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  1. Congratulations. I got one in 2000 for a brook trout I caught.
  2. Absolutely beautiful mounts. My next mount will be a coyote. I live in Gloucester county but I will make the trip to you.
  3. Great day with your daughter. Your a great dad!
  4. So true. Most people try to string a recurve the way they did in the old days. Put one limb behind your leg and pull it to you can get the string on the other limb. Stringer is the safest way and the best way for the bow.
  5. You said it before I had a chance. In south Jersey we only have a few bow shops and they don’t know a lot about traditional archery. Dacron Flemish string is the way to go.
  6. Wow. Nice work. Looks great!
  7. My mom said the same thing about the clean underwear. Hilarious!
  8. My neighbors on both side of me pay for their lawns and a few neighbors across the street. They all have sprinkler systems and same landscaper. Lawns look great until we get a heat wave. Even though they have sprinklers. My lawn is crab grass. I keep it cut, weed whacked and edge the side walks drive way and curbs. My crab grass burns worse than their lawns but one good rain it looks great again. They ask me all the time what’s my secret. In my opinion it’s about the edging and just keeping manicured.
  9. Great offer! Hope you find a person that really needs it!
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