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  1. I just gorged myself on crabs in a fresh sauce made from tomatoes from the garden, god bless summer
  2. “Make sure to always be on top so you never fuck up”. “I shoulda bought a pig instead of having you, atleast I’d be eating a ham sandwich right now”
  3. I give up an entire jersey season for a few trips up north.
  4. Time was limited and the weather sucked. Property had potential. I also had to scout, hang stands, tweak my sets, reset stands all with zero knowledge of deer movement and prevailing winds all by myself. It was overwhelming and mentally and physically exhausting especially for someone with time constraints like I had. Tcooks offer is awesome especially for someone like me who doesn’t have the time to put in to scout a Midwest property. it wasn’t for lack of trying, I hunted hard through that midwestern November bullshit wintry mix, it sucked!
  5. I honestly kicked myself so hard for not doing this last year. This is a no brainer for those who don’t have the time to get out and really scout, stands are set and ready to go
  6. They’re are old sales stub from the Fulton fish market from the mid to late 18’s that have striped bass at well over 100lbs. It’s all cyclical. Read Frank daignault, this guy predicted the fall of the current striper record years ago. he also said the days of #100+ fish will be here again. https://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.display&feature_ID=1885&ParentCat=2
  7. I’m gonna hack them to pieces and everyone will get a piece who showed interest
  8. Might be on purpose for calling especially with a slate or a box call. For me, the Pressure applied is extremely important for achieving the right tone
  9. That’s it!!! Never again I don’t understand wtf it is with me and using decoys. I never have any luck, I set up in a corn stubble field that’s been infested with some great old longbeards. its typical slam dunk field where they’re always put strutting in the sun. Nothing would come near the spread. They spotted the decoys and held a 60-80 yard perimeter Some great looking Avian x I was in a well concealed ground blind. never again! decoys for sale, cheap!!
  10. Just got my thank you emails! All the asshole poachers who never check anything in are laughing at us.
  11. Bucktails caught a 46 yesterday, you bet your ass there are bigger there right now. I would even go as far and say a world record striper has migrated through our waters for atleast the past 5 years.
  12. I like the fact they never glorified the cold blooded cop killers. In fact the only close up they had the entire movie was to show the fear in their coward eyes the moment they get their heads blown off
  13. Harris bipods are great. i use one for several different guns
  14. Weird im seeing the Sam e, I havent really been going nuts with the scouting but the few places I have been checking didn’t have the same activity as years past. Hopefully it’s just timing and not a sign of things to come.
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