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  1. The meat pole reports shud be real interesting from the EHD riddled areas!! Yooooo Buck!!!!!
  2. we have managed to grow a massive population of “super coons” since baiting for deer has been allowed. coons w superior genetics, health, and premium offspring who don’t have to risk their lives and travel far to find a corn pile in all reaches of the wilderness…tack on a decline of fur trappers AKA super coon turkey nest raiders, which we are starting to see the affects of in a declining turkey population.
  3. Bonefreak


    Precisely King! 15 mild cases of “Omicron” & the end is near!!!! SMH https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/revealed-fully-vaccinated-patients-show-mild-symptoms-omicron-infection-botswana-non-vaccinated-show-no-symptoms/
  4. Sad. RIP to the victim. Prayers and thoughts to family. Article said kid missed a 300 yd shot….that’s a far shot for anyone let alone a kid…unless the shot was closer and the bullet traveled that far and the article lacks the details.
  5. Definitely could be a rewarding retirement hobby!! https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/heritage-appalachian-apples?fbclid=IwAR3k0LPkRQEX3kK3SQbo8isYcVnZbGOXNKd6B_0DV2LdaXtr9aavp6pEJUY
  6. Have a Grateful Day!!
  7. Signed. nice grassroots effort. Although I have zero confidence these nimnoys will do the right management options discussed. why would we target egg layers when trying to improve the stock?? This rule would apply for all species. When biologists wanted to lower deer population…they made us target does…why don’t fishery biologists understand this phenomenon about female mortality??
  8. Gota love them fast flying bog suckers!! great pics of the setter!!
  9. Bonefreak

    Pa land

    Going out to play the powerball so I can buy that place!!
  10. Mountainman!! Great info and awesome business model!! Good luck!! btw…. …what’s the status of EHD in NY? We planned on rifle hunting Catskills but farmhand said they found 9 dead in crick n nothing is eating fall crops. Ugh. Hotel owner had a bunch dead too in his property
  11. Yup. I agree it’s guna be an ongoing issue in places that really have not been affected too much in the past. Also…u can say my post does combine the topics of both COVID n EHD. I think it’s related together
  12. Good point bout healthier herd due to habitat improvement. my uneducated opinion is the exponential EHD die off in areas that never had it that bad is absolutely connected to the China virus. It’s too ironic that after all these years…this mystery virus shows up and then EHD occurs significantly in areas that it usually did not affect too much. Kinda like ironic how Trump was a shoe in for a second term n the mystery virus came from eating bats on a stick. SMH
  13. Seems prevalent…wonder if EHD increased as a result? https://scitechdaily.com/covid-19-danger-white-tailed-deer-found-to-be-huge-reservoir-of-coronavirus-infectioncovid-19-danger-white-tailed-deer-found-to-be-huge-reservoir-of-coronavirus-infection/amp/
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