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  1. JimmyScags

    Lodi Buck

    Yup I was just going to say I see them in the cemetery all the time.
  2. JimmyScags

    Prayers needed

    God bless
  3. JimmyScags

    Any Wood Workers on Here?

    Glad to hear. It really is a great place and a fun community to be part of.
  4. JimmyScags

    Grouse come back

    Was scouting yesterday in Morris County (no weekend hunting in this park), I was walking through a thick “beary “ area next to a trail and flushed a covey of 5 or 6 grouse! Scared the crap out of me but once I composed myself and realized I wasn’t being mauled by a bear I got out the binos and id’d them.
  5. JimmyScags

    Had to get down 6:45am.....

    Sorry to hear.
  6. JimmyScags

    Any Wood Workers on Here?

    They actually also do projects for people, mostly prototypes. I was thinking they could refer you to one of the guys there. Some really good “makers” running around the shop.
  7. JimmyScags

    Any Wood Workers on Here?

    Check out https://www.themakerdepot.com/ I’m a member there. They have everything you would need.
  8. JimmyScags

    Largest American Flag Pole & Flag

    That’s a message I can get behind!
  9. Thank God they found them before a bear!
  10. JimmyScags

    Jorge & Sons Moving?

    Let us know
  11. JimmyScags

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Regular Pizza - Frank’s Saddle Brook Thin Crust - Kinchley’s Ramsey Sicilian - Natoli’s Secaucus
  12. JimmyScags

    Is This A Sign Of Gayness?

    Haha straight as an arrow but I love Golden Girls, reminds me of being home from school on a sick day.
  13. JimmyScags

    Jorge & Sons Moving?

    Jorge do you still have the space in Lyndhurst? Can we petition the town or something? Sounds like discrimination to me. Also just an idea. What if you offered a “butcher your own deer class” like Jay does with Taxidermy. A lot of us want to learn to do our own and it would keep your season intact.
  14. JimmyScags

    WTB Motorcycle (preferably Harley)

    I was asking 5500 but need to get the tank repainted, dropped it at low speed. It’s super low miles I believe less than 1500. I’m negotiable on it. It’s currently at my dads shop in Wayne.