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  1. I just realized that that is what you meant. And speaking for myself....... I'm good. Hopefully other retirees are also .
  2. Really...... aside from also being confined most of us retired are therefore older so, if and when we do have to go out its a bit more disconcerting than normal !
  3. All Seniors are Entitled to $1750 Dollars per week to stay at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19 novel Coronavirus, starting from April 6, 2020. The Government grant pay is accessible to all Seniors. Read full article below on how to make your claim: https://external-preview.redd.it/vxPXEGgL4v8mCGw06IFGsmJNtqWQg-z60xQQ79dHKPY.jpg?auto=webp&s=db7685262e9b352a4888e547f52a244e2ea2cb9f
  4. Those pointed party hats have a rubber band on them, so use one of them, sure there not in short supply since parties are banned !
  5. https://babylonbee.com/news/bernie-tests-negative-for-president
  6. Closing down parks and recreation adds to the domestic abuse problem which is not being reported on a lot but is on the rise, dramatically. Alcohol adds to that problem and as one LEO stated with the stay at home mandate the abused are having a hard time getting out of the house and away from the abuser ! Sad....... really sad...... common sense is dead and gone ! I'm getting my turkey calls and pocket change and heading to the nearest WMA before it closes......
  7. https://www.gundogmag.com/editorial/can-dogs-contract-spread-coronavirus/374482
  8. I have been running my GSP at Colliers mills, in the fields and woods at the front end and in the dog training area and have never seen a turkey or a feather or sign. But heard that they are in farther back behind where the trap range used to be and in the WMA land as you approach it on Hawkin Road. Good luck
  9. Sorry, I noticed that what I was posting was outdated so I removed it.
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