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  1. So...tomorrow at 11:59 is deadline? tried last yr for my boy n I n nuffin. Even tried for a cow tag mite try again cuz my pal has a good guide to set us up
  2. Fibromyalgia.....or maybe from when a knockoff Rage didn’t deploy!
  3. Whoah!! I haven’t hunted that hard since last November’s WV deer season!! No dragon slaying today!! I think I was 12 days too late....lots of old sign but not a peep today! Covered a few miles! Only tracks n Turkey I saw was stickers on back of truck!! Ugh Beautiful ground tho n I’m definitely guna deer hunt up here!! Fresh socks for the ride home!! Feel like a new man!! Bone out!!
  4. Thanks pal! had to take off your ASAT Camo...getting too hot!! Lol 1 hr left ....all’s quiet!!
  5. Fresh pair of socks on....feel like a new man!!! Time to walk the other 100 acres. Caretaker said he saw a bobcat the other day so birds must be on high alert!
  6. All is quiet so far. Just a half dozen deer at dawn in the pasture. Nice spot tho!! Found the shitter too!!
  7. Bro in law’s 250 acre farm in Catskill. his wife saw a fire breathing dragon of a gobbler on the back 40 yesterday Davis Sport Shop sold me my 2 bird tag for $25 bucks guna raise some hell!! brought out Rocky the decoy out of retirement for a few rounds!
  8. Neat!! Full mount for sure!!
  9. The always irresponsible Chinese take flack for their rocket debacle. at least it didn’t hit Dirty Jersey!!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/science/nasa-china-rocket-debris-maldives-long-march-5b.amp
  10. Be careful!!! Stay upwind of the Cartels!!!!
  11. Whoah!! Gggggiants!! Dying from old age, poaching, wtf??
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