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  1. Congrats Jay!! Great family photo.
  2. Congrats on a great hunt and accomplishment. I just got back from a Moose hunt in Alberta. I shot my Bull at 25 yards. You are 100% correct when you say your not ready for sheer size of a Bull moose that close.
  3. Not at the spot of the first shot. I shot him a second time at about 35 yards quartering away. He went a total of about 75 yards before going down.
  4. I just wanted to share one of the bullets I recovered from the moose I shot in Canada. This was the bullet I shot the moose at 25 yards with. I found it just under the skin on the opposite side. It didn’t hit any bone other than the ribs and lung. Its a testament to how tough of an animal they are and how thick the hide and rib bones are on the moose. I would’ve thought at 25 yards the bullet would’ve passed through. It held together nice and it did what it was supposed to do. The round was a 175 gr Trophy bonded bear claw. Made by Federal.
  5. Thank you. Yes I’m getting a shoulder mount done and I did bring meat home.
  6. Yes for sure. He was a great guy. One of the nicest and most interesting people I have met hunting up there. He’s had the area for trapping the he past 30 years from the Alberta government. Just does it for fun because he just loves doing it. He doesn’t need the money as he is a very wealthy from working hard and making the right investments in the oil industry up there. He’s been retired since he was 50. In the winter when he’s going fullbore trapping his trap line is about 50 miles long. He has some younger guys he teaches to trap. Let’s them keep all the profit from fur sales. He also owned 2200 acres down around High level Alberta but just sold off 1100 to down size And leases the rest for farming
  7. I shot him with Federal premiums Trophy bonded bear claw 175 grain 7 mm magnum ammo.
  8. Since I was young I always wanted to hunt moose. About five years ago I started seriously thinking about doing it I figured I wasn’t getting any younger and it was only gonna get harder to do as I got older so I started to do some research and my wife said to me if it’s something I really want to do. Plan it and book it. I did a lot of research and settled on Northern Alberta and Wally Mack owner of WL Guides. The reason I chose their outfitting Service was because I knew I couldn’t do a 10 day hunt on horseback but they still offered a remote 10 day hunt on a lake by boat. The area his remote hunts take place in are only 50 miles from the north west territories boarder with Alberta so I knew the quality of moose was there. All his moose hunts take place around the rut. Calling from the boat is the main way the hunting is done. I booked the hunt In Jan 2019 for September 2020. He only takes two hunters for a fly in moose hunt per year. Due to covid it was moved to this September 2021 if the boarders were to open back up. So once Canada announced they were reopening the borders to US citizens I made all the arrangements to make the trip up to high level Alberta from there we left on a small helicopter and flew approximately 60 miles to our hunting location on a lake. When I arrived the wind was blowing pretty steady at 20 mph maybe a little bit stronger which made the hunting conditions rough. The windy weather was not ideal for the type of hunting we were going to do as each day it either was blowing in the morning or was blowing in the afternoon. It made it really tuff to call. On the second afternoon of my hunt the wind died down and things got calmer. While we were out hunting in another location. The trapper who’s cabin we were staying in was listening for moose from the dock. He located a cow and bull across the lake right before dark. So the plan was for us to be set up in a small Cove in that location the following morning as luck would have it there was no wind and it was 32F. We had a cow come in to our calling but there was no bull following her. We watched her for an hour until she left. We moved to another spot on the lake and had two Woodland Caribou come out and swim in the lake. The wind picked up so we head back to camp To eat and take a nap. We normally went back out around 3 pm for the afternoon hunt but the wind was blowing pretty good so we were in no hurry. The plan for the afternoon was to hunt cove until dark. The guide and I were inside the cabin discussing when we were going to leave. The trapper was outside stacking some wood in his wood shed. We could hear him make cow calls every once in a while to see if he could get a response close to camp. Around 3:30. He comes to the side window of the cabin with his eye as big as saucers saying get your gun and get outside. There was a big bull coming. I had no time to put on boots or pants I was in my wool socks and long Johns. I got into position near the cabin and shot the bull at 25 yards board side he took off running and I shot him again at about 35 yards quartering away. He was headed to a clearing so I took off running and got there in time to see him go down. He went a total of about 75 yards. I know some people might not agree with how the hunt went down but I’m a big believer in taking the opportunity when it presents itself as long as it’s legal.
  9. Yes I’m sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for my flight to Edmonton. Need to be vaccinated and have a negative covid test within 72 hours of your departing flight time. Did deal with aggravation last night. Air Canada canceled my flight at 10 pm last night. I didn’t like the replacement flight they offered so I was up until 1 on the phone waiting to talk to someone from air Canada to get it all straightened out. Getting through customs was pretty easy.
  10. Congrats on a great buck !
  11. Congrats to your son on a nice buck!!!
  12. Congrats on a great buck !
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