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  1. Septicdude

    Some people have no Etiquette

    That's nj state land, actually that's a lie it's all of nj land even private land.
  2. Septicdude

    What's that sound in the back?? LMAO

    Haha good for him, tell em to have fun while he can. I miss getting out while it was snowing and doing that stuff. Now I sit in a plow truck and remember the good ol days.
  3. Septicdude

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    If you go to his website you can read his rant he goes on about people bad talking him and not picking up deer. Well if you dont call someone and tell em the deer is done alot of guys are used the the butcher calling.
  4. Septicdude

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    Someone has some sand in their crevice. Also never heard of a butcher who doesnt call and tell you when the deer is done. All the butchers I know will refuse to do deer for you if you call and stop by looking for your deer. Seems like a strange way to run a business.
  5. Septicdude

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

    Nice man.. now get back to selling houses no more goofing off, I need work.
  6. Septicdude

    Need a new archery shop....

    Yup I believe I know the shop also, especially when you said you talked to his brother, dead give away ..
  7. Septicdude

    I've lost faith in society

    Also sorry stoned couldn't make it the whole video it was making to.angry. this kids parents need to seek professional help for they're son and they should also seek help for themselves.
  8. Septicdude

    I've lost faith in society

    Yup worlds gone to shit. Look at this bullshit I found awhile back. The man in it should be put down this shit is not normal its sick and needs to be stopped.
  9. Septicdude

    What gets you a bit upset?

    Trying to drive somewhere in this state, its ridiculous.
  10. Septicdude

    Doe down with my sidekick

    Comgrats. Can I get that truck in the back round?
  11. Septicdude

    Any knife makers here?

    Check on Amazon too I think I saw a couple on there
  12. Septicdude

    Lets See those Trucks!!

  13. Yep I got some laying around.. I miss the days of.going to the check station and getting that little tag
  14. Septicdude

    Non-Deer Photos

    Automatic ban for posting such a vulgar photo
  15. Septicdude

    Zone 7 slick head

    Went out to dads farm in zone 7 this afternoon to sit over his bait pile and try and stack another into the freezer. About 430 they started coming in about 12 does. Waited to see if any bucks came but no luck. I picked out the biggest doe that was pushing all the other does out and let the muzzle loader bark. She went about 50 yrs and piled up while the other ones stood there wondering what happened. If I was greedy I could a prolly shot 2 more but I let them go. . Till tomorow lol