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  1. Lots of them in Sussex county and Andover area. https://sussexnj.macaronikid.com/guides/5be9a6d9a08fa37b9339a9bc/holiday-tree-farms
  2. Less!.. ain't like what it used to be in my day. 125,000 gun hunting licenses sold. Compared to about 7,000 bow licenses sold. Read the chart on the flip-flop harvest that tells the story. https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/deerharvestsummary.htm
  3. Awesome of you. The kids must be so excited. Carry on the legacy.SteveO would be proud of you!
  4. The OP lives in Bergen county so some places are a little out of his way. The best butcher I ever used was George in kearney. Unfortunately the neighbors complained and the town shut him down. Commercially wise.he'll still do it on the QT if it's skin and quartered bagged or boxed.2004boat.
  5. Love black eagles .I shoot 20" executioners.
  6. That's it your son could throw it over his shoulder and carry it out.
  7. It has a huge front parking lot. C'mon Louis buy it we can have car shows.
  8. click on the photo it will give you a master list.Make phone calls.
  9. A needle in a pine Forest.
  10. Yeah I'm sure that's where you'll be going.lol
  11. No not Black River again. 👎.. go to the real woods,top of Millbrook road blairstown, walk rattlesnake trail.
  12. Hope you git em Bob, your son going too.
  13. Hello Bob, Thank you for your interest in Gyp's Tavern. Please see the attached flyer for more information. We are currently asking $1,700,000, however we are considering all serious offers. Sincerely, Linda & Bill
  14. I killed probably 150 plus deer. I think I used a butcher three times. New generation today.
  15. I'll bet....never heard of them taking a nightcrawler but I do know they love mealworms.
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