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  1. Bicycle or street bike
  2. If you wanna over pay sure
  3. Prolly ran into something during soft velvet times.
  4. They're trying to round up all us non vaxxers
  5. Lots of stuffs illegal just gotta keep it on the down low.🤫🤫🤫
  6. Yea, he did one for me a couple years ago came out really.good. he also.has my wide 6 from this year. He is very backed up now from the whole covid crap. He is deaf so ya just gotta talk slow and make sure hes looking at you when you ask him something. He is a very nice guy who does very good work.
  7. If you launch a kayack.or canoe you can float fish the "private" section😁😁 club guys get real pissy but oh well.
  8. Looking to buy a bike for the boy, hes 7. Looked into new bikes but nothing really around. Anyone have anything or know of anything? I'm located in harmony Warren county
  9. Was never a fan of Mathews I have been shooting hoyts for many years, that being said I jumped this year bought the new Mathews v3, im.vey pleased with it maybe look into it.
  10. Hey guys family owned company looking to hire a pump truck driver. Class a or.b cdl with ta ker endorsement needed. We are located in Asbury nj hunterdon county. If interested please message me. Average work week Monday- Friday. All trucks have manual transmissions( it's amazing how many people say they can only drive automatics). Thanks for looking also.if you know anybody that's looking for a job and has a cdl PM me
  11. I've been maskless for I cant tell you how long. This whole this was a big bunch of bs, govt just trying to see how far they can go and see how much push back there would be. Last time I checked this was America the land of the free. If you wanna wear a mask good for you go for it and if you didnt wanna wear a mask great let people make there own choices.
  12. Good luck, I gave up for the year. With the lack.of birds...well no birds for the matter of fact in my.areas I threw in the towel.
  13. Anyone else think it's a little strange that the states are trying to bribe people to get this shady vaccine???
  14. F - worst Turkey season I've ever seen, hunted b,c and e in nj heard 1 bird 1 day. Saw 0 birds in nj, only k ow 1 person personally that shot a bird and that bird didn't gobble once, just strolled into a field where he was set up in a blind with his decoys. Pa was not much better, saw 3 Jake's opening day and then another Jake 2 weeks later never saw him just heard him.
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