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  1. Says for a limited time and quantities
  2. Frankie , Primos just came out with a new one called Auto Pilot . The set up is just some switches . I never ran any Primos cams so can't tell you anything about them .
  3. Tainted victory for me because another asshole athlete has to play politics . Shut the f--k up and play !
  4. Russ 11

    Couple bucks

    Ran up to check a couple cameras yesterday myself . Nothing to get excited about yet either . This guy was the best but just has a beam and brow growing on the left side . Good cull buck for the kids .
  5. Ryan i asked you nicely to stop sneaking on my property and checking my cams . Great pic .
  6. Matt , they are attracted to Pork Roll . No matter what you spray on yourself your doomed . I worked on our farm up north and had a Taylor Ham sandwich before and not one tick on me . Just sayin .
  7. Great pics ! Seems like you get a yote with a fawn every year . But please cull that ugly short tined 10 point . Lol
  8. Big Blue I believe Pure attraction is a mix of oats and brassicas. It's nice since you get early attraction with oats and late attraction with the brassicas. But I believe it's more of a fall planting ( August to early September ) . Your soil ph is great. You may want to mix some clover in also. Seed and fertilize then culdipak and pray for rain . Best of luck !
  9. As fathers we wouldn't want it any other way . Looked like a great trip . Congrats !
  10. Russ 11


    Had one get into my garbage yesterday morning . I'm not technically in bear country but we usually have several stroll through town every year . Wife took a pic .
  11. Good stuff Mike . Just a really cool animal .
  12. Russ 11

    Rare sighting...

    Mike you gotta cut that photoshop crap out . Everybody knows there is no such thing as the sun .
  13. Good stuff Mike . Funny I was thinking the same thing .
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