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  1. Such a shame and a freak accident. You never know when things can happen in the blink of an eye. Prays for his family.
  2. Thank You Robin for running this and thank you to everyone who made donations.
  3. I will be out in Zone 8 also. I love hunting when its this cold. Almost always see deer .Good luck guys and dont forget your gloves.
  4. Congrats! I need to get back out there after those reds. I got a couple coyotes i would like to catch up to also.
  5. Get yourself some Spartan Cell cams. I own six of them for the past two years with zero issues. Yes they are an investment but the time and money i save traveling back and forth to my spots is well worth it. Plus getting up to the minute information on deer movement has allowed me to kill a couple bucks that i may not have. Also the customer service is great. When Verizon said they were stopping 3G service the end of 2019. Spartan offered big discounts on four new cameras for me because they use the 3G service. I was able to purchase 4 new 4G cams for the price of two. I got to keep the 3G cams that will still work until the end of 2019. Then after that they will become regular cams.
  6. Congrats on nice doe! Those Swhackers produce some nice blood trails. Have been using them for a couple years. I havnt had one deer make it more then 50 yards.
  7. I know this is a NJ website but figured there are a few guys that head north to hunt.Just figured i would share this information. Deer, bear, and moose legislation introduced January 14, 2019 Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife News, Hunting, Maine Woods, Wildlife Deer, bear, and moose will all be debated at the legislature this session. Everything from deer baiting to the use of crossbows will be discussed. Here are some of the bill titles and sponsors. Title: An Act To Give the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife the Authority To Adjust the Black Bear Hunting Season and Bag Limit – Sen. Paul Davis, Sr. of Piscataquis Title: An Act To Allow Baiting of Deer – Sen. Paul Davis, Sr. of Piscataquis Title: An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Funding Sources of the Maine Controlled Moose Hunt Season – Rep. Trey Stewart of Presque Isle Title: An Act Regarding Moose Permit Subpermittees – Rep. Richard Pickett of Dixfield Title: An Act To Expand Maine’s Moose Lottery To Benefit Wounded Warriors – Pres. Troy Jackson of Aroostook Title: An Act To Allow the Use of Crossbows during the Archery Season on Deer – Rep. Tim Theriault of China Title: An Act To Provide Antlerless Deer Permits to Senior Resident Lifetime Hunting License Holders – Rep. Sharm Hutchins of Penobscot Title: An Act To Fairly Compensate Registration Stations for Bear, Deer and Turkey – Rep. Heidi Sampson of Alfred
  8. This bird showed up near my camera and tree stand. There’s a small creek along with a pond and a larger river about 159 yards away. I’m sure he’s just passing through. Sorry about the crappy photo he was about 40 yards away from my camera
  9. Congrats on a great deer !!!! I love late season hunting!
  10. Congrats on a nice buck !
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. I guess I will stick to using the #3’s I have been using.
  12. I hunted the past three days and had ducks come into the pond I’m hunting two out of the three days. The first day I had 8 common mergansers come in and I was able to shoot two. This morning I had four mallards come in and managed only to hit one. These are the first ducks I have ever killed so I very happy so far. I’m hunting tomorrow morning and will be switching to # 6 steelshot. I’m hoping with more pellets my kill rate will go up. Lol I also included the sunrise this morning it made getting up worth it
  13. Thanks for the advice guys. I will be sitting on the edge of the pond tomorrow morning in the rain.
  14. I’m hunting a pond that’s near a river. The ducks use the pond from time to time. Had four mallards come in this morning to it. Yesterday nothing was moving. With the rain coming tonight and tomorrow morning will the ducks move or will they sit tight and wait for the rain to let up before moving. I’m new to the duck hunting thing so just looking for some advice on how they react to changes in the weather. Thanks
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