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  1. Lol I’ve learned my lesson with that. The dog stays off leash to catch cripples when emptying the vest.
  2. Awesome! Great he can still get out and hunt at that age.
  3. Awesome! If there is anything we can do to help reach out.
  4. Shot 3 does and a bunch of birds.
  5. Given the state police information given to FFL’s and widely circulated wouldn’t it be entrapment to prosecute you on it?
  6. It’s not considered a “shotgun” it’s considered a “firearm” the people at Mossberg and the other companies basically found a way to narrowly skirt the definition of a short barreled shotgun thus getting around the prohibition. It all comes down to semantics but according to the ATF, NJSP and several FFL’s they are legal.
  7. 40 protesters? Every picture I saw looked like maybe 6.
  8. They are for sale at multiple NJ FFL’s. According to NJSP they are currently legal, but who knows how long they’ll stay that way in this hell hole.
  9. The gun, the ammo, it all adds up if you’re covering a lot of ground.
  10. Saw it on Facebook earlier. Beautiful job 👍
  11. That sucks man! I wouldn’t bother with the food bank, they won’t know which ones were yours. You could try suing the guy but I’m guessing he’s filed bankruptcy and you’re lawyer fees would add up. I really don’t know what to tell ya. Half of me says cut your losses the other half says go for the jugular just to make an example of him. Good luck.
  12. One of the worst pains ever! Lol apparently I need a reminder every once in a while as I lay on the ground cursing myself and Reese out.
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