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  1. Selling my Traditions by Fausti 20 ga Upland II over/under. I have about 500 rounds through this gun. Single selective trigger, ejectors, 3 screw in chokes (F, M, IC). Shoots 2.75" and 3". Gun is in nice shape. $500 Must have matching DL and FID. Must do FFL transfer. Buyer pays FFL transfer fee. Located in Hunterdon County (07830).
  2. 2A and 9B. I had 9A as my first choice in second lottery but didn't draw.
  3. I have a Field & Stream youth bibs and parka free for anyone that can use them. The parka is Youth Large and the bibs are Youth Medium. Worn three times. Located in Hunterdon County (07830). PM me if interested.
  4. That's a nice looking bird dog!
  5. Thanks guys. Sounds like the SKB is the way to go. Looks like they are about $400. It's going to cost $40 each way to check it as luggage. I might be better off buying a new Killer Instinct crossbow from Cabelas and have it shipped to my buddy in WI for free! I'd just leave it there for him to use and then use it again next year.
  6. I am flying out to WI in a few weeks to hunt with my crossbow. Does anyone have any recommendations for a TSA approved case for my crossbow? I have a Barnett G350C. It is big and heavy.
  7. I went to Washington about two weeks ago around noon to register a boat and trailer. I was in and out in about 45 mins.
  8. I went to Washington about two weeks ago to register a boat.  I was in and out in about 45 mins.  I arrived around noon.

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      Thank you for the info!

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