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  1. Bonefreak

    Salmon Time

    Outstanding!! Cherished times w your boys!! No keeps for next year's pool winner fluke charter!?!? Lol
  2. Nice Britt!! Good luck with him!!
  3. Bonefreak

    Staten Island Deer Problem

    Outstanding!! I like her!! Nice job showing how ridiculous their deer management plan is!!
  4. Bonefreak

    Don't be like me....WARNING, Graphic Pic

    Yup....those are them!! I guess they are European and not Asian! I didn't get a real good look at em, just know they were big ass mofos!! Shuda pulled out when I saw em buzzin round....but I had to check that damn camera for Mr. Big!
  5. Bonefreak

    Don't be like me....WARNING, Graphic Pic

    Thanks for the kind thoughts fellas!! I'm feeling better! Yep, I only got stung on head and arm, then had a reaction that broke out in hives on my back.
  6. Don't be like me.....dont ever, ever pour Maple Syrup on your early season corn pile, (probably one of the dumbest things I have done in a long time).......no matter how bad you want to entice the "Jersey Devil Buck" from last season out of the thick cedar swamps for the youth archery day this coming Saturday!! I went to check camera .....got swarmed by giant Asian wasps!! Took direct hits to head and arm......snorted Benadryl the rest of day til I felt back to normal. Doctor ordered me to find my Epi-Pens, as this all could have had a different outcome. And....nuthin on camera. Don't be like me!!......or at least wait til winter to sweeten up your feed!!
  7. Bonefreak

    How’s the hunting in old bridge ?

    U got yourself a honey hole!! Hunted w my dad off Texas road 30+ years ago. Some real nice woods and it was nice to see a rack buck instead of the spikes and 4 ptrs we were used to seeing in the pines. Good luck Sarge!
  8. Bonefreak

    Anyone ever hear of Norm Fox from Burton,Mi

    Never heard of him......but he got a cool name!! Good luck!!
  9. Bonefreak

    Quick Florida Trip

    Outstanding!! Nice Florida Flattie!!
  10. Bonefreak

    NY Giants

    6 sacks on Ely by 6 different Cowboys!!!......they mite not win a single game this season!!
  11. Bonefreak

    Don't do what I did...

    That's why I have an Excalibur.....u can de-cock it without having to shoot it.
  12. Bonefreak

    Need your votes Please

    Done. Cool stuff!! What came to my mind was it looked like a close up of a mayfly hatch. Good luck!
  13. Bonefreak

    was I an a-hole?

    Not anymore I hope!! Your brother has poor taste in choosing best friends. If this is the way this guy acts to his best friends brother....imagine how he carries himself at normal life!! Let's get the NJWW Fluke Fishin Crew together and give this smacker a "don't mess with one of our own" country boy woods rodeo!!
  14. Bonefreak

    was I an a-hole?

    OMG Jack!!! That guy us a total dick wod!!! You did nothing wrong!!! He is a smacker for even asking your parents......my mom always said....blood us thicker than water.....meaning family us everything.....n that means family gets permission to hunt before friends. Thus guy shud hav never tried to hone in on your area.....but since he saw that big buck, he is pulling out all the tricks. Then....to have the audacity to make you feel bad about it, ask for money for his block, etc.....he really is asking for a knuckle sandwich!!! And the worst thing of it all, since your dad is ill....who needs this asshat drama!!! Hope your dad feels better and tell this "friend" of your brothers to go eat a dick!!!