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  1. Too late. Now none of your deers will have horns.
  2. Very cool. I had to enlarge it for my old eyes.
  3. P.S. It would be a lot easier to lure him into the quail coop. Just saying.
  4. There's gotta be some more good stories and pictures that haven't been shared yet, c'mon let's see them.
  5. Kudos Dad. Make it a fun trip. Do some hiking, fishing, or something else active, and stop for ice cream. Spending time together and having fun is more important than the actual shooting at this age.
  6. Rusty


    You gotta love Jumboland. Except for their deer kill reports back when they were a check station. The guy refused to give up his old maps so his zone numbers were always wrong. We'd spend half a day just editing his reports when I collected his.
  7. I know, right??? Thanks a lot BHC.
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