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  1. Saw this is new this year...anyone try it? I am tempted but don't want to end up with 20+ pounds of mediocre pepperoni. I mean honestly even if it is amazing I don't even know what I would do with that much 'roni.
  2. Manchester NJ breeder is most likely Marjo's...excellent choice, just had a litter of puppies and probably all spoken for If the breeder in PA is Wild Mountain Brittanies in Graysville, PA (about an hour south of Pittsburg)...another great choice. My boy is from them and he is awesome
  3. Was wondering what the current regs are for Gray Triggerfish in NJ. Can't seem to find anything online or in marine digest. Thanks
  4. I figure if a fluke is laying flat in the sand it might be difficult to put a single floppy barb tip through it enough into the sand. With the tri-tip though you are almost pinning the fish into the sand and hopefully preventing it from escaping injured to eventually suffer. I have used the tri-tip on the pole I have and it has worked on smaller fish, but there was a keeper tog one time that I hit good and it shook off, got away. I imagine the floppy barb would have come in handy then.
  5. Wondering if any spearfishermen here can offer some advice regarding a pole spear setup that would be ideal for fluke, seabass, and tog sized fish. I have a 5' fiberglass pole spear now with one of those paralyzer tri-tips. Looking into some newer/different spear tips and another spear for a diving buddy. Any info would be great. Really focusing on the pole spear instead of a gun at this point. Thanks in advance for any help
  6. Yeah, I will hunt in the rain Saturday, but tough to get out early during week when have to be at work at 730. Birds will likely stay on roost as long as they want in this weather
  7. Can't control the weather, this week looks like a washout through Monday. Hoping the late start to the Spring means they will be rocking once the weather clears up. Last year it was pretty much over by me in central NJ by the second D week. Birds were courtesy gobbling but not wanting to play ball.
  8. Seems like a late spring compared to last few years. Had a rough week but finally connected this morning. Gobbling has been great from the roost but very quiet after fly down. Henned up? maybe. More worried about fighting? maybe. Hunted every morning except for Wednesday, heard just 4 shots, zone 14
  9. I emailed the state when Sportsman Center closed regarding this...they were aware and said the they were talking with Cheyenne about it. Called Cheyenne about a month ago and the guy I talked to said he hadn't heard from the state except from back when SC closed in the Fall...but he was assuming they would be communicating prior to this season to make Cheyenne a check station. The one time I got crap from checking in a field dressed bird was at Sportsmans center maybe 3 years ago...I explained situation and they didn't like really care for my reason, although they completed the process that time. I weigh my birds with a digital fish scale and gave them that #, which was 20lbs. I can see if I lied and said the bird weighed 30lbs, breaking records and such...not the case.
  10. Does the state F&G actually do anything with the stats of the birds or is it just for just for accountability reasons? I got crap from a check-in station for bringing a field dressed bird to be checked in...I know they are supposed to do things by protocol, but there are also meat waste laws. That day I shot the bird at 6am couldn't check it in until 2pm. Solve the issue by changing to online check in
  11. Any scuttlebutt regarding if the state will extend the semi-wild season past March 15th?
  12. Yeah I hear you, those tight chokes definitely need to be paired up with the right type of turkey ammo...way too much time and money in my opinion to buy a few different chokes and 3-5 boxes of superpremo turkey shot. Too tight of a choke can be a pattern killer at times. After my bad miss up close I haven't looked back from a standard full choke. From what I hear HeviShot shoots tighter than the choke suggests, I believe it.
  13. As long as when you are attempting to shoot 70+ yards at a turkey you don't shoot me or anyone else, it makes no difference to me. I like to call them in as close as it is practical...most I get within 20-25 yards but my pattern is trusted out to 40 yards if needed. I shoot HeviShot, which are ridiculously pricey if bought at regular price, however they always have the 10$/box rebate available. Not sure why they don't just sell them for 20$ish a box instead of 30$ish. Either way I don't ever want to cripple a bird because I was shooting standard turkey ammo, HeviShot knocks them down good. In my experiences with HeviShot you either miss completely or the bird is down for the count. Which leads me to my next point. About 10 years ago when the ultrapremium turkey ammo and super tight chokes were coming out I was first in line...liked the idea of being able to shoot 50+ yards and the combo I had setup was good for it. I killed a few birds with that setup until one morning I whiffed big time on a monster tom's head that was 10 yards away. Although there were many things I could/should have done differently (#1 = aimed at base of neck instead of head at that close a range) I took that super tight choke off and now use a regular full-choke. Like I said earlier it is patterned to 40 yards but rarely used for that distance. To each his own, I enjoy the challenge of working that bird in close, it's a great way to fine tune your thunderchicken skills
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I brought the deer herd management into the equation because out of all game species one is able to hunt in NJ with a bow with the 150ft. safety buffer, deer is #1. The reduced safety buffer was created to open up areas where traditionally bow hunters could not legally hunt for deer. A lack of Deer herd management can have a more significant impact on a greater number of people than let's say a lack of Rabbit population control. I hunt all types of game, deer being one of them, however I know many who only hunt deer exclusively. I am sure that deer-only hunters represent a large % of the total hunters in NJ. Obviously the written notification affects all hunters regardless of type of game pursuing. Again thanks for the feedback, I think the deer management piece is definitely at least a part of the conversation in this regard though. All on same team, keep up the fight
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