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  1. I just wanna knock those stupid fuckin teeth of his stupid fuckin face. If anyone needed to be eaten by a bear its him.
  2. Yup nice cool day tagged out here and don't feel like shooting doe tonight so I'm relaxing at the house, good luck to everyone that's out tonight
  3. I'm so sure I'll put 20 bucks on it's a doe...any takers??
  4. Yea it looks like a does head
  5. No he walked normal and i didnt see any thing wrong when i shot em.
  6. So I got the call from the butcher to come get my meat deers all done and he had a couple presents for me. He pulled out two arrows from the deer, the expandable was in the ribs right behind the shoulder, and the other was in the ass( ass one was a crossbow bolt). He said both had been there for awhile they were all scar tissued over. Pretty cool how tough those deer are.
  7. Great service and stand by their warranty no bs. Binoculars fell out of the tree stand about a week and a half ago and broke, filled out their online form shipped em out and a bout a week later a brand new pair showed up on my doorstep. Very happy with their product and the fact they stand behind the warranty with no questions asked, also they are very good binos and very happy with them
  8. If your in hunterdon/warren dont even bother they already know about the infestation in our area, at least that's what they told me when I reported.
  9. Wish I had 3200 spare dollars laying around for me and the boy but worth number 3 on the way dont think the ol lady would be too happy about that purchase haha good luck with the sale they shouldnt last long.
  10. Septicdude

    Buck Down.

    Nice buck congrats
  11. Good luck out there, buddy of mine was in Colorado last month and tagged out archery elk hunting.
  12. Looks tasty, never had it before but I wanna give some a try, guess I'll start lookin harder when I'm in the woods. When is the best time to look for it and what types of areas are good?
  13. Getting ready to head out in a few, off to try and get the ol lady a buck
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