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  1. Turkey Check in Stations

    I emailed the state when Sportsman Center closed regarding this...they were aware and said the they were talking with Cheyenne about it. Called Cheyenne about a month ago and the guy I talked to said he hadn't heard from the state except from back when SC closed in the Fall...but he was assuming they would be communicating prior to this season to make Cheyenne a check station. The one time I got crap from checking in a field dressed bird was at Sportsmans center maybe 3 years ago...I explained situation and they didn't like really care for my reason, although they completed the process that time. I weigh my birds with a digital fish scale and gave them that #, which was 20lbs. I can see if I lied and said the bird weighed 30lbs, breaking records and such...not the case.
  2. Turkey Check in Stations

    Does the state F&G actually do anything with the stats of the birds or is it just for just for accountability reasons? I got crap from a check-in station for bringing a field dressed bird to be checked in...I know they are supposed to do things by protocol, but there are also meat waste laws. That day I shot the bird at 6am couldn't check it in until 2pm. Solve the issue by changing to online check in
  3. Semiwild extension?

    Any scuttlebutt regarding if the state will extend the semi-wild season past March 15th?
  4. Turkey huntings future?

    January 2004 for me, 3rd Battalion
  5. Turkey huntings future?

    Yeah I hear you, those tight chokes definitely need to be paired up with the right type of turkey ammo...way too much time and money in my opinion to buy a few different chokes and 3-5 boxes of superpremo turkey shot. Too tight of a choke can be a pattern killer at times. After my bad miss up close I haven't looked back from a standard full choke. From what I hear HeviShot shoots tighter than the choke suggests, I believe it.
  6. Turkey huntings future?

    As long as when you are attempting to shoot 70+ yards at a turkey you don't shoot me or anyone else, it makes no difference to me. I like to call them in as close as it is practical...most I get within 20-25 yards but my pattern is trusted out to 40 yards if needed. I shoot HeviShot, which are ridiculously pricey if bought at regular price, however they always have the 10$/box rebate available. Not sure why they don't just sell them for 20$ish a box instead of 30$ish. Either way I don't ever want to cripple a bird because I was shooting standard turkey ammo, HeviShot knocks them down good. In my experiences with HeviShot you either miss completely or the bird is down for the count. Which leads me to my next point. About 10 years ago when the ultrapremium turkey ammo and super tight chokes were coming out I was first in line...liked the idea of being able to shoot 50+ yards and the combo I had setup was good for it. I killed a few birds with that setup until one morning I whiffed big time on a monster tom's head that was 10 yards away. Although there were many things I could/should have done differently (#1 = aimed at base of neck instead of head at that close a range) I took that super tight choke off and now use a regular full-choke. Like I said earlier it is patterned to 40 yards but rarely used for that distance. To each his own, I enjoy the challenge of working that bird in close, it's a great way to fine tune your thunderchicken skills
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I brought the deer herd management into the equation because out of all game species one is able to hunt in NJ with a bow with the 150ft. safety buffer, deer is #1. The reduced safety buffer was created to open up areas where traditionally bow hunters could not legally hunt for deer. A lack of Deer herd management can have a more significant impact on a greater number of people than let's say a lack of Rabbit population control. I hunt all types of game, deer being one of them, however I know many who only hunt deer exclusively. I am sure that deer-only hunters represent a large % of the total hunters in NJ. Obviously the written notification affects all hunters regardless of type of game pursuing. Again thanks for the feedback, I think the deer management piece is definitely at least a part of the conversation in this regard though. All on same team, keep up the fight
  8. Feel free to use any/all of my letter. In my opinion though when a politician gets the same exact letter x1000 it kinda makes it easier to ignore. Put some of your own into it, make it personal.
  9. This is the "meat" of my letter sent to the Ag/Nat resource committee...keep up the fight "I am reaching out today regarding a bill that is currently in the Agriculture and Natural Resources committee that you are all members of. A2362, aka Tonka's Law, is in my opinion is nothing more than an anti-hunting bill disguised as public safety. The incident that resulted in the tragic death of a pet dog this past September is very upsetting, however it was an isolated incident that is the first of its kind since the safety buffer for elevated archery hunting was reduced from 450 feet to 150 feet (from an occupiable dwelling) nearly 10 years ago. It is also upsetting to me that such an incident became political in nature almost immediately. With the consistently increasing development of land in NJ I believe the current safety buffer is adequate and poses no additional risk to residents/pets as it stands. This truly was a lack of good judgement by the hunter involved in this incident. Luckily this is the only incident of this nature that I can find record of in NJ The other part of this bill that I do not agree with is the mandating of written notification to adjacent property owners regarding any hunting activities on that property. Aside from an invasion of privacy regarding legal activities on private property some properties potentially have an extraordinary number of adjacent property owners. This would incur a significant burden to lawful hunters as well as being impossible to effectively enforce by our hardworking Conservation Officers. The incident with Tonka, while tragic, could also have been avoided by its owner not allowing their pet to run onto someone else's private property without permission. Simply creating and throwing more laws will not solve an issue such as this, especially when there are already "leash" laws in effect that were clearly not observed in this case. What it will do however is discourage hunting in NJ, which is the single most effective form of deer population control that we have. Farmers profit marginsspecifically and anyone who drives a vehicle in the state of NJ is at risk when these populations are left unchecked/over-regulated. In addition to the need for deer population control, hunting in NJ is self-sustaining, costing nothing to taxpayers and also contributes funds for important conservation efforts statewide."
  10. My wife dragged me in there yesterday just out of curiosity, was not mentally prepared to see all that crap all over the place. Hurt my brain a little as I was remembering the glory days of that store 10-15+ years ago.
  11. Was just introduced 2/1/18
  12. Just in case you haven't seen, it's back in current bill session...spread word
  13. Advice Needed...good hit, no body

    Just got back in after 3+ hours of looking with a buddy, nothing beyond last blood from Thursday night. You are entitled to your opinions, however a few of you are sounding like some other NJ hunting forum that I know. Take a look at previous topics I have added to if you think I am a trolling anti...again form your own opinions. Thanks to those of you who tried to help with your advice, always good to hear different experiences and perspective. I appreciate it. Adding insult to injury I pulled the card from my trail camera and a picture was taken the exact moment the deer was knocked to the ground. Gun/ammo setup has been great in previous years, no idea what could have happened wrong in this situation...like I said prior, this has been an experience that will steer me away from buckshot from this point on
  14. What the hell happened to Sportsman Center?

    Just an FYI, Cheyenne Mtn is going to be taking over Wild Turkey check-in station duty due to the situation at Sportsmans Center. This is info I heard from NJ F&G over a month ago. If only they will eventually let us check in turkey like we can check in deer...online
  15. Advice Needed...good hit, no body

    Original shot was no more than 30 yards...my buddy who came out Thursday night 2 hours after shot brought his tracking dog but could not get it on a scent trail. Went beck out with a different buddy yesterday after work until dark, no other sign found near last blood from Thursday night, no body And yes he was big