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  1. Hold the phone, was the shooter a game warden?! Am I understanding that right?
  2. I love mine. Had it almost 2yrs and put on 42k miles with no issues. It was a 2017 I bought as a leftover. Some people have issues with them but I gather the bulk of them haven’t had a diesel before and don’t know what to expect or how to take care of it. Lots of whiners and complainers on every EcoDiesel group I’m in but I attribute it to guys who have issues being much more vocal. Mine is GDE Hot Tuned which made a world of difference as far as acceleration and mileage. I’m not sure what your options are now that the EPA has cracked down on aftermarket tuners.
  3. Wtf man? Between this and admitting he doesn’t think about the Bill of Rights! F this guy!
  4. I guess that’s why nobody was answering the phone.
  5. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re open. Tried calling earlier.
  6. He doesn’t know it lol
  7. Regardless of who the VP pick is; Biden, Abrams, etc, Joe will not serve a full term. They will 25th amendment him so fast your head will spin. This in reality is a race between Trump and whomever is chosen as Biden’s temporary VP/replacement.
  8. From day 1 I’ve thought he needs to shut up sometimes. In that respect he screws himself a lot by giving them the clips they use to bludgeon him and in turn us for supporting him. His policies are largely outstanding and the leadership has been great but sometimes he brings the ridicule on himself. But what do I know, the guy has proven he’s a master marketer.
  9. I got told to kick rocks basically as a born American citizen small business owner. This is some major bs. Especially when you’re threatening to lay off first responders.
  10. I’m not a huge fan of Chinese food, I’m picky for a fat sob, but there is a really good place in Wallington, Red Bowl, I think. Everything they make is fresh and clean and they don’t use any msg. My cousin’s husband is of Chinese Descent, via Hong Kong, his parents came here in the late 80’s or early 90’s. His dad has a big family and still has a lot of family in Hong Kong. I have known their entire family to be kind, loving, warm, funny, hardworking and stereotypically intelligent.( if you don’t get a PHD or MD I feel like they disown you lol). The point being I think the Chinese people are wonderful people as a whole but the CCP has to go. I agree we need to stop buying Chinese products as much as possible and sanction the piss out of them. Once we cripple their economy I think the people will rise up and seek a freer society and governance. However, I don’t want us to get caught up in more regime change wars or nation building. It’s too expensive with little if any pay off and costs far to many American lives.
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