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  1. So last night around 2 am I was woken up by my chickens going crazy, run out to they're coop and see one outside by itself had a cut on its comb and foot but other wise seemed ok, it's very lethargic today though so well see what happens. Found where it ripped the chicken wire to get in. Then around 330 i hear noises best i can describe it as is a barking scream. These went on for about 20 minutes and I could here another one a few hundred yards away from.the one near my coop. Did some you tubing and closest I could find to the noise is a fisher cat. Any one have any experiance with these things messing with your chickens or what do.you guys think. Also in the process of building the fort Knox chicken coop so hipefully this dont happen again. I live in harmony, Warren county nj, or could it just be a fox or something what do.you think?
  2. I use a similar free app that has about all the same stuff called huntstand they both seem good and both show property lines and if you want you can purchase info for it but it gives you 10 free when you download
  3. Cedar ridge landscaping they're out of Hampton nj
  4. Used to go down to the graphite mill in asbury when we were in high school always would get some there nothing big. Biggest one I saw caught was out of spruce run when we were night fishing from the banks. If memory serves me right it was like 2 ft long and thick. That thing was what nightmares are made of.
  5. Hey Bob I'll send you a pm my office is right in asbury.
  6. This is by far my favorite knife I've ever owned. My dad bout me and him one when I passed my hunter safety course I had it for 7 years then lost while hunting, tried to find it for a few days no luck it was gone. Went and told him after and he lost his also. So a couple years later after trying a bunch of other knives I bought us a matching pair again and still have em. He leaves his at the house mine is always in my pack. Puma knife btw
  7. Septicdude

    Isnt it may?

    Haha so your to blame damnit
  8. Septicdude

    Isnt it may?

    Yea but hey doesnt matter rain or shine coffee breaks always indoors haha
  9. Septicdude

    Isnt it may?

    You must have an indoor job I assume?
  10. Septicdude

    Isnt it may?

    Spring weather or a spring of friggin water?
  11. Septicdude

    Isnt it may?

    Because it sure doesnt feel like it outside or inside.
  12. Septicdude


    I got mine going again this afternoon just to take the chill out of the air
  13. Had it happen many times and now that it's happened once itll be easier for it to fall out again and again. It happened to me during bow season and 2 days later I tried to draw the bow back and couldn't do it so i stayed home and what was on my camera that morning i didnt go was the big 9 i was after of course. As far as how long you'll be out everyone is different. Sometime it would take a couple weeks for mine to get good sometimes a few day and sometimes more all depends how bad it came out and how long it was out for and how much damage was done to everything. Hopefully yours was minor, mines not so much they keep telling me to get surgery but I cant afford to be laid up for that long. Also dont let it sit in a sling, I did that and the shoulder actually froze in place and it was weeks of physical therapy with horrible pain to get it free again.
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