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  1. Next thing is our hunting season.
  2. That’s some great picture i never even heard of this bird and it’s cool looking
  3. Lunatic


    That’s the beauty of it and I was too shocked how easy and quick it is
  4. This site is great with this type of help
  5. Lunatic


    King is great but crazy expensive here in NJ. $27.99/lb.
  6. Lunatic


    So I did another batch, this time with very thick King Salmon. All I have to say is WOW. The flavor is perfect and salt level just right Don’t go with thin fillets, they absorb too much salt. Maybe less curing time is in order with thin fish
  7. No there isn’t. It depends what type and for what purpose. From work I can tell you a real estate attorney can be 1/2 of what criminal or contract/business Atorney is. we pay from $250 to $450 + expenses
  8. Lunatic


    Cape may is nice. Even people here seam to be much nicer than our usual NY/NJ mix
  9. Stay there!! This place sucks for now
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