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  1. Looks like a great and very successful trip, congrats I’m actually considering this hunt for a year now elk firs, next year and then maybe the moose. Best part about it is you get your meet home. Most other places it isn’t affordable. The only easier place Is New Brunswick but you have to draw a tag
  2. I get all this and I believe stated it although in mot so many words. I think your initial statement was confusing to me but we are both on the same page
  3. Thnks, I will try friday
  4. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/dangerous-and-unconstitutional-nj-governor-bans-sale-of-insurance-to-gun-owners/ Dangerous and unconstitutional: NJ governor bans sale of insurance to gun owners Just when we thought that no one could out do California or New York in the category of idiotic gun-control measure, in walks New Jersey. Here is their latest attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment and discourage responsible gun use by trying to make self-defense too costly a choice. We’re just learning about an executive order that the governor issued in September that effectively banned the sale of insurance products that provide liability coverage to gun owners making it virtually impossible for concealed carry holders in New Jersey to get coverage. Governor Phil Murphy’s order specifically said the state should, within 30 days, take all appropriate action “to prohibit and/or limit the sale, procurement, marketing, or distribution of insurance products that may serve to encourage the improper use of firearms,” according to a press release from the governor’s office. As a result of this latest bout with lunacy, the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) announced in early October that it would have to: “Pull their services off the shelf for New Jersey gun owners.” While USCCA, and other groups like them, is not an insurance company, the organization (of which I am a member) does offer concealed-carry liability insurance to its members in the event they are compelled to use their weapons in self-defense. The problem is that states like New Jersey want to regulate organizations like USCCA because they list their membership as “beneficiaries” of their coverage, the press release explained. And for that reason, they’re regulated by the state much like an insurance company. That means that USCCA had no choice but to pull out of New Jersey or risk doing battle with the state’s Attorney General’s Office. The governor’s press release proudly touted a consent order for a $1 million fine against one such company that had encouraged “the improper use of firearms,” according to New Jersey’s standard. “Last week, the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance announced that Lockton Affinity, LLC agreed to pay a $1 million fine as part of a consent order with the department for administering a National Rifle Association-sponsored insurance program in violation of state insurance laws,” the release said. It went on to justify the attack. “An investigation by the department found that Kansas-based Lockton Affinity violated various state laws and regulations in administering the Carry Guard insurance program in New Jersey on behalf of the NRA. Offering an insurance product marketed by the NRA that encourages firearm use is a serious violation of public policy and today’s executive order takes steps to limit such policies’ availability in the State.” Carry Guard insurance was created and marketed to be self-defense coverage for lawful gun carriers but anti-gun activists labeled it “murder insurance” and that’s exactly how the state treated it. Murphy’s executive order also directed state officials to ask all gun makers or retailers to reveal whether they have adopted best practices to reduce gun violence, and to find out how they screen for straw purchasers, firearms traffickers, and people who have been banned from owning or purchasing firearms. “This is not intended at day one to be an adversarial act,” the governor said. “This is to express a broad statement of principles and values that matter to us deeply.” The governor’s office said the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance would scrutinize all liability insurance offered in the state that encouraged the improper use of firearms. Report this ad However, the executive order did not define what the state considered “improper use of firearms” other than its obvious objection to concealed carry. This order eliminates the financial protection that groups like USCCA afford law-abiding citizens of New Jersey. Anyone who uses a weapon to defend themselves, wounding or killing an assailant, will likely face a criminal trial, a wrongful-death civil suit, or both. The battles they face are not easy and they certainly are not cheap.
  5. NO I was not talking about air resistance because it would be the same if I dropped you or or if you squat. The best way I can explain is assume for a moment I am right, there is only gravitational force in play. When you squat down you are stretching your muscles and tendons and you are activating several joints. This requires energy you will not expend if I simply drop you. I don't think there is an equation you can use to solve this without explainig the mechanism of movement. Yes contraction is expended energy that turns into force but you have to show where the force is applied. Your equation will never show that. However; I think after further review you maybe right but from a different angle. I don't see any possibility of thefront leg muscle to pull the body down. Not the way they are attached to legs and not to the body itself. But, the main body can bow/bend mid section, perhaps contraction of stomach muscle, using the others side of the torso as reaction force. Front legs are no longer supporting the shoulder so the "bow" moves the front section down to the ground You see we talked our way through this thing.
  6. I agree on this. If the deer bends his knees before it lifts its head than you will get more force than just gravity moving the body down. If the head comes up first then the reaction force will be absorbed by the stiff legs and the ground below, no additional acceleration. I just don't thing there are any muscles on deer legs that could accelerate the process.
  7. Like you I don’t ever think about deer jumping. I assume it will not and after years of hunting it works for me.
  8. Lunatic

    Redneck Technology

    If you were a redneck your tire would be square you are redneck in training
  9. Welcome back. If you Are pissed then write it and then post it the next day. I bet the next day you will not. I mailed a letter once to twp engineer in Hillsboro as a Chief Engingerr of a construction company. It was the type of letter with “ a pox on you and yours”. The next day I felt like shit about it and I never again mailed or emailed anything negative in writing the same day I wrote it. It is remarkable how different things look when you are not angry.
  10. I like it and I would do it if I in fact had to carry the deer out of wilderness. well done Jay
  11. The only thing I believe you have to worry about is the speed and you already know you are good there. Greater speed will open you mechanical prematurely
  12. Let me know when you see them running in 15. I was out Tuesday and did not see one single deer. Two cam I have out are not showing much as well. Any day now
  13. Sorry you have to go through this. Speedy recovery for Maddy
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