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  1. My favorite time of the year is fall. Looking at the fall colors. Sitting in a tree or ground blind in the morning listening to the woods wake up. Smelling the fall smells and looking at the leaves change colors. I love it.
  2. Reading the topic I had no idea what to expect. Hilarious! Loved it!
  3. That’s what I would do if I didn’t have girls in my house that aren’t afraid of spiders. I try to make my 16 yr old son to kill a spider if my wife and daughters aren’t home. We both run and hide until they come home!
  4. I hate spiders. I spray my blind in and out with sawyers permitherin spray for ticks and mosquitos. Seems to work on spiders also. Funny my youngest daughter is 19 and her name is Rayna. She not afraid of spiders like dad!
  5. Awesome video. It’s cool how the deer check out the cam. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Wow that was a very nice gesture. Very sorry for your loss.
  7. Beautiful buck! With a long bow! I love it! Congrats!
  8. Recurve hntr

    Baby Boy

  9. Nice trout. I love trout fishing. Been fishing for trout since I was a little boy. Only ponds and lakes. Definitely want to come up north and fly fish some streams.
  10. Not happy with this country! GET OUT! Don’t mess with the American Flag!
  11. Beautiful buck! Congratulations
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