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  1. Hey roomy.... just put a bandana on the doorknob if you need privacy.
  2. 68Ioweu1

    Stump shooting

    I’m convinced that stump shooting was invented by the Easton company back in the day to increase arrow sales from damaged arrows
  3. Is the one on the left from this year?
  4. I actually found it yesterday, small world
  5. Don’t stress about where you sit because if it goes down all 200+ Of you will be in a jumbled mess in 1st class.
  6. Those pics of toms full strut are making me visibly excited
  7. You guys are nuts, I’d join PETA for that crazy bitch.. she’s f&&kin hot! 🤣
  8. That one on the right...'id hit it. 😆
  9. Any ideas on what this is? indentation dead center, tapered to an edge all the way around it’s circumference.
  10. One of the many species that benefits from logging. see what happens when uneducated out of touch hippy liberals wield power.
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