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  1. Haha!! Sounds like fond memories indeed!! I will chat it up w him n tell him u said hi!!
  2. Lol. Me too!! I think half of the division did at some point!! Guna see him in 2 days....u have some stories I can remind him of??!!
  3. Love these reindeer games!! Reminds me of days afield in my Rutgers ecology courses w Professors Wolgast, Applegate, n Locandro!! The Godfathers of wildlife management in NJ!!
  4. Doesn't get anymore old school that Lacrosse burly!! My go to huntin n fishin boot for bout 25 yrs. Just started my 2nd pair last year!! If ur worried bout cold feet, buy an extra size bigger for room for extra socks....rarely have to leave em home in lieu of cold weather pac boots! A few years ago I got sucked into the Muck boot craze n tried em out, rotated em in throughout the huntin n fishin seasons for bout 4 yrs, n they crapped out n leaked....as well as caught burrs n stickers on their material...... muck boot experiment conclusion had negative results.
  5. Cool pic!! Red tail on left, sharp shinned on rt,.....and grackle in the middle!!
  6. Shiny Pearl Akerns... For that special deer in everyone's life... And when u care enough to feed em the very best!!!
  7. Wow! Nice buck n cool story! Mingo county is a bit south of Charleston.....there are a few of those coal mining counties down there that are special big buck counties w different regs, I think archery only, not many deer due to lots of poaching from poor coal miner families, but deer get big and old n smart. Always slammers put down every yr in that area. WV DNR actually stocked boar in that area to give the miner families a difficult quarry to pursue other than deer.
  8. Wow!! Congrats Mattie!! Great story n great buck!! Way to hunt him hard!! U deserve that deer!!
  9. I defrosted some meat and looking to make a nice dinner for the family. I remember seeing some bacon backstrap recipes on here....but forgot the details.
  10. Congrats bro!! Awesome hunt n pics!! Great old warrior buck!!
  11. Just rolled into assunpink w the setter. Good luck to all afield!!
  12. Hmmmmm.....one time use? Why so? Got to be a way to reload that thing huh??
  13. Fattie feller for sure!! Hope he has the smarts to evade cars till next yr!!
  14. I like it! Especially the price!! I was looking into the Wingman....but $120!! This device plus the Q Safe climbing strap is guna be my set up for WV next wk....been chancing things for too long
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