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  1. I’m thinking 4.5. Hopefully you can get a shot at him. Good luck!
  2. Parent: iluv2hunt Youth: Christopher Y Type: Buck Date of kill; 09/15/2020 NJDFW confirmation # AD0710520A DeeR entry pt: 10 # of antler points: 8 Picture credit: 6 Total points: 24
  3. Congrats to both your son and daughter. Making great memories.
  4. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Congrats on a nice doe.
  5. Is there a thread for entering a deer for the youth contest? I didn’t want to post it here in this thread if there was another one already started
  6. Took my son out hunting this afternoon to a spot I have been getting lots of pictures of some nice bucks. I have a latter stand set up and put my climber slightly above the ladder stand so I could film the hunt. We got in the stand slightly before 4 pm. It was a beautiful night wind was prefect for our hunt tonight. About 45 minutes into out hunt. A spike buck came in from behind us and circle around to our left. He had no idea we were there. Made his way in and started feeding. About 10 minutes later my son says deer. So I look in the direction he’s looking and I see a nice buck approaching.
  7. Congrats that’s so awesome. That was a well earned buck and a great story on top of it. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
  8. Finally got out in zone 11. Got to stand at 2 deer were already on their feet. Hopefully a nice doe comes in before dark. Good luck everyone! Stay safe.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Great post! I loved hunting out west. Everyone needs to experience it at least once. Good luck on the rest of your hunt.
  10. iluv2hunt


    Red or Orange has always been my preferred colors. I wont hunt without lighted nocks on my bolts. I like seeing where im hitting the deer.
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