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  1. Awesome Don!! Yes...it’s a great series of books n my 7 yr old enjoyed it n learned a lot bout duck huntin weather...even though it was a bit scary to read at times...but he now knows to respect ducky weather!
  2. Great job SP!! Hypothermia is no joke. I remember in my hunter education class 38 yrs ago we were taught hypothermia was one of the leading causes of death to hunters. Gota have a plan. Just finished a kids book w my 7 yr old son called the Day it rained ducks...scary story of how a dad n daughter nearly perished in Lake Huron. Hope kid gets better and things at home improve so he doesn’t feel he needs to run away.
  3. Bonefreak


    BD!! One of the site’s most prolific and qualitative contributors!! Hope you are 10-4!!
  4. I feed her anything I have....she’s always hungry!! Lol
  5. Welcome aboard Danny n congrats on your zone 7 turkey permit! i havnt hunted up north in years but I did get my first gobbler in Kinnelon n used to hunt the Newark watershed. as u said....scouting is key! also, early hunter gets the bird...get up extra early to get to public land spot n hopefully late sleepers see ur truck n move onward best “ in the hunt” advice my veteran pal ever gave me is don’t call too much....if he gobbles at your calls a few times....he knows exactly where you are at....& as they say...curiosity killed the cat, well it kills gobblers
  6. I’m good Rem. Thanks tho. My pal gave me a handful til next pheasant season n everything is closing down anyway.
  7. I think it’s closing soon...we just usually go up this past weekend. Next season we may try in December or early January so there is more rabbits to hunt
  8. Affirm. My old beater 870. Got her from Dunklebergers in Stroudsburg for graduation of HS in ‘92!
  9. I usually buy a box of high brass #6s up there every year for my 870 & it lasts me now thru our pheasant season the following fall. If they had em I would have bought a case just like the rest of the hoarders!! Lol
  10. She sure is perrrty!! Nice craftsmanship!! make a million buck$ if you put all of the kids n grandkids to work in something like a Santa’s workshop!! good luck at the range n keep us all posted of your results!!
  11. Tried to buy a box of high brass 6s at Davis Sport shop in way up to Adirondacks for snowshoe hare huntin and the shelves were pretty bare....they had a few boxes of #9s i heard about the shortage....watched the Federal Ammo company’s video by the factory manager claiming they can’t keep up w the demand....I heard bout the 8 million new gun owners in 2020 etc etc my gut was right about the Plan-demic last February....& my gut is telling me that something smells about the ammo shortage ..... look at my quest at getting high brass 6s, small game season was 4 months ago and she
  12. Of course she had to “circle back” to this question buy ammo fellas....oh wait...there’s none to be found!!
  13. Yup! Great guy alert indeed! Mr12 hooked me up too w some jerky n awesome bacon!! But I made the trip to him!! Lol
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