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  1. I think the point he is trying to make is that we have the most rigid requirements and why?
  2. optowalt

    need prayers

    If it's not too personal, how old is he? We brought him up at church on sunday and someone asked.
  3. How cool is that. Nice move.
  4. optowalt

    need prayers

    Stay strong. Prayers sent
  5. I had mine as outpatient and two days later I went salmon fishing. It's easy. Hope all goes well
  6. Ya had me till you took away the food
  7. Yes. Lemko too. Some great traditions. I just hope my kids keep things up.
  8. Being Ukrainian Orthodox, we have a traditional dinner. It follows an order that represents various things related to Christmas. But we have a religious holiday instead of the commercial one tomorrow. So we celebrate two Christmass. Merry Christmas to all.
  9. optowalt

    Frozen turkeys

    Just an FYI, the Walmart I work for in Old Bridge overordered turkeys. They marked down a bunch to $5.00 for 13 pound birds. Good price. Rt 9 store.
  10. optowalt

    RIP Buckshot

    Sorry. You lost a family member and friend. RIP Buckshot.
  11. Another option is if you can get a zero percent loan from a credit card, the loan is unsecured. If you default on a card, they can't grab anything from you. Credit cards are unsecured loans and a lot offer zero percent loans with no hassle.
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