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  1. @Eyesofthewoods That hand print on my shirt look familiar??!!
  2. I was hoping to get one of Rustys much appreciated "likes" on my Barnegat Bay blue claw post today!! He must have went real deep!! Can't blame him w all the political and social unrest this country & social media is going thru!!
  3. Welcome aboard Monster!! Nice intro!! Thoughts and prayers for a healthy recovery for your wife!! Nice job raising 3 daughter archers!! And....thank you for your honor and serving this great country!! Look forward to your posts and contributions!! Now.....let's see a pic of that special Veterans Day Buck!!!!
  4. I hit this same spot 3 wks ago and only caught 1 bull crab.....and hardly any shorts!! Water has since warmed up! Fished 12 topless traps for about 2 hrs in 6 ft of water baited w bunker or chicken legs and got about 40! Best pull was 4 keeps in one trap! Bonus pic......found an old photo from about 35 yrs ago of me and my dad w a good catch of Ol Barney blue claws!!
  5. Yes! Miss him too! Great contributor! Hope he is ok!
  6. Bonefreak

    Flag Vandalism

    Scumbags. Cell cam. And wire it up to deliver an electric shock!!
  7. Oh yeah.....forgot to put up pic of the fix Great Stuff Foam and I embedded wire mesh jammed all up thru gutter area...for when they try and pick away at foam....they will hit wire n hopefully find a new spot!!
  8. more backyard wildlife issues..... So, we have been letting these house sparrows build a nest in gutter for the past few yrs.....even tho I tried to prevent it w wire mesh....to no avail! Was neat to see them work and build and have chicks.....but we have had enough of them crapping on our patio furniture. Between them n the chipmunks raising hell....it was time to take a stand!!! I found their nest engineering very interesting tho.....appears they use grass, straw, and lots of feathers from other birds that they found to create a dry, cozy, warm, down insulated nest. Smart lil buggers!!
  9. Anyone have experience w dying emerald green arborvitae? This awesome natural screen to all my crap in backyard is bout 15 yrs old.....and i have 1 dying off...and the one next to it may have caught the bug too! The only thing that has ever changed is this spring I wrapped some of the stems together with an aluminum wire, because winter winds blew that one hard. I did the same to the one on the right....but no issues w that one ( I have since removed wire on both) Strangely enough, the backside of the shrub still has green on it.....so there is something going on w the photosynthesis process in the front....but not the back! The one on left has some brown tinge too. That one has had a copper wire for 5 yrs holding up a pole for trampoline lights....never any issues til the one next to it started dying this spring. I need to save these....cuz if my wife sees all the crap I have back there....she will buy me a Sanford n Son shirt for my birthday!!!
  10. Yep!! Truro is where we rent!! Just past ice cream joint!! Been in the same house for bout 10 yrs. Started 16 yrs ago n rented in Eastham....too busy....n kept moving up til we found this quiet street.
  11. Just the report I was lookin for Zip!! Nice job on the meat!!!
  12. Cool!! Will be hitting the drive in for the 16th yr in Wellfleet, MA during our cape cod vacation!! A highlight of the trip for the lil ones.....n the teenagers. Really is a special, old school way to watch a movie and glad my kids enjoy it so much. But....no new flicks are out this yr due to the public health crisis....so they are rolling classics like Ghostbusters n JAWS!! Lol
  13. Makes no sense. Most of the ramps are unmanned and there is no DEP personnel at the ramp.....like the 3 ramps at assunpink Now more than ever the public needs the outdoors for recreation and reflection during these stressful times The public deserves a reasonable explanation for this current closure. Luckily....I can launch my pondhopper or kayak without needing a ramp!!
  14. Absolutely!! Setter and beagle are on daily patrols.....some patrols have resulted in gutters being ripped off the house......and holes dug up in yard. I've also found a few stolen half eaten strawberries. Neighborhood is experiencing the same dilemma. I heard glue traps baited w a trail mix nut cluster can work. Old wives tale states when the wildlife takes over the suburbs....the end us near....recently saw the first rabbit in 17 yrs in our neighborhood....2020 cud be it!! ALVIN!!!!
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