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  1. Bonefreak

    The life and times of Buck 8917

    Wow!! Very interesting!!
  2. Bonefreak

    real time results

    Urban liberals vs conservative rural/suburban folk......hence our founding forefathers devised the Electoral College Voting System for presidential elections.....otherwise the urban liberals would always win. Too bad it is not used in other elections. Blows my mind how Menedez was re-elected!!!!
  3. Bonefreak

    Cabela’s insulated rain gear for sale...perfect

    King's stuff is top notch!! GLWS!! I could have used that rain gear today!!
  4. Bonefreak

    Sweet November...In Kansas! **Update**

    Congrats bro!! Great deer!!
  5. Bonefreak

    7 Card Stud Food plot

    Just had 2 four pointers come in. Food plot looks fluorescent now! Lol
  6. Bonefreak

    Ohio Monster Harvested

    Me too....speechless!!!
  7. Bonefreak

    I think I got winded by 2 gobblers today!!!

    I'm back in the white pine and pondering the turkey caper from yesterday. It is a very still morning w hardly any whiffs of wind....and yesterday if was a bit gusty, and my Excalibur was hanging on a hook, and I have white fletching on bolts, ....so maybe the xbow moved a bit in wind n gobblers saw fletching. At one point I thought I saw the lead gobbler cant his head at a 45 degree angle to look up. Probably didn't wind me.....but it was weird. So far....jus a doe n fawn ..... And turkeys!! Lol
  8. Bonefreak

    How much Tinks 69 doe-in rut to use

    1 drop on a cupped up leaf every 20 yds or so on way to your stand...or in a semi circle around your stand.....climb up to stand fast....because they will be coming!!!
  9. Bonefreak

    I think I got winded by 2 gobblers today!!!

    I was in a big white pine, tons of cover, saw them coming in from 60 + yds away....so I know I had the drop on them.....and I didn't move as they approached. I am certain they didn't see me. Once they were directly down wind of me, the alarm putts started. I know it sounds crazy but that's how it happened.....very strange. I know they don't have much soft sensory tissue in those hard beaks, but wtf!?!?
  10. So....im in my treestand today at prime time after seeing Mr. BIG tending a doe when I checked my cam on lunch break....even tho the wind was not the best for spot, and along come 2 gobblers downwind and damn near underneath me....sure enough the lead Tom starts putting and they both peel around me. Never thought they had a good sense of smell, but after today, they can certainly smell to some extent.
  11. Bonefreak

    Bummer from Sunday Hunt

    Call a dog tracker!!
  12. Bonefreak

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    I have a whole bunch over the years....but this one is fresh!! This just happened yesterday at my bass club's end of year bassmaster classic at Farrington Lake.... I am ashamed to even let this one out....and I didn't even say anything to my bass club members...lol I launched boat and trolling motor would not work....I have the new I-Pilot Minn Kota that works off a remote control on a lanyard.....I figured the remote control battery was dead Drove to a nearby Wal-Mart and got a new CR 2054 battery for remote..... Come back to boat, motor still wont work then I realized I never plugged in the power cord for the motor on the bow!!! Lost about 1/2 hour of tournament time.....didn't matter cuz all I caught was 1 short in 7.5 hrs of fishing!! 2 fish for 2.8 lbs won the $350 purse 2 fish for 2 .3 lbs won the $150 second place purse 14 guys......4 keepers caught....brutal should have known it was guna be a bad day I guess I could blame it on not having any sleep cuz me and the boy got home late from Youth Day at the Great Swamp and cuz Roxy the beagle kept waking me up......ugh Tack on running the bass tracker up full speed on an old bridge piling and being dead in the water til my pal pulled me off brutal brutal brutal should have went huntin!!!!
  13. Bonefreak

    Wish me luck...I’m gonna need it...

    Good luck King!!! You can do it!!! U will be healthier and wealthier!!! Live longer to hunt and fish longer and be with your family longer!!
  14. Bonefreak

    If there's something strange...in your neighborhood...

    Lol. Thanks!! I missed a lil of the pre-rut.....but I'm ready to kick it into high gear now!!
  15. Bonefreak

    Electric Fence

    I have an English setter and the electric fence. ....and I use a shock collar on her while huntin.....she never had any issues.