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  1. RPK0620

    New Scam !

    If I have done business with them yes I would as you did. Guess I was trying to make the point that I don't open emails or answer calls from those I don't know.
  2. RPK0620

    New Scam !

    I only open emails from people I know or that I have contacted all others get deleted. And do the same (answer that is) with the phone.... landline or cellular !
  3. They are not cheap but their work is well worth it particularly if you have a good firearm.
  4. It will be your call ! Thanks in advance
  5. I’m selling my Winchester SX3 that I bought new in 2014. I am just not using it. 28" barrel in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades finish. It shoots 2 ¾", 3", 3 ½" shell. http://www.winchesterguns.com/products/shotguns/super-x3/super-x3-current-products/super-x3-waterfowl-mossy-oak-shadow-grass-blades.html It has had 1 box of shells thru it at the trap range and a few other shells sighting it in with turkey loads. Other than that it has not been used. I paid $1,200 added a sling and have a Carlson .665 extended Turkey choke ($53.95 value) and a Carlsons extended Waterfowl 3 choke set ($119.95 value) included. The Carlson chokes will shoot copper or hevi-shot loads. I have the original box and the manual and the shims to adjust the stock if necessary. I think I have some turkey loads that I will also include. $1,000 cash. Not interested in trading unless you have an AH Fox, Parker or LC Smith in decent shape. I live near 6 Flags in Jackson.
  6. I told my wife I take me to the taxidermist and have me done there and then put me out in a chair where everyone is sitting around and talking and laughing and not in the casket by the flowers ! And John, would you bring me up to Jay's to be done ?
  7. This may be of interest to you. You can check on the "grade" a hospital receives in patient safety below. https://www.hospitalsafetygrade.org
  8. RPK0620

    Favorite Irish Song !

    They say everyone is Irish on St.Patricks Day ! Not here !
  9. RPK0620

    Sucks Getting Old!

    Well that just put a damper on the good day I was having !
  10. RPK0620

    Sucks Getting Old!

    That made my day..... THANKS !
  11. RPK0620

    Sucks Getting Old!

    Well, I have been very blessed. I take 1 med for cholesterol and one for thyroid, have never been operated on or hospitalized. I will be 77 in June and consider myself extremely fortunate. Now, what was this topic about ?
  12. RPK0620

    Prostate Exam

    It all works out in the END ! ! !
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