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  1. A lot of sawmill guys stay away from the backyard trees because of all the blade damaging crap that is typically in them. Nails, toys, forgotten clothesline pulleys from 30-40 years Ago etc etc
  2. Far East viagra
  3. Every girl was invited to see “Revenge of The Hammer 🔨” trilogy series
  4. The mushroom gods smiled upon me the other day
  5. Believe it or not harbor freight has one of the highest rated mills on the market. people say it’s one of the best entry level saws, easy on the pocket too.
  6. Some of the worst sounding turkey calls I’ve ever heard came from an actual turkey.
  7. I hunted all week, heard maybe two gobblers.. tight lipped is an understatement. I hunted in spots that were absolute no brainers. Couldn’t get any one of them to play ball, every single year brings its own sets of challenges.
  8. Bark looks like pin oak
  9. Hey roomy.... just put a bandana on the doorknob if you need privacy.
  10. 68Ioweu1

    Stump shooting

    I’m convinced that stump shooting was invented by the Easton company back in the day to increase arrow sales from damaged arrows
  11. Is the one on the left from this year?
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