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  2. Maybe in a monsoon but once you pull it off you need to put it somewhere which can be a task in a tight tree
  3. It will be muzzy for me. I hate shotguns with passion
  4. I must say I am more attracted to bow hunting - idk why i just am. Maybe its the "fairness" per say..I have a Quest and presently using Montec fixed broadhead 100 gr on victory arrow shaft. Havent gotten anything yet with the bow, but since 6day is next week im using a 12 pump and wanted some feedback on which way i should lean. Probably going to use slugs since i have more opening where my stand is, even tho i have some thickness to the right.
  5. Z10. Good wind direction for this spot. Just wishing there was a bit less of it. A good buck or any coyote will cause a boom and a cloud of smoke!
  6. This year I'm heading in a different direction....I lost my honey hole of a spot after 25 years, best friend and hunting partner got the Virus real bad and won't be returning to the field this year. However on a bright note my new neigbor is a young guy, fireman , newely married and can't wait to begin huniting. He's gotten his apprentance tag and had a blast on his first pheasant outing! Opening 6-day Monday and I'll be guiding ,mentoring and without a gun for the first time in 34 years. I guess it's time to bring on the next generation , honestly can't remember being this excited for openin
  7. Neat item!! GLWS Mr Krabs could use it to keep his Krabby patty recipe safe from Plankton!!
  8. Out in 48 , hope to see something .
  9. A gut pile may actually attract deer. I've seen them approach & sniff around no alarm whatsoever. At least 2x that I know of, I've returned to get a deer out & there were others with carcass.
  10. I hunted up off the AT to the left of camp Mohican for many many years, great area and big bucks hide in that swamp! I miss that area quite a bit, Beautiful up there!
  12. Bow if I do go 6-day which isn't likely... If I had to use a gun would be single shot HR 20 with slug
  13. I own a TC, CVA, & Knight..Knight is nicest by far
  14. If you start with "Biden...", the topic gets moved to NMP
  15. hardwoods zn 6.... 0 so far
  16. Out in left field, nothing yet
  17. Back in zone Ohio...fresh snow
  18. I can't say that I've ever heard of that one. Based upon a YouTube review I had seen, I bought and use a product called Frog Lube. I have to say, it's really good at rust prevention. On a side note, it smells really nice. David Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  19. The disease was primarily introduced into in the US from Europe. A study completed in June was able to sequence the genome and determined that, “SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in New York City predominately arose through untracked transmission between the United States and Europe, with limited evidence to support any direct introductions from China, where the virus originated.” https://science.sciencemag.org/content/369/6501/297
  20. Yeah, that hunter agreement card in the digest is a nice template to use. Just to be clear, you are not REQUIRED to have written permission unless you are under certain conditions (I believe written permission is required if hunting within a safety zone, for example). Verbal permission is fine if the land owner is fine with that - but I usually like to get it written down if I can. And if a land owner wants it written down, you need to do that. It is nice to have it written down. But, really, if you are in the middle of 65 acres of private land, no one is going to ask you for it. But
  21. Guys...this is not health and fitness. It's only Health and Fitness if you're not smack talking politicians. Why not just post in NMP in the first place?
  22. Wow @madeinukSorry u got hit so badly. We had strong wind, but everything stayed put here. Let me know if you need a hand cleaning up
  23. Full this out and keep it on your person. It is in the digest.
  24. Today
  25. Great job potus trump. Praising Xi for being transparent in january. Your inaction and trusting china will result in no trade deal and over 300,000 americans dead. And you are afraid biden can do worse then that? Wow.
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