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  1. Outstanding!! that first year tree sounds like a winner!! Peaches in the summer time…apples in the fall…if I can’t get the girl I love ….don’t want none at all!! Garcia’s Shady Grove lyrics! wish I had room for fruit trees!!
  2. Our annual trip to the upper cape was a blast as always! lots of beach time with family and got the lil ones fishing on the ponds…hundreds of glacial formed, unpressed ponds up there full of bass and panfish! Unfortunately, the town of Wellfleet had a dune breach and a giant swamp of stagnant water developed leading to an unprecedented amount of mosquitoes!! It’s been covered by local and Boston news how bad it’s been!! Good thing I brought my Thermocells!!! They really did work!! I was checking the Ditch striper reports but it seemed too quiet to make the trip from the upper cape.
  3. How bout $25 Nan??!! I’m in Toms River n can pick em up after I get back from Cape Cod in a few days.
  4. Congrats!! That was awesome when you bought our kids on here subscriptions to P&Y Club!!
  5. Wow!! Looks like an awesome trip!! Always wanted to do it!! Pal duck hunted Chippewa Bay for years….the Bassmasters were up there this weekend….today is last day! https://m.bassmaster.com/
  6. 18th yr vacationing in Cape Cod! Ever since my perfect fit set of Ping Eye 2 golf clubs wiggled out of my yak on I95 in Rhode Island yrs ago… I go full out Spider-Man w straps, bungees, electrical tape & zip ties! any guesses on over/under for # of ratchet straps?!? Lol bonus pic….Connecticut gas prices…thanks China Joe!!
  7. Haha!! Outstanding!! couple wild Daisy Dukes rt there!!
  8. Wow!! Awesome story pal!! Incredible once in a liftetime experience!! My father in law got one at our local course …didn’t win a car either…lol …I think he got awarded a plaque for it.
  9. Thanks some great tips fellas!! Definitely some starting points to work on for when we go to the range! Told him bout my outing today and our 1 pal just wasn’t able to hang….told him he doesn’t wana be that guy! Lol
  10. Haha!! Awesome pal!! I hear your passion for the game…& sounds like you were a ringer out there!! Made a few shots today you would have been proud of!! 35 ft chip off the fringe in the hole and a few 20+ft putts!! You ever get a hole in one!!??
  11. Thanks Bob!! Nice reflection of your youthful days!! Would never have picked you out as a 6 handicapper!! Have a GRATEFUL Day!!!
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