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  1. hunterbob1

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    I have a hyper shocker 26 like new 50 bucks
  2. hunterbob1


    When working do you ask who's your daddy
  3. Bucksnbows saved the biggest for last.
  4. hunterbob1

    Summer soltice festival

    Great pre fathers day event.........http://www.solbergairport.com/4020-2/
  5. hunterbob1

    Bison Burgers

    Ten minutes from me.......https://www.yelp.com/biz/readington-river-buffalo-farm-flemington buffalo is ok it's healthier if you need to watch what you eat, but pricey. Did you know.......http://www.tedturner.com/turner-ranches/turner-ranches-faq/
  6. hunterbob1

    Decent day fluking

    Good day Congrats!
  7. hunterbob1

    Murphy on 101.5/ bear hunt

    I met you sir and I mean that with sir! Pardon the French but it is so sad to be a feebird.
  8. hunterbob1

    Pool Cleaner ?

  9. hunterbob1

    Fishing with my little buddy

    Pictures speak a thousand words.smiles of happiness from your boy face is what I enjoy seeing from this site!!! Thank you for sharing.
  10. hunterbob1

    Need a Prayer

    Great news!
  11. hunterbob1

    Baby Red Foxes

    I'll go bamboo too,toxic to cats.
  12. hunterbob1

    Jay and another nice gobbler

  13. hunterbob1

    When the ol lady says you need to weed

    No no no you got it all wrong knucklehead, There's this lady from PA knows these goats that eat everything even poison ivory.
  14. hunterbob1


    Sending my thanks and prayers to ALL past,present and future! "God Bless America" http://afd.defense.gov/
  15. Where's our tri state newscasters on this one.A good guy with a gun saves live's! Maybe it wouldn't attract viewer's and advertisers? I don't get it. https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2018/05/17/another-school-shooting-thwarted-good-guy-gun/