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  1. 50 Cal T/C Encore Pro Hunter 3-9 Nikon BDC T/C Shockwaves w/150gr of Triple 7
  2. Awesome hunt! Congrats on an awesome buck!
  3. Now that's the fun and memories of hunting. Congrats!!
  4. Will be out in DMZ 2 chasing a ghost. Good luck all!
  5. Just had a six pointer move through and checking a scrape.
  6. Great buck 👍 Congrats!!
  7. I think Da Beard has me beat. Work has been getting in the way lately. I passed so many good bucks waiting for my target I begin to wonder if I'm crazy or just plain stupid.
  8. Will be headed out in a few. Zone 2. Still hoping for the right one. Good luck all.
  9. Good luck Beard and to all that are out!
  10. Congratulations on a buck of a lifetime! You hung in there when it wasn't looking promising and pulled it off when it counted. Enjoy the high!
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