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  1. Finsished mine today, well sorta this weekend I'm extending the run 16ft out the other side of shes. Good luck buddy.
  2. Septicdude


    Yes..yes they definetly do.
  3. Was lucky this morning story to follow later after I get out of work.
  4. Speaking of chicke s wofe wanted a better coop for ours so this has been this weeks project. We have 13 and average 5 to 9 eggs a day and I have more on the way feels good not to have to buy eggs at the store. Pretty sure I got some meat chickens coming too. Its alittle work but at least I know where my eggs and some meat are coming from and what they eat.
  5. Just pulled into spot, good luck to everyone who's going out today. Feels good to be back in camo chasing them thunder chickens. Didnt get to roost birds at this spot last night scouted a new spot and tried roostin with no luck so decided to try a spot where I can usually here a few.
  6. Pocket book is alittle on small side
  7. Dont worry your pets and family are safe, that's my back up area. Good luck to ya if you get out last year there was birds roosting behind your pond.
  8. Thanks for the tip swamp😁 I now know where to go A week.🙋‍♂️
  9. As title reads looking to start reloading mainly 45 and 9mm, maybe shotgun too. Mainly just looking for some recommendations on presses and where you all get your supplies from.
  10. Good luck to the youths hope to see read some success stories soon
  11. I wonder how they taste. Prolly pretty good just gotta shoot 100 for a snack
  12. This world and especially this state is fucked. This hole thing is ridiculous.
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