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  1. What size are the Youth waders? Thanks
  2. Interested in the 7600. Can you text me at 908 930 8579 as I have some questions? Thanks! Bill
  3. Great thread. In regards to timing of the bite, what general rules does everyone follow? We do pretty well with the Fluke (only jig bucktails), but it drives me crazy when I miss a fish. And I sometimes miss too many... My Dad has been Fluking for 50 years, his technique is pretty interesting, and his hookup ratio super high. When we gets a hit, he actually starts jigging harder and more aggressively. By the time he sets the hook (usually 10 seconds later), the rod is bent over pretty good. The fish must feel the pressure, and occasionally they drop the jig, but not too often. What do you guys do? When do you drive the steel?
  4. A BIG thanks to John. My older son just tried the skins on - fit perfect. And when he is done - my youngest boy will grow into them. Not only would John not take a dime, he even drove to meet me half way. Talk about a stand up guy!
  5. Back from NY State! PM sent.
  6. Hey John - saw your PM, thanks for reaching out. Sounds like 1957 is passing, therefore would love to have these for my boys to Striper fish in. I am on my way to NY State as I type for the rifle opener tomorrow - so hopefully you do not mind holding for me. Based on the predicted weather in Chenango county tomorrow - perhaps I should have bought my Grundens with me also!
  7. Hey BHC - you have a phone number I can reach him at? Looking to get new tires on my F150. Thanks!
  8. PM sent on behalf of the Oceanport Pack 58 Cub Scouts. Nice offer!
  9. Quick update for those who responded to my post - I just got back from vacation and received a number of emails/PMs. I will review all and get back to everyone this week. Thanks.
  10. Looking for people to fish on a regular basis. Nomad - I drive from Oceanport and my Father drives from South Plainfield. Thanks!
  11. Good morning. I am looking for one (maybe two) people who would like to fish most weekends (usually on Saturday) from early May to early October. I co-own the boat with my father, and we just lost our two regular crew members (one due to health and the other is going through a bad divorce unfortunately). The boat is a 28 foot Grady White with twin 225 Four Strokes. It is fully outfitted inclusive of all safety gear and is docked at a nice Marina in the Sandy Hook area. I have my Captains License for my own knowledge, do not charter, though we have been fishing many years. As far as the fishing is concerned, we liveline bass in May and June, bucktail rough bottom or Fluke in July, August, and early September, and do a small number of Inshore Tuna runs targeting Bluefin in later September and early October. We fish the majority of local Fluke tournaments and have won a few over the years, as this is the fishery we truly enjoy. That said, it is fishing, and just like everyone else, we have tough days. Typical day starts with meeting at the boat around 4 am and we are back in the slip by 1 pm. Cleaned up by 3 pm and on our way home. All costs (fuel, bait, lunch) are divided equally and on average it costs about $80 a trip. All fish are filleted and divided equally also. Ideally I am looking for a reliable person, who knows how to fish, has the desire to fish hard, can fish most Saturdays, and has a friendly personality. If this sounds like something you are interested in - shoot me an email at [email protected] and can talk further. Thanks for your time. Bill
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