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  1. JimmyScags


    Hope he’s doing ok
  2. Jim is a good guy. I highly recommend Red Bluff and hope to make my way down again soon.
  3. Yeah, even on 1 it still gets above it. I’m thinking about chains maybe.
  4. I have a 30” Troy Built with I think a 347cc engine. It’s performed really well. My only gripe is that sometimes if the snow is already packed it doesn’t always have the traction to get under it. Makes me think I should’ve spent the extra $200 for the upgraded model with treads instead of wheels. Other than that it’s been outstanding. I do 3-4 houses and a bunch of street parking every storm though so it may be overkill for you.
  5. So sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was an incredible guy.
  6. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to hell for other reasons so I’ll risk eating meat on Ash Wednesday and Fridays during Lent. Lol
  7. About to make my annual donation lol
  8. Now that’s wild! I never heard of a muzzleloader shoots accurate at 500yds. Pretty cool.
  9. Time out, are you saying that there was essentially a urinal around the base of the bar and guys would just whip it out and piss while you were standing there drinking? How the hell did that pass inspection? Lol I guess I’m glad that’s not still a thing.
  10. Doing God’s work keeping that outta the trash heap.
  11. A few years ago when my parents were looking at houses myself, my brother and his girlfriend would go along with them. My mom is off the boat Sicilian we were raised as such. My brother’s gf is waspy as hell hell from Connecticut. She couldn’t understand our obsession with finished basements and the fact we wouldn’t consider a basement finished unless it had a full kitchen and full bathroom, walkout highly preferred lol.
  12. Haven’t done lasagna but I’ve done baked ziti with venison sausage and it was delicious.
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