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  1. iluv2hunt

    Summit Goliath treestand For Sale

    Stand sold pending meet up.
  2. iluv2hunt

    Questions for land Surveyors

    Thanks for the information guys. I never thought to use a metal detector to locate the pins. I know there's at least some metal piping. I have a cheap metal detector i can try to see if i can locator them with. If i have no luck i will contact the original company that surveyed the property 20 years ago. I would really like to know my exact property lines.
  3. I'm looking to get my property resurveyed after 20 years. It's only 4 acres. I can only.find a couple pins so I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly where my corners are. What can I expect to pay per pin. Are surveyers cool with the land owners tagging along so I can see exactly where my property lines are? I also have the original survey of the property. Any information is appreciated.
  4. iluv2hunt

    Summit Goliath treestand For Sale

    Crawdad no he doesn't have the safety harness that came with it.
  5. iluv2hunt

    Summit Goliath treestand For Sale

    I'm selling this for my father. It has never been used. $250 firm. I'm located in Hunterdon county Clinton township and work in Rahway im willing to meet within a few minutes of those areas.
  6. iluv2hunt

    Elk lottery in Pennsylvania...

    Its a long shot but someone has to be drawn and if you do, you get to hunt world class Elk East of the Mississippi.
  7. iluv2hunt

    Elk lottery in Pennsylvania...

    I have three points also but know guys with 10 or 11 points and still havent been drawn for a tag.
  8. This a great topic CatchinDeer243 and would be very interested in any information someone could provide. Moose is also my one bucket list animal. Im just starting to do some research on different hunting locations and cost.
  9. iluv2hunt

    Ipilot installed on Minn Kota Powerdrive V2

    I been using using it also for three or four years. I used the foot control once when i first got the trolling motor. Once i tried the hand control i never went back. Its the best thing since slice bread.
  10. iluv2hunt

    Toblerone Tunnels

    Thanks For sharing. That made my day!
  11. Phil Murphy was on 101.5 from 2-3pm today. I caught the very last question of the hour from a woman. Wanted to know if he was going to stop/ cancel the bear hunt. When started to answer the question he mentioned the fish and game counsel which he admitted didn't know they existed. He said he will do everything in his power to stop the bear hunt and find other non-lethal methods to control the bears. He stated that the F&G and him don't see eye to eye on how to control the bears. So I wouldn't get our hopes up that there will be a bear hunt this year. Again decisions made with emotions and not science.
  12. iluv2hunt

    THE END!

    Well my family had a great Turkey season. My son shot his first turkey with the crossbow, My step mom shot her first turkey and my father called in his first bird on his own this year on the same day my step mom shot her bird. I set a goal of shooting a long beard with my Black powder 12 ga. and was able to get it done the first week of the season. Almost got it done on a nice long beard today for my brother but he hung up at 60 yards. Sad the season is over but im glad i can sleep in tomorrow.
  13. iluv2hunt

    Afternoon Hunt with my sons friend!

    Congrats way to get it done!
  14. iluv2hunt

    Yote and another turkey...

    That coyote kill was cool Thanks for sharing,
  15. iluv2hunt


    Congrats on two great birds. Those are great memories right there!!