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  1. 68Ioweu1

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    I love mine. Tack driver!
  2. 68Ioweu1

    His Biggest Buck To Date! 132" 10pt

  3. 68Ioweu1

    My 2018 Illinois Buck

    What’d he score
  4. My theory is if you’re gonna whack a neighborhood deer, most likely you’re already breaking a few laws so whats the big deal if it’s at night? It won’t make ya less of a criminal if it’s daylight. 😂
  5. 68Ioweu1

    Talk about torture

    You have the patience of a priest, you may have missed your calling!
  6. 68Ioweu1

    Back from the Adirondacks.....

    This is rifle hunting not outdoor channel celebrity hunters. Try to put another bullet in him.
  7. 68Ioweu1

    VA Buck Down!

    Call the wardens, tell them about the fibromas. Maybe they’ll give another tag.
  8. 68Ioweu1

    Griffin & Howe

    Thank God we have them reasonably close. Nice to have a bit of class close by
  9. 68Ioweu1

    First Illinois Buck For 2018 !!!

    What county?
  10. 68Ioweu1

    (Solved) Target buck down, dismembered - and half MIA

    I just got home and my feeder was nowhere to be seen. I walk back and it was in pieces 20 yards away. Probably got stuck in a bucks rack and he took it for a ride
  11. 68Ioweu1

    Big Bodied Management Buck

    Nice! But what in mismanaged tarnation would make that healthy 1.5yr old a “management buck”. Its times like these I hate what the Hunting celebrity has done to our sport. No need to make excuses, you shot a young buck who’s potential was unknown. Congrats!
  12. 68Ioweu1

    Illinois bowhunt on private land

    I can not believe it all came together, huge thanks for spearheading the lease. Looking forward to getting out there I’m really excited!
  13. 68Ioweu1

    Upcoming Mushroom walks NJ/NY+city

    It was a good year, recent rains screwed a lot of it up though!
  14. 68Ioweu1

    Illinois bowhunt on private land

    I’d trade a an entire season of jersey deer hunting for 4-6 days of hunting the right mid west property.
  15. 68Ioweu1


    My safe word is pineapple....