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  1. WOW ! And I always thought riding like that was stupid and inconsiderate. But what do I know ?
  2. Sent you a PM in case SplitRock is not interested !
  3. If you're looking for one that you can drag about and not worry about then I can't help you, however if your'e looking for a classic I have a Merrimack Osprey 13' in like new condition that I would sell for way less than a new one costs and include 4 paddles, paddle case & PFD's. You can stand up in it comfortably and cast. https://merrimackcanoes.com/osprey-13/
  4. My grandson was mildly autistic as a youngster but he is now a junior in high school and will be getting his license and you would never know he had issues early in his life. God Bless you your wife and children and prayers are being sent so hopefully it turns out for your family as it has for ours.
  5. G&H is a hard place to go to and come home empty handed...... been there done that !! Check them out online both new & used beforehand. Also Steve Cobb, he has nice guns and is low key compared o G&H and a nice guy to deal with. http://www.stevecobbguns.com
  6. About 2 years ago I wanted a gun for skeet & trap and went to Shooters down in Barnegat because at that time they had about 9 different ones to choose from. I told the guy behind the counter to just hand them 1 at a time to me without any discussion of features or price so I could shoulder them to see how they fit and felt. I narrowed it down to 2 that fit me and selected the French Instinct Sporting O/U 12 ga, 30" bbls, 2 3/4" or 3" chambers over a Beretta... don't remember the model Beretta but it was quite a bit cheaper. I have no regrets. No as fancy as the Beretta but shoots..... g
  7. I have a friend that is looking for a bird dog for pheasant & quail as his has passed. A Brittany is preferred and one that is a few years old rather than a pup. However, he is open to other breeds. So, if anyone knows of someone who has an older dog that they can no longer keep and needs a good home let me know and I'll contact him. And as far as Brittany's are concerned what breeder(s) would you maybe recommend. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob
  8. Prescription drugs from a specialty pharmacy that my wife takes requires a signature and FedEx always has us sign. For whatever reason they shipped by UPS and yesterday we waited around all day only to find out that the package was left outside by the garage door in the weather. Needless to say I called the pharmacy and informed them....... because these particular meds are critical and super expensive.
  9. Mailed a large package to my brother in Houston on Monday...... he got it today Wednesday.
  10. I remember getting the polio vaccine in either 1955 or 1956 my 8th grade year at school and it was on a sugar cube that you ate (if I remember that correctly)
  11. I always have a small one that has items in it for me or my dog and whenever we are out I have it with me, hunting or just walking or hiking. And I have a larger one in m truck.
  12. Like they went down with the sale of lottery tickets !
  13. Mine is a Yard Machine by MTD , 8hp Tecumseh engine, 24" wide 12" high 2 stage . I bought it from a local hardware store back in 2003 and paid $900. Has always started on the 1st pull and has 6 fwd and 2 reverse speeds. Does a real good job. The only issue I have with it is that to turn the chute you have to bend down a bit and crank the handle. The new ones have powered or the control is on the top so you don't have to bend.
  14. If they are "old" guns then you may not want to shoot current manufacture loads in them. Especially if they are SxS's. And, depending on the age you may want to check the chamber length ! ! ! Try RST [ http://www.rstshells.com ] they make loads that are as effective as the new stuff an easy on the older barrels, actions and particularly the stocks. I buy my shells from them for my guns, that are old like me.... but haven't recently. Two years ago they were shipping to NJ. I'd be safe if you don't know and check them out. It would be a shame to damage an older gun. PM
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