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  1. Very nice. I have many buck coming to my site and last year it wasn't so. So I am thinking I am getting your bucks this year and you had mine last year
  2. you just can't go wrong with this one
  3. Relax, you think they can predict what is going to happen in 3 days?
  4. I wish this was just about money. They are an integral part of the democratic machine, in charge of shaping public opinion. 90% of what they do is Soviet Union style propaganda which has nothing to do with reporting news or facts. Its no0t for money, it is for destruction of our republic.
  5. The pictures is 30 minutes old
  6. Lunatic

    Got a new ride!

    Nice, good luck with it
  7. That's why I said few. Perfect example is our Pinocchio who will lie to win an argument, which proves even he does not believe.
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