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  1. They were simpler times then!!!
  2. You guys are gonna put Ms.Grit outta a job.lol
  3. How far down the rod tip is it broken. An inch or two is not a problem just get a new tip and glue it on. Plan B. Try contacting these guys, been there many times they have rod building components also repair reels. http://fairfieldfishing.com
  4. His daughter is priority One. How to help her finish her 7th year in college!
  5. I Miss Rusty too.He filled the void in my heart kind of replacement for Steveo. Hope all is well with him and his family.
  6. He's fired just sayin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Iacocca
  7. Ford s**ks!.. kudos to Henry senior where his innovation to the motor car company helped many to an automobile at an affordable price but that was back in the day. He was in humane to his wife he was in humane to his son. The chains not broken.
  8. Hey homie don't go that way no touching no feely!!
  9. Those were the happy days. Gas $0.30 a gallon.six of us had enough money to pay for the gas but not enough money to pay for the movie. So we came up with a plan. 2 in the car 4 in the trunk. Don't remember the name of the place this was 23 southbound just before Willowbrook. Well we made it to the gate we got stopped by the Gestapo lady. Made me open the trunk, Hadda use a key back then. busted!!!!!.. went out and bought a lift kit for the rear end the next day.lol
  10. I'll pick you up, you pay for the popcorn extra butter.
  11. Pretty cool thought I would share for you youngin's. https://nextdoor.com/post/154120467?init_source=copy_link_share
  12. Dory this is Joe,Joe this is Dory. okay a little bit off topic, just felt I had to share about two people in my life. They tied the knot,Captain Bob Pennington on the sea devil.
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