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  2. Holy Cow Awesome fish, congratulations!!!!
  3. Always aim for the exit....AWESOME advice!!!
  4. Best of luck to everyone!!
  5. Best of luck. Looks like a great spot with beautiful scenery. The fact that you share it with your daughter already makes the hunt a success!!!
  6. Rear deploying heads and front deploying (over the top style) might be affected differently by speeds. When I have some time, I'll try to do some looking in to it. Any time you see an entrance wound from a mechanical head that is actually larger than the cut of the blades, it means the head slipped or didn't impact squarely. There are videos out there about that. It's actually a bad thing for penetration and doesn't always work out well. This can happen with rear or front deploying mechanicals. The arrow makes impact and one blade opens before the other, causing the arrow to pivot a
  7. Really expected earlier movement tonight, but still plenty of good minutes left!!!
  8. Good luck! Great looking spot.
  9. It’s an interesting concept. Just watched a video explaining it. Understand the idea of blades opening within and not being dulled before getting to vitals but what if you don’t get pass through? Not crazy about the thought of that bloodtrail wise.
  10. Looks like a Beautiful area! Good Luck, I hope she connects with Bullwinkle.
  11. Good luck . Have fun and enjoy the time spent with your daughter .
  12. I had to go and take pics of one of the 4 doe that was just 10yds away. She heard and saw the camera and blew the place out 50x trying to get my scent. One is still off to my right and she just blew again , still there but 50yds out
  13. Congratulations. I shot a deer last year with a 2" swacker and these are the entrance hole and exit hole. They open after they enter the hide. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Cook a piece of the deer, take it in to a co worker to "try", and if they show up the next day for work I would say you are good.
  15. mine did too but i called Goretex and followed their procedures and received a new pair in the mail, their warranty goes beyond the manufacturers one.
  16. Rage entry out of ten point stealth NXT . No delayed opening and that’s been the same on every deer and 2 bears I have shot . Congrats on your doe Mark .
  17. Congrats! I used to shoot Reaper Razor tips and whitetail specials and those things left huge holes. I painted the woods many times, just like that
  18. Good luck. Looks like a nice little spot.
  19. Today
  20. Congrats as well...and I'd have to agree on what Rug said above.
  21. Not really sure what to do if she shoots the bullwinkle syndrome buck. Everything says dont eat, but she wants the rack on her wall!!!
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