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  1. That's great Kype, keep it up. The speed you do is less important than the length of time that you are keeping your body active. That's why walking is so good for you, it keeps your body moving for long blocks of time.
  2. Are you in BC? Jack wants to challenge you to a hot saw competition.
  3. If you don't want to post your address we can PM it to everyone that signs up.
  4. Yes, it's a type of springtail. They are quite common as it gets warmer.
  5. I was there 86 - 88, but I spent most of my time at the fisheries lab in Lebanon. But I did get stabbed by a guy tripping on acid at the hatchery. His statement to the police was "I was trying to get him in the chest but he kept moving".
  6. One of you crossbow guys should bring a bag target and balloons. We'll have a long range shoot off!
  7. If Mark’s coming there won’t be anything to split. He just looks at ash and the logs explode into pieces.
  8. This will be our first official South Jersey Get Together!! Now all you Southerners can quit complaining that we never do nothing for you guys down there!
  9. I worked at the trout hatchery for a year or 3 back in the 80s so I am familiar with area. Just don't tell anyone, I have my Sussex County Hillbilly image to maintain.
  10. For beer, The Beard and I will turn ash trees into cut and split firewood for anyone in need.
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