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  1. RPK0620


    Well I see one picture of the bottom of a receiver. None of the sides of the receiver, top, barrels, fore end wood, stock wood. Doesn't show me much. For the money being asked I would think picture overload would be the best selling point. And uploading just 1 ?
  2. Sounds like he is gonna be a winner, congratulations and best of everything.
  3. RPK0620

    You guys go ahead

  4. RPK0620

    Upland Boots ?

    Bought a pair of Red Wing 400 gram insulsted gore-tex waterproof from Cabelas 3 years ago. First season they were great, second season they leaked like a sieve. Contacted Red Wing, told them they were used 1 season and still in great shape but leaked and they said send them in which I did. They contacted me back and said they were sending me a similar pair as a replacement. So, I'd recommend Red Wing and buy them again.
  5. RPK0620


    The current Blue Book of Gun Values lists the 20ga Grade I in 100% condition for $1,200 and the 12ga Grade VII for $4,800 ?
  6. RPK0620

    Broken to my core

    My thoughts and prayers are for you and your daughter.
  7. You can use a training "blank or starter" pistol, so if you haven't been able to work your dog on live birds or scent you now have a month to get out before opening day. And the cover is decent so they will be around during the week, at least thats been my experience.
  8. RPK0620

    You Open Your Tent Flap See This

    Play it again and I believe you do hear a gun being cocked !
  9. RPK0620

    You Open Your Tent Flap See This

    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bkx4YXGnSn5 ... tsteelhead then what do you do? (a) video tape him (b) realize it's a Grizzly and freeze (c) come to your senses and close the flap and hope for the best (d) all of the above
  10. RPK0620

    Ducks Unlimited Event

    FYI: It's against the law to advertise that there are guns in the raffle and beer (all you can drink).