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  2. I like Black Eagle Executioner's,.001. I recommend installing Lumenocks on them,easy to do and makes a WORLD of a difference in watching where you hit and finding your arrow.
  3. To create a WPRA in Pa. it requires 10,000 acres of continuse potential habitat . The realality is that there are only a few farms within these WPRA's that actually are put into good habitat, not much more than a 100 acres on some farms. These are farms surrounded by thousands of acres with no habitat yet they met the criteria . A farm with habitat in amongst farms without and not a farm in surrounded by forrest so to speak. I continue to hunt wild pheasants in Pa. in areas that are NOT part of a WPRA and all of them consist of small areas of land. There are still wild birds in NJ in smaller areas such as wetlands, industrial sites , landfills etc. In an area in SouthWest Pa. we worked with the Audubon Society for funding on 650 acres for warm season grasses . It is now home to threatened grassland species and also ringneck pheasants. I'm all for helping our other upland birds. Thanks for your input.
  4. An old African Proverb for you Jack, A Lion doesn't turn around when a small dog barks............. Thankz for everything you do!
  5. I was out. I passed on a couple does without fawns. Watched a 6pt for a while. And the turkeys were putting on a great show. Just enjoyed watching everything.
  6. I don't think I would ever hold and not shoot a deer in perfect position for the reason you stated above. There is as much of a chance for it taking another step and then another and then another as there is to shift and than hold for your shot? I have to admit I don't think about this to extent some of you do, but I think this above is overthinking it. JMO
  7. Congrats on the doe. I passed a couple without fawns this morning. Just no desire to shoot a doe. I know I have to but always can drop a couple later if need to. I was just enjoying watching the turkeys play ring around the tom and observing a small 6 pt.
  8. growing blue berries on it now, the birds must love it then they crap out the seeds and thus it spreads...
  9. Today
  10. Its very bad and I don't think you can stop it. I covered several acres on my piece in cream ridge in just 4 years. It chokes everything
  11. Good luck definitely keep us posted
  12. Lunatic

    What's For Lunch ...

    I did Keyport fishery
  13. Nicely done congrats on a beautiful animal
  14. You eat catfood with a knife?
  15. Man,talk about highjacking your thread!
  16. So glad it worked out for you. I tried to outsmart a buck and in return was outsmarted myself. Had 3 bucks still manage to circle downwind of me and witnessed the famous snort. I'll be lucky if the good one comes back. I'll let that spot rest a while. Bring on the Salmon River
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