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  2. That's bad ass ! Look's like a tough animal .
  3. Thank you daddy Elon for this fantastic buying opportunity! BUY BUY BUYYYYYYY
  4. The Cult of the Alpaca was in my spot today.
  5. Probably a lead slug that it stuck in the deer fur. That's one badass deer with steel skin. Could be a meatball that @BHC flug at it.
  6. Compounded interest is pretty easy. I have a fairly simple example. You have $1 that you invest. It earns 10% interest every year. So the following is the interest it earns every year: Year 1: $1 + 10% = $1.10 Year 2: $1.10 + 10% = $1.21 Year 3: $1.21 + 10% = $1.32 Year 4: $1.32 + 10% = $1.45 Year 5: $1.45 + 10% = $1.59 That is compounded interest. But what is compounded interest? If we add up all of the interest over the last five years it's: Year 1: $0.10 Year 2: $0.11 Year 3: $0.12 Year 4: $0.13 Year 5: $0.14 Total Interest: $0.60 I
  7. Lol he's not getting any habitat.. guy has a log cabin and will install it on a log rafter 8-9ft up. I had a hard time getting photos because of the 8" rods sticking out Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  8. If I didn't see the metal posts in the first photo I was going to call "Photoshop Fraud"! Excellent work as usual!
  9. I gave you the answer to your question and made a little joke. At least some guys got it. Are you still pissed that I was on your lawn?
  10. Stop by Mohawk house in sparta. They sell Pat Lafrieda meats. Can't beat the meat or the selection.
  11. I'm guessing: 1. 3k lbs of fuel. 2. On tractor supply trailer rated for 1 5k lbs. 3. Tied down with a single ratchet strap rated for 1k lbs. YEEHAAAAW!
  12. Mallard pair dropping in. Always nice when multiple birds are mounted together. Really adds some life to the mount. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  13. Just mounted this wolf from Canada. These animals are majestic! First one I've had the pleasure to mount. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  14. Great! Now there's knife and fork marks all over my monitor screen! Geez, these computers chew hard and a lot of sparks too !
  15. There are all kinds of rebates for switching to natural gas to convert your oil burner to gas yor probly looking at 7 grand. A gas boiler is roughly 3000 plus instalation hot water heater 7to800. To run gas from road to house is free. Once to house depending how much pipe I needed 22ft I think was 800 or so
  16. Well thanks for nothing! Just slobbered all over my keyboard!!! WHEW!! They are impressive.
  17. There is one source of energy never once interrupted in my life time. Natural gas.
  18. http://www.moneychimp.com/calculator/compound_interest_calculator.htm
  19. Honeymooners is still funny after all these years. And IIRC, they only had a single season of less than 40 episodes made. BANG ZOOM! TO THE MOON, ALICE!
  20. If he already had his Big Game License then it’s $25 for Turkey
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