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  1. I shot a stocked turkey in the early 2000s I still have the metal leg tag. Have yet to talk to someone who shot one with a leg tag wondering how common that was to tag em.
  2. How bout people work and get paid for the work they do and the time they put in. Enough of people getting shit and not doing anything. Just my opinion.
  3. Sold , nice meeting you hunting dude hopefully your daughter likes it and has fun with it.
  4. The only reason it's being sold is because I bought browing44s bow for an extremely reasonable price and I wanna pay some savings on to the next person.
  5. Not sure if adjustable without press you could probably adjust it by tKing pressure off the limbs.
  6. Also had the luxury of calling in a friends first burd last year while Nother buddy was with us trying to film. Hilarious hunt I must say.
  7. First day of a week about 10 mins after shooting light.
  8. I assume your talking bout the fireplace haha yea I like it definetly getting my money out of it.
  9. How else am I going to align your hips and help your perfect your form then? 😏
  10. No but if you would like I can give you some shooting lessons while wearing it.
  11. Selling a diamond razor edge black riser pink limbs. Good starter bow. Comes with a couple arrows and field points also. $125 located in harmony nj warren county and work in asbury nj hunterdon county.
  12. Welcome fellow.warren county resident.
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