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  1. It’s a Kymco 2013 90cc mongoose. It has an automatic transmission plus reverse. It has a kill switch tether. Im the original owner. Purchased it new for my boys. It has less then 20 hours on it. It was mostly driven in the yard and only once off road in a field. It has always been stored inside. It’s in near mint condition. It has always been maintained. I just put a brand new battery in it. I’m selling everything you see in the pictures for $1200. The price firm. The helmets and riding cloths are all youth small. Please only serious inquiries. If your serious about purchasing it you can bring your kid along and try it out in the yard.
  2. I did shake them we’re i found them. Hopefully leaving some spores behind.
  3. Thanks I plan on checking them out as soon as it hits 12 and my hunt is over
  4. I’m sitting in my ground blind and I noticed what looks like four big moral mushrooms. Are they? I added an up close picture they are hollow all the way to the top
  5. Good luck everyone. Been in the blind since 5:15. Hopefully the thunder chickens will want to play today.
  6. I have a lot of footage to go through and edit so it may be a week or two before I can post the finished video.
  7. Slept in this morning due to the forecast. My son and I got in the ground blind at 9. Had a mature Tom come in about an hour later. Would never come closer then 38 yards. He stayed around for two hours strutting and gobbling whenever I would call. I assume he was afraid to commit due to the jake decoy I had set Up with the hens. Just when I thought it was over this big guy came in at 11:55. After a he beat up the jake decoy. My son shot him at 15 yards with his crossbow. He weighed 24lbs 10.25 inch beard and 1-5/8 inch spurs. A true limb hanger. Best part was I got it all on video.
  8. Congrats on a great bird
  9. I set the blinds up last week. I have a really nice long beard with two Jakes and three hens in front of it multiple times this week. Hopefully it will only be light rain in the morning. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Hey Guys figured since we are on the topic I would share what I did to treat my cloths. I purchased a hand held garden sprayer from Tractor supply along with the 10% Permethrin. Total came to $30. I used 0.5 oz and diluted with a 1/2 gal of water. the concentration comes out to 0.625%. This is a little stronger then what sawyers sells. Which I believe is 0.5%. It was so easy to apply and I did 8 pieces of clothing with the 1/2 gal. in about 15 minutes.
  11. Such a shame and a freak accident. You never know when things can happen in the blink of an eye. Prays for his family.
  12. Thank You Robin for running this and thank you to everyone who made donations.
  13. I will be out in Zone 8 also. I love hunting when its this cold. Almost always see deer .Good luck guys and dont forget your gloves.
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