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  1. There is one source of energy never once interrupted in my life time. Natural gas.
  2. Let me get this straight. You are asking people on your ignore list not to reply to you so you are not tempted to read what they have to say? How about some self control??
  3. I have a newer version of Taxtacam but the problem with it is the same. Not very good wih low light and not enough zoom to see any detail even at 30 yards. I use it to review my hunt and on two occasions when I was not sure of shot placement I could review the video on my cell phone and make a decision from there. Other than that the quality just isn't there
  4. I don't even understand why and how India example was introduced here. India's population is 4 times of US. So if India currently has 4,000 deaths per day they are doing MUCH better than we were. Yes they have 4 times fewer deaths than we had at peak, despite horrific sanitary conditions, extreme overpopulation and therefore inability to shut down or separate. This may change but for now we look stupid shutting down, distancing and masking up.
  5. Well if it got to this point it had to be no good for a while. So the choices are: make this new life work for you or go back top no good, although the latter may not even be an option now. The good part is you are splitting on good terms so you don't end up loosing everything you worked for to your and her lawyers. For now, beside taking care of your kids, make yourself your number one and have some fun, whatever that is in your eyes., The worse thing to do is to be mad at your situation, your wife or the world. Its a new beginning, make the best of it!
  6. did he ever show any knowledge based on credible information. Tons of knowledge derived from cheap and self serving propaganda.
  7. Solmar in Newark makes good Octopus. I’ll check out the Cass Vasca
  8. So I get notification regarding this post : But when I click on it I get this:
  9. Lunatic

    Mother's Day Dinner

    Elizabeth?? Who would go there for any reason ??
  10. Interesting combo! Pierogis with what?
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