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  1. Mange,mite infection, won't live long.
  2. LOL,rolling stone gathers no Moss.
  3. Sorry for your loss.What an amazing women she was! I could just imagine her sitting on the porch in the rocker telling lore of yore. https://www.homestead.org/homesteading-book-reviews/foxfire-book-review/amp/
  4. Awesome!! My friend's dad worked at bendix. Neil Armstrong and co.were visiting,they came to his house for a visit to the basement for a cocktail,it's enshrined as the astronaut lounge.
  5. I'm talking arm as in upper body knucklehead
  6. Nice catch!Nice sea's. Wake me up when we hit port!lol
  7. Nice Roon!Better than a water Park, that's livin
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