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  1. one of my favorites.My mother used to do that for me when I was a kid. Also white bread cut the crust off,cube it, throw cubes in mixing bowl throw in three or four lightly cooked eggs, Bust them yokes break up them whites mixing with a fork till them cubes suck up them yummy yolks.
  2. Like Mark said possibly spline shaft, drop it again Mark the impeller and the case with paint reassemble run drop again see if the paint marks moved. http://www.sterndrive.info/outboardmotor/id10.html
  3. https://patersontimes.com/2021/07/23/new-jersey-to-conduct-gun-buybacks-in-paterson-newark-east-orange-and-atlantic-city/
  4. Ok,spot burnhttps://www.menupix.com/newjersey/restaurants/31768548/Hyde-Away-Restaurant-and-Tap-Room-Newton-NJ
  5. I won't be jealous! Met Tuck once at hot rods hot dogs. Want to do a selfie he said give the camera to my daughter. She can take the picture. My first thought she you know how to work this thing?.lol.. yep she did in a Kodak instamatic moment.
  6. Matty you are an amazing person father and husband!!! Only met you in person twice. We didn't talk much, Didn't need to. Gut feelings an eyes. Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!
  7. Was that at the caution,bear crossing sign?
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