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  1. optowalt

    Good Guy Alert

    So a while ago I posted looking for advice on signing up for Social Security and OMC (Mike) said if I need help to give him a call. Well I called him and he explained everything in detail so I could understand all of it. Then he walked me through the applications and we were done in no time. Thanks Mike. You made it easy. And I heard about the sea bass story with Buck 154. Good fishing and talking with you Mike.
  2. I didn't know it was Russia. So California was just a link in the chain.
  3. Ok. I'm stupid (ask my kids) but you say bitcoin is traceable and records can be found and the ransom was recovered in California, so why don't we have the perps in custody?
  4. https://www.ria-mar.com/ My Go-To in South River And the white sangria is killer
  5. I think if the first 6 don't help, you got bigger problems.
  6. My first was a wheel gun. A Colt Trooper mark 111 357. It was heavy enough to soak up the recoil and I could shoot 38 s though it to save a couple of bucks. Nothing wrong with a revolver. Pull the trigger and it goes bang. Simple.
  7. Union county and I was amazed how quickly it came through. It's all done on computer and my references filled out their work right away. You are kept on top of the process by email. I think it took a little over two weeks.
  8. $537.00 a month is pretty good. I see you include prescription. Do you have dental too?
  9. Thanks for the input. Nobody wants to go into everything in detail, so I'm Old and confused. I'll check the town and maybe the county. thanks
  10. So my wife and I are retiring at the end of June. We have to decide if we want Medigap health insurance or a Medicare Advantage policy. Medigap costs aprox $685.00 a month for both and Advantage has several $0.00 cost plans. We are confused and need any advice we can get. What do you retired ppl have and why did you pick it?
  11. My go to is on the Cape too. People are good to us. Of course I made the mistake of wearing my Jets hat once but then I learned. Hyannis beaches and no boardwalk.
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