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  1. Welcome aboard! If you haven’t already look into the Morris County Parks Commission hunting program, it’s a great opportunity.
  2. Sorry for your loss. What a nice gesture though.
  3. Congratulations! Great buck!
  4. Congratulations to both of you!
  5. Great story and beautiful buck!
  6. I was a freshman in high school, Bergen Catholic in Oradell. I was on the school TV station, it was my home room. As I walked into our studio I saw a plane hit the tower. I turned, amazed and said, “wow those are amazing graphics, what movie is it from?” We normally ran outrageous graphics to open up our broadcast. The looks on their faces were completely blank in disbelief, “it’s not a movie, it’s the news” someone said. I felt my heart drop in my chest and my stomach flip. I remember just feeling dead inside. A lot of my schoolmates had parents that worked in the towers or close by, I remember we all tried to console them will no success. It was surreal. What stands out to me and I always miss was 9/12. It was the most united I’ve ever seen this country. It didn’t matter who you were, you were American and that’s all that mattered. People were truly kind and understanding to each other. My grandfather, a Sicilian immigrant who deeply loved this country, hung a big American flag out in front of the house. His neighbor Paul was a Port Authority Police officer, he just recently passed of cancer related to 9/11.
  7. Yeah, I was there on Saturday with my girlfriend for a few hours. Kept feeling like it was smaller but it could just be me.
  8. That’s been going on for years the same weekend. I never noticed a huge pull before though. I wanted to go to both but just didn’t have the time.
  9. Am I crazy or were there significantly less cars this year?
  10. I’m going to try to get there with some friends at least 1 day. Always a great show.
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