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  1. Awesome!! Love Cape Cawd!! Been going every July for 15 yrs!!
  2. Haha!! Love Shark Tank!!! Lol Thanks bro!! I put this thread up w some old widgets of mine!! Lol
  3. Love it wacky!! Had the same thing happen to me w a slugo long before wacky riggin was even a "thing"....won a few tourneys that way before it caught on! Lol
  4. Just gota stay on the old road bed that cuts across....u can feel the difference between mud (off the road bed) and sand (on the road bed). Been doing it for 30 yrs....have yet to step in any "holes"....although I sometimes wear a PFD, as all water safety is crucial.
  5. Waded out into the middle of Assunpink trying for crappies... Just 1 big pickeral!! Hell of a fight on a trout set-up!! Couldn't find the crappies along the whole South shore tho!! Ugh Yes Lou, that is a climbing stick you see!! Dual purpose...anchors my sled....and serves as a seat out there!! Lol
  6. This is a spin off from my "Yet another use for the Ol Jet Sled" and "Hay bale instant Chia Pet food plot" threads....and Lou gave me big ups for the NJWW creativity award! Lol Which got me going down memory lane like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation as I'm holed up like an exhausted beagle chased bunny for 2-3 days w the flu,...... but still contemplating if crappie fishin again w the Ol Jet Sled for "fresh air" will get me feeling better!!?? Anyways, my dad was a sheet metal worker in the city and I learned at a very young age that duct tape can be man's best friend! I have since become a tape enthusiast, and must admit, I been on an electrical tape kick lately, after a long addiction to double sided outdoor carpet tape, which even found its way into my son's Christmas stocking last yr, as he knows the powers it holds! Sorry as I digress! So, I learned to be creative at a young age as most of us all can appreciate, as when we are young, the sky is the limit! To solve a task, be creative, work smarter not harder, keep it simple, and don't reinvent the wheel.....as sometimes it's just a matter of macrosizing or microsizing something! I found some of my old ideas and they cracked me up! Had some good ones, funny ones, n some not so good! Lol. Safety Harness Vest, The Arrow Saw, Retractacble tow line, Virtual Camo, etc. So, anyone come up with sumtin creative that made a task while huntin n fishin easier? Some of the fun of huntin, fishin, n trappin is just that, coming up with new tactics, strategies, skills, gear, "Indian-like" wisdom, etc to be more efficient and effective while afield!! Enjoy!!
  7. Haha!! Thanks!! I have been known to be creative n think out of the box!! Lol. Must be from from deadhead days!! I have yet to hit it big ....and have only made a fortune of mockery and jokes from my bro m huntin pals!! All good tho!! I was onto the safety harness incorporated into a vest idea in '03....and from what I researched, the inventor was a lineman from Alabama and patented it a few months before my provisional patent! Ugh. I laughed when I found these old photos!! Dreams of being a millionaire.....whisped away like dust in the wind!!!
  8. Cool! Nice day for walk n fresh air! I'm laid up w the flu! Ugh
  9. I have seen grass grow on hay bales. Always wondered if clover or other deer n turkey preferred forage could be grown on hay bales? Maybe mix some dirt into the hay bale, keep wet, and voouah la....instant Chia Pet food plot!!
  10. Thought this was an interesting garden idea....
  11. Closest thing to a deer camera .... Was the Trail Timer!!!
  12. Lou.....Flex Seal Rubber!!! Comes in a can.....apply liberally w a paint brush. Spray on flex seal cracks away for some reason.....tried some on waders and my old leaky lacrosse burly rubber boots.....jus made em look charred, like they were found in a controlled burn. Lol
  13. Na.... I was in waders....walking out on an old road bed that goes across lake
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