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  2. I dont give a blank about that BS you posted.....government everyday steals from one agency to give to another....as long as that paycheck is signed by the state of nj they are at the mercy of the devil....I know been working for Lucifer for 24 years
  3. Thank you very much everybody we got it figured out appreciate the help
  4. The budget comes mostly from hunting and fishing licenses and permits with much lesser amounts coming from elsewhere.
  5. Someone needs to explain to me why a slab of concrete on the edge of a lake needs to be off limits because secretaries in DFW offices are furloughed?? In all the times I've launched at Union, or Rainbow or wherever, I've NEVER seen a single DFW employee present. What does the furlough have anything to do with being able to launch on a body of public water???? Makes NO sense whatsoever.
  6. yeah and who signs the paychecks, where does the budget come from.....
  7. Fish & Wildlife is controled by the FW Council not the DEP Commissioner.
  8. Makes no sense. Most of the ramps are unmanned and there is no DEP personnel at the ramp.....like the 3 ramps at assunpink Now more than ever the public needs the outdoors for recreation and reflection during these stressful times The public deserves a reasonable explanation for this current closure. Luckily....I can launch my pondhopper or kayak without needing a ramp!!
  9. cause the funds are helping our friends the illegals
  10. no money to buy birds for stocking?????
  11. and why round valley but not spruce run boat ramp?
  12. reiglesville boat ramp wasnt even closed when covid was at its strongest...?
  13. and who does the commissioner of this dept and all dept answer to? Murphy.....He gave the order to this person to do it....so yeah Murphy did it
  14. Given this mans personal views and ties to anti hunting why is anyone surprised? As far as he is concerned you are lucky to have guns and bows Gov controls budget
  15. According to the article in the OP it wasn't Murphy who closed the WMA's it was DEP Fish Wildlife. The regulations allow closing ... "to protect the users, or to protect and preserve the land and water areas, or both, and continuing for so long as such conditions warrant" I dont see how a furlough is a legitimate reason to close.
  16. I hope you're wrong, but it's a valid point you make cause that SOB hates hunting and he will have a excuse to use from Covid19
  17. From fisgand game website all closed !! Not cool
  18. That is correct, parents have to opt in to have a number issued for their newborn, but if they don’t, the child will have to apply later at some point in their lives. So not all youngsters may have a number.
  19. I took the plunge - just signed up for the Lifetime Membership. At least now I won't have to worry about remembering to sign up every year
  20. Good luck with your search. As for family and friends being jerkoffs. Yep. Money does that to people. Over the last 5 years either me or my wife have been POA and/or executor of estate's/Will's for family. 4 times now My 98 y/o grandmother passed away last month. You find out real quick who the cockroaches are. People that haven't been around for years now want personal belongings and of course have all kinds of questions about $$. Told a sibling of mine last week.... Go take a long walk off of a short pier. Hope it's another 4 years before I talk to her again. Sorry for the rant. I feel your pain.
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