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  1. My boss is looking to unload her Benelli Supernova Tactical shotgun with side saddle sling and light. Shotgun is 12ga. Comes with ammo pictured. $1000 located in Totowa. SOLD
  2. Damn I hesitated, saw one today on the Monksville! Awesome canoe!
  3. I sold off the rifled slug barrel and scope rail, so I just have the shotgun left with the 28in vent rib. $250 takes it.
  4. Had a great time today! Wind was playing tricks on the dog, and birds wanted to run, but what a great day! Awesome place. Definitely will be going back.
  5. Wish I saw this earlier, we called up and signed our group of 3 up earlier today
  6. SOLD 50lbs +\- of 7.5 and 8 lead shot. $50 located in cedar grove
  7. Cedar grove is in Essex county
  8. Some old 16ga ammo for sale. I’ll never use it and pretty much only hunt with 20ga nowadays. 1 box of 25rds 16ga rifled slug 1 box of 5rds of 16ga Rottweil Brenneke magnum rifled slugs 1 box of 25 #8 shot 16ga Federal bunch of loose bird shot Mostly #5s $20 takes everything or trade for 2 boxes of 20ga bird shot any shot size located in cedar grove
  9. Selling a bunch of boxes of .224 bullets. Different weights, not all boxes are full, some only have a few left. These would be perfect for the reloaded looking to experiment with different weights. Also included is 600 CCI Small rifle primers. $20 located in cedar grove
  10. Wangsly

    22-250 ammo

    I have 4 and a half boxes of Remington 55gr. HP 22-250 ammo. $40 takes all of it located in cedar grove
  11. Still available if anyone is looking for a great all around shotgun package
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