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  1. Are these joint problems a common think with GSP's?
  2. Do they work? Sounds like a valid idea but the fish have to bite them.
  3. I had a few in front of me at 8 am but they said it was slow. Remember not Bramnick. He came out for more background checks and a ban on ar's.
  4. Of course the Washington Post had their own take on the story. From NJ.Com: Reporting on the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a U.S. military raid in Syria, The Washington Post first called him a “terrorist-in-chief" in a headline. Later, that headline was edited to say he was an “austere religious scholar.” In a second change, an “extremist leader of Islamic State." The full obituary headline the second time around was “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at 48.”
  5. So sorry to hear. Our prayers are with her.
  6. Sorry for your loss. It has to hurt. My sympathies.
  7. We redid the kitchen and moved a new washer upstairs. this is a few years old but not used in 3 years.. Looking for $100.00 but for a member, $80.00.
  8. Got it off of the truck and in the yard. It works fine. Thanks Pathman. It was good to meet you.
  9. optowalt

    Need an eye doctor

    Just an FYI if they try to sell you on the laser option, don't bother. There's pretty much no difference in the healing.
  10. optowalt

    Need an eye doctor

    Problem is retina ppl don't want to do cataract work.
  11. optowalt

    Need an eye doctor

    Best I've found is Omni Eye in Iselin part of Woodbridge. Dr Greyson. https://www.omnieyeservices.com/
  12. optowalt

    Need an eye doctor

    I'm up in Cranford and in the business. We have Joe Calderone or Joel Confino. Both are good. Used to be Dr Phillips in Flemington. I don't know much about him anymore because I haven't worked there for years. We have a few in Old Bridge too but I think all these guys are to far for you.
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