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  1. Have fun Larry!! My brother in law has a place there n said to check out Bud n Mary's marina....they will have some charters going out of there....n to check Groupon cuz they often have special deals to get a few bucks off the trip.
  2. Foggy flying conditions have been reported. LA Police had cancelled flying till afternoon due to fog
  3. That doesn't look like the background of other news reports of crash seen. Mamba out. RIP Kobe & Gianna & other on board passengers.
  4. Good point V....it wud be a mess if it was a open system w 1000 guys in these small woods!
  5. Gave u the ol FU hoof salute before she went down!! I nice shootin w the smoke pole!!
  6. Bonefreak

    Flu Shot Failure

    I never used to get the flu shot, till my new hot female doctor recommended it!! Lol. She said since we have lil ones running around n they are lil puff balls of germ spreaders like Pig Pen from Snoopy n Charlie Brown's gang!! She said there are many strains of the flu but about 3 strains usually have the highest frequency....n the flu shot is a gamble at hitting the strain that will be most prevalent. I got the shot last year n the wifey didnt....she got the flu n was laid up for 3-4 days.....I got a bit of it too soon after but was only knocked down for 1 day. Make your own choice.....I just do what my hot doctor tells me to do!!! Could be worse.....like China with the Wuhan pandemic....leaving 35 million people on lockdown n cities shut down!!
  7. Could be sitting on a gold mine rt there! Highest priced decoy auctioned for around $150,000.....n it was a wading bird decoy!!
  8. I got the Wyze camera for $25.....Roxy the beagle chewed the cord tho! Bad beagle! Worked good till that happened....for $25 bucks anyway. May Go with the Ring at some point as it offers more options
  9. Here's a Harry Chapin song bout such a girl, and a tool n die maker Zip!!!
  10. That's the ol Indian lore to it all....return it to where it came from n it will be consumed back into the ecosystem.
  11. He liked carrots!!!! Lol
  12. It's still bone!! No matter how big or small....all bone stays w me in my shed or shop!! That lil buck ate sumtin everyday to grow that bone!!!
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