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  1. Sittin' on the eggs

    Nice. I hardly ever see RS hawks in my area and you have on nesting next door!!
  2. Philly fans classless as usual.

    After watching their team being eliminated in a 8:5 loss to Penguins, Flayer's fans throw beer on ice. Only in philly!
  3. Busy Sunday!

    I love splitting ash!!
  4. Busy Sunday!

    At least you had help. I was on my own. But I love doing it
  5. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Work gets in the way of fun
  6. Opening Day Tomorrow

    My season starts next Saturday. Good luck everyone tomorrow!
  7. Wide 6ptr mount done

    That's a beast!!
  8. Wide 6ptr mount done

    Great season for you, that's nice. Did you ever find out how old these bucks were? They both look mature and when I say mature I mean at least 4.5yo
  9. Fishing

    Thanks guys
  10. Fishing

    Yes, there are 3 nests within a mile of my house and they come several times each day. The lake is shallow so its easy picking for them. No big fish in the lake yet. Sandy killed them all when the bay filled the lake but its coming back. Pre Sandy carp was huge in this lake. Back then they would get fish too big to flay away with. here is a picture from back then with fish flipping him forward. He let this one go
  11. Swan attacked my Lab

    They have ability to drawn your dog for sure. They have theirs size, and buoyancy on their side and they do kill by drowning.
  12. Fishing

    He is on fire today. After two glasses of wine my hands were already little shaky What did he catch?
  13. Fishing

    Osprey is about 2 feet long and this turtle is about 100' behind him. Huge!!
  14. Fishing

    This guys is so good at it you would think his life depend on it And check out the size of the turtle in the last pic
  15. Swan attacked my Lab

    Mute swans are very nasty and my bet is on the swan if he got your dog in open water. They are killers. Two years ago while nesting on the lake behind my house they killed two adult geese and 8 goslings. While trying to get close for pictures I had swans walk me down and I had to back off or fight. They are not native to North America and very harmful to our native waterfowl.