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  1. Bonefreak

    Dream Property!!

    Deer, turkey, rabbits, and bass fishing are my main vein game!! Not sure what state's can provide the best pursuits.....but I am thinking along the Mississippi in the Midwest would be a start......somewhere along the Ohio River Basin! Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are interesting too.....but I need a shorter winter than what they provide! lol
  2. Bonefreak

    Mmmm Walleye Cheeks! Late Night Snacking!

    Nice!! Now where in Jersey can I get me some walleye cheeks!?!? The ol Delaware!?!?
  3. I always liked the idea of a slot limit on fluke. At least some people fishin the intercoastal, who don't have big Ocean going vessels, can go home w a few fish for a fish sandwich dinner!!
  4. With all the chatter of female fluke being the larger fish in the population, and regulations forcing anglers to harvest female fluke, I have informed by a reliable source that Rutgers is going to study male/female fluke harvest. My source said fishery science is where wildlife management was back in the 1930s..... Which is why it makes no sense to harvest female fluke out of the population......when the biologists want to thin deer herds.....they increase the antlerless harvest......why would they use same strategy for fluke!??!
  5. Bonefreak

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    Got this guy at my spring gobbler strut zone.
  6. Bonefreak

    Natural Mosquito Controll

    Wife wants to try one of these companies that come spray yard with "natural'' Mosquito control repellant..........im obviously against due to kids, dogs, garden, etc.................but does anyone have knowledge or experience with these companies......seems like they are getting popular and popping up all over
  7. Bonefreak

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    Just watched the whole video. Im utterly disgusted. Cops should have called fish and game warden. The fish was the guy's food MORON......you take food out of my or my family's mouth, you bet you are guna get a beat down, and thrown in the lake with the gators. The activists had planned the encounter....everyone, all 9 of them, just happened to have their group's shirt on and everything was happen to be caught on video....their 9 yr old lecturing the fishermen about hooks in fishes mouths, C'mon Man!!!! I also like how the fisherman's kid did not get upset about the yelling and the altercation, but the activists kid was crying and will probably have nightmares. BTW.....was that a fricken 2 lb Tilapia!?!?! .....at 15:30 of the tape
  8. Bonefreak

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    This is the world we live in......people are unreasonably liberal. Worse thing is the guy said his kid asked the man to stop fishing and the kid was crying about the fish......so we will have another generation of nimnoys!!
  9. Bonefreak

    My grandson's first pickerel !!

    Awesome!! And .....cool shark PFD!!!
  10. Bonefreak

    Building Some Natural Blinds w/ Kids

    Nice!! Fun activity to do with the lil ones!! Remember, a lil back cover to break up any silhouette goes a long way....like in the last pic....those leaves in background will be gone in fall/winter and some debris in the back will be good!
  11. Bonefreak

    Sneaky Un

  12. Bonefreak

    Check this Snapper

    Christ!! The Mary Lee of snapping turtles!!! Btw.....its nice to see the "Game Warden" on the truck in the back ground......most of the public in NJ would not even know what a Game Warden is
  13. Outstanding!!
  14. Bonefreak

    Trump/Kim meeting

    Pretty historic event.....first time a US President met with a North Korean leader.