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  1. You are a big man and looking at these bikes I can't see you on one of them, they look tiny. Also if someone here tells you the bike is good on hills, I would ask how much they weigh. Maybe the guy is 170lb and you are tall and maybe 50lb heavier, which may make a difference.
  2. I am not sure but I believe they even allow showering with the patch on. I know I have on most trips and I never got sick on it. It works for me very well but everyone is different
  3. I hope that is not you
  4. You get them from your pharmacy and you get 3 or 5 but you can ask your doctor for more. Usually if you want another batch in the same season the doctor will just call it in for you
  5. NO it burned in a house fire but he now has a much nicer boat for overnight trips. I don't remember the make now and I can't find a picture.
  6. Next time you at your doctor's as him for the motion sickness patch. You stick it behind your ear and you are good for 24hrs +
  7. The previous owner wrapped the entire wire harness, all wires converging at the battery or fuse box-I can't remember now, with electrical tape. Over time the moisture got in there and shorted out the entire system.
  8. I had my first case of seasickness late in life in my late 30s and it was also triggered by nerves, (this is after 100s of fishing trips since I was a kid. ) Like you I was heading with a friend, on my 23' welcraft coastal, shark fishing in the mud hole. We left middle of the night and we traveled on radar and GPS since the visibility was very poor. About 5 miles from getting there I hit a wave, nothing major, and I lost all power except the engine was still running. No radar, no GPS no bilge pump, no radio. Looking for the source of the problem, still in the dark, for the first time in my l
  9. Yep it could happen with any type of stress when you have a heart condition. The heart attack killed him.
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