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  1. In honor of the Bug Dude's return I made a movie for ya'll. IMG_4169.MOV
  2. I've been delinquent with the "Where's Waldo" posts this year, so here's one to ease my guilt.
  3. The slippery floor in the kitchen gave me an unfair advantage.
  4. When it comes to hunting, what puts the biggest smile on your face?
  5. We took a few deer with Boltcutters last year and they performed well. They're a small fixed blade head but they are heavy and fly like darts, they blew through bone like it wasn't even there. We'll be using them exclusively this year.
  6. I'm all set for September! IMG_4037.MOV
  7. This is what we got, it works great.
  8. Great maiden voyage with some good people. Nice fish too!!
  9. Rusty

    Bug ID

    I know, right?!?!
  10. Rusty

    Bug ID

    Mr. and Mrs. Eastern eyed click beetle
  11. You and nmc should hook up. He loves his tuna trips.
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