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  1. Cool. Maybe they will show up.
  2. What timing. Not to hijack the thread but my kid needs a tree co to remove a couple in Hopatcong. But nobody will come by to look .
  3. Marlin 336 in 35 Remington. My favorite.
  4. They are there. They just count them 3 times. Once for every sex
  5. 4 yrs of learning and 43 yrs of work. I find I become more expert as I meet the new kids fresh out of college. I can't get over how little they want to listen. They know it all. Several yrs ago I was offered a position as a professor at a local college. I don't think I would have put up with the kids. Or they wouldn't put up with me.
  6. Weber genesis ll. And definitely from a private hardware store. I have charcoal weber and my son has gas. They last forever.
  7. Why not switch to gas? I did,last year and I'm saving tons of money.
  8. What a difference. A few hours in the oven on cleaning cycle and a little crisco to season and what a difference. And Thanks Kype for the offer.
  9. So this means his sister takes over? Not hard on the eyes. Not Melania though.
  10. That guy had BALLS. Great film. I love old planes. Every year I try to go to the air show at Reading Airport. WW11 reenactors and lots of old warplanes.
  11. It ups the fines. Now they soak you for court costs too.
  12. It's funny. I get them on my phone and they block view of most everything but don't show up on my laptop.
  13. The inside is fine. I'll try the ball peen hammer. Why not?
  14. This is the worst side. Can it be sanded out?
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