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  1. Your floor came out great. Thank for the advice.
  2. Im looking into installing new flooring in the three bedrooms and hall way of my home (about 1000Sqft). I have been doing some research on the different types of flooring. From what im reading and seeing online. Vinyl is more suitable for areas where you may encounter moisture. Its seem like laminate is more scratch resistant. Its going into bedrooms so im not worried about moisture. I know there's a wide range of products out there of different qualities. I just figured i would ask here to see what everyone's experiences have been with either of these products. If your happy with the product and how worn over time. Thanks
  3. This will really suck for the immediate area and Businesses
  4. I’m from the same area. Great little town. There’s a great mom and pop bike shop right in the town on main st. Great service and great people.
  5. Moved something in the basement today and this guy popped out. Scooped it up and let it go outside before the wife freaked out.
  6. I should have made him put his head up before I shot so I had more kill area to hit. Rookie mistake on my part. I have two other black powder muzzle loader shotguns that are currently getting aftermarket chokes installed in. I will be working up a load using number 7 tungsten heavy shot before next turkey season. I love hunting turkeys with muzzle loaders. It’s so much more exciting.
  7. He didn’t put up to much of a fight after I got a hold of his neck. 😉
  8. Ok better late then never. I finally had time to edit my turkey hunt this spring with my Black powder muzzleloader. It was a slow day gobbling wise but it still turned out to be a fun hunt. I hope you like the video.
  9. I put together a video of the hunt with my mom and dad from earlier this spring. We had some pretty good action. I hope you enjoy the video.
  10. Ok Guys i finally got time to edit the video from the 2021 Opening day Turkey hunt here in New jersey where my sister In-law and Doubled up on Toms. It was her first turkey. We had a great time on the hunt. I hope you enjoy the video on this rainy day.
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