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  1. Do what I do. After reading his nauseating BS for four years about Russian collusion, Ukraine, impeachment and all other fiction they fed him on CNN I can no longer give him another second of my time. He is brainwashed, lost, naive and dishonest. If there was one person the ignore function on this forum was design for, it is him .
  2. I had lunch today at local restaurant. Place was loaded, people are eating, drinking without a sign of any worry. More and more people had enough of this BS. Yet the schools are closed in my area.
  3. Mysteriously flue cases are way down
  4. Buck upgrade - Individual and Team 11 Buck 10 Picture 6 Inside Spread 18 3/4= 19" Right Tine 9.5 Left Tine 8.25 - 8.5 Number of Points 8 Total Points 61
  5. That’s how they do it. Step by step and before you know it they have full control. Too many sheep among us
  6. What science did he ever go by? They asked him several times and he refused to answer.
  7. For better or worse I agree with him, there will be no more boxing
  8. Well, the state will take care of his family anyway
  9. @Ravincrossbow, they are still available
  10. The place looks great! Have fun and good luck
  11. I am not sure as well but I am thinking yes. I remember reading "not at the same time" so if you come back the same day it should be ok. However you can get a confirmation number without even coming down from your stand
  12. What do you expect from people who with passion defended the Russian Collusion and the Ukraine hoax, not to mansion 4 years of never ending nonsense.
  13. Sequential Absentee Ballots No dates All same signatures Not in poll book https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1334309546186125314
  14. I asked if this guy was considered a cop already and if the state would take care of his family with a pension. He said no but but he also said the state is in trouble over this one, whatever that meant.
  15. I have TC pro hunter for 10 years+-. never used anything but pyrodex and never had any problems. If I am at the range I do one swipe after 3 shots but I hardly ever take more than 3 to sight the gun. I never missed or not recovers an animal with this gun. This is my last one at 125yards
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