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  1. It was actually the “ fort “ section of a swing set . Put the blind on the outside and ran 2x4’s across to keep the height we wanted .
  2. Nothing wrong with that Doug .
  3. Joe , looking forward to your post from beginning to end . Really enjoyed what you did last year .
  4. Just means you don’t have to check em in anymore .
  5. It’s all about the migrating geese. There has been several poor hatches in a row with late winters up north. That’s the geese they are trying to protect. Our resident geese are filthy in numbers and that’s where the September season comes in with 15 birds a day bag limit . The extended late season also tries to target resident birds with a 5 bird a day limit . Hope that makes sense .
  6. Just saw Canada goose limit will be only 1 bird next season in the North and South zones with a 30 day season . Still going to have the September resident season and the late extended season in the designated zones. Sucks !
  7. Jake and a hen . I use Avian X . Just picked up a new Jake HDR .
  8. Awesome trip Todd . Some really solid bucks to look forward to .
  9. Joe , it says that one is solid and not breathable . Did you get hot in it the later the season went ? Thanks .
  10. Had them on the cams last month already .
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