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  1. Nice little colt! Love the old single actions! Glws!
  2. Thanks but got plenty of 12s lol....🤣
  3. Hey guys just looking and seeing if anyone has one to part with. Prefer Winchester or Remington... let me know if anyone has one to sell. Thanks!
  4. 100 rounds located in union county sorry forgot to put this lol...
  5. Found this ammo. No use for it anymore. Want to sell or trade. PM me if interested. Thanks
  6. I’m looking to sell my 2005 Polaris sportsman 500 4x4. If interested contact me 908-591-8689.
  7. Hi I am also in Union County. I am interested in the 270s a 12 gauge and a 38 special’s. Contact me at908-591-8689 thanks
  8. Please call me I am interested in some ammo u have. Call to discuss. Thank you 908-591-8689
  9. Mark13


    I’d take couple boxes of 45s... 908-591-8689 my name is mark text me thanks ...can meet in Hillsbo area
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