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  1. Once in a while, you get shown the light...
  2. For $1680 you can get a 24’ slip in the marina. Best move I ever made. Completing my 17th year in AH Municipal harbor on the much maligned Franks Pier. PM if you want the good, bad and ugly...
  3. A countywide deer hunt on county/municipal parks property utilizing licensed, qualified and vetted hunters. Watch for applications and guidelines this summer.
  4. Not really. The county website has been listing the hunt since August and every person that has ever applied on the website received an e-mail announcing the hunt and application timelines. The press releases and Facebook coverage also highlighted the existing and new park openings for 19/20 season. Lots of coverage and info for those that wanted to take advantage of a great opportunity to help in deer management...


    Nate and his dad are great to work with! Top quality bait at great prices!! Give them a shot, you will not be disappointed.
  6. Great job to all! Big taxi bill though!
  7. Anyone use the Meating Place in Wanaque?
  8. Was fortunate to tag a nice bear this week and looking to have someone make smoked bear kielbasa. Used to use Jorge and Sons, great stuff, but he closed up. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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