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  1. Check out the jx3 outdoors saddle. Picked one up this year. With the correct platform and the top of your sticks you can move to shoot 360 around the tree.
  2. Nice fish. I’m on the monger tomorrow we will see what happens
  3. I wear the mock toe daily for work. Great water proofing I am in mud and water a lot for work. Not familiar with the model you mentioned but over all they have been very good for me and other people I know.
  4. How much for the international?
  5. I just got back too. We fished today 3 steelhead. Lost a couple other fish but the fishing was not good.
  6. Yeah it was crazy out there yesterday. We were able to squeeze out one under. We opted to stay inshore glad we did.
  7. How was the lightning out there?
  8. Female Coyote howl a couple of times through the first ten minutes. Then pup in distress a couple times in the next 5 minutes. Then rabbit distress for a minute and a half or so. That’s how I start. Then I just play around with some other calls after that. I’m still new in the game so I am learning. Called 4 in range in the last 2 weeks. 2 no shots and 2 misses.
  9. Nice! If you wouldn’t mind sharing what calls have been effective for you?
  10. Interested in pictures too if the first guy passes
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