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    That’s awesome . Congrats to your Dad .
  2. Does the sale need to go through an FFL ?
  3. Great buck John . That's a present from Mom and Dad telling you everything is going to be ok . Big congrats to you .
  4. Congrats . My brother in law and I crushed them Saturday with our one bird apiece .
  5. A buddy of mine sent me this trail cam pic . Don’t know the outcome .
  6. Remember all the squirrels dead on the streets and highways last year ? Lack of mast last year had them traveling to look for food and they were splattered all over the roads .
  7. Congrats , that’s a good looking buck .
  8. Congrats on 2 great Midwest bucks and more so on doing it on your own property . In my book it’s as good as it gets .
  9. I will take them all .
  10. Give him some time . You will know when or if it's time to put him down .
  11. Crossfire model is Vortex low end series .
  12. Agree with Dan. Got some for my son last year and it’s quality stuff at a reasonable price .
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