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  1. Septicdude

    Need tires

    John's a good guy to get tires from fair prices and fast, I use him for our big trucks at work and pick up trucks.
  2. Unfortunately if they keep calling for that snow my ass will be stuck in a plow truck on the highway🤑
  3. Septicdude


    Ouchhhhh that one is painful to watch.
  4. Snuck into the stand alittle late tonight, didnt get in till about 4. Saw prolly 12 does and had this guy run 2 does around the. Gave up and went over and spare with a smaller 8. I had 3 does come right under me and bed down and he came over to investigate right at last light and gave me a 25 yrd shot and went about 50-60 yds and piled up.
  5. Zone 8 my morning job cancelled so I was able to sneak out for a few hrs. Good luck everyone
  6. Lol deal, if ya ever wanna go hunting let me know I can take ya there I just gotta be hunting the same time you are
  7. Thanks for the new muzzy stand buddy I'll be in it opening morning to shoot that field
  8. Your leaning your bow prolly and not holding it level, I hear that can cause your arrows to hit left or right however your bows leaning. Does your sight have a level built into it?
  9. Gunna use dick head neibors assholery to.my advantage, gunna park there again but hunt backside of thicket where deer come.out when he does that crap so jokes on him.
  10. Well this hunt is prolly shot, fuckin neibor must be mad cause hes out lighting fireworks off
  11. Out lookin for a doe landed a new spot today will be back in morning after this guy at the new spot.
  12. Septicdude

    Buck down

    Congrats, was this the infamous state land piece were stuff was getting stolen?
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