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  1. Tovarishch, ne stoit shutit' nad party. Vy mozhete ischeznut'.
  2. I believe they will as I just received the notice for: This year's guided Take a Kid Hunting Pheasant Hunt will take place on Saturday, October 31.
  3. * FREE ~ WADERS * These haven't been worn in over 15 years. Kept hanging in a dry basement. Simms - stocking foot size large Orvis Green Neoprene - stocking foot size XL to fit over layers. * FOR SALE ~ KAYAKING * FALL & WINTER CLOTHING & OTHER GEAR PRICED AT ABOUT 1/3 OF NEW ~ ALL IN VERY LIGHTLY OR UNUSED CONDITION. All Clothing below is marked XL and corresponds to the NRS SIZING GUIDE fits 5’10”-6’2” height, 185#-225# weight, 42”-46” Chest, 34”-37” waist $ 50 ~ Spray top, NRS similar ones selling for a
  4. I no longer deer hunt and when I did we didn't bait. It was find a good spot and sit it out. So, I am curious on about how much you spend on bait each year and how much you use ?
  5. How did he not hear that huge machine ? Still very sad for both the hunter and the driver of the harvester.
  6. Absolutely, prayers have been said. Best wishes.
  7. I have 3 Colt, 2nd Generation, Black Powder revolvers for sale. The two .36 caliber are both new and have not been fired, they are free of rust, corrosion dings or nicks. The .44 caliber has been fired but is also free from rust, corrosion and has a nice patina worn finish. All have matching serial numbers. Asking $600 apiece and would sell all 3 for $1,500. I live near 6 Flags ~ Great Adventure. This is the 1862 Pocket Police .36 caliber which comes with the original box, papers and I will include 100 .380 round balls. This is the 1862
  8. ITS ABOIUT THE NUMBERS THAT TRANSLATE TO $$$,$$$,$$$ ! ! ! Eric.mp4
  9. Because it doesn't fit the Liberal Media's agenda to be able to somehow blame Trump for it.
  10. The Fake News was reporting over and over that no one was wearing masks in Sturgis during the bike rally.
  11. Saw one at Colliers Mills yesterday was going to take a picture but got distracted when my GSP found a leftover chukar from the previous days field trialing.
  12. If you think this is about Democrats versus Republicans, it's not ! It's about Progressive Socialism versus The Republic of the United States of America.
  13. Kevin, The house behind is modular. The original owners divorced and I can't contact them to get any info for you. But, they had no issues with it nor do the current owners. If you want I'll try to find out who the manufacturer was. And where would you consider moving, I have a friend in real estate in my area. Bob
  14. Located near 6 Flags in Clarksburg.
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