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  1. Decent buck showed up this morning @MGHunter66- first one this year
  2. It depends on what you are shooting but I always go with manufacturer strings. With the forces involved I at least know the string on my crossbow was specifically designed for my crossbow. Also if something goes wrong the manufacturer may not cover it with after market strings
  3. I sight my muzzy at 100 yards and then I always aim where I want to hit the target from 20 to 150 yards. Dead deer every time.
  4. You go to cape cod fresh water fishing? This is like going to Costa Rica bluefishing Nice size catch
  5. It sucks hang in there. Dogs suck fir one reason, they don’t live long enough
  6. Unless the fish is biting where the fleet is at
  7. Good luck with the new place, it is always exciding to explore something new. No deer makes a rub at 6' or above. They lower their heads to rub with the inside of their antler basket.
  8. Lunatic

    I’m not Roon

    Came out great !! House work never ends
  9. Did you do any walking since you called it walk/run? Interval training is very effective
  10. Is that the idea of this bike, you peddle and electric power is to assist with difficult terrain? Can you just run all electric for a couple of hrs?
  11. Ability to buy stuff to make your life easier or more interesting is nice. In reality everyone does it. I play hockey, walk miles and climb trees but being in shape does not mean I enjoy dragging deer for hrs. Working smart creates more time for whatever is your pleasure.
  12. Don't you have a Hawk Crawler. It should work well with this electric bike? (although the Hawk Crawler is not very quiet)
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