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  1. Congrats and enjoy! It’s a labor of love.
  2. Hit the water around 6am and saw a beautiful sunrise. My dad and son went out and fished outside the hook till about noon. I have a lot to learn but we managed to catch fish. Skate, Robins, blues and one keeper Fluke. A beautiful morning on the water with 3 generations of Scotsman.
  3. 2 hours + per pound for me with wrapping. Low and slow is the way. Good luck!
  4. Awesome! Congrats! My trip last monday got cancelled, Im hoping to set something up for next week. These posts get me excited.
  5. Lol indeed it was. But I am looking for a backup app for phone or ipad. Been looking at strikelines but have not pulled trigger. Anyway, back to the fight...
  6. What app is that? I’ve been looking for one for the Area as backup
  7. Finally had a moment to catch up on this thread. Figured I would add my 2 cents. I had a Cheap torpedo style smoker And I didn’t like it. Temp swings and constant tinkering and lousy results. Then I bought a pellet smoker and it really reeled me into the hobby. There’s a lot more to it then just cooking. Prep, trim seasoning, injecting spraying etc. I’m happy working on these nuances for now and then throwing it on the pellet smoker. The convience allows Me to smoke way more then I would otherwise. That being said, when I have some money to blow I will get a wood smoker too for the times that I have the time. NOTR good luck with Her and keep The reports coming!
  8. That’s just outstanding!
  9. I was expecting something like "Sundresses and strapless halter tops" But a really cool looking turtle never the less!
  10. Connor has become a Clown. But he does pull in the $$ with his non sense.
  11. Don’t tempt me. I will own one
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