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  1. vortex, great quality optics, great warranty and great costumer service
  2. I would not recommend using the Blackhorn volume tubes for measuring, they are great for storage but not very accurate for measuring. Get yourself an actual brass powder measure, it will be a lot more accurate. Or better yet buy a powder scale and measure by weight, but be aware measuring by volume and weight are not the same amount of powder
  3. Sorry not interested in shipping just yet.
  4. description of items is as follows from top to bottom left to right -fed. bor lock trophy copper 270 gr .50 cal -harvester sabertooth copperplated h.p 300 gr .50 cal -powerbelt platinum aerotip 300 gr .50 cal -barnes expander spitfire mz 300 gr .50 cal sabot, .45 cal bullet -swift a-frame h.p 300 gr .50cal sabot, .44 cal bullet -fed. bor lock lead 350 gr .50 cal -rem. accutips 250 gr .50 cal -barnes expander mz 250 gr, .50 cal sabot, .45 cal bullet
  5. getting rid of some muzzle loader bullets/sabots that I don't have the use for. see attached picture for prices. the barnes t-ez's in lower right corner are not for sale. phone would not let me write anymore in the picture that's why the 250 gr rems, and barnes are not labled. those 2 are marked at 15$ for 18 rds for remingtons and 10$ for 14 rds of barnes mz. located near pequest hatchery
  6. pms sent. will also be posting muzzle loader sabot/bullets soon
  7. Getting rid of stuff I don't need/use. See attached photos for prices. Located near pequest hatchery. Will sell whole 20 ga lot for 200 and 12 ga for 50. Stored in cool dry place, All are sabots, the 20ga brennekkes could be shot through smooth or rifled barrels
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