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  2. Who puts octopus on chocolate? That wouldn't be on Anthony's menu at Manville Pizza! Thanks for the review! Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  3. Was out with buddy in Zone 2 in his 10 acre woodlot...we had three does, a spike, a 4pt...they all ran when he tried to stop the big doe with a "meh." Nothing after that, barring the four flatheads in his 4 acre hayfield texted to us by our wives. 🤨 As an aside, this has been the BUGGIEST early season I ever experienced...good grief!
  4. Thanks ..i thought i read it that way..this is nj ,you never know
  5. Great time of year. Lots of options
  6. Very nice way to hold on to summer !!! Great Day
  7. Will pretty much any large plastic barrel work for this?? Im not too far from Hamilton, (im in North Hanover twp) so if i find my way over there one day soon, id be interested!
  8. Great pics , Great day out
  9. Hit the bay with nothing but pufferfish in mind. 136 in cooler and 100 tossed back. Great time great dinner but, my hands hurt lol. Also did some fresh chicken of the woods with beer batter pufferfish. Life almost felt great lol
  10. I put 30 lbs of butternut squash tonight. I probably have another 30 lbs to go.
  11. Liberty Hall Pizza is likely not reopening because the damage was that bad. Work about a mile outside Lambertville and boss told me they condemned the building.
  12. Eleven does spotted tonight. Seven in the danger zone. No bucks seen.
  13. Maybe a stupid question but im wondering what rifles i can shoot there.i know the rules say under 30 cal...i assume i can shoot my .270 ,my ar .223 ,can i shoot a 30.06 as well?i do have my firearm hunting license and rifle permit
  14. I will take 3 packs. Bought these from you in the past. Only heads we use out of the crossbows... Sending PM. Thanks S/R
  15. Sent this buck home today- public land jersey deer Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  16. Hell of a gun right there
  17. Why Obama’s former ethics czar is highly critical of Hunter Biden’s lucrative art sales There have been many bad-faith “scandals” linked to the president’s son. Walter Shaub thinks this one should be taken seriously. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/2021/8/3/22601671/hunter-biden-art-sales-walter-shaub imagine if that was one of trumps kids dems would be having fits
  18. bidens approval dropping fast imagine what those numbers qould be without All the liberal networks propping it up lmao they would love to get rid of him but realize they would be stuck with heels up Harris 51% of Americans disapprove of the president https://graphics.reuters.com/USA-BIDEN/POLL/nmopagnqapa/ Biden's Approval Rating Hits New Low of 43%; Harris' Is 49% https://news.gallup.com/poll/354872/biden-approval-rating-hits-new-low-harris.aspx
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