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  1. Your buck next to what I had in front of me is a monster. congrats!
  2. I had this plan yesterday, first buck gets it. So at 3:30 comes this little 4 pointer. I just couldn’t nice buck
  3. Despite the rain I had a parade of 12 does. Not one single buck.
  4. Climbed up today with my crossbow, maybe I get lucky filling at least one of the six day tags
  5. You would think it should be easy to get it done since I believe anti's would be for it as well./
  6. Thats great but we need to push for stronger laws. In Vermont if you are caught trespassing with intention to hunt or hunting you lose your license. This is what we need, some bite to our laws.
  7. Don't be slave top your area as well. you only have to drop it of and then pick it up. I live in Keyport and I took my deer to Jersey Jay. Great price and fantastic work. If I ever get another mount this is where I am going and it was a trip
  8. No big deal that' the way it usually ends up. Don;t sweat it take your sun hunting as a reward
  9. Looks great and a good buck
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