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  1. I have really took a liking to skeet shooting mostly just go out with a few guys from my hunting club but I really like it and I wanna buy a gun just dedicated to skeet but won’t break the bank any suggestions
  2. Looking for some more skeet shot or any low brass shot for 12 gauge or 20
  3. Me and my friend where talking and I was always under the assumption that you can get your firearms if card at 18 am I wrong because that’s when I got mine
  4. I’m in need of some 12 and 20 gauge skeet loads also a skeet thrower if anyone happens to have one
  5. Don’t buy it they are horrible
  6. Turkeyslayer


    What kinda bait are you guys using if any at all?
  7. If any tree stands or feeder or blinds come up I’ll make a offer
  8. What kind do you guys have what are you looking at I been looking at spy point but it worries me
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