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  1. Seems the launch may be a go in Virginia at 9:35. They say we can see it from NJ about 30 seconds after launch.
  2. Hi I’m interested. I’m sending a pm now
  3. Great picture! That’s funny
  4. Looks awesome!! May I suggest a carbon monoxide detector if you run that heater at night.
  5. Hahahaha wow the patience on that guy !
  6. Someone used a hand crank and a dead shot field pod a few years ago. It’s about being able to safely and efficiently handle to bow. I’d think almost all crossbows sold today far exceed the weight requirement but I could be wrong.
  7. Ok great thanks for the info I’ll pass it along.
  8. I have a buddy at work that is interested in getting a Labrador retriever, preferably a chocolate male. If anyone knows of a good breeder please let me know. thanks!!
  9. Hey shop rite brand is fancy now. “Bowl and Basket”.
  10. I had to stare hard at your first pic. It looked to me like you had a side view mirror from a car to see behind you. I see it’s a cord or something after looking a few moments but the light bulb went off to rig something up next year. My blind is set up for 180 degrees front and sides so my shadow can’t be seen. Hate it when I hear something behind me and can’t see what it is.
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