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  1. electric10162

    Happy Birthday Electric10162

    I like big racks and I cannot lie!
  2. electric10162

    Zone 10.... Round 3

    Raising her right! Congrats to you both!
  3. electric10162

    NY buck down 10/13

    I love it when a plan comes together. Congrats! Nice buck!
  4. electric10162

    10/14 AM Check In

    Thanks Guys!
  5. electric10162

    10/14 AM Check In

    Out in Zone 2 with the brother. 35 degrees, light WNW wind and overcast. Just turkeys and tree rats so far. Hunting over a fresh scrape. Hopefully a little magic this morning. Good luck all.
  6. electric10162


    Cool stuff in those hills. We hunted off old Dingmans Road growing up with much of the same old farmsteads and abandoned buildings. Amazing how the land just takes everything back eventually.
  7. electric10162

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

    Very cool! Congrats Jay!
  8. electric10162

    Out in Z2....on the 13th

    Good luck Joey..... Out to the Walpack for birthday dinner!
  9. electric10162

    10/13/18 AM check in

    Four does and four point. Turkeys and squirrels were out and about in between the drops.
  10. electric10162

    10/13/18 AM check in

    Zone 2 Mt Salem. 44 degrees. Light west wind. No rain yet. Headed to a ground blind this morning. Good luck all.
  11. electric10162


    Good luck guys! I'll be out in Zone 2 this weekend. I'm seeing forecast temps near freezing....woo hoo!
  12. electric10162

    What is it about for you?

    Back in my younger days it was camping and hunting with my Dad, brother, uncle and cousins in the Gap, shooting the first antlered buck you saw during six day. Bow season was shooting a doe....maybe a buck. Then.....life gets in the way.... marriage, kids, business etc. Dad and Uncle Joe are gone but my brother and I continue the tradition. I love the dark cold mornings watching the wildlife and maybe a nice buck....but the kill is secondary. The scouting, trail cams, and preparation all add to today's excitement. I hope this feeling never fades.
  13. electric10162

    Scentlock odd smell

    Have you tried 35 minutes in a hot dryer?
  14. electric10162

    Scentlock odd smell

    Never put your scentloks in plastic or with scented items.
  15. electric10162

    Bear Opener

    Good luck Mark!