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  1. Latecomer to this thread. Haven't read every post entirely... Not sure if it is relevant to this thread, but I had a situation on a very small piece of property I turkey hunted years ago. There was a dude who hunted deer there and sometimes baited year round for some reason. With the property only being about 10 acres total and the bait being right in the middle of the property there was no way to be legal during turkey season with that bait there. I checked out the property in early April while scouting and he had nothing out there. Fast forward to the weekend prior to opening day and while scouting again I notice there is cracked corn at his bait site. Me and another guy who hunt the property removed it prior to either of us hunting so as to not run into any issues with a CO. Yes it was a pain, and if the bait was not as visible where it was we would have had no idea it was even there. Afterwards the dude was pissed we moved his bait. Claimed he just threw it out there because he didn't feel like storing it in his garage until the archery season...baloney. After we removed the corn entirely, guess who shows up the next day in a ground blind and hunted until noon? You guessed it, the "Masterbaiter". Luckily he did't shoot anything. Never showed up again the entire season. We could have paid the price for him being a sad excuse for a turkey hunter. Luckily we were on top of it and took care of the situation.
  2. I did not hunt as much as I usually do despite hunting the entire 5 weeks, but I had a feeling that the overall harvest numbers would be down. Zone 14 (which had it's best harvest ever) had a ton of jakes so that'll be cool for next year. Also had toms/jakes henned up for basically the entire season start to finish so I will assume that means hen numbers are up. Despite all this heavy rain we have been having I have a hen with two poults in my backyard every day. After each big downpour I was dreading the prospect of seeing her all alone one morning, but they seem to be going strong. Hope this reflects what the other hens are doing as well in zone 14.
  3. I believe they only recently included the "chicken on a stick" regarding stalking because it has become popular. Stalking a turkey with or without a fan decoy has always been illegal in NJ
  4. I always thought shooting one out of a tree was illegal in NJ...had the chance to do so once but didn't feel right about it, so I didn't. So whether or not it actually is illegal in NJ specifically or if it is classified as stalking, don't care, I don't want any part of it. I did read once that in various other states there are non-tree shooting laws...one state I read, maybe it was Illinois or Kansas had laws against shooting a bird in a tree before 8am. Regardless... I have gotten into light arguments with people over what constitutes stalking. Obviously every step in the woods you take is one closer to a turkey somewhere...so walking in it of itself is not stalking. Actively walking towards a known location of a turkey during legal shooting time with the intent of sneak-to-shot is what I think of as my definition of stalking. I do understand and appreciate the obvious safety reasons for making stalking illegal to take a turkey. Ethically I don't think many people trying to stalk a bird will be successful, we are talking about a very wary and capable bird. How exactly someone would get into trouble with a game warden who was watching them during their hunt I guess is the challenge for the warden to determine legality. I'm sure this situation has happened before but it's highly unlikely to randomly happen naturally. This again points towards the anti-stalking laws as for your/others safety rather than hunting morality/ethics. As far as fanning/reaping a turkey I have also gotten into light arguments with people about it's legality. Crawling towards a turkey behind a chicken-on-a-stick type decoy is clearly stalking and can be very unsafe mostly for the person crawling behind the decoy. Sitting at the base of a tree and holding one up to bring in a bird is just standard decoying in my opinion. That's all I got, I don't usually contribute so there ya go
  5. Saw this is new this year...anyone try it? I am tempted but don't want to end up with 20+ pounds of mediocre pepperoni. I mean honestly even if it is amazing I don't even know what I would do with that much 'roni.
  6. Manchester NJ breeder is most likely Marjo's...excellent choice, just had a litter of puppies and probably all spoken for If the breeder in PA is Wild Mountain Brittanies in Graysville, PA (about an hour south of Pittsburg)...another great choice. My boy is from them and he is awesome
  7. Was wondering what the current regs are for Gray Triggerfish in NJ. Can't seem to find anything online or in marine digest. Thanks
  8. I figure if a fluke is laying flat in the sand it might be difficult to put a single floppy barb tip through it enough into the sand. With the tri-tip though you are almost pinning the fish into the sand and hopefully preventing it from escaping injured to eventually suffer. I have used the tri-tip on the pole I have and it has worked on smaller fish, but there was a keeper tog one time that I hit good and it shook off, got away. I imagine the floppy barb would have come in handy then.
  9. Wondering if any spearfishermen here can offer some advice regarding a pole spear setup that would be ideal for fluke, seabass, and tog sized fish. I have a 5' fiberglass pole spear now with one of those paralyzer tri-tips. Looking into some newer/different spear tips and another spear for a diving buddy. Any info would be great. Really focusing on the pole spear instead of a gun at this point. Thanks in advance for any help
  10. Yeah, I will hunt in the rain Saturday, but tough to get out early during week when have to be at work at 730. Birds will likely stay on roost as long as they want in this weather
  11. Can't control the weather, this week looks like a washout through Monday. Hoping the late start to the Spring means they will be rocking once the weather clears up. Last year it was pretty much over by me in central NJ by the second D week. Birds were courtesy gobbling but not wanting to play ball.
  12. Seems like a late spring compared to last few years. Had a rough week but finally connected this morning. Gobbling has been great from the roost but very quiet after fly down. Henned up? maybe. More worried about fighting? maybe. Hunted every morning except for Wednesday, heard just 4 shots, zone 14
  13. I emailed the state when Sportsman Center closed regarding this...they were aware and said the they were talking with Cheyenne about it. Called Cheyenne about a month ago and the guy I talked to said he hadn't heard from the state except from back when SC closed in the Fall...but he was assuming they would be communicating prior to this season to make Cheyenne a check station. The one time I got crap from checking in a field dressed bird was at Sportsmans center maybe 3 years ago...I explained situation and they didn't like really care for my reason, although they completed the process that time. I weigh my birds with a digital fish scale and gave them that #, which was 20lbs. I can see if I lied and said the bird weighed 30lbs, breaking records and such...not the case.
  14. Does the state F&G actually do anything with the stats of the birds or is it just for just for accountability reasons? I got crap from a check-in station for bringing a field dressed bird to be checked in...I know they are supposed to do things by protocol, but there are also meat waste laws. That day I shot the bird at 6am couldn't check it in until 2pm. Solve the issue by changing to online check in
  15. Any scuttlebutt regarding if the state will extend the semi-wild season past March 15th?
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