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  2. Very upsetting https://catapult.co/stories/nudists-volleyball
  3. That is one funky old buck, 3Blade congratulations!!
  4. Now that's some quality home-schooling Dad!!
  5. I haven't looked through the telescope and years it's pretty cool. Nice way to spend time with your kids. I used to love watching Carl Sagan.https://www.wikihow.com/Tell-the-Difference-Between-Planets-and-Stars?amp=1
  6. I had the telescope outside with the kids on Tuesday night looking at Venus. Through the telescope you can tell that it's a planet and not a star
  7. Took my son and daughter out last night, we caught around 25 between us including 6 fish from 16" and 19". My son and I doubled up on two nice ones at the same time!
  8. Very cool MB!! We've been live-streaming our services too.
  9. Jafgasa

    Tested Today

    Hoping the best for you George.
  10. . . . . oh, and before I forget, bailing turkeys is still illegal.
  11. Today
  12. I'll butt you liked it.💖
  13. I just told Brenda, " I saw Uranus" And she smacked me !
  14. The stars don't move but the earth does. Take some pics on a tripod of some stars with white lights and blinking red and blue lights and get back to me.
  15. The light you are seeing is miles from earth. If what you are seeing was only 6,700’ up and only few miles away you would never even see it. Captain video anyway The stars will appear in almost the exact same spot each night as they were before at the same time.
  16. I never realized that you are such a genius!
  17. Way up in the sky so any airplane can snag it and crash? not a very stupid question, is it?
  18. Nice - been slowest start ever on mine, but gonna check tomorrow. Every year is different though...
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