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  1. Lunatic

    How would you have handled this???

    The only problem with this approach is what will the owner do? Possibility he could say why do I need this shit for letting someone hunt my land. Both of you are gone.
  2. Lunatic

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    Just don't smile when shooting and you will be ok
  3. Lunatic


  4. Lunatic


  5. What happens in the woods.........:-)
  6. Lunatic

    A Dog's Life

    They do. Both of my dogs knew I was almost home from about 150 yards.
  7. Lunatic

    Prayers needed

    Take care of your family firs, there will be time for everything else.
  8. Lunatic

    First burn with the new insert....

    Very nice. Fireplace is waste of money. Now you are getting some heat
  9. Lunatic


    The only Common Crow in North America is in your head. I am attaching an index from National Audubon Society by Sibley, do you see a common crow? Avoid your posts you say? You responded to my post and only then I replied. Yes I called you a snitch after you called FBI on me. What did you want me to call you, informant?
  10. Lunatic

    Hunting Winter Clothes

    He said he was a collage kid on limited budget BTW that Gatorade is the worse thing you could drink . Its loaded with sugar.
  11. Lunatic

    Gave this Buck a Pass

    Good for you
  12. Lunatic

    Amazon Ad Link Sidebar

    I don't see it
  13. Lunatic


    I was only trying to be helpful