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  2. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    That's a wrap for this morning. Did some running and gunning. Not a gobble to be heard for miles. No idea where the dozen or so we heard from the roost went off to. Probably down to zone 21 where Thunderchicken is! We had a good time with the traditional jerky and canolis that I brought into the blind this morning. Good luck to all out and most of all have fun together!
  3. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    Check your PMs, more info there. I haven't had time to bring you up to speed yet.
  4. Stormy Update

  5. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    lol. This is why I let my son sleep when he wants to in the blind and not bust his chops about it. It's all good..
  6. Quality air rifles

    Heavyopp I currently own a FX Streamline and have a Wildcat MKII on order. I’m in central NJ near Trenton if you would like to check them out.
  7. Venison Home Delivery

    There's a peak in roadkills this time of year as the does kick out their yearlings in preparation for having their fawns. You've got a bunch of clueless 1 year olds running around getting hit by cars.
  8. Can we get a bow season please!?

    lets toss in spring archery bear season too while we are at it - Sundays included! Common Murph - whatya say?
  9. Venison Home Delivery

    I saw two road kills this past week near my house. They must be resettling into their spring locations.
  10. I love this!!!

    Shot him in the head,broke his feet LMAO
  11. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    Thanks for that information Brian.
  12. Lake Management

    The only "fix" is to throw tens of thousands of dollars in chemical treatments into each lake, each year. As a taxpayer, I'm glad they aren't wasting my money that way. None of these lakes is natural and nearly every one in this state has one or more foreign invasive plant species (weeds) living in them. 1957Buck, the Division must approve any and all fish stockings into any waterbody and this is no exception. They will allow for triploidy grass carp which are sterile, but they will never allow non-sterile grass carp. And even the sterile carp are currently only being stocked into water bodies where if they accidentally escaped and were for some reason not sterile as planned, they could not mess up a larger watershed as a result.
  13. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    Murphy is not currently involved with the Sparta Mtn. forestry issue, although some of his lefty cronies are falsely taking credit for having stopped or delayed it. Instead, the matter is under a special review process brought on by one small lake community the butts up to this WMA that has sued the state over the plan. In time, it will be easy enough to allay that community's fears and/or modify the current forestry plan so that the larger project can move forward. If memory serves, this is one community near where fire was going to be used to treat the understory ahead of more intensive restoration to that section of the forest. Fire freaks out people that moved from the big cities out to the country because they have no %$&ing idea what they are talking about having never seen a controlled burn before.
  14. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    You’re all lucky. My kid wanted to sleep in this morning and head out after sunrise....
  15. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    Not exactly correct. The first time it went to the state supreme court, the stay was upheld and the bear hunt was cancelled. But what happened is that the state supreme court listed specifically all areas it felt the Division was vulnerable under the law at that time. The Division then went and did its homework on each and every issue raised in the 1st case it lost, and when they were ready, they announced another hunt. Not surprisingly, they were sued again, and it went all the way to the state supreme court again, only this time the hunt was upheld and allowed to go on. Remember, the hunt is only one fairly small part of the Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan. It is not in any way the entire plan. The antis "won" the first case, but in so doing, they paved a path for the Division to follow and it led to a bear hunt as part of the overall Plan. Murphy absolutely has the legal authority he needs to stop any hunt. He can be later overturned by the courts, but nothing can happen to him. He will have broken no laws, he just may overreach. We don't yet know because his first move is clearly a "soft" one by having his Acting DEP Commissioner McCabe review the Plan. My guess all along is that he will nix the hunt at the last minute so that he gets one season killed off and makes his lefty buddies happy. He will lost in court, but only after we lose a full bear hunting season. That's my best guess.
  16. Annual Pub 199 Christmas Party!


    I think I only did this calendar event because it was our first attempt on this new site. Had no idea of the mod approval thing, so glad it got pointed out and fixed.
  17. Can we get a bow season please!?

    The only reason we have Sunday archery deer hunting on WMAs and private lands is that there are still far too many deer living in this state. That is not the case for the wild turkey. And yes, I fully realize that most WMAs have very few deer on them most of the time these days.
  18. Today
  19. Can we get a bow season please!?

    I wish...
  20. Can you feel it

    This past Sunday they were gobbling off the roost a lot after two days of 80 degree weather. Just listening to them gets me pumped!
  21. Super Hero James Comey

    Commey's book is nothing but has already been previous knowledge. His bigger threat is the Cohen investigation. That was orchestrated by republicans (several whom Trump appointed). What president calls a guy under federal investigation? And what president sends his lawyers to court (even though Cohen already had a lawyer) to represent someone under federal investigation? Those actions are only taken if you have something personally at stake in the investigation. Trump stated to russia and iran about you are judged by the company you keep. Well Flynn, manafort, gates and cohen do not seem like great company. And the 187 federal lobbyists he has appointed are growing the swamp to record porportions. Sorry, I am not distracted by his dictatorship abilities. For a bunch of 2A guys who preach the constitution, you are okay with leadership qualities of a dictator. When a president is calling for jailing of citizens, firing of citizens, attempting to discredit our law and intelligence agencies, deciding what he should hear on the news, etc-- that is a freakin dictator. Everything this president decides is based off his ego and nothing more. Examples-- healthcare bill is "mean"-- yet was upset it did not pass. Pulled out of TPP and now wants back in. It was just so he could keep a campaign promise. He tried the smoke and mirrors trick with the omnibus bill. He was okay with giving the defense dept a huge increase because he thought they would then let him have 25 billion for his wall. I wonder what John Barron is up to these days?
  22. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Yup. I just woke up myself..
  23. 2018 Bear Hunt Is A Go As Of Now !!!

    I wish they would make a decision sooner than later so I know whether to use vacation days or not.
  24. I love this!!!

    Better than any turkey I've heard in NJ.
  25. Can we get a bow season please!?

    This year I won't be able to get out many Saturdays except for opening weekend but I have nothing going on on Sundays. My question is can we get a Sunday bow hunting season? The State can even charge me another permit for it I'll pay it if it means I can get out more often. They can regulate it just like Sunday deer hunting, only allowed on WMA and private lands.
  26. I love this!!!

    Guy Gobbles better then a turkey.
  27. 4/20/2018 Stocking

    When We hook and fight then land a fish no matter what species. We all should carefully revive and let it go , or keep it whatever your choice. What would everybody be saying and thinking if you watched the person next to you on the water airmailing the fish back into the water on release. Keep fish to eat or let go I do both but to see these guys on the edge of the water releasing the fish like this is wrong. Nothing can convince me that this is beneficial to the trout....
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