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  1. Looks awesome nice and cold and a full days worth of work moving around the big woods. I’m sure at night you go to sleep and wake up what feels like a second later to the alarm
  2. I find the old fake Christmas trees people put to the curb, cut and hang the branches.
  3. Beginning around august I switch the everyday family laundry detergent to a scent free one. It’s not a hunting brand but it works. All clothes and towels and everything from august till end of season get washed then dried in dryer. . I also made a large tote with an ozone generator off Amazon. Way cheaper than the hunting brand stuff. Before the hunt all clothes I’m gonna wear n whatever equipment I can fit into tote go in. I shower using scent free soaps n use a scent free arm n hammer deodorant. I use the scent crusher car plug in, and at car I use a spray bottle n then this time o
  4. That’s a great day in the woods!
  5. Nice camera spot I like it
  6. Tally833

    Big 8

    Good luck!
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