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  1. Lunatic

    Closing pheasant farm just sad.

    I am willing to bet that buying them is MUCH cheaper than raising them on state farm. The government has no ability or o operate like a profitable business. I don't see any problem with this.
  2. Well that is messed up and I bet it didn't feel good. However; having this experience must make you realize it is the same feeling for the taxpayer when he can not hunt a piece of land just because he is not a twp worker. Its the same thing only worse because you are denying access to people who own it. Also you example of landscaper is not a good comparison to justify the practice of allowing only twp workers or LEO hunt public land. The landscaper gets access to private property, who cares? Twp workers hunting land paid for by tax payers is a different ball game and it should never happen. I can't even imagine how any one could defend this practice.
  3. Lunatic

    Are you ready to rumble.......

    That’s great!
  4. Lunatic

    Let’s see your Holiday decorated mounts.

    My will not as well but they are all in my living room. It only tool few months for her to give up.
  5. Lunatic

    Let’s see your Holiday decorated mounts.

    Ok, I did it
  6. Land paid for and maintained by my tax dollars, but only selected few can hunt it. You bet I have a problem with this. You don't become LEO so you can hunt public land and you shouldn't have to become one to hunt the land you pay for. In old Europe hunting was restricted to the chosen class of people. This is what this is. One small group of people above others.
  7. I disagree with it! You want to encounter fewer hunters on public lad then open more land to public hunting. No way I see allowing Twp workers alone to benefit from a piece of land taxpayers pay for as acceptable. That is a complete BS.
  8. Lunatic

    Skinning knife?

    I do well with this one
  9. Lunatic

    Cutting off head/antlers question

    You can cut it off. I would attach the report card to the head and to the deer so the butcher and you are covered
  10. Lunatic

    Crossbow Question

  11. Lunatic

    Neat gifts - thanks Ryanm and wife!

    Very cool
  12. Lunatic

    My best 8pt buck from 12/5/18

    Very cool, congrats. best buck or best 8?
  13. Lunatic

    Electrical question

    Is there an advantage of non GFI for this purpose or its just not worth changing to GFI at this point?
  14. Lunatic

    Electrical question

    Ok thanks everyone. With the outlet only +- 3' above the pit I did worry about tripping due to moisture but what you said makes sense to me. GFIC outlet is cheap enough to get it done. Thanks
  15. Lunatic

    Electrical question

    Well, can moisture trip the GFCI outlet? If so would it be better to install GFCI breaker at the panel for this outlet?