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  1. Lunatic

    NYC restaurants

    Looks good, a possibility
  2. Lunatic

    NYC restaurants

    I will be Central Park by 82 but I can grab a cab
  3. He is nice, congrats!!! That was fast
  4. looks great I made 5 lb of venison sweet and 5 of hot
  5. Lunatic

    NYC restaurants

    I will be in the city tomorrow and would like to hit some new restaurant. Something interesting, unusual but good. Any ideas?
  6. Lunatic

    My New Motto !

    Yep, and liberals are not even human to me
  7. You have zero imagination or skill if you don’t think you can’t permanently paint whatever they need on your metal stand. However as you quoted you only need the number. You are struggling with how to pain a number on a metal stand? do you just argue to argue without any other purpose?
  8. you paint your number on the stand
  9. Rocky said in another state you are limited to two and you have to have your license on the stand. I think thats very reasonable
  10. I would like it but lets say limit of two would be ok as well. Some people can not climb for whatever reason so two stands should not be a problem. Also they should go through the woods in the summer, confiscate ans sell all stands left behind. I can promise you people would not have 10 stands in the woods if they had to take them down and then put them up every years.
  11. Oh no she is leaking too. You just ruined a couple of meals for me and maybe even some sex
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