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  1. Lunatic

    Fun day blowfishing

    That’s great, good eating !!
  2. Lunatic

    Cam check August 18 2018

    Wherever his stand is, buck core area or not, they will move out with traffic of baiting and checking pictures over 3 piles in the same area.
  3. Lunatic

    Young Kid Ignored SAD

    So you are peeking again. I am honored How much of a 16' boat can you see above the water when the boat is capsized? Is it 12", 18"? Can you see it from a distance of 17.6 football lengths. Keep in mind in a mile, just the curvature of earth will obstruct 8" of the boat and then there are waves:-). I like to say welcome back to reading my posts but I knew you never stopped
  4. Lunatic


    He can tell you what it will be this year but he was $70/$75 for basic cut. All vac-packed on commercial machine. I still have his meat from October and there is no freezer burn. One of the options this guy has is thin cutlets . He will thin slice any portion of your meat for things like Marsala or venison jerky. He will also make kielbsy, sweet/hot Italian and other products. Very clean and very competitive prices. Deer dropped off on Saturday or Sunday is usually ready for pick up by early the following week-3 days max.
  5. Lunatic

    Young Kid Ignored SAD

    You are going to see a small boat capsized a mile off shore?
  6. Lunatic


    Thanks, Good butcher, I recommend him!! Will you still have the 24hr walking shed?
  7. Lunatic

    Your BEST wildlife pictures, POST HERE!

    Back yard today
  8. Lunatic

    Army Markmanship Medal Question

    After a while no way to walk around with all this steel pinned to your chest
  9. Lunatic

    How many Deer Permits do you pay for?

    It all depends. Last time I was in Illinois the buck tag alone was $500
  10. Lunatic

    How many Deer Permits do you pay for?

    So the follow up question is how many times in a season will you hunt?
  11. Lunatic

    Young Kid Ignored SAD

    So you are sitting on the beach and a kid tells you "I just saw a whale flip a boat". You look and there is nothing on the water to conform his story. What do you do?
  12. Lunatic

    The shirts mojo comes through again...

    Nice, congrats Did you taste the meat?
  13. Lunatic

    Nice one

    Very nice fish. You and your uncle are troopers for being out there in this heat, mid day.