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  1. Why not press charges ? This is the only these scumbags will think twice about doing these things .
  2. Russ 11

    New hunting rig

    Thought from the title you dumped your pink crossbow and upgraded . Lol
  3. A partial piece of plywood or a couple 2x4’s leaned up against tailgate and then slide the jetsled up . Works well . I believe Gobblergetter posted this awhile back .
  4. Russ 11

    Deer mange

    Looks like it just got grazed with a Rage .
  5. Got our limit on Canada’s but snows didn’t want to play . We had thousands upon thousands fly over which was quite the site . Thanks for the spread ideas .
  6. Going out goose hunting tomorrow morning . Mainly going for Canada’s but have a great chance of running into snows. Any ideas on setting out a combo spread ? Do you mix together or keep them separate? Will be running full bodies for Canada’s and have 8 dozen socks and couple dozen shells for snow decoys . Thanks in advance !
  7. That’s an incredibly generous offer . Like others have said hope it gets into the hands of someone who truly needs them . Best of luck in your retirement .
  8. Great that you found him . Great buck ! Big congrats. Good luck finding the other side .
  9. Gotta love these cat pics !
  10. Good luck finding him . You did the right thing by backing out .
  11. Son took this buck yesterday . Made a good shot at 65 yards and dropped him in his tracks . We never saw this buck nor had any pics of him . He stunk like it was November so maybe out searching for one more doe . The kicker is we pulled him out of the jet sled for pics and one horn popped off . Second time that’s happened to him on a January buck .
  12. Son got a good one tonight . Better pics tomorrow.
  13. Congrats Mike . Nice to see you caught up to him . A true trophy indeed .
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