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  1. Don’t forget you got four or five dog guys advertising their tracking services so it may seem like a lot but maybe it really isn’t. maybe we’re just seeing the handlers post. with that being said, I have an idea for a t-shirt. I feel that “Pop the gut and call the dog” line of clothing would really fly off the shelves
  2. Best way to finish off a buck? that was up there too…
  3. Wonder if I rented a skiff in barnegat light and set up on one of the deeper holes if that technique would pay off. ….. 🤔
  4. What bay of you don’t mind me asking? I’d love to do that.
  5. Skips is a great shop 👍🏻👍🏻 So grateful they are still in business. now if we could only get a PCP air rifle pro- shop in this state that would be great!
  6. I just bought mine from skips outdoors in Stockton, please do all you could to support local business. $110 slight premium to help local business survive
  7. Does anyone know where we could get these? Asking for a friend that’s also me, I’m my own friend. I had the VID and test for antibodies routinely, it’d be good to have in order to subvert overreaching government morons
  8. Aggressively backing down on a fish in a boat that has no rite to be backing down on a fish. Everybody watches these big Sportys do that but they fail to realize that they are engineered to do exactly that. leak in the exhaust caused from water being forced in, combined with bad timing of a higher wave. Reading comments online about this incident, a few of the more seasoned captains have commented that when a situation like this presents itself the bigger sportys will have a seacock/bypass so that the engines will use the water they’re taking on as a cooler rather than the outside ocean water.
  9. That fish was a scrapper, looks like it went a few rounds with a few Sicilians I know. All sliced up like it was in Smittys net…. 😮😬
  10. Yep, click condensed and you’ll be good Only took me a week to figure out
  11. Such a nice place. I wish I would’ve known about them sooner.
  12. great day! Congrats I can’t imagine the fishery is gonna be able to withstand this type of pressure for much longer.
  13. “Make sure to always be on top, so you never fuck up.” My Dad
  14. 2 of my kids are dyslexic and this trick has helped.
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