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  1. I’m almost positive I have the same deer on cam too. Good luck with him.
  2. I just have no desire to shoot a bear or eat one. plenty of bears in my area too. also wouldn't want to drag it out
  3. I think im going to get some bucktails stuck instead of sitting in a tree
  4. i like the faster reels. i got a trinidad 16na this year with 6.1 ratio and 46 inches per crank retrieve. I am very pleased with the reel. its nice to get a couple cranks on them and get them off the bottom fast. But i feel everyone may have different outlooks on this one. i hope i helped
  5. forgot to add i would be in for 2 people me and my dad. i figure fathers day would be fine because i know we would be fishing anyways
  6. monday they were silent in zone 7
  7. My dads buddy just steered me toward buying reels on ebay you cant beat it
  8. I like avets as me and my dad both have one and i have used it for years fluking but i now like star drag reels better for fluke
  9. I picked up a new reel for this season too like i said earlier in the thread. I was going to get the samurai on it as well but after talking to someone about it i dont think its worth the money i will be going with the power pro super slick 8
  10. I cant wait. My new trinidad 16na came in last week. I finish finals the 16th so my dad and i will be fishing that weekend for the opener. By far my favorite season of the year. Looking forward to see what comes with the fluke a thon
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