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  1. Check out Amp if into the crypto game. On a nice run and appears to have a purpose.
  2. Thanks for the interest Smitty, but the truck sold on Friday.
  3. Thanks! Price reduced to $11,500 OBO
  4. 2005 F150 Lariat. 5.4 liter V8. Loaded Super Crew and in very good condition. Approximately 100.000 miles. Never smoked in, never off road, never towed with, never in an accident, original owner since new, adult owned, maintained open checkbook, runs great. Leather seats, Rhino spray in bed-liner, Husky floor mats front and back, 6 CD/MP3, power mirrors, power rear window, trailer hitch, ABS brakes, driver and passenger airbags, step rails, newer Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT tires, 2 inch level kit professionally installed, roll up Access bed cover, bed extender, four wheel drive, LED light
  5. I just ordered a 2021 F 150 Lariat to replace my 2005 F 150 Lariat. The new truck is a Super Crew, 6.5 bed, 2 kw generator, pretty loaded. For a different perspective - I went with the 5.0 V8 after doing a ton of research, over the 3.5 V6 EcoBoost. Why? Because I hold my trucks a long time, and much of the research I did, pointed to longevity concerns with the 3.5 V6. To be more specific, lots of reported blown turbos and decreasing fuel economy as time went on. Now to be honest, if I was going to keep the truck 5 years or less, I probably would have gone with the EcoBoost, as
  6. I cannot answer your question exactly, but can tell you I used Winchester Triple Seven primers with White Hots this past season - and experienced way too many misfires. I need to switch to a new primer, just not sure which one? edited - apologies I just reread your original post and see you only wanted answers to those questions. Not sure how to delete my post, though what I shared may still be helpful to someone.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, but I am well aware what “sound” means. Been fishing and running a boat for over 40 years, currently run a 28 Grady. Sorry about you losing that fish, heart breaker Giant for sure.
  8. Not sure what boat size has to do with depth and the ability of the fish to sound.
  9. Best part - in a 22 foot Grady
  10. Have hunted Chenango County for about 15 years. Absolutely love it up there. Less deer, but bigger on average. Have killed 5 bucks over the years, a spike, a 4, a 8, and two 9’s. The two 9’s were legit bucks for most any state. Weather can be a challenge, and there is a lot of woods. But sooner or later something walks by most years. The key for us has been hunting funnels and edges. If in the area, check out The Outpost in East McDonough. Great food at a very reasonable price. Filled with hunters.
  11. My son had his arrive on Saturday, and wore them Sunday ice fishing in 9 degree weather. Said his feet were comfortable all day. Thanks again!
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