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  1. You sure that thing doesnt have rabies? It doesnt look good
  2. Yes sir hammered in harmony nj trees down everywhere half baked chixken in the oven, just dumped the kids at grandmas and pops house for the night and off to eat somewhere else now.
  3. Yep I got caught in it at work not fun when your digging . Friggin weather man said I would.be fine tll 8 tonight where I was, guess he was wrong
  4. Did they ever have a beer garden?
  5. Haha na they'll be protesting the pollution factor of it. I got my poop pumped parked in the side parking lot
  6. When is that one? Did it already happen? And do they do the kid thing there also?
  7. Here's some pics of the kids events without animals.
  8. Get it done early if ya cant come back later afternoon and work till dark avoid that mid day heat. Good luck.
  9. Well the fair did something new last night and had a rodeo. It was a pretty good show took the kid there and they had a kid rodeo where they got to ride a sheep my boy did pretty good till he got stepped on. I'd post a picture but there were antis protesting the event and I sont feel like having a troll take the picture and.use it for they're propaganda bs. He had a blast.and loved watching the "cowboys" riding the bulls. I will say it's nice to see the fair do something new. But I will include a screen shot of their Facebook of a picture of them at the event🤣
  10. Yea I will say u was very lucky, woke up this morning oh boy does everything hurt today. Reality setting in on me I cant put the body threw hell and expect to bounce back next day lol. Still as sore as u am I'm thankful it's not worse like some of the others here.
  11. The people who fell off their roofs. Luckily it was only about 10/12 ft I believe I got lucky though. Hips pretty sore and rib is a bit sore but no pain on deep breaths or anything. No problems walking either so gotta count my blessings and learn from my mistakes and from now on have a spotter holding the ladder. I don t'know how but as I got to the edge the ladder slid out and away i went time to start being more careful have dont it 1000 Times and no problems with it guess I got to comfortable with a routine thing. Gotta laugh at my own stupidity.
  12. With phil Murphy wanting us to be the new California how long until someone tries to pull this crap. What is this country turning into? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/berkeley-california-to-ban-gendered-language-like-manhole-manpower-and-firemen/
  13. So far so good with the fox problem lately and averaging 9 eggs a day from them, trying to find time to finish they're new coop
  14. Yea that sucks at least you stopped and had it taken care of, poor little fella could have been suffering for who knows how long if ya didnt stop.
  15. Is there any meat to those things? And where are you catching em I've only caught them in florida never nj
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