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  1. The only reason I suggested that is because in your original post you made it sound like you just wanted them gone without the hassle of selling them . Good luck with what ever you decide to do .
  2. Congrats Jack . That's pretty cool he was still in velvet ..
  3. My brother in law fishes that boat and sent me that pic . I totally agree with you Dan .
  4. Maybe call your local Police Department about turning them in .
  5. Jack that crap you have growing is called mile a minute . Another invasive from i believe China . Grows like 6 inches a day . Bad stuff .
  6. I got an email last week from Tenpoint about a $200 rebate on the purchase of a new Stealth NXT . Did you get that ?
  7. I bought the Tenppint Stealth NXT last year and really like it . Super accurate and love the narrow limb design . My buddy got the Ravin R26 I believe last year also and he likes it . You just have to go someplace where you can shoot them both . That will tell you which one works best for you .
  8. Nice couple of days there . Congrats
  9. Awesome job . Congrats to both of you.!
  10. Russ 11

    Round 2

    Great times right there. Seems like yesterday when my youngest was that old . He's driving now . Enjoy !
  11. The full moon definetly messed with the deers schedule . My buddy , myself and our sons saw a total of 3 deer in the morning in places showing plenty of deer coming in . Sure you could of bumped them walking in but I believe the full moon had them on a different schedule . Just my 2 cents .
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