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  1. I’m currently not using a shot cup. Do you find it improves your pattern? What shot cups are you using. I figured I would have to remove the choke to load the gun. Thats seems to be the standard practice.
  2. I’m using 80grains of FFG black powder and 80grains of 6 shot. I tried going with less powder. It didn’t seem to help my patterns. I was just lucky enough to find and purchase a 12 ga New Englander. I’m seriously considering having an after market choke installed. I purchased the gun just for turkey hunting.
  3. My day started off real slow and pretty remain that way. There was zero gobbling today. If it wasn’t for pictures from my cell camera all week long of turkeys in the field I hunt. I would have thought there was no turkeys in my area. Around 11 I did some calling. No response. I’m sitting texting a friend in New Hampshire about the lack of activity today. I look out the left side of the blind and I see a Tom strutting about 80 yards away. I decided I wasn’t going to do any calling. He broke strut and started heading for my decoys. I had my decoys at 15 yards so he need to cover some ground befo
  4. Out in zone 9. Pretty quite. The rain held off and there’s zero wind. Set up in a ground blind with my 12 ga muzzle loader. Hopefully a Tom has love on the brain this morning. Good luck everyone and be safe.
  5. I used (tickcheck.com) a few years ago. They are a university affiliated lab based in East Stroudsburg PA. They have the ability to test for 22 pathogens that cause disease such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, Babesia, Bartonella, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, B. miyamotoi, mycoplasmosis, southerntick-associated rash illness, rocky mountain spotted fever, and the deer tick virus. The tick i pulled off of myself was not embedded very deep or very long but i wanted to get it tested just encase i started felling sick. It did come back positive for Lyme but i never got sick.
  6. Congrats to you and your daughter. That’s a great photo of the two of you.
  7. My parents only get out hunting a couple times a year and won’t hunt unless I’m with them so I took my mom and dad out for a turkey hunt today. We met up around 5 am and got settled in the blind around 5:45. We were hunting the same field where me and my sister-in-law killed our birds on Monday. There has been turkeys in the field every morning and afternoon all week. So I knew there were turkeys in the area. We started hearing gobbling on the next farm over as it’s was getting day light but the wind Started to pick up so it made hard to hear. About 645 we hear gobbles from behind us off in
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