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  2. Shot this deer with a 20ga 2.75in accutip this year. Ran about 10 yards. Slug was recovered right under the hide on the opposite side of shot. Second picture you can see the slight bulge. Expansion was pretty good, I’m satisfied with the slug performance.
  3. Why watch it? I canceled my cable and tv. The whole season was set up anyway. Brady and Gronk coming out of retirement and winning a superbowl makes for a story America loves. NFL knew they would win fans back just with that play.
  4. 80rds of 7.62x39. ($30 trade value) Will trade for 7.62x54r, 30-06, .22lr, 12ga, .40sw, crossbow bolts, tools, knives, bows, pretty much anything taking up space. Bartering is better, cash isn’t king here. Located in cedar grove
  5. SOLD I can’t get used to this double trigger 20ga. If I need to follow up with a second shot I forget I need to pull a different trigger and the birds are getting out too far so I’m putting it up on the chopping block. It’s a Zabala Hnos SRC 20ga 3in sxs. Made in Spain. Nice shotgun, modified and full fixed choke barrels. Previous owner put sling studs in, but I removed and threw putty in the holes. He also had iron sights mounted as can be seen on the top rib. Holes were filled with proper filler screws. Great field gun. Comes with a load of bird shot in all sizes. Enough shells t
  6. I have 500rds of Winchester Ranger 124gr. Hollow point ammo. Ammo is loose. $300 located in Cedar Grove
  7. going out on a limb here, but is this located in Hunterdon County?
  8. Very interesting, at first I thought it was just a re branded accu-tip, but it seems Barnes has different advertised specs. Makes no difference to me as long as it shoots well out of my USH. Barnes Remington Accu-tip 20ga 2.75in 20ga 2.75in 250gr. @1800fps advertised 260gr @1850fps advertised
  9. It’s this new young generation of hunters. No respect
  10. Stack on the right is 3”, all the rest is 2.75” all 00 except far left Winchester stack are #1 buck $10 per box. Take as much or as little as needed. located on cedar grove.
  11. the website says the state stocks 50,000 pheasant and 5,200. Wonder what they are paying per bird? Have to be getting them cheaper then we would pay at a hatchery.
  12. If you get there before first light you can just shoot them out of the trees at shootin time.
  13. Bagels are still in back of my truck, going fast though
  14. Yea, they love them. I asked for donuts from a friend who has a bakery connection for bear but he keeps dropping off bagels. I throw a few out to the yard deer but he brings over too many.
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