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  1. The hunt took place earlier this season. There were a couple nice bucks coming into this spot. My plan was to have my son harvest one of them. My son had other plans when we had some big does come in and one of them presented a broadside shot. My son is all about putting meat in the freezer. He loves venison. We had a great time making the video. We hope you enjoy it!
  2. Appreciate the positive feedback. Still have two more videos coming in the next day or two.
  3. This hunt took place this past November. The property owner wanted me to take some does off the property so i figured i would try to self video my hunt. I actually was hunting another tree the day before and the deer kept picking me off and were very nervous. The next morning i went in and spent two hours moving the stand about 15 yards to a spruce tree. Needless to say the deer never knew i was there. I love it when a plan comes together. I hope you enjoy the video!!!
  4. iluv2hunt

    2018 Spring Turkey Hunt VIDEO

    Thanks guys I will be posting another one sometime today
  5. iluv2hunt

    First video of successful hunt!

    congrats !!! Its always a lot of fun when you can capture hunt on video.
  6. iluv2hunt

    Today is the day follow up.

    Good luck!
  7. iluv2hunt

    12/15 afternoon hunt - anybody else?

    Good luck guys. Im off for the next three weeks so to is family day.
  8. I took my mom out for her very first Turkey hunt this spring. We had a lot of great action. It was an exciting hunt. The best part of the day was my dad also killed a turkey on another part of the property so they were able to double up. I hope you enjoy the video!!
  9. I finally have had the time to edit a bunch of videos from hunts over the pass year. Here is a hunt with my son. This was his first deer. I hope you enjoy it.
  10. iluv2hunt

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    Sorry for your loss.
  11. iluv2hunt

    Daughter Scores - Youth Day Buck

    Congrats to your daughter!! Great job dad getting her out there.
  12. Congrats to your son on a second great buck! Kudos to mom for taking him out hunting.
  13. iluv2hunt

    Rookie move big time....

    I think that's happened to all us at some point. Keep your head on a swivel walking out of the woods. You don't want any suprises
  14. iluv2hunt

    What's YOUR plan for the next two weeks

    My plan ever year is to hunt 7 through the 14. I will try to spend as many hours I can in the woods. I have killed most of my bigger bucks from the 9th to 12th. With that being said my plan might change a little. Both of my shooter bucks showed back up last night and we're at multiple locations on the property. Im currently out hunting now. Picked the wrong blind to hunt this morning. One of my shooters showed up 7:50am on my cell camera at a different blind. Second time he was there in the last 8 hours so I will be there this afternoon and I might be taking a vacation day tomorrow if I'm not successful. Good luck to everyone heading out
  15. iluv2hunt

    Giant Illinois buck!!

    Congrats to the hunter who shot him. That's a deer of a life time. I just wish guys would take 30 seconds to wipe the blood and leaves on the deers noise before taking a picture. Your capturing a memory of a lifetime take the few extra seconds to make it look nice.