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  1. Septicdude

    11/13 Check In RAIN

    Out in 7 since 330. Seen 1 lone doe. Very quiet and steady breeze. Good luck everyone who is out
  2. Septicdude

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Out in zone 7 looking for doe or big buck I'll take either. watching 2 does and half rack 200 yds away. Good luck everyone
  3. Either super unique rack or its gotta be bigger than the last
  4. Septicdude

    High Winds Tomorrow...

    Just got out wind was too much I blind called in a buck who broke both sides if his rack off right above the brow tines and he was even missing an eye.
  5. Septicdude

    real time results

    Anyone want to buy a 3 bedrooms 1.5 bath on 1.68 acres 8n harmony twsp?
  6. Septicdude

    real time results

    Why does nj.com say mendez won????
  7. Septicdude

    11/6 Check in

    Just finished voting 20 minutes ago and finally got to slip out into the woods again. Out in zone 8 no shooters on camera but I know this area always gets some bruisers crushing into it. In a small thicket between cut corn and standing beans. And as I type this I watch a busted 8 point walking the cut corn. Good luck everyone
  8. Septicdude

    Fake bear?

    My father sent me this screen shot the other day, I'm having trouble thinking it's real. What do you all think
  9. Septicdude

    10/30 CHECK IN

    Just alittle guy looking for love
  10. Septicdude

    10/30 CHECK IN

    Just got out into zone 8just checked cam and had 2 yr old 8 on it that gets a pass and some blurry pic of something with long main beams we will see what happens. Good luck to everyone that's out. .
  11. Septicdude

    10/28 AM Check In

    I was expecting to see a lot of action this morning but very quiet only to scrubs and a yote
  12. Septicdude

    10/28 AM Check In

    Out in zone 8 had 2 little guys fighting in the cut cornfield hopefully big guy shows up . Good luck everyone
  13. Septicdude

    Age this buck and score em

    Yea I saw that on his belly to they kind of look like nipples lol. I'm trying to find some pictures from years past to see if he matches.
  14. Just had this guy show up on camera very spuradicly. All night pics. How old do you think this guy is?
  15. Honestly who cares if its out?