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  2. I disagree. Describing it with the term "deadly serious" is for two reasons. First, because government is not "fun." It is a somber, solemn undertaking that is no place for hyperbole, emotion and all of the carrying on that seems to be ever present in our politics today. We were all given free will by our Creator, so by definition, one man ruling over another in any way runs directly counter to that, but at the same time, the world without some kind of organized societies (ie: counties, states, counties, towns, etc...) could not exist as it does. In that sense, it is quite serious. Second, we do a lot more than just go to war when it comes to life and death. Ask any first responder or public utility worker. Police, Fire, EMS, public water and sewer and solid waste disposal all protect public health and public safety and again, civilized society would not be possible without any of it. There is also, as you referenced, the economic side of things, but a good economy is only possible when there is stability in the form of keeping crime under control, fire/disaster protection of capital assets, medical emergency response, reliable utility supplies (gas, water, etc...), and waste disposal. We grunts all do this quietly in the background every day, and usually are simultaneously trying to fix whatever the "rallying" politicians decided to break the day before, or shore up what they have opted to neglect time and time again. Notice I only use the term "politicians" as I hold nothing less than complete and utter disgust for both sides. In describing the two popularity cliques that currently star in the reality TV show known as American politics in 2019, I'll quote the great Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, "You are all equally worthless..."
  3. Glad things are turnin round for ya!! That sure was a lot of stuff to go thru. Good luck w your next chapter in life and atta boy hanging in there!!
  4. There's always one that can hide, just like a big buck
  5. I'll give you credit my friend, if anything your a consistent combination of ignorance and ego. A true progressive..
  6. Today
  7. I run ALOT of cams, and do what you posted. Hunt a particular deer and only when its PERFECT to do so. Those bucks are hanging on my wall. Not blown out of the area because I decided to shoot a smaller deer. BUT I don't sit at home on those other days I try and hunt as many days a season as I can. Scout new areas, hunt does with the recurve etc. a hunt doesn't have to be just about the horns every sit, but you will find the more particular you get, and still spend time in the woods you LEARN twice as much having patience, and seeing whats really going on out there. Running cams in the right spots ( pinch points , wide visibility spots etc lets you scan whats there more. many times the best bucks are way in the back ground of those pics. if you shoot a smaller buck, you may lose an opportunity to hunt a much smarter animal that's there. Rather eat a tag looking for something better, than find out I had a bruiser around I didn't even get to try and hunt. .
  8. I was referring to your "time to do such things" comment, it's very comparable to going to a concert and such. People make the time for things they want to do. There's a lot of things people do that I wouldn't take the time to do, but there's people that do because they like whatever it may be. Plus, they're fun, especially Trump rallies. You never know, maybe he'll have one at his Golf course. If they do have one we should all meet up and go.
  9. I always thought it was a Linoleum cutter.
  10. Beautiful jobs and great deer. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Wishing you all the best bro. Life is like a wheel that keep turning. Sometimes you're on top of the wheel, then you turn towards the bottom, then you're at the very bottom. But after the very bottom, you start turning back towards the top again. Just concentrate on your daughter, even if that means playing nice w/ mom sometimes when you don't want to. God bless
  12. Thanks all for the best wishes. My daughter is and always will be my primary focus, with my job being the second. That's just how I'm wired... David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  13. That in which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger , hope your future is bright . Always keep your lil girl first and you’ll never look back . God Bless and Good Luck
  14. And if the anti's get their way the entire bear season will be next.
  15. I won't get too long winded but I had to respond. War is the only deadly serious business. Governance used to be about doing what was necessary for the populace and making adjustments so people don't have less opportunity in the future than today. We are quite far removed from that today.
  16. I was helping a friend clean out his father's basement which had a lot of old machine stuff from the 60's and found what I thought was a cool old gut hook. Anyone recognize it? No googling... I think I'll clean it up and sharpen it. May work on deer!
  17. Did your truck come from the factory with "twin turbochargers"? Or was that an add on by you?
  18. I agree to each his own. I have never loved hunting more then I do at this point in my life. The thrill to hunt only grows stronger. I dream about it at night and daydream about it during the day.
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