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  2. Perhaps you should remove your head from your sphincter. The fresh air will do you well.
  3. Bucksnbows

    Urban Bears

    Just think of what the population will be in five more years of no bear hunts. 😳
  4. I agree hopefully the crappy weather keeps the orange army away and the deer stay hunkered down....survivors means bigger for 2022... But good luck to all going out stay dry and most importantly have fun
  5. Ugh!🤦‍♂️ The archery harvest numbers are already down 40-50%, if buck week forecast holds, it could drive overall yearly harvest totals even lower.
  6. List so far: 1. Bucksnbows 2. JerseyJaysTaxidermy (+1?) 3. Rusty 4. BowhunterNJ 5. Live to Hunt 6. not on the rug + 1 7. MGHunter66 8. 3Blade 9. Haskell_Hunter 10. Tarhunt 11. Buck154 + 1 12. Eyesofthewoods + 1 13. LPJR 14. TheGreek 15. Kilbo 16. bigwuhead 17. TroutandBucks 18. 230jhp 19. MPSR 20. hunterbob1 21. Ms Grit 22. gobblergetter 23. GobblenGrunt 24. nickyan04 25. Smoking Gun (sans daughter)
  7. I use that week to do the same!
  8. Hope it changes . Would like to use those 2 free tags to hunt with my stick bow
  9. Great, if a few more bucks survive for next fall bow.
  10. Congrats to pops! I have a son that would do the same for me. Can't tell you how greatly having a son like you is appreciated
  11. Don't think I sweat as much today because i'm peeing it out every 90 minutes
  12. At least you made it to retirement and still kicking it everyday.
  13. JD48

    High Tower

    Great buck,congrats
  14. Had the same problem in a place I hunted. Steep hill(400'to 1100' in a 2000' climb) that would put you on your ass if not careful going down. Mosquitoes would eat me alive if climbing slow. Brought a ziploc with washcloth in ice water and baking soda, and another t shirt during hot months. Worst was when there was no air movement to help cool you off. Wasn't too bad in winter. Stopped at first sign of getting warm and took off another layer after airing out. Body condition makes a difference. Was easier for me without sweating as much when I was racing bicycles and doing a lot of leg training. Going up and down that hill everyday started the knee problem I have today. Had to find flatter ground to hunt. Hunting flatter ground and not carrying a stand were other solutions to not sweating as much.
  15. Looks great Hammer! What's for dinner tonight?
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