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  1. Lunatic

    a couple that survived

    This one survived he should be a nice buck next year.
  2. Lunatic

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    This you need to work at. It’s all doable
  3. Lunatic

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Bs solution, even more of utopia than meaningful immigration policy liberals will never allowed. And in fact here you go again, talking about drugs to argue against the wall while ignoring the other aspect, illegal immigration. Anyone who tells me building a wall will not do what it is meant to do, and that is to stop people from crossing our borders is an idiot. Somehow a fence around a prison keeps the inmates in but it will not stop people from crossing:-) You will go in circles with your pointless arguments because as I said you are an obstructionist.
  4. Lunatic

    Fox hunting

    My go to for fox is a mole squeak. Once you get them closer switch to it and they can not resist it. The call is not very loud so use something like rabbit or groundhog in distress to bring them in first
  5. Lunatic

    They are still holding

    This tells me my Sunday walk was premature
  6. Lunatic

    They are still holding

    Well, not all of them, just got this picture
  7. Lunatic

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    BS you are all over the place just to make arguments. You argue for and against the same thing while telling us you are for what you ars arguing agains typical liberal not interested in any solutions, only in arguments. I have a word for people like you, obstructionist.
  8. Lunatic

    They are still holding

    This is Monmouth County. I gave up too soon
  9. Lunatic

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    Thats a beast
  10. Lunatic

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    You will argue anything just so eventually nothing gets done. You are looking for fat, skinny, short and tall man who in reality does not exist.
  11. Lunatic

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    He claims he is for eliminating illegal immigration, (BS in my opinion), but he will fight anything by the only president we ever had who is willing to do something about it. He argue the solution isn't perfect so we should not do anything or do something that is a complete utopia. The wall is no good and he will fight it because we should have meaningful immigration reform, something liberals will never allow. He knows it but yet use this pointless argument because liberals don't need any logic, they just need any argument and all is good.
  12. Lunatic

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    No one has anything confused. We have two problems, we are choked with drugs and illegal immigration. There is no confusion. There are only empty arguments, simply to be against anything proposed by Trump administration. When someone comes up with a way to stop illegal immigration the liberal argument is "it will not stop drugs". If we target drugs the liberal argument is" it will not stop illegal immigration. You yourself employ this tactic very well.
  13. Lunatic

    Any Hockey Fans out There?

    And much less BS and drama you see in men's sports.
  14. Lunatic

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    It was a season of missed opportunities for me but it was fun. I shot a buck on November 4th and two weeks latter I had a monster of a buck circle my stand for 5 minutes, giving me several easy looks. He knew I was tag-less. Then In January, muzzy season, I shot and connected on a nice 10 pointer but he went across a 400 yard field into residential area and I never found him. Overall one buck and 5 does, 221 hrs in the woods. I could do it all again starting today.