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  1. Its probably needed due to the lack of habitat, but it would be nice of the NJDFW upland game bird biologists to show some data, via harvest data/surveys, sighting counts, drumming counts, etc, to support their decision for a closure. Personally.....the last time I saw or heard a grouse in NJ....was circa 1990s off Old Mine Rd in Sandyston
  2. Is it a high deer/car collision area? Probably why they took up residence Take the carcasses away pronto upon being killed, may help them to move on Interesting side note.....some vulture roosts have history dating back to civil war times.....some roosts near Gettysburg were known to scavenge the dead soldiers bodies after the battle
  3. Not a bad idea..... But.... They are federally protected.....to include harrassment
  4. Dawgs will be dawgs Speedy recovery
  5. Outdoor Carpet tape Super sticky double sided.....put it all over....wherever....will really mess with their heads!!
  6. Found these 3 was ago in zone 51
  7. I have been using the same quality retractable dog leash for 20+ yrs and there is no better way to haul your gear into your treestand I get that this guy has a neat system....n may save a few bucks ....but u still have to buy the paracord, a spring loaded clip....n figure 8 it every time....I guess even on way down to lower equipment....or how does that work....because what goes up, must come down.....Or do u lower it and it then becomes all tangles? Haul lines usually turn into a mess at some point 20+ years ago I discovered the retractable dog leash was a better way, bought 4 for my bro n pals, taped a flashlight on em, n gave them a custom Xmas gift.....they all still use em today.....as well as in the offf season walkin their bird dawgs!!
  8. Hmmmm... Interesting.... But... Figure 8 wrap a string around your hand for 5 minutes... I will stick w my dog leash
  9. This is my pals recipe I wanna try....
  10. Sounds like one of those.... Zippity Doo dah days!! Outstanding Zip!!
  11. Not my dad.... But my pal likes to say, when talking bout a chick w a nice butt.... "Her ass is tighter than a bull's ass in fly season"
  12. Went golfing w a few pals n the wives while the kids played at the country club pool.... Then barbeque back at the house, watched the fireworks over the TR down the street, and ended it bout 0100 hrs going undefeated on the beer pong table w my bro in law! (Last game went into sudden death OT after opposing team made an incredible comeback hitting 5 straight shots, to send back into a 3 cup OT! My focus was too much for them n I sealed the win in OT!! Lol) And......got in a lil jam w the Queen Bee wife for bringing out the hatchet n did some throwing with the crew of kids! Lol
  13. Awesome pics Lou!! Hope u n fam had a great 4th!! What's the stories behind some of those monster whitetails??!!
  14. Cukes, squash, n beans r in! Blueberries too! Bonus pic.....lost hen skulkin around the garden!
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