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  1. I have them at my farm in Mt Salem. I only have internet. No issues but expensive. My TV provider is Direct TV. I'm hoping being bought by Optimum is a step up.
  2. Pretty cool. I wonder how big it will get if it survives a few more seasons.
  3. electric10162


    Looks awesome Senor Beard!
  4. I wish I could predict whats going to happen with Saskatchewan hunts this November otherwise I would be all over this. Great offer Tom!
  5. electric10162

    New Camo Hat

    Brother got it for me. I'll find out.
  6. I'm thinking of going diesel instead of LP at my farm. It allows you to refuel yourself when a truck cannot make it to your property in an emergency.
  7. Check out this website https://www.electricgeneratorsdirect.com/
  8. The one pictured is a natural gas driven 22kw with 200 amp smart transfer switch. Capable of starting a 5 ton AC unit and 95 amps of available power. About $5300. Add electrician and plumber to install gas line. Pricing to install depends on location of electrical and gas services.
  9. Generally, my company does not do residential installs. We are primarily a commercial and industrial contractor. I could hook you up with my residential contractor for pricing. What size unit are you thinking?
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