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  2. Love hunting the mountains up in Millbrook !
  3. Mountain Goat

    Xbow question

    De-cocking rope for my excalibur.....works fine.
  4. archer36

    Xbow question

    Thanks a lot!

    Montauk Fluking

    So I let my son talk me into taking him and his friends out to Montauk Sunday for a fluke trip. I thought it would suck with the NE wind, and it did. We started the day with wind against tide and hardly any drift. There were 5 of us and we got a total of 3 fluke. I got a 4 and a 5lber and one of his friends had a 3 lber. There are some fish there and the pool fish at 8-9lbs was caught right next to me. One guy I saw had 4 keepers, and he was high hook. Most had 0-2 fish. I think if we had better conditions we would have had better luck. There are some solid fish there and the boat total was probably around 30 fish for 35 people.
  6. archer36

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    A 15 yo 20 yd shot with a dead nuts accurate crossbow is still on the table. A 50 yd shot or closer with a slug gun or ML is also on the table. I wouldn't do anything closer but that's me.

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    It really doesn't matter which direction the arrow travels to go through the heart or lungs. Only shoot if you're confident you can hit them.

    What’s for dinner????

    Never tried it. Enjoy.
  9. Rusty

    What’s for dinner????

    Looks great njbow, I love the heart.
  10. JHbowhunter

    Looking forward to tomorrow

    Damn u could have waited for a better weather day. It’s pouring!
  11. JHbowhunter

    Old tree stands?

    I still have an old Amaker lock on in use. The cables don’t have a bit of rust and they are not coated either. Has to be 35 years old.
  12. Mountain Goat

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    I too have lost several with quartering towards me. I now always wait for a quartering away or broadside shot with the bow. It makes me sick to my stomach wounding a deer so I wait.
  13. Lunatic

    Wood heat and this time of year

    I am in Central NJ and my AC was turned off last week for the first time in months. No heat yet, my house is 73 this AM.
  14. kenny10177

    Hunter Safety Systems

    I ordered the new HSS with the USB charger on it and it did Not come with a carabiner.
  15. Today
  16. LittleM

    2018 Elk and Mule Deer Wyoming

    For sure. Love it out there. Good luck.
  17. Lunatic

    Cleaning kit question

    I stopped using solvents. I now use vegetable oil based cleaner/lub called Gunzilla. No smell no toxic fumes and its a great cleaner. Rem oil for additional lubricant.
  18. Rutting Buck

    Backed out last night

    Nice job Lou
  19. Buck154


    Agree ^^^^^
  20. OneShot1Kill

    Hunter Safety Systems

    I ordered this one to get less bulk from my other hss with vest. It came with a Large one.
  21. Buck154

    Venison nachos tonight

    Nice Mike. Makes me want to have venison tacos soon!
  22. Buck154

    Hunter Safety Systems

    Mine came with one that I bought a year or two ago. And where and how did you order it from that it took months to come??? Everything I order now comes in a week or less. Most of the time next day or 2 at tops.
  23. Lunatic

    What’s for dinner????

    I eat the heart as well. The key is not to overcook it
  24. Tarhunt

    Wood heat and this time of year

    So true.
  25. mattg1500

    Thumb release

    Carter Chocolate Addiction but hunt with a Scott Little Goose
  26. mattg1500

    Cleaning kit question

    Otis kit and Break free CLP and shooters choice lube for small parts
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