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  1. Wow!! Guy is living the dream!! Awesome short film!! Guy is passionate!! tried looking up how big his farm is to be able to manage for 200 inch class deer...has to be a good sized farm when I was looking him up I saw a post on a Bowhunter forum he had issues w Illinois DNR e how they were managed the deer herd also saw n article that he shot a 20 pointer n it died on his neighbors property n the neighbor wanted to jam him up for retrieving it even tho it wasn’t posted i like that vengeance Camo too!!
  2. Election infection. ....to oust Trump. Nuff said
  3. Yep. I forget which article it was but it spoke of 5 aspects of the election that were simply unexplainable...2 that I remember were that Biden received more votes than Obama which analysts seemed perplexed by cuz Biden barely won the primary ......& the comparison of voter enthusiasm between Trump supporters vs Biden supporters...in which Trump voter enthusiasm was off the charts while 47 yr politician Joe was hiding in his basement common sense tells me to put yourself in Trumps shoes and see how you would feel if all your hard work campaigning was all for naught because
  4. Have a Grateful Hunt brutha head!! this was out WV deer camp last wk!!
  5. Starting to come out now.... where there’s smoke there’s fire... newsmax is not CNN or anything like the rest of the biased media outlets https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/1000018/1 https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/999961/1
  6. Awesome pics! good luck!! There is something mystical bout deer camp!!
  7. Starting to think the Kung Flu was seeded by the Deviant Dems....the 4 yr history shows nothing was off the table for them....& the truth will eventually will come out
  8. She said her antennas went up....like most friggen people w common sense....our antennas are up and the truth will be discovered and the libs will never have credibility ever again!!
  9. More common sense.... Georgia voting blue....yeah right!! it’s just not reasonably believable....so far fetched that it’s absurd...proof of the fraud is in the absurdity of Georgia voting blue!https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/999979/220
  10. Common sense tells me.... if all these 4 AM computer glitches that occurred w Dominion Voting Systems were just glitches and nothing was fraudulent about the glitches.... why were the glitches all in favor of Quid pro quo Joe, and no glitches favored Trump? this election was a fraud and will go down as the biggest hoax in history
  11. Originally posted 2/25/20.... any prepping for the 2nd wave dark winter besides filling freezer w venison & firewood?
  12. RIP Sad. Thoughts and prayers sent to family and the NJSP.
  13. Love this short film!! Explains it all!
  14. Neat item!! GLWS Mr Krabs could use it to keep his Krabby patty recipe safe from Plankton!!
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