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  1. Bonefreak


    Uh.....yes!!! Yeah Affirmative 10 4 Roger Absolutely!!! Kill him!!!
  2. RIP n wife watched Ginsbergs documentary and it sounded like she had done some decent lawyering.... prior to her potted plant position on the bench But......her liberal friends n their agenda contributed to our current disfunction....w grave implications on a grand scale Just like how we hunt funnels for deer and other wild game....the Chinese are setting up in funnels and choke points around the globe.....as well as controlling electronic data like Tik Tok....to achieve global domination Trump is the only politician to stand up to China recently.....then ironically a pandemic d
  3. Looks like a kids toy!!
  4. It starts w an "S" and ends w a "t"......with 2 "m's" in the middle!
  5. Absolute tank of a deer! Hunt him!!! Frank the Tank!!! From the Big Woods!!! 6.5 yrs old at least!
  6. Get em started young!!! ***Bonus pic...homemade dibbler! 20200917_151509.mp4
  7. Rented an overseeder to redo the back lawn and broke out the ol dibbler as well.... Did a soil test and it looks like the pH is a lil acidic.....and the nitrogen, phosphorus, n potash are very low..... Am I reading these correctly? And.....if so....how much lime and N, P, and K should I put down on a 60' x 60' backyard area?
  8. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Nice way to honor him and reflect about your friendship. Hang in there.
  9. I agree that officials need to do more to encourage youths becoming involved in hunting before they are too old and get distracted by other activities... But Monmouth County Park system has an excellent program with some beautiful areas to hunt.....areas that were closed for many years.....until park managers were able to get local politicians to allow controlled deer hunting with the main objective to cull the herd for stewardship of forest health....recreation was not a main focus for allowing hunting. That being said...the program has been in place for many years with great succ
  10. congrats!! Perfect last NJ buck!! Keep us posted how it is in Pennsy....seems like alot of us are looking to get our last NJ buck some day n get the F out of here alive! You proved that "no one gets out of NJ alive" wrong!!! There's hope!
  11. he's a dandy! Congrats Roon!!
  12. Hope she feels better! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!
  13. Congrats!! Great first buck!!
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