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  1. Unfortunatly I usually done go out that far unless it's a job that's bigger than 1 day sorry, its alittle far. If it happens again PM me and maybe I could.help.trouble shoot on why it's happening.
  2. Where in Morris county? Sucks it's under a slab. Is it PVC or cast iron or no idea?
  3. Glad your daughters gunna be ok bud👍thankfully it wasn't more serious those things can be dangerous, I knocked all icicles off my.house when I got done plowing.
  4. What is draw length currently set at, and where in hunterdon are you located.
  5. Just go.into the store without, no one says anything anymore I got sick of trying to remember if i had the stupid thing.
  6. This was a test run by the govt to see how far they can go with issuing orders that violate our rights and to see what kind of pushback would come from the people. This is just the start of it, expect more mandatory violations of our rights. 👍 that being said I had the rona and so did the wife along with her while family and no one died. Her father who is older and has heart and breathing problems was pissed he said he quarantined for 6 months for this week ass cold. I've been calling bs on this from the beginning and I'm still calling it to this day, I will not nor ever get the vaccine,
  7. Yup nothing more than a cocktail of poison. Try eating a clove of garlic 3 times a day. Better than any antibiotic.
  8. Sorry for your loss, I know more than 15 people that have had it also, all made it through and multiple were high risk, all.made it biggest complaint was they felt shitty for 3 days. Every one has their opinion on this subject and there is a very slim chance anyone will.change the others minds. Imo the media has blown this way out of proportion than it needed to be, this whole mask thing an distancing bs is just the govts way of seeing what they can get away with without any real.push back.from the majority.
  9. Except the fact that they were marking every death as being from covid. Crash your car and die..covid, hear attack.. covid, this whole thing is a big pile of crap.
  10. Yawwnnn, nothing more than the flu imo. I had it and the wife had it. I will.never get this vaccine just like I've never got the flu vaccine. People die from this illness, and people.die from from the flu. Media is blowing this new illness way out of proportion.
  11. Out in 7 looking for 1 to 2 more freezer fillers
  12. Been after this guy for past 3 possibly 4 years now, times a blur the past few years with alot going on. He is mainly nocturnal passed on him 2 years ago because he broke of a couple of tines( regret that decision) hopeing he is still alive but not feeling very optimistic as he has been a ghost on the cameras for the last 3 to 4 weeks. Fingers crossed he shows back up, still have muzzloader and winter bow tag reserved for him.
  13. Definetly not getting this vaccine, no thank you. Already had the rona it was less impressive than the common cold.
  14. A couple hard kicks will turning into a shed
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