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  1. Lunatic

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    Thanks for the info!! your bicycle cost more than your car??
  2. I wouldn’t watch this show if you paid me. SNL it’s a liberal hornets nest.
  3. Lunatic

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    WHere are you located?
  4. Lunatic

    Drone owners

  5. Lunatic

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    It maybe his main transportation soon:-)
  6. Lunatic

    Can’t open locked car

    I will try this next time but I hope I don't have to:-) BTW the only keyhole on this car is on driver's door. Even the trunk does not have on Thanks
  7. Lunatic

    Can’t open locked car

    No, that wasn’t it. Thanks for the suggestions
  8. Lunatic

    Can’t open locked car

    No it’s not. I had a locksmith open it this morning. Now I have to take it somewhere to fix it.
  9. Lunatic

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    I’m recovering from elbow surgery from injury I sustained almost a yer ago. For the first time in 20 years I’m not playing hockey, my go to 3 times/week exercise, so I’m am out of shape and 15lb overweight. I should be able to hit the ice again in two months so I need to get my cardio back to a reasonable level. I have a stationary bike but I hate it. I’m thinking regular bike is the answer. I have a paved trail near by, about 10 miles from Keyport to Sandy hook and the idea is to make this run at least 4 times/week before my arm heals. I don’t know shit about bikes so I have no idea what to get. What’s good without breaking the bank? thanks L
  10. I did a paving job once in Camden. We didn’t feel good about leaving equipment there over night so we called the Police Department to hire off duty cops to watch our equipment at night. The cop we talked laughed at me and said: we don’t go in there at night . We tricked all equipment in and out every day
  11. Lunatic

    Drone owners

    BT W the filters are: UV, CPL, ND4 and ND8
  12. Lunatic

    Drone owners

    I have a 4 PC filter kit with case, lens hood and metal lens cover for Phantom 4, 3 Advanced and 3 professional. New, never used. It is yours for free just PM me your address and I’ll mail it
  13. Lunatic

    Can’t open locked car

    No, the way my son described it everything works but the unlock system and that includes electronic buttons. The key will not turn as well. I am thinking something went wrong electronically and the system shut down. If it was just mechanical problem in the door I would at least hear something when unlock button is pressed but I don't.
  14. Just buy a cushion you take with you for every hunt.
  15. Lunatic

    Dodge dependability

    Don't even say that. 1957Buck will be calling his police department in 5 minutes