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  1. Login to the actual website and check transaction history on the actual site.
  2. If I got attacked by a mountain lion in NJ I still wouldn’t believe it
  3. Honey mushrooms yes they are edible but they look a little passed prime.
  4. The only time a striper counts is when it’s caught with sand under your feet.
  5. More than likely that’s a transport company. I’d be willing to make a wager.
  6. Here’s the thing Israel didn’t fight back ..... it was the United States that designed the multibillion dollar iron curtain, US planes and missiles supplied to Israel were used to bomb the Palestine. they aren’t all extremist. and that’s why we always get hit by terrorists, and that’s why American politicians will always have their blood money to wage war and make themselves rich. Just reading this thread proves very few actually get it.
  7. I don’t know, it’s kind of fucked up. Granted I don’t condone Muslim extremism but jews and Muslim lived in relative harmony for centuries in that area. Israel has been the source of so many problems. both sides are guilty of atrocities
  8. Thank you daddy Elon for this fantastic buying opportunity! BUY BUY BUYYYYYYY
  9. That’s a great bird! Love that age class
  10. That’s awesome!! Way to go!
  11. Bowguide is a proud immigrant who adopted American customs and beliefs, how dare you poke fun of his accent. Atleast he makes an attempt to speak the language instead of assuming everyone is just going to conform to his beliefs
  12. Ehhhhh whata ya gonna do.... the Ganges is gonna have a logjam of corpses some of the tribes just yeeet em into the river. they literally shit where they eat. They are disgusting. Wouldnt a population correction be a good thing? No way that many humans should live in such close proximity packed together in slums. Perfect breeding ground for covid to do what it does.
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