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  1. Dragthor more like fagthor cant stand that moron. 1.Ass eyed fox 2. Jarred sauce 3. Skull 💀 identification 4. Sex throw a window some of my favorites
  2. Cmon!! Not even a pic of the monster!! Congratulations! Post a pic.
  3. Development came AFTER the damage caused by the plow already occurred. The first fields and areas farmed by Europeans were those that were already Native settlements to begin with. The plow broke and scattered all evidence. You have to Imagine
  4. The Plow is the single greatest destroyer of Native American history. That collection needs to be displayed in a museum, even if you just loan it to Them
  5. Local farmer in Hillsborough has boxes full of arrow heads.. His family built the house right in the middle of an indian village. He told me white quartz arrow heads and axe head he had would’ve belonged to the chief because of their rarity and beauty. I can only imagine how far away the rock from which they were made came from. May have been traded for 100’s of miles.
  6. The white quarts head are usually from a chief.
  7. Is that big palmated one still haunting you?
  8. Another different buck was posted on Facebook, what the heck’s going on??
  9. Now the story and thread matches the buck! way to go!
  10. I mean the cats out of the bag this buck deserves its own post.
  11. Amazing! Glad it worked for you jack. Enjoy the high! Congratulations
  12. Congratulations John way to go!
  13. I had a good friend fall a few weeks back in Somerset county. Fractured vertebrae broken back . He just passed away this past weekend due to complications from surgery. I still can’t believe it.
  14. Now maybe the constituency and neighborhoods he’s held down for the sake of government subsidies and multi generational welfare abuse can rise up and become productive members and areas of society. That man has done more damage to African Americans and race relations than the KKK could have ever dreamed.
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