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  1. Very cool video! Thanks for sharing. That first shot barely missed him. Just a hair to far out in front.
  2. I had a remote fly in moose hunt scheduled in Alberta last year. I had booked the hunt in 2018. The outfitter only takes two fly in moose hunters per year. I spoke to him last year and the plan was to move the hunt to this September 2021. He said if i cant make the hunt this year he would refund my deposit. I just spoke with him again and we are still on for September as long as the borders open up. Im sure they will require testing and knowing Canada they will require a vaccination for you to enter. That's the only way i will get the vaccine. A moose hunt is on my bucket list and im not waiti
  3. I prefer the earlier start. I have found on my property the past three years the turkeys seemed to be more vocal and active that first week. Then start to spread out to other areas off the property. It’s not due to pressure from us hunting. We put very little pressure on them. We have a pretty good population in the area we hunt there’s just a lot of fields they can go to off our property.
  4. I have been in Pharma for 30 years this past November. Specifically chemistry. I have seen a huge change in hiring over the past 10 years. If you don’t have a PhD. Most big companies won’t give you a look. There are very few entry level jobs these days in the industry. She may need to start with a smaller company and get some experience. Then work her way into a larger company.
  5. I told both of my boys yesterday. They will be helping with snow removal around house. They said we know dad. They know it works both ways when they want to go somewhere or want something they get it as long as they are contributing to the house. I had my older son out this morning doing the first round of snow removal. Younger son was still doing online schooling. He stuck his head out as I was finishing up asking if I needed help. I told him his turns coming later during round two. He said I know. It’s how you raise your kids. It’s what their taught they are not born knowing things. I’m ma
  6. Whats the service plan on these Per month?
  7. Congrats on the yote. Good luck and god bless with your back. Im going to need spinal fusion in the near future. I’m trying to put it off but it’s getting worse.
  8. Here’s the heaviest New Jersey buck I shot that I weighed. My big buck in the other thread was probably heavier but I never weighed him. I shot this buck back in 1998. He dressed out at 197lbs.
  9. I lost five pounds during this past 10 months.
  10. Ok so here's my Two biggest NJ Bucks that i had on camera and killed. There a couple others but these are my two biggest. I killed them in 2012 off the same 3.5 acre piece of property. The property hunted much larger due to the lay out. They were shot in Clinton Township Hunterdon county. The large of the 2 buck grossed 147 3/8inches Netted 142 3/8. The smaller buck grossed a little over 137 inches and netted 132 3/8.
  11. Ok guys and girls. I finally finished editing my mom's Shotgun hunt. My step mom started hunting about 8 years ago after retiring. Most just with the crossbow. She has taken a few deer and turkeys over the years but has never done much gun hunting. This was the first day of the 2020-2021 hunting season I was able to get her out hunting. My parents are at the age now where they wont hunt unless im with them so i made it a point to set a day aside for my mom. The weather and wind was great for our set up. The deer cooperated and showed up about an hour after getting settled in the Blind. Mom mad
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