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  1. 68Ioweu1

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    They are essentially public servants in that they need the public’s good willnin order to earn the advertising dollars. Enough people stop watching and that money will walk.
  2. 68Ioweu1

    What do you see.....

    There’s one with an Indian accent that’s harder to get out of your head than brain cancer.
  3. 68Ioweu1

    Tough fluking

    What do there foreheads feel like....lol
  4. 68Ioweu1

    What do you see.....

    Father finger father finger ..... 😂 thats all I hear when someone says “what do you see” darn nursery rhymes!
  5. 68Ioweu1

    Bunker 4 Sale

    I disagree.... I’m gonna venture a guess and say the reason you stopped with the tournaments is because you can’t catch big fish.... 😂 i don’t blame you, if you don’t have a good team and a good boat making donations gets tiring.
  6. 68Ioweu1

    Saw this big boy today

    Need some spur porn, any spur closeups.. greag pics btw!!
  7. 68Ioweu1

    Pot of Gold

    Awwww f$&k that thing!!!
  8. I’ve seen a bunch of broken eggs, feathers and fat coyotes.
  9. 68Ioweu1

    What Kind Of Tree Is This?

    They grow morels
  10. 68Ioweu1

    More Shad and big Smallmouth

    Nice! Good job, couldn’t ask for a better night!
  11. 68Ioweu1

    Zone 11. He’s not fat, just big boned!!

    Thanks fellas, he was just a big dummy lol 2-3yr old bird. 1” spurs and 10” beard
  12. I was out in zone 11, on one of my leases this morning. Going in blind I figured what the heck, this day of the season couldn’t be a bigger comedy of errors than the season has already been thus far!!! Wherever I went for the past two weeks the birds were tight lipped. Even a quick getaway to western Pa, an area literally infested with wild turkey, yielded not one gobble after close to 20miles walked. I set up in a spot that always treated me well in the past, in a Russian olive right on the edge of some planted oak. With a little bit of dumb luck I set up right between some hens and gobblers that were about 200yards apart with me right in the middle. All the turkeys involved read the script today. The hens got the hell out of dodge and the gobblers came looking. I was delightfulky surprised when I made it to the check and matt Puskas told me it was too big for his scale. It pinned his scale passed the 25lb mark and he called it 26lb on the States sheet. On my home scale I got 28lbs several times I weighed it. I was happy to break my dry spell, I was starting to worry, thankful that this fatty came waddling my way!
  13. 68Ioweu1

    Log Splitter Reviews Wanted

    I have a 4.5lb husky splitting axe, and it will annihilate any splitter. if I was to get a splitter it’d be a super split.
  14. 68Ioweu1

    Opening day bird

    If he comes in like a big boy, he dies like a big boy!
  15. 68Ioweu1

    Great ending to A week!

    Nice man! I currently shredding my tag into some striper cabeza sopa