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    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

    Well done!!

    Venison sliders.

    Looks great!!
  3. The Federation and UBNJ are sponsoring the Deer Classic at the Raritan Expo Center, anyone going? I'll be handing out trophies on Sunday...stop by and say hello. Ray
  4. Just saw this as I was out of commission for a few. Yes, along with the deer committee, we have a trapping, small game, saltwater, range, firearm, FAA hunt, legislative and hunter retention committees. We also have a chair of the operation game thief which works closely with Conservation Police Officers. These are all working, get stuff done committees.

    Crazy wind today, anyone out?

    In a tree this afternoon and saw deer, but they were super spooky!
  6. This is a great topic and one that actual progress is being made. At the request of the NJSFSC Deer Committee, over 300 barren, fallow field acres were planted in 2017 with rye as a cover crop at Assunpink and Clinton WMA's. Great feedback from sportsmen as the deer piled into it in January and it was great cover by spring. Only problem...finding contract farmers and price. It was very expensive. Moving forward as farmer contract leases expire, winter cover crops are now going to be part of the lease contract. While not a perfect solution, a definite move in the right direction for wildlife and sportsmen on WMA's. To be continued.

    First Buck... Finally. So happy.

    Great deer! Big congrats!!

    Got a nice Hunterdon County buck


    New Years Eve hunt

    Great stuff!! Congrats!
  10. NJSFSC

    Crossbow cables/strings

    I used the Firearms Guild in Branchburg for my Parker Tornado. Very satisfied, but not inexpensive.
  11. Rec-sorry to hear that. It was strictly a business decision as it was costing more money to deliver the newspaper than we were getting. The enewsletter is the same format as the paper, with color. Again, sorry to hear you are no longer a member.
  12. At my next meeting in January with the Director, I will ask. I will report back info received.
  13. Max-I can answer a few. The birds in south jersey have all been bought out of state. Big, good flyers and our southern guys have all said they are more than satisfied with the quality. Rockport is done. The state is/has procured long term commitments from bird breeders and the savings have been significant. The chukars were a one shot deal to gauge interest...seems like they went over like a fart in church. Lol. I suspect, they will not get much future play...