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  1. Pm sent in case other guys fall through. Please put me in the line
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I wound up at maro brothers which is about an hour from my house. But it’s right around the corner from where I was picking up the kegerator. Sixtel of blue moon and one of Sam Adams summer ale. Ready for summer now. Thanks again
  3. Anyone know if there is anywhere in the western Monmouth county area to grab two kegs? I just got a kegerator from a buddy. He says it holds two sixtels. Looking to load it up!! I called a few places and they want an order placed a few days in advance. That’s fine for next time but it’s Friday and looking to get one quick lol. thanks!
  4. Used him for last couple of years as he has moved around. I think he does a fine job. Meat is clean and vacuum sealed.
  5. Black box Cabernet brought 5 or so miles back into deer camp and enjoyed after the hunt.
  6. Is that the old place Tony and Pat were?
  7. I had a very similar crappy experience with freehold Hyundai. Don’t know if they are owned by the same people but I sure won’t be back. Now I’m adding freehold dodge to that list.
  8. I’m with outdoorslife the guide gear ones are great. Affordable and waterproof too. I as well pack mine in because it is too warm to walk in. I roll it and strap it to a light back pack then quickly get in it before climbing into tree. Zippers are big too so it’s easy to get on with boots on.
  9. Gets to pass those semi piebald genes on
  10. I use it. Sounds good but haven’t had any luck hunting yet. Haven’t seen any tails running away either lol.
  11. I use joe at trails end taxidermy. He was in freehold but I see his website now lists Manalapan. He has done a few for me, the last around 2015. My oldest from him was shot 11 years ago and it’s still in great condition. I think he does quality work and his prices were always fair.
  12. THats terrible. I have had that happen to me a few times. Even locked in with cables.
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