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  1. That's what we were thinking Lou . He definetly had been fighting recently as he had some battle wounds .
  2. My Brother In Law hit this buck yesterday afternoon . Hit him back so waited till this morning and found him not far from where he saw him last . I grossed him at 150 5/8 and that's with a completely broken off right brow. He has a nasty gash on his neck from a recent encounter with another Hunter. I found his left shed from last year and he really put on some inches . Hell of year for big Jersey bucks . Enjoy the pics .
  3. Congrats John . Really cool looking buck . Nicely done .
  4. Nice buck and footage . Congrats
  5. Russ 11

    Big Buck Down

    Well done . Nice buck
  6. Nick any pics ? May have a buddy interested . Thanks
  7. Haha , he never spooked . He was on edge because of a bear to my left and his buddy about 60 yards away was in a stare down with a bobcat . It was a really cool sit .
  8. Son did a solo trip after school . He's having a great sit with 5 bucks seen so far . Had shots on 4 that he passed and no shot on biggest chasing a doe . Sounds like he picked the right stand .
  9. Russ 11

    VA Success

    Great 6 point . Congrats !
  10. This is a still from some tactacam footage I took last Thursday . No does just the 4 bucks . They were not buddies but still together . Note : no deer were hurt in this picture . Lol
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