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  1. He's had plenty of time after class to review. Just in case I'm going to park my truck at a safe fire in the hole.
  2. Spring forward, red and white shad darts, killers, for weak fish.
  3. You one tough son of a b**** I hate the cold! Wow,Never ever ever heard of a cat being Caught in the ice.
  4. Nice Kype, got my vote for Paula Deans seal of approval 👍
  5. Reminds me of the ice cream man is coming.lol.. Caught many, been to the lambertville festival, you have been so many lean years, seems to coming back thank God, I did well and the belvedere area behind Johnny's hot dogs, and up to dingmans ferry, after that I went to trout fishing upstate New York, said seeing them floating downstream after there spawn. https://www.outdoorlife.com/story/fishing/fishing-epic-underated-shad-run-delaware-river/
  6. $21.00 Nuts!.. F bass pro, out of stock. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/winchester-long-beard-xr-turkey-shotshells
  7. Not me I should have followed https://startingstrength.com/article/jack_lalanne_a_life_well_lived
  8. Wow blast from the past, used to go there in the seventies, they'd swarm the car, so I have a confession to make, forgive me Father for I have sinned true story, on my way back home almost there I decided to try to see if one worked, I was riding shotgun just going down the Belleville Pike route 7 downhill just before North Arlington diner, there was a garbage truck in front of us going really slow afternoon must just drop its load in the meadowlands, I threw an ash can in the back of the truck, kaboom, fastest I've ever seen 4 bl*ck guys exit a vehicle.
  9. If you never been there got to go there. I have, it's awesome! https://meadowlandsconservationtrust.org
  10. Many years ago I had the detruantness of fish strikes, I know rocket scientist, hey no comments from peanut gallery,lol.. but my best tool in the toolbox was, small needle nose pliers, bend the hooks out!
  11. Well ya let em dry, blue tip match to them light up, when I had teeth smoking to keep the mosquitoes away. Do other things cool Punk'd it won't skinny green thing to go out of trees it's supposed to smoke them.Yuk.
  12. A grady doesn't get better than that, well maybe a Whaler.lol.. tight lines captain, welcome to the site looking forward to seeing your pictures.
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