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  1. Used 2x3 anti skid strips like you use on boats.
  2. I'm like a squirrel Fell outta tree on my head many time's, you back up,they call me. Looney.too,Toon's.
  3. Maybe someone should invent a portable fall recovery ground mattress .
  4. I'm an exception. Italiano.Grew up in tree's, pick a the cherrys.
  5. You are somebody! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Got some really whoop ass stuff I'm willing to trade.
  7. Ah yes!Also stop in at grochowicz farm,ring the ring Bell at the house.Bring the kid's for real homemade ice cream too.
  8. That's awesome son!Congratulations!Your photo Reminds me when we used to have to go to a check station, got a metal leg tag,it wasn't an inconvenience for me,it was a special time!I think I speak for many,hunting ain't cheap!lol.But every meal and bite of your harvest you take there's a special reward of accomplishment only us few understand.
  9. Call here he may know. https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-android-verizon&ei=YrHNXe2zJIGZ_QbAkK3QDQ&q=where+to+get+tree+saw+blades+sharpened&oq=where+to+get+tree+saw+bl
  10. Where's Rusty?lol Wow I didn't know it was so involved. http://www.vintagesaws.com/library/primer/sharp.html
  11. Great story Jack!It was like I was reading bowhunter magazine.
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