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  1. I try to run my GSP 3 to 4 times a week for extended periods of an hour or more. I do get her out daily for short periods of exercise. On the extended runs I wear a Camelbak which carries more than enough water for her while we are out. However, I was wondering if anyone here uses or recommends a hydration supplement that would be added to the water that might be better than plain water ? Thanks in advance.
  2. RPK0620

    What is this and how do I get rid of it?

    There are sprays available (Lowes, HD, Ace) that will kill plants with broad leaves but not harm your grass... I've used them but don't remember their names.
  3. RPK0620

    2 BIRTHDAYS 🎂 1957BUCK and RPK0620

    It certainly is !
  4. RPK0620

    2 BIRTHDAYS 🎂 1957BUCK and RPK0620

    Thank you everyone, and 57Buck..... have a great day and many more.
  5. RPK0620

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    If the trail is "paved" as you mentioned then any bike road bike, hybrid or traditional with balloon tires will work. If not paved then hybrid or balloon. Check out craigs list and save a ton of $$.
  6. RPK0620


    Best Wishes.......
  7. RPK0620

    Dog Trianing stuff

    I doubt the gun is on paper or registered so "What gun?".
  8. RPK0620

    Nobelle kennels

    There is a story about the guy who got rid of the dog I got if thats what you were referring to. And before I got her she got great references from Dominic (who trained her) and your friend Kevin who made the connection for me. And, Kevin has apprised me of your situation with Sawyer and I hope all works out for the best.
  9. RPK0620

    Nobelle kennels

    I have a female GSP that is very dark and weighs in at about 50. I got her from a guy that needed to get rid of her at 1 yr and have had her for 3 yrs now. He got he up in NY State from a guy not a kennel. I few guys I have run her with or have seen her say that she is most likely from German lines being smaller and darker. She is a sweetheart in the house but afield is a machine. She ranges way out and she covers lots of ground, has a great nose and is solid on point and retrieves. Should not have had her spayed.
  10. Congratulations. Beautifully marked.
  11. Correct, I use the 10%. The price difference is between the different brand they sell....
  12. 2018-05-20_17-13-14.mp4
  13. RPK0620

    In memory

    I agree 100% and because of their efforts and sacrifices we sit here today with our freedom which most take for granted. God Bless them all.
  14. RPK0620

    Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

    Very happy that the Mt. W tripworked out, especially the weather at the summit and the moose looks spectacular !