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  1. slabs

    They are indeed a beautiful fish, my #2 favorite next to largemouths/smallmouths, which probably saves them a lot from being eaten from some people as yourself, but fishery biologists and lake managers recommend either not stocking them in small lakes, as they are quite prolific and can outcompete most other species, or have a very liberal harvest rate if they do stock them.
  2. Fortune Cookie Prediction

    Sounds like you should be set up near a river or a common watering hole!!! I whole heartedly believe in those cookies....studies have shown they are right 78% of time.....at some point in your life!!!
  3. Last Saturday's Nice Warm Hike

    Is that a Dodo bird nest!?!? Certainly does not look very well put together or homely!!!
  4. Avian x turkey decoys

    PM sent
  5. Anyone Fishing today????

    I was informed by a reliable source that.....the stocking did in fact occur yesterday, so the distribution of trout for Monday's streams should be spread out.
  6. Anyone Fishing today????

    I hope they stocked.....it was the perfect opportunity for fish to get "spread out" .....equivalent to the ol school "float stocking" days!!! But that would make too much, reasonable, common sense....and my bet is the state opted not to stock due to the high waters, and are big supporters of the shoulder to shoulder gang!
  7. Welp, its time to retire the ol full strut taxidermy mount I been using as a decoy the past few years....he's just too beat up nowadays......been rode hard and put away wet.....straight up Ocean County pine needles and dawg crap style......maybe bring him out on a bird who is hung up and wants to beat someone up again....but other than that, he's retired! I was thinking about getting a new hen/jake set like the Avian X system.....just not sure of the postures....feeding hen, breeder hen, lookout hen, 1/4 strut, 1/2 strut, etc. I do like to add some motion to the hen and use the ol "jerk the line.....boppin hen" trick when there is time to set it up, and that is usually on a feeding hen decoy. These things are pricey and definitely want them to last a while. Ya'll have any preferences as to what postures has been successful and why you like what you like?
  8. new guy

    Howdy Jd
  9. Tactacam Double at 3 yards!

    Christ!!! I think I watched that about 6 times!!! Awesome!!! Its funny to see the barrel on bird #2.....they didn't seem to care!!! Lol. I thought I saw another bird fly off in the back field after the first knock down at timestamp 31 seconds or so.
  10. Finicial Aid for illegals?

    Can there be some type of class action lawsuit filed for people like me and many others who are getting shafted and are still paying college loans for 20 years!!??!! Maybe I will just default on them and send the bills to Gov. Murphy!!!
  11. 2017 Fall bow buck is home

    Outstanding!! Looks great Tom!!
  12. Turkey Check in Stations

    No check stations in Central Jersey, especially if Al's in Cream Ridge is really closed......I bet a lot of birds will go unchecked......they need to allow for online harvest submission for turkeys.
  13. NC gobblers were good to us

    Jellyhead!!! Congrats to both of you!!! Great memories!!!
  14. Just One Lure?

    Green pumpkin/black fleck Senko