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  1. Close Call

    That shit don’t happen with Kubota... thats nuts, probably distracted driving. Crazy!!.
  2. any coin or old currency collectors here?

    Only worth face value????? when was this?? Back in the 70’s??????
  3. any coin or old currency collectors here?

    Make a false floor and store them in the cavity between floor beams. cover the spot with an area rug, good way to conceal them out of sight.
  4. any coin or old currency collectors here?

    I collect all the junk silver that comes through my pizzeria. I also offer a large pie for $1.25 (silver face value) in my pizzeria. i like collecting silver war nickels, most people don’t know a silver nickel was ever minted. my father used to collect anything that came through pre ‘1900 and I keep all the pre-64

    JOEL ETCHEN Beretta spIII 12ga eell $3,200
  6. Harry's BYE BYE

    Old antiquated business styles at the helm will do that to a business in this day and age. Look at Effingers. stay current and evolve and those shit won’t happen.
  7. Sandy Hook Bucks

    It’s federal land, would it be a state offense?? I’m not sure.
  8. Sandy Hook Bucks

    Guy that was arrested last year shot a giant this year that my buddy was after. He missed it the day before, it ran across the road and got shot by this guy. It was all legit.
  9. TURKEY CALLS What you using/ What works 🦃

    Thanks man! That one screams, old Osage that was in the ground for years. I made it out of an old post I found on a farm out in the Midwest. The resonance is amazing. I’ll be honest... I totally lucked out... lol
  10. TURKEY CALLS What you using/ What works 🦃

    I started making my own....
  11. To many to build

    Whatever happened to our guy? I questioned him about pricing once and after that he never returned any calls.
  12. DIY Driveway gate install

    Good idea with the water sealer!
  13. DIY Driveway gate install

    Wow, just wow. This is what goal oriented looks like in the form of landscaping. that wagon is too nice to be left outside, I reccomend temporary seasonal ornamentation.
  14. Cabela's Stand Hunter Extreme

    I ordered a few and the back order process was a nightmare. Ended up paying on a gift card which luckily I saved other wise id have been screwed. First time I ever had a problem with Cabela’s, hopefullybits not a sign of things to come.