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  1. Since none of you guys have met me yet I'm thinking of a TurkeyWing or Axiom themed outfit. Thoughts?
  2. Was looking forward to finally meeting you. I'll have a beer ready in case you bail early.
  3. I found most local appliance stores will know what the big boxes charge for the same item. Price is usually comparable but their service, delivery, and removal are better.
  4. Driving the left lane of any highway in NJ
  5. Nice piece Mark! Good luck with her!
  6. Mine has been the Schrade Bear Paw for the last 40+ years.
  7. Back on topic..... Used to get checked by COs many times hunting off old mine road. Fed guys were pretty cool. Stopped a couple times by Ross's Corner. Never cited but the older guy was always a douche. Found out the outlaws that had the property before us were a handful.
  8. Hate It's funny when you inform the group you want out and they can't figure out why.
  9. All of the above and allow plenty of time between connecting flights.
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