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  1. optowalt

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    WOW!! Your place is AMAZING!
  2. optowalt

    Leaky Bathroom Faucet

    Duck Tape?
  3. optowalt

    Leaky Bathroom Faucet

    Check the brand. My moen has a lifetime warranted so I called them and they sent a new $30.00 cartridge.
  4. optowalt

    Chicken feed

    Just an FYI my Walmart got a pallet of chicken feed by mistake and it's on sale for $5.OO for 40 lb. Bag. Old Bridge on Rt 9.
  5. optowalt

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    Sounds like my GE Dehumidifier.
  6. optowalt

    Whole house dehumidifiers?

    Good idea but expensive. You can put a vent fan to the outside and set it up with a humidity sensing witch. https://www.graybar.com/manufacturers/leviton/humidity-sensor Just add a radon fan and a perforated pipe and vent it to the outside. I put in a dehumidifier with a built in tank pump with this setup at my place on the Cape. Works fine so far.
  7. optowalt

    Saw something cool today!!!!

    What a look he gave you. But how would you feel if someone took pics of you getting laid?
  8. optowalt

    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh

    Now if we can wake up Ginsberg and get rid of her
  9. Will all of these people that lied under oath be prosecuted? They all did break federal laws.
  10. optowalt

    Bob Menendez is in trouble

    BTW, the other pediphile is an Othamoligist. Just to clear the record. And the reason was to get medicare laws passed so the Dr could make MILLIONS off of medicare.
  11. optowalt

    I just won a new rifle

    Me too
  12. Best of luck. He's a cutey.
  13. optowalt

    Thought this was funny

  14. He declassified it and said no redactions. And a congressman from Ca Adam Schiff called it "a clear abuse of power." You can't please them. If President Trump found a cure for cancer, they would say that he put all those researchers out of work.
  15. optowalt


    We have them cheap at my Walmart.