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  1. Bonefreak

    Let's see those racks.....

  2. My pals are hosting a pit blind goose hunt for me and my 12 yr old boy on Friday. We did it last year and had a blast. It will be an excellent opportunity for the boy to get some shooting in w his new Christmas 12 gauge Winchester! I'm not the best waterfowl chef ....and I know goose can be an issue to cook.....so just wondering if you guys have any favorite recipes? We will be checking which birds are yearling birds by pulling tail quills out and determining their age....which are the best to eat....but we will inevitably have some older birds to eat as well.
  3. Bonefreak

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

    Congrats! He's a toad!!
  4. Bonefreak

    Happy Birthday Ken Beam

    Happy birthday Mr. Beam!! Enjoy your special day wrastling some type of critter into the frying pan!!!
  5. Bonefreak

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

    Congrats!! Nice day to hunt!! Way to double down!! Twice the meat!!
  6. Bonefreak

    We Miss you Stevo

    RIP Stevo.
  7. Bonefreak

    State is Out of Pheasant Business

    Are these 2 clubs stocking 50,000 each......totaling 100,000? Or 50,000 between 2 clubs? Either way....that seems like a lot of pheasants.......i bet there are birds on the adjacent properties.......any of which is public?? Also, I wonder if any make it thru to spring and breed??
  8. Bonefreak

    Nantucket Fluke trip

    My pal fishes on the Sarah K up there and does real well. He did better when they could fill his commercial quota, but those regs have since changed
  9. Bonefreak


    Maybe she will finally invite me to go huntin on their 30,000 acre Texas ranch!!!
  10. Outstanding!! Good stuff!! Let's get involved with these committees fellas and gals......and Make our State's Fish and Wildlife Agency Great Again!!! Thanks for your dedication and leadership NJSFSC!!!
  11. On a Tuesday at 10 AM......yeah.....like anyone can actually attend!!! Thanks for accommodating the working man!!!
  12. My pal soaks all those nasty ducks in Coca Cola.....he swears by it. Good luck!
  13. Bonefreak

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    ......or just high on weed!!! Hope u had a nice trip w the fam!!! Nice pics!!!
  14. Gotchya. Thanks for the insight and thanks for your dedication to the states natural resources.