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  1. Great buck! Good luck in the coming season.
  2. The enemy of good is better. Have your fun now....your gonna be dead a long time.
  3. Yes. You can do it online by yourself. Easy peezy.
  4. I run the Spartans and Cuddelink. I also use the Spartan "credits" with my $5 per month Verizon data plan. If you don't have a Verizon or AT&T plan, you can pay $10 plus a month directly through Spartan. I pay $30 unlimted a month for my Cuddelink which I run 9 cams on.
  5. I thought about a new ranger or an F150 for the business. The 35k+ for a base 4wd truck is crazy.
  6. 1997 was lifted 2.5" 2011 was 5.5 in front 6.5 in rear 2019 is stock....for now! 1997 is still running strong in South Carolina. Over 400k on it. The 2011 was totalled in March of this year. I sold to a body shop employee who got it all back together. 178k
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread. This is for Nomad and the F350 lovers. The 2011 6.7, the 1997 7.3 and the 2019 6.7 diesel.
  8. Close all the holes they can squeeze into. You can try some bat boxes after that. I have at least 50 or so in my barn.
  9. Impossible. No mature animals in Zone 5!
  10. 1971 Chevy Van. All windows! Two tone orange and white. 307cu in V8. My grandfather and I rebuilt the engine in my parents driveway. Lapped the valves myself....by hand! Put her all back together, added Marvel Mystery Oil and started right up. Last vehicle I owned with points and condenser.
  11. .....when Hoppes Bore solvent reminds you of opening day buck season!
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