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  2. Great news, I always thought they would win but this is New Jersey, ya never know!
  3. I would just back my truck up and fill the bed! I wouldn't know how to pay for it, but it would be cool to do!
  4. Sorry for your family's loss buddy Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
  5. Today
  6. When. We got birds from him over the winter Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
  7. Funny we don’t hear any of the Toyota guys complaining… might have to go back to the Tacoma
  8. Eggs in a Basket at Cracker Barrel . Love the cast iron pan
  9. I been a Ford guy for years, started with a Ranger, now on my 3rd F150. IMO Ford's quality is heading for the shitter. My last one was lemon lawed with 20,000 miles, and my new 2020 with 16,000 miles is starting to make some interesting nosies. Pretty sure I'm done with Ford after this
  10. My kids make it all the time. Called Egyptian Egg in my house!!
  11. My High school grew up shooting rabbits and rats all through there… that’s too cool
  12. I did not mention in the original post that Gold Medal Winner Amber English is a 1st LT in the United States Army GO ARMY !!
  13. Look at the bright side by picking on you they are leaving someone else alone. Team player
  14. @madeinuk tell them what this is really called. My wife makes it all the time.
  15. BHC


    Many cities that wanted or did defund the police by laying off, not hiring, cutting funds, not supporting the police etc have seen a huge increase in crime they are back tracking,,and regretting it....damage is done liberals
  16. i provide plenty of material. I think I lead the site in ball getting busted, there is no close second. They always pick on the best looking it seems...
  17. They will never get a Federal Police Force what they need to get is separation from the USA and let them survive as a independent state they will be begging for police protection then.
  18. looks old to me... reminds me of an old girl I called horsehead - but coyote's got her by February.
  19. Each maker makes so many trucks, of course they will all have issues
  20. Not worried about inflation Social Security is giving me more than I need to survive. I get enough for 10 lbs of rice a week and enough cash left over to buy patches for my tent to stay dry and toilet paper. What more can a man ask for.
  21. Look at her in the last picture, nose in the air and always aware.
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