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  1. Let’s see how you did. I went in with intention to set up two spots but with this heat I was done after one
  2. You are not a man. A man caught in a lie and accused being a liar would prove he is not, (and the prove is very easy in just providing some quotes), but if he could not he would move on in shame. Not you. You reply when caught with something completely not on subject and return like nothing ever happened. This tells me one thing. You are harden by life and it has no effect on you. Lying and dishonesty is the way of life for you so shame and self respect is long gone.
  3. We should call him run away Pinocchio because he can not stand behind anything he writes. When challenged he runs away. Even when his integrity is in question he just runs away, knowing it is impossible to defend.
  4. That’s a lie as well. Show us the quote,
  5. No quote Pinocchio? Another lie to cover previous lie.
  6. I challenged you like this, giving you a chance to prove you are not a liar several times but you are not a man. You are a lying pu55y who is not ashamed to be called a liar. Here is your chance to show all of us I’m full of shit but you can not because I’m 100% right and there is no way for you to show otherwise. You earned it again
  7. Be a man this one time or be a liar from now on. Show me your quote where you addressed you lie about trump getting 1.6 or 2.2m for the construction of the wall. Are you going to stand up and defend yourself like any self respecting man would when called a liar, or are you a liar and you can not defend it?
  8. Are they the same experts who said Trump would never win. When are you going to realize they are controlling your mind:/
  9. You must be the dumbest guy on the planet or this is your way to confuse the issue. To the below you again deflect by saying this was somehow about 1.6 vs 2.2..... you can not make this shit up: Pinocchio: If Trump was serious about boarder control he would use the 2.2 million Congress gave him for the construction of new all. He is not spending it so how can he state he is for border control? Response: Hey Pinocchio it was only 1.6 million and it was not for the construction of the wall. Furthermore, in the first half of the year he used more than 50% of the money Congress gave him for the year so how can you say he is not using it? Pinocchio 2.2M or 1.6 whats the difference? Response: Pinocchio I am not talking about 1.6 vs 2.2 although that was a lie as well. I ma talking about the claim you made the money was given to him for the construction of the wall, which is a lie, and the claim he refused to use the money, another lie Pinocchio silence Response How about it Pinocchio Pinocchio: 1.6 M or 2.2 whats the diferance
  10. No you did not, that's another lie If you are a man you will provide your quote. You will not because you are a liar.
  11. Not only this Trump is the only one who actually tackled the inequality in trade agreements he was handed when he took the office. God bless him for actually looking for US interest and to be beaching about stock market instead of looking at the larger picture is a complete absence of intelligence. Yes, of course fighting China for trade equality will upset the market on short term basis but is he doing it for today gains or losses? He is doing it to bring jobs back to America by eliminating the enormous disadvantage the previous agreements put us in. So Pinocchio can bitch about dip in the stock market, and intelligant people look for the long term results.
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