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  1. Bucktails caught a 46 yesterday, you bet your ass there are bigger there right now. I would even go as far and say a world record striper has migrated through our waters for atleast the past 5 years.
  2. I like the fact they never glorified the cold blooded cop killers. In fact the only close up they had the entire movie was to show the fear in their coward eyes the moment they get their heads blown off
  3. Harris bipods are great. i use one for several different guns
  4. Weird im seeing the Sam e, I havent really been going nuts with the scouting but the few places I have been checking didn’t have the same activity as years past. Hopefully it’s just timing and not a sign of things to come.
  5. Colonialism only worked when the aggressors were able to enslave and massacre the indigenous people in the name of noble right. when people looked the other way in the face of massacres and ethnic cleansing, you know, the good ole days! That region would have a ton of rebellion, we would need to thin the population significantly to quell uprisings and crush their morale. I reccomend a scorched earth policy sprinkled with a guerilla style ethnic cleansing comprised of seeding Starbucks, pizzeria/Chinese food/nail salon strip malls, and WAWA’s.
  6. Good, More for me! stick to the 4 safe mushrooms and the can NEVER be confused with a poisonous mushroom. 1. Hen of the woods (grifola frondosa) 2. Chicken of the woods 3. Lions mane 4. Oyster mushrooms
  7. Plow depth is one of the biggest reasons that Native American history has been literally erased. They were all over for 1000’s of years. Arrowheads are more common than spent shotgun shells in the woods, just way harder to find.
  8. Freshly plowed fields, after a rain, next to a river.
  9. I have one, some nights I don’t even charge my phone. Battery life isn’t even on the radar. Great camera too!
  10. I used to love Costas, wear a pair of MJ big waves ONE TIME and you’ll launch every single pair of costas directly into a big wave. 🤓 😆
  11. Maui Jim big wave light as a feather, I’ve had all the Costas, they don’t last, spider cracks in the lenses, finish delamination.
  12. Speaking of Newark eateries, few years back I went to a buffet style Portuguese lunch spot. They weighed the dish as you go. Great seafood and rodizio at a better than excellent price point, totally forgot the name and at this point I think I was dreaming. Ring a bell for anybody???
  13. No luck trying to find it, it’s buried under years of accumulation. The buck was shot by a hunter named Jason Hartman in Hillsborough and was recognized in the outstanding whitetail deer program.
  14. I’d say “Larry’s buck” death from above had a buck he was chasing that he was never able to connect with. He shot it in the neck the year before and it survived, it blew up into 180” non typical thenyear it was killed. 40-45” conservatively .
  15. Not a fan, Wolfgang’s wins every time I need to spend silly money on a steak.
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