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  1. Russ 11

    Last Youth Day - Minutes To Late

    Mike do you have a # or link to do this . I have a bunch of cool trail cam pics I would like to send them also .
  2. Russ 11

    Last Youth Day - Minutes To Late

    Solid 8 . About 17 inches wide . Nice 2s and 3s . Little weak on the brows . I have a shed from last year as a 2 year old .
  3. Russ 11

    Last Youth Day - Minutes To Late

    That’s the buck he passed in the morning .
  4. Was my sons last youth day and he was jacked up as usual . We had a good morning hunt with with one buck that tempted him but he passed and several smaller bucks and does . Also had a nice encounter with a bobcat . Afternoon hunt we moved to another property and lots of deer piling out to a cut corn field . 4 or 5 small bucks were out , some chasing does but nothing he was interested in taking . It amazes me how our kids today are letting these young bucks walk but I love it . Legal shooting light ends and his youth days are over . But..... We are stuck in the tree waiting for some deer to clear out when a really nice 8 pops out 30 yards away following a doe . With the snow you could see him as clear as day but 10 minutes to late . Agonizing to sit and watch him walk off but it was the right thing to do . It was a great day in the field with him and one we will always remember . Time has gone by so fast and we will truly miss these youth days .
  5. Russ 11

    Youth Day Double

    Awesome job guys . One to remember .
  6. Russ 11

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    Congrats Tom . Well deserved buck .
  7. Russ 11

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Congrats to your son Mark . Nice buck and sounds like a great shot also .
  8. Russ 11

    Today is the day

    Days like that haunt you for a long time . Hang in there man , second chances sometimes happen .
  9. Russ 11

    Muzzy Opener on Monday

    Really ? I did not know that .
  10. Russ 11

    Muzzy Opener on Monday

    You do mean Monday the 26th right .
  11. Great mulie Tater . Gettin done once again . Congrats !
  12. Russ 11

    Best Muzzleloader ????

    Hey Buck 154 , we tried Blackhorn powder in my sons Black Diamond last year . We were getting blow back . I called Blackhorn Powder and the guy I spoke to suggested not to use that powder with that muzzleloader . Just a heads up .
  13. Russ 11

    Season for the books

    2 awesome Jersey bucks . Congrats to you !
  14. Russ 11

    Rut buck down

    Nice job . Congrats
  15. Russ 11

    Veterans day six

    Congrats on a great buck . Sending you a p.m.