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  1. Sorry for your loss, sounds like a hell of a woman!
  2. I could never do one of those type hunts without a guide next to me. I can’t judge a deer on the internet let alone with all that adrenaline in my system.
  3. Welcome aboard. I’m no expert but I do ok. Shoot me a message and I’ll see if I can help you out.
  4. Great piece of equipment to have! I use it for all red meat and a few other things. Everything comes out tender and cooked perfectly. Just sear it after.
  5. Awesome! Hoping to get my first next week.
  6. Smitty, sorry if I misspoke. I brought mine to an old gunsmith to have it checked out and he put the fear of God into me about it. Lol I know they came with several different barrels so that may have just been the type of barrels on mine.
  7. Whomever buys it just be aware you can not use modern shells! It will blow up in your face as it’s not meant to handle modern pressures. RST sells low pressure loads that can be used with the gun through. I have a standard model 1900 I love, bought really cheap at Cheyenne. They are really well balanced good pointing guns. GLWS
  8. Rob follow the link below and get the course materials. It will answer a lot of your questions. After that pick up a copy of the regulations(same place), also available on the fish and wildlife website, read them front to back...every year as they change. Hunter’s Ed Material
  9. Lol I’ve learned my lesson with that. The dog stays off leash to catch cripples when emptying the vest.
  10. Awesome! Great he can still get out and hunt at that age.
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