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  1. iluv2hunt

    Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)

    Congrats that's so awesome!!! That is my bucket list animal.
  2. iluv2hunt

    Brown Is Down - Daughter's First Deer

    Congrats to your daughter on her first deer and to you dad for getting your daughters out hunting.
  3. Was out checking cameras today and came across a pair of box turtles breeding. I figure this was a pretty rare and lucky find. Figured I would share a few pictures.
  4. iluv2hunt

    Got a problem with my quiver

    No problem. Glad it helped. He's another one for you works great on zippers that are hard to get up and down.
  5. iluv2hunt

    Got a problem with my quiver

    X2 on the bow wax
  6. Had a bunch of logging done on the property I hunt so it's opened a lot of the woods. Is it to late to plant something. If not to late. Is there something I can put in that won't require a ton of prep. The ground is already expose in a lot of areas due to the logging equipment. They will grading a lot of the area once they are done in a week or so. Any advice would appreciated.
  7. iluv2hunt

    What kind of turtle is this?

    Thanks guy thought it was a box turtle but haven't seen one with that type of coloring and pattern.
  8. Was out putting up a stand this morning and came across this Turtle. What kind is it?
  9. iluv2hunt

    Still getting it done!

    Congrats on a great buck and getting it done at 71.
  10. iluv2hunt

    Need your votes Please

    Unfortunately im loosing by 1000 votes. The good news I made mistake on when voting closes its open until tonight so i may still have a shot. The way the photo contest works is there is an overall vote count winner. Then four judges vote and pick the five top winners. So if i dont win the overall vote i still have a shot at placing in the top five. Thank you everyone for voting. I really appreciate your efforts.
  11. iluv2hunt

    Quick Fall season

    Congrats on two nice deer!
  12. iluv2hunt

    Son's First Bow Deer

    Congrats on your sons first deer. Some good eating there.
  13. iluv2hunt

    10 Pt down...

    Congrats on a nice buck!