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  1. There was a project a few years ago that planned on trapping meadowlands birds n releasing them on 6 mile run in Franklin twp. State built new pheasant traps but there were issues w manpower n access to meadowlands. Check w fish n game bout what happened. I think many of the state's vast, closed landfills which offer large grasslands would be an interesting idea for relocation of pheasants....they usually have limited access to people, so maybe a research study can be implemented on such properties.
  2. Said it yourself....simplicity!! Age old medieval technology can't go wrong!!
  3. Outstanding King!! Congrats!! Great lookin hound!! If u ever wana pack him....give a holler!! Roxy is always lookin for friends to run with!!
  4. Thanks V......no well water tho.....big city TR water! Talked to Rhino n he gave me some tips.....mite be seized up cuz of shaft shear pin looks compromised
  5. She starts up fine......but no pressurized water coming out the hose. Figured it's the pump....and at $118 on Amazon...its worth a try since a new one is $350 Any tricks with putting new pump on, oil, etc??
  6. We know you got 'em!! As ugly as they may appear.... or as sophisticated they may be.... Most of us probably have something functional!! I was guna buy a cheap one, but had to deal w a rebate, soooo.... Here's a lil diddy I whipped up this AM out of an old wrestling mat I picked up for free on CL, and an old milk crate....with a Roxy the Beagle supervising!! Effective at stopping x bolts n arrows from the Hoyt!! Ocean County Piney Style!!!
  7. I wouldn't chance it....she mite find out how much fun you have and want to come all the time!!!
  8. Welcome back and glad u r ok! Truck is flattened for sure! Good luck going old school....its a nice change of pace!!
  9. Nice rig!! I will tell my pal bout it! Just wondering, that battery charger ever get wet.....usually they are mounted up off the deck.
  10. Been going on for years....early 2000s were a few big busts in that area. 5 gallon Buckets were labeled soy sauce. Talk bout getting the runs!!
  11. Yikes! Glad u r ok!! I dry fired my Excalibur once in the field n the string went flying....restrung an extra string I had n went back to huntin!! Also jus heard a case of someone taking off the tip of their thumb recently w their xbow string! Stay safe!
  12. As stated....chukars suck as a game bird.....although they are tasty! And....... Imagine that, a constituent of NJFW offers a reasonable proposal that is in line with their Mission and Goals as stated on the inside cover of their Digest.....and gets rejected without explanation.......no wonder why council mtgs are held on Tuesdays at 10 AM when no license buyers can attend!!!
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