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  1. I got a special dispensation from WLter E Williams from George Mason University. http://walterewilliams.com/miscellaneous/ Open the menu and Look under gifts
  2. I started with a 65 F85 hand me down and followed it up with a Fiat 124 Spyder. That car was a lot of fun. My kid, when he graduated from high school, asked what kind of car I was going to buy him. Had a real good laugh over that one.
  3. LOve him already. Good luck with him
  4. I bought one at lowes. It works well and the battery holds up but it leaks chain oil when stored.
  5. epsom salts are not really salts but magnesium sulfate. I put it on my tomatoes and they are healthy. They don't kill the soil.
  6. Just blew through Cranford
  7. I like my Sprinfield. My buddy has several Kinbers. Nice but overpriced. I tried a Les Baer 45 and it was a pleasure to shoot. Shame I can't afford one.
  8. I have a Springer Range Officer I love. Everyone should own a 1911
  9. Why not a handyman? An electrician doesn't want a job that small.
  10. I have a house in Hyannis Massachusetts that you rent. Half mile from center of town and mile and a half from the beach. Half hour from the canal for great striper fishing. Look up Zillow for details. 29 redwood ln hyannis ma. $1800.00 but 1700 for members. Sat to sat. Beach parking included.
  11. Nomahegin park Cranford
  12. Go to a public park so when she gets tired of fishing,she has a playground to go to.
  13. I'm not thrilled with the first set of rock but the Southern Rock is outstanding
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