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  1. JimmyScags

    Proud Moment

    Haha I’m horrible with names but feel free to say hi next time!
  2. JimmyScags

    Cash is home!

    Really glad things are going better for you.
  3. JimmyScags

    Proud Moment

    Thanks, he’s a good kid. I’m 14yrs older and older guys, Ghostbear and Tikka270 among them, always took the time to help me learn. My way of paying it forward.
  4. JimmyScags

    Proud Moment

    Last Sunday was one of the best days I’ve ever had in the field. My cousin Junior has been begging me to take him hunting since he was 4 or 5. At 18 I was finally able to get him in the field. After a little gun training Thursday he was ready. We drive down to Hunt’s Family Preserve in Lambertville for the annual charity hunt. Dr. Cacciola insisted we should let “the kid” take all the first shots and we’d back him up if he missed. As we’ve shot many birds ourselves, I agreed. It got off to a slow start but with every bird he gained confidence, by the end he barely missed any. In 3 hours Lucky found 25-30 birds and we got 15 of them. Lucky was on fire, he made some really impressive retrieves and was rock solid on point. After we came in as it got dark we had a great buffet while they cleaned the birds. Junior was glowing with pride and so were Doc and I. As proud as I am of my dog and younger cousin I can’t imagine how proud I’d be of my own kids.
  5. JimmyScags

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

  6. JimmyScags

    Italian/American Translation Guide

  7. JimmyScags

    State is Out of Pheasant Business

    Out of curiosity what’s a club that stocks that many birds cost to join?
  8. Guys a poacher, plain and simple. Believe me I’ve seen big bucks that I could easily have taken out illegally and gotten away with, fighting the urge and doing the right thing is what separates us from them. Throw the book at him!
  9. JimmyScags

    My boy got a deer tonight

    Congrats! In my opinion experience is the best teacher.
  10. JimmyScags

    Scary moment on opening day of six week

    Wow, lucky. Could’ve been much worse. Glad it was just a broken ankle.
  11. JimmyScags

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

  12. JimmyScags

    You Guys Will Never Believe Me.........pic

    That’s pretty cool
  13. JimmyScags

    Had a scare yesterday!

    Close call, good thing you’re ok. Take it easy, like the others said no deer is worth not coming home for.
  14. JimmyScags

    Hunt Family Farm Benefit Hunt

    Paul and his family are a class act. I get down there whenever I can.