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  1. Optimistic lasts until you don't have time to book a hunt here in the states
  2. Like it was yesterday! Extra special for me since my Phillies beat Brett and the Royals in the World Series
  3. Nice job. Absolutely come off the outlet in the existing shed. Should be a GFI type.
  4. UF is direct bury OR he can use a piece of PVC conduit
  5. I'm guessing you have a 20 amp line out there? If so, run #12 UF cable to the other shed. Put a GFI receptacle, a switch and a light and your good to go.
  6. I've been using Atsko UV killer for years. Proof that it works is a picture of you in your camo at night passing one of your cams.
  7. Nice buck Rusty. Hope you get a crack at him this season.
  8. GLWS This won't last long
  9. Nice work Loonie! Do you have backup generator power out to it yet?
  10. Pics, brand and bullet weights and type will help you sell quicker.
  11. My general manager has had 3 or 4 of them. Drives them to 125k and buys another with zero issues.
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