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  1. That just goes to show you, . . . NJH is a much better site.
  2. Rusty


    Try grilling them!!
  3. Yes it is, counting the snake I now have 2. The other one is a chipmunk. But the chipmunk went into the kitchen and ate the chocolate covered pretzels on the counter so now it’s dead. So I guess I really only have 1 friend. My wife really likes chocolate covered pretzels.
  4. This Racer has been hanging out in the yard the past few days. I hope it decides to stay.
  5. Pointy ears and cheek tufts. That's a Jersey Lion for sure.
  6. My favorite time to scout is late winter right after the season closes.
  7. 1. I scout the land more than the deer. I like to hunt funnels and pinch points that concentrate deer activity. 2. When and how often I hunt a spot is more important than how. Many of my best spots might only get hunted once or twice all season.
  8. Glad to hear that things are getting better SY.
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