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  1. 68Ioweu1


    My safe word is pineapple....
  2. 68Ioweu1

    Illinois bowhunt on private land

    I’ll take it but what do I do about tags? its too late for that isn’t it?
  3. 68Ioweu1

    How to take perfect Turkey harvest photos

    This was a giant #28 bird from this past year, I definitely got accused of trying to get funky with it from my Facebook following. Lol
  4. 68Ioweu1

    How to take perfect Turkey harvest photos

    It helps if it has big spurs.
  5. 68Ioweu1

    How to take perfect Turkey harvest photos

    Don’t forget the sun angle.
  6. 68Ioweu1

    Fossil hunting in Nj

    Great seeing you today sir! Thanks for stopping by and good to hear you succeeded in finding what you were looking for. post some pics when you have a chance, I’d love to see them.
  7. 68Ioweu1

    Pizzeria hit by truck, destroyed by fire

    Yep, my cousins place. Haven’t spoke to him yet. that really sucks, especially as a teneant. The landowner will come out good if he’s insured, hopefully the Tennant’s arent forgotten
  8. 68Ioweu1

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Joe from galassos is my cousin. He used to own Boro Pizza in Hillsborough
  9. 68Ioweu1

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Being in the Pizza business all of my natural life I’ve discovered indisputable truths about the Pizza business in our region. 1st: We are lucky, we don’t have to go far to find a great pizza. As an owner our access to fresh ingredients and efficient broad line carriers (Roma Food, Ferraro’s) puts us in an excellent position to produce a delicious finished product 2nd: If you preface a conversation on the subject with “I’m from New York so I’m Pizza coniseur” I’m automatically gonna assume that you are an idiot and you don’t know WTF you’re talking about. 99.9% of the time my assumptions prove to be factual. Every pizzeria in Brooklyn is Albanian right with the exception of Difaras. My family owned several pizzerias in Brooklyn and now we’re all in Jersey. 3rd: Pizza is local, everyone’s favorite is the one they grew up with or the one you have history with. 4th: it’s easy to be excellent if the location is busy. You can be the most talented Pizza man in the world but if you constantly have to check stock for spoilage and slow moving items this is gonna make you lose money and make bad decisions. 5th your pizza guy shouldn’t be a pussy and be prepared to get yelled at without running back to yelp because he’ll track you down to your last known address from high school and leave a message with your mother to call him....lol just kidding or did that actually happen? 6th: your pizza guy should be pro 2a, hold NRA fundraisers, have pictures of recent kills and catches proudly displayed on the wall, have taxidermy on the wall.... all apply to me and I don’t give a shit who has problem. If you do have a problem, your money will be put aside and used specifically to buy bullets and arrows. We come from Bergen county by way of Brooklyn and ultimately settled in Somerset county, my fathers been in the business since ‘55 when he managed some of the busiest pizzerias in the state. Our biggest influence was Pizza Town USA where he worked , we still wear the red striped shirts from that era Sooo in summation, be happy and don’t argue! There are a ton of great pizzerias in the state. Being from New York by no means makes you an expert. Hope this helped...
  10. 68Ioweu1

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    Anyone that say delucias loses all credibility. That pizza blows.
  11. 68Ioweu1

    Personal best fluke today - thanks hammer

    If you can’t swim a bucktail stay the hell out of the sticky shit! It’ll consume your inner being....lol some of my most memorable strikes came after an entire day of losing bucktail/teaser combos, I got frustrated and only fished a bucktail. BAMMMM sometimes if you give a fluke too many choices you’ll confuse the poor bastards. One
  12. 68Ioweu1

    Ocean Resort Casino, Atlantic City

    In my opinion Those escalators is why the revel tanked. There is something psychological that takes place by giving people an adrenaline rush. They don’t want to spend money as easily, it put me in a different mindset for sure. Those escalators suck!
  13. 68Ioweu1

    Weekend fluke wrap up

    When you “listen to tunes” on that boat we could’ve all heard if we just listened for a moment. Lol that boat is LOUD! You were missed on Saturday for the Savino. Hopefully we’ll be able to fish a tournament together before the end of the year, after all there’s a giant down there waiting to get even with you! Must’ve been huge!