burrows. They lay small clutches with about 8 eggs of relatively large size. Incubation typically lasts 51 to 100 days. There is no parental care once the young hatch. They are born in the middle of summer and typically emerge measuring 1.5 feet (.3 to .45 meters). The juveniles have a dull coloration until they begin to shed, at which point they develop brighter colors.
  7. I'm not so sure they need, let alone care about us sportsmen.... we are becoming more of a minority with our ranks dwindling more and more every year. They will pander to the whiners and complainers and tell them they are sympathetic to their "needs" and the dummies will be thankful and vote for them again !
  8. I'm surprised they refer to them as BLACK bears ! Racist bastards !
  9. At Colliers Mills 2 years ago. Have seen quite a few of them during the summer months when out with my GSP. It was at least 4 1/2' long. NorthernPineSnake.mp4
  10. RPK0620


    Yea, and those tall things with the wires can't call the Telephone Poles either.
  11. RPK0620


    I won't say country because there are still a majority of normal people here but this GOVERNMENT of ours has gone from: SNAFU beyond TARFU into complete FUBAR ! I certainly don't recognize as the country I grew up in !
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