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  1. They made cars that floated but they didn’t work very well so why not make a boat you can drive that would float well
  2. That’s an eastern Heebiejeebies, run away snake
  3. So up to this point I had no problem uploading videos from my cell. Today I can’t do it. I get this Allowed file extensions are: jpg, bmp, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, mp4, webm, ogg what changed ?
  4. How long was the nose on the vagina?
  5. Sharks aren’t picky. Get some fish chunks in the water and if blues, blue sharks and blue fish, don’t find you first you will get a mako
  6. You just made me spit my drink and it was only 8 years old :-)
  7. He was and now he is claiming it was Russians.
  8. When I told my 5 year old kid I didn't have any money to get him whatever toy he was asking for he said" why don't we stop at the bank and get some"
  9. Pinocchio was crowing about Trump/Russia collusion for almost two years. Do you really expect him to accept the fact he was wrong? He is never wrong yet his tireless body of work on this forum is in its entirety based on dilusional liberal propaganda. According to Pinocchio I have tons of boyfriends disagreeing with him. It must be tough on him because he mentioned it several time already. Do you think he ever ponders why there is no one agreeing with him?
  10. Father’s Day lunch, more meat:-) smoked venison kielbasa’s and sausages with horseradish of course
  11. The irony goes on. Pinocchio tells me I have nothing
  12. Very nice but you already need a bigger cave
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