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  1. Congrats! Great story mazz!! Way to get it done in D wk!!
  2. Wow!! Exciting D wk story!! Awesome way to seal the deal!!
  3. Congrats! Nice D wk bird! U need the thermacells today or what!!??
  4. You had a great season B!! Congrats and enjoyed your stories! I definitely feel a peculiar sadness at the end of spring gobbler season....more so than any of the other seasons for some reason. I'm guna try to get out a few more times in 14....but it's been quiet out there.
  5. Wowza bowza!!! Nice job pal!! Monday stocked streams have got to be loaded .....since its rained bout every Sunday and streams have been blown out for the 5 o'clock stock days! I gota get back down there!
  6. Haha! Thanks pal! Lol. Not a big dragon fan....unless they have 12 inch beards and 2 inch spurs.....& breath fire when they gobble roar!!! I got a real hoot out of the whole "Starbucks coffee cup" left on the movie set 2 wks ago!! Those Thronies went crazy over that sh#*!!!
  7. Not a big follower....but the wifey is addicted to it.... Enjoy for those who are into it!! I'm going toes up and too tired from catchin bass today taking 2nd place in my clubs paper tourney w 14 lbs!
  8. Let's try and ID that sallie..... Maybe a marbled sallie?? I used to know em all and their genus species Latin names while at Rutgers....brain is fried now....bet Brian bucksnbows can ID it
  9. Haha!! Outstanding!! Nice build!! Totally something I would do!! Love the ingenuity and creativeness!! Post some pics wen u use it!!
  10. Locked up tight!! Nice!! Froggin opens July 1st!!
  11. Nice job Johnny!! Good luck w your new fishin machine!!
  12. Class act! He always was the best KISS member!!
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