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  1. Crazy year . Had bucks shedding in December . Have a 9 point that shed his 4 point side in early January and is still holding his other side . Found my first shed early Jan . Still have a bunch holding . Go figure ???
  2. That interesting to know . How many do you see ? The ones I saw were in Sussex Cty.
  3. Pulled into the farm I was going to goose hunt yesterday afternoon and saw these 3 cranes off the driveway in a small corn field. Stopped to get a few pics and they started getting very vocal as they moved away . Sounded just like the cranes you see being hunted in Texas . Pretty sure they are Sandhill cranes . Very rare to see in NJ but was really cool .
  4. Any broadhead you use for deer should be fine unless your looking to take his head off . I’m going to use a Rage hypo out of my TP Stealth NXT .
  5. Was there at 7 am for some new Cooper A/T and some new belts . Excellent service and great job . Was going to get an alignment also but Ken checked it and said if was spot on and not needed . Thank you Ken and it was great talking to you . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
  6. Russ 11

    Time flys

    Looked like a great way to secure some primo hunting spots also . How did you get into being a farrier Dan ?
  7. I will be seeing Ken tomorrow morning . Nothing but goods things said about Ken . Looking forward to meeting him and maybe find out about those close calls on his Alaskan bear hunt .
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