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  1. Its an admirable attempt....& all countries should do this....but I'm sorry to say....this will probably all be forgotten in a few short years just like 9/11 was....remember all the American flags everywhere right after 9/11.....well...they slowly disappeared and sanctuary cities, open borders, national monuments taken down, etc etc became the norm.
  2. Yup....kids shuda been allowed to keep em!! Another missed opportunity to recruit future license buyers by the State!! After all..... the governor closed state parks....those trout are wasted and kids could have been keeping em for the past week!
  3. Bonefreak

    Tested Today

    best of luck George!! Hang in there!! Your wife is a hero working in the medical field!!
  4. Good news mazz!! Hope she recovers quickly!! Look forward to reading your turkey chronicles this season and hearing positive updates on the Mrs.!!
  5. What a waste of time, money, effort, and resources! If anyone had any power at Fish and Wildlife....they could seize this opportunity and make a deal with Gov. Smurphy to keep access open to trout anglers which not only would satisfy people who already bought stamps n licenses...but would also make the state a few bucks from new license and stamp buyers (who may even become annual anglers for years to come), and provide recreational opportunities for licensed anglers during these stressful times, and the chance at providing food for their families during these tight times!! I mean...is their anything unreasonable with that or am I missing something??!!
  6. omg!!! My new crush!!! Might have to move to Georgia's 14th congressional district!!! She's badass!!! Trump is guna love her!!!
  7. Good night Bernie!! Grease for peace!!
  8. what size? My brother is looking for a small one too....so I always have my eye out...n can look for the size u are interested in My pal is selling his 18 ft jon/bassboat n trailer ...$3000 I roll in the spring with my pondhopper strapped to my Tundra to fish small spots......and sometimes w my yak in the back for tighter spots.....and finally towing my basstracker for the bigger spots and tourneys!!
  9. Awesome!! Is he wondering when the humans will get out of this shut storm.... or .... Why Bernie dropped out of the race!!! In any event....great pic of Mr. Lithobates clamitans!!
  10. I've always had good results w Round up Pro
  11. Lmfao!! Yes my friend.....I'm fully capable of breaking the internet...with 1 lone irresponsible swipe of the keyboard!! Lol
  12. Hmmmm.....thanks for the heads up! Was wondering why no one thought it was cool! So....the video is on PA Deer Hunting FB page....not sure how to share link to video....but here is a screenshot of doe n the dude who posted it...maybe someone w a more advanced cyber brain can find it sharable video...
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