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  1. Let’s start sending every trail cam pic of bears to Murphy on a daily basis . Maybe that will get his attention or at least annoy the sh*t out him .
  2. I call your lease in Kansas if momma bear gives you the beat down .
  3. Are the deer hitting the buckwheat or is it more a cover crop for the brassica ?
  4. Troop you might want to plant a nurse crop with that clover . If it’s a perennial clover you won’t see much growth this fall . Come spring it will really take off . Maybe throw some oats down with it and then hit it again Sept/Oct with some rye . Just a thought . Good luck
  5. Browning Defender wireless pro scout is their #1 rated cell cam if that means anything .
  6. Yeah I’ve noticed he hasn’t been around in awhile . Maybe try shooting him a PM .
  7. Found a couple reds along a field edge that had a decent amount .
  8. Russ 11

    Yogi Behind Me!!!

    Joe next time you have to wrestle with him a bit and let him chew on you a little . Then Snaggletooth will have to have the bear hunt . Come on man take one for the team .
  9. Hell of an honor Mark . Big congrats !!
  10. Good stuff Mark . Some truly amazing animals on display .
  11. Well that sucks . Between fungus , ash bore beetles , lantern flys our trees are really under attack . Is there anything we can do to combat this problem ?
  12. Rusty I don’t have a lot of oaks on one farm I hunt but the handful of reds that are there look pretty beat up . Leave tips are brown and many holes in the leaves . Haven’t noticed any acorns on them either . I’m assuming some kind of insect damage .
  13. Hi Aaron , I would take 2 packs if you have any left . Can pickup today if that works for you .
  14. Will you do $150 ? I'm in Morris cty also . Can pickup this weekend . Let me know . Thanks
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