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  1. They asked to see id at the register
  2. Yea they wouldn’t sell me a box of steel shot because i was a nj resident
  3. Drove over to the new sportsman’s warehouse in Pennsylvania to find out their store policy is no firearms, firearm components, ammo, or reloading supply sales to nj residents. Also they are unable to sell hunting licenses yet.
  4. Cj1187

    Tree id

    Can anyone id this tree? thanks
  5. Still pretty new but does anyone have one yet? And input? Handled one today at Cheyenne felt pretty nice.
  6. Any tips on managing tomatoe plants? Few of them are growning wildly outward. Figure trimming them would expend more into the fruit rather then them branching out.
  7. Does anybody have any input on the super black eagle 3? I keep reading about them shooting super high. Was wondering if thats the actual case with them.
  8. Wish you were closer
  9. Believe it or not i picked up a swagger from harbor freight for like 10$. It does the three popular sizes.
  10. Have a basically brand new nes classic console. Opened and plugged in one time. All packed up in factory packaging again. $200. Going for closer to $300 on ebay, now that its been discontinued. just dont feel like dealing with all the ebay/paypal bs unless I have to. Located in 08816.
  11. Also just jumped ship. Other site went to trash
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