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  1. electric10162

    Great Six-Day Season

    Awesome week! Congrats!
  2. electric10162

    Electrical question

    Advantage is that you won't have a nuisance trip causing your sump pump to fail. The whole idea is to keep the water out of the basement.
  3. electric10162

    Electrical question

    For 100 years we put sump pumps on regular receptacles. Like in my house, I would use a single receptacle, non GFI, so nothing else can be plugged in.
  4. electric10162

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    Good luck Bad64!
  5. electric10162

    Happy Birthday Tarhunt!

    Happy Birthday Tarhunt!
  6. electric10162

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    Totally agree with your logic Tom. If you can pass the immature ones, even for one season, the results are amazing. I passed on a few decent 2.5 year olds that may not have made it through 6 day.
  7. electric10162

    Tonights Buck Fight ..........video

    Rocky, Cool vid. What do you have planted?
  8. electric10162

    Saskatchewan 2018

    We drove around for one day last year after tagging out. I could not believe how many deer we saw during the middle of the day...bucks too! And the tracks!
  9. Caught that eh? Takes a lickin an keeps on tickin lol congrats on your saswatch deer by the way!!!


  10. electric10162

    Live Hunt In Hunterdon County

    Congrats Tarhunt!
  11. electric10162

    Buck down

    Congrats Jay!
  12. electric10162

    Target buck down

    Awesome buck! Congrats!
  13. electric10162

    Saskatchewan 2018

    It's crazy how many deer there are hunting the forest fringe. Some of my sits last year had deer coming through all day.
  14. electric10162

    Live Hunt In Hunterdon County

    Good luck Tarhunt!
  15. electric10162

    12/8/18 Six Day Check In

    Very quiet for a Saturday gun season