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  1. Rusty

    Easter Cards???

    Very creative Roon!! Happy Easter.
  2. When the topic of God comes up there are members here that state that they no longer believe in fairytales. Is the belief in God a fairytale? Scientists agree that originally there was nothing, there was a beginning to the universe from nothing. So how did the universe come to be? How did the matter and energy that make up the universe come into existence? 2 possibilities: 1. The matter and energy somehow came from nothing. 2. Something had to have created the matter and energy that make up the universe. One of the most foundational laws of the universe is that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Matter and energy cannot come from nothing! If you don’t believe in God then you believe that the matter and energy that make up the universe somehow magically appeared from nothing. That goes against the most fundamental laws of the universe and takes a lot more blind faith than believing that there had to be something that started it all at the beginning.
  3. That is one funky old buck, 3Blade congratulations!!
  4. Now that's some quality home-schooling Dad!!
  5. Very cool MB!! We've been live-streaming our services too.
  6. Did you get an answer or are you being snarky because no one replied?
  7. Mr. Green Frog. Very cool.
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