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  1. Gore-Tex is old technology and it only works for a while. I have goretex boots and rain gear I paid over $300 for and they now let the water through. There is much better, light clothing out there, you put over your outer wear, that will never leak.
  2. Hard to believe it did not open wide hitting the hardest point of impact, the outer skin and maybe the ribs. 70 yards is not too ba
  3. That looks stupid but you have to do what the client wants. Great job as usual.
  4. I’m using it to measure m fluke from now on
  5. You have no argument from me, I’m just trying to convey information. I had this jacket so I’m trying to help
  6. It means imagine where the arrow should exist, from where you are looking at your target, so that the arrow goes through both lungs. It is the best way to explain what to do unless there is a picture of what you are looking at. You can not just say aim at this or that unless you can see how the deer is position in respect to your own position
  7. At 35 you are not wearing this jacket. The jacket is for cold weather bow hunting
  8. You aim for the exit. Where should the exit be? Where it assures the arrow goes though the vitals
  9. this is for late season winter hunting. If it’s raining it’s to hot for this jacket. If it’s snowing you will stay dry.
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