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  1. Great video. For the record, genetically there's only one race and there's only one skin color. We are all brown. Six genes (alleles) determine how much pigment your body produces. If you have 6 dominant genes you make the maximum amount of pigment and you are very dark, but you are brown. If you have 6 recessive genes you make the minimum amount of pigment, but you are still brown. We are all the same color and all the same race.
  2. I spent a long time researching everything he had and I double checked everything with a coin dealer that I know who is very honest with me. The silver dollars that were worth more than a dollar were sold not taken to the bank.
  3. Rusty

    Happier than a pig...

    That is so great!!
  4. Funny coin story. When my father in law passed away I got the task of sorting through his coins. He had 6,000 silver dollars, many of which were only worth a dollar, so I took those to the bank. I had about a dozen cookie cans full of coins in my truck to carry into the bank, I must have looked suspicious because the bank called the police and a cop pulled in along side of me in the parking lot. He comes over to my truck and says, "can I help you with something"? I said, "yeah, these are heavy, can you help me carry them inside"?
  5. WOW, very nice! I'm sure he's gonna be thrilled with it!
  6. That is cool!!
  7. That is so great to see, kudos to you Dad!!
  8. They look great Greybeard!!
  9. Rusty

    Bought a New Truck

    Very nice, best of luck with it!!
  10. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner!!
  11. That's a lot of horns!! Should be a fun season this year!
  12. Nice!! We've got family in America and they've been going out for weeks now.
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