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  3. And they will complain that “we” don’t do enough for those people lol
  4. One thing my Uncle and my father taught me at a young age, it’s best to let any woman know right away that she has no control over when you go hunting. I think it has served me well and none of the serious girls in my life ever batted an eye at me walking out the door or being gone a week for deer camp. They knew from the jump what they were getting into. I’ve been apart of a couple deer camps so far in my hunting career and I consider it a different part of hunting. While most of the season I am geared at being successful and shooting a deer. When at deer camp it’s all about enjoyin
  5. I have a bunch of shed bucks in zone 12. Went out a week before the last day. 9 bucks all shed or half rackers.
  6. Jcol6268


    Maybe he didn’t get drawn for his turkey zones and is bummed out lol
  7. U Del is one of the best party colleges in the country! Lol. Good for her, sounds like she is a great student
  8. She pays that much to have her butthole waxed..
  9. I totally agree with nmc02. Simms G3 or 4 and they will take care of you for many many years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. They'll use natural and manmade cavities to roost. Why is it being handled? Was it injured and needed to go to the Raptor Trust?
  11. Couldn't agree with you more. I shake my head when I hear guys saying "my wife is letting me go hunting this weekend". Never asked my mother permission to go hunting, wouldn't ask my wife either.
  12. I love owls, the ultimate night predator.
  13. I'm my almost 20 yrs of hunting, I've only been fortunate to be part of 1 deer camp. And it just so happened to be my very first year I had ever hunted. David Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  14. Unlucky crows. Downed 63 this season.
  15. Amazon has Hodgman waders for around 100.
  16. Zipper


    Hopefully he's living up to his screen name and denned up in a nice comfortable Bush.
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